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I figured it would be useful to have a job posting thread. Many lainchanners are keyboard cowboys and many lainchanners are working at megacorps or runing startups. It makes sense to bring those two groups together.


File: 1458628034650.png (5.54 KB, 180x180, lambda-labs-logo_180x180_white.png)

Lambda Labs | Software Engineer (iOS / Computer Vision) | Palo Alto, CA (University Ave.) | Onsite | Full Time

We're hiring a Software Engineer with iOS and Computer Vision experience. Math, EE, CS, or Physics degree. If you love math and software engineering, you'll fit right in.

Required experience:

- Experience shipping multiple Objective-C apps that are currently available in the app store.

- An aptitude for design, ability to innovate using all of the tools available for iOS
Ideal candidates will have:

- Multiple apps in the app store.

- A track record of making high quality mobile user experiences.

- Proficiency with basic computer vision and image processing operations.

To apply, please email your resume and github link to: s[at]lambdal.com


i like this idea, can we maybe encourage further employment postings?


Bump on this! Still hiring.


Bump, still hiring!


> degree
> certified apps in the walled garden
> and also domain-specific ML/vision expertise
Not saying a chan isn't a good place to advertise, but ...



>many lainchanners are working at megacorps


I guess we're romanticizing the newest interation of cube hell now?

Suicide is probably more /cyb/ than programming now


seeking apprentice Lisper

* auto sales and marketing
* contract for hire
* prefer Austin or San Antonio, Texas

request more info or send resumes to


bumping for added value to the board


wtf is lepufology.com? and what is up with source html? its some funky shit yo.



I'll probably do it for free, im still a beginner though, started reading sicp 2 months ago im almost done with chapter 2, only need to solve like 8 problems to start chapter 3.


gimme a green card and I'm yours baby.
Yeah I'm aware that's a long shot



shoot me an email


this is also a great way to harvest loads of data on lainons.
would be nice if job seekers could provide some evidence that they are a legit corporation that is actually hiring.

i'm having a sense of déjà-vu. did we have the same problem in bitcoin job seeking communities?


Data on lainons would actually probably be really really interesting.

It's a shame the majority is rightly incredibly paranoid of sharing any details with anyone.

I know for a fact I wouldn't.



>is rightly incredibly paranoid of sharing any details with anyone

if you use electricity we can smell your thoughts and no, no one really gives a shit about your drugs or porn habits

if spook wanted you, he'd get you


>no one really gives a shit about your drugs or porn habits
>if spook wanted you, he'd get you
that seems contradictory.


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I just sent you and email, waiting for your answer.


>no, no one really gives a shit about your drugs or porn habits

Blackmail for anonymous currency will probably really take off at some point in the future. Not to mention profiling.

Minimizing surface area certainly can't hurt.



>Blackmail for anonymous currency will probably really take off at some point in the future. Not to mention profiling.

and organizing beings by compatible fetishes and psychoactive hobbies is way more profitable and sustainable, notice how russian hackers spend half of their budgets on white supremacist projects and drug markets

we live in a world where you can fake surveillance footage with CGI, capture someone's speaking voice with neural networks, and plant memories in people's heads, identity is no longer provable with data alone and you think an email with an IP, some dates, and some /d/ images is scary?


Please stop arguing about privacy like this.

Obviously, anyone participating in this thread is doing so at their own risk, but it's still not a bad thread to have.



We're an actual company, feel free to see our job posting here:



That being said, collecting data on Lainons doesn't seem like a very lucrative business.



I love it how otherwise reasonable people throw their brains into the garbage can when doing anything formal they're unfamiliar with. A PhD might get a complete breakdown at the tax offices.

I suggest you re-read that list of qualifications, remind yourself what the real world looks like, then rewrite an actual "job ad" that doesn't look like something a HR drone copy-pasted together from bureaucratic clipart.



Two points:

1: we're in an environment where you're interacting directly with people who understand the tasks to be performed. This means that you do not need to translate things to generic legalese as if you used a more impersonal medium such as a literal wanted ad.

2: if you're stating requirements then you do not need to state requirements that are indicators, such as "has certified apps on the app store." You can instead use the direct qualifiers you have for the project and do not need to use proxy qualifiers - since you're not part of a bureaucratic indirect structure designed to filter applicants.

If you're going to hire people via this place, bypass HR and use it much as if you'd have recruited someone via an old boys network. It's how most people do things anyway.


If I live on the opposite side of the country from you (northern border of the US), would I be able to do the job remotely?





Have you guys gotten responses yet?


I don't know if this is what you are looking for but if any of you are in the uk and applying to engineer positions at Sony London, reference Luke Savage as the "where you learned of this vacancy" person in your application, should give you a bump over other candidates.


Probably not the best place to ask, but what's a decent way to get experience? I'm out of school so apparently internships are impossible. I've been working on a personal project for 4 months and it's probably going to be a few more until I get it decently presentable. Should I keep applying to places with this on my résumé? Admittedly I had given up earlier in the year.



It might be thankless at first, but you can donate your time to a 501(c) (charity) or similar non-profit. Also work on a portfolio if it's applicable to your field.

Implement a stack (LAMP, MEAN, w/e) if thats where you're headed, and run your portfolio on it (or resume/CV/etc).

Don't expect to get alot of cash from freelancing. Do expect to be shitted on. Also contributing to open source projects gets you up there.


I am a second year CS student, currently taking my third semester of programming (data structures) and yet miraculously I have a job interview this week. I am really excited but Im also feeling like my lack of experience (which they are aware of) could be a problem. I have a github and some small projects, mainly Project Euler challenges and the like but I feel like Im not bringing alot to the table.

So any advice for someone in my position? Interview do's and dont's? Thanks


Call yourself a developer even if you don't believe it. Just say it to them. Be as confident as you can. Research the company and ask questions about what life at the job is like as well as some questions to demonstrate you care about the company.

Companies might like that you don't have a lot of experience because it means they'll be able to hire you for cheap or on contract. IMO go for both unless it's absurdly low.


You will likely be asked some technical questions. Since you are a second year they should stick to the basics. That will likely mean data structures and simple algorithms. You could expect things like sorts or binary search. Data structure operations like inserting or searching a list, BST, hashtable, etc. Runtime complexity on all of the above.

That's based on one internship I interviewed for, those that my friends interviewed for, and what the professors recommended reviewing. I can't quote specifics because different companies want different things, but that seems fairly typical for internships through entry level.

I won't give any advice other than that because I am abysmal at interviews.


Yeah I was wondering about this, the fake-it-till-you-make-it strategy makes me really nervous because I dont want to come across as overselling my abilities and getting in over my head. Ill try this though because I think coming across as insecure will not help in any way. Questions is definitely a good idea, I almost forgot about that. Yeah, one of the guys who will be interviewing me said my lack of experience could be an advantage because they could "mold me" into adapting to their practices.

I almost feel more confident at being asked technical questions than non-technical ones tbh. Hopefully project Euler problems have prepared me for whats coming, bring it!!


A few days ago I found this:


>Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to write an AI playing the classical game of Bluff.

They are looking for developers. Don't know if the let you work remotely but it might be a nice challenge, even if it's just for fun.


I study networking at my local community college. I just started my second year and I've got straight A's, as well as an MBA in History (wanted to be a teacher, changed career paths and here I am). I need some advice on getting my foot in the door. I don't have any experience working tech jobs, I can't do anything full time seeing as how I am a student and my school is pretty unhelpful with internships and jobs and such. Anything would be appreciated, thank you lainchanners


I typed MBA, I meant to type BA. If I had a masters in anything I'd be doing whatever that was.


I'm not sure if this is the right thread for that question, but what programming job could be done part time? I don't want to give away 40-45 hours of my life to my boss each week. I feel like I've got no time left for personal projects and self-improvement anymore.


Get into research. Look for professors / labs that are looking for assistant researchers / interns and ask for a part time gig


Screw it, I'll put myself out there. I'm a freelance Product Designer/ UI/UX Designer. I've got a recent degree in design. I'm pretty good, and I think I have a unique perspective.

email me at c4rdinal@protonmail.com if you're interested.


I'm getting a little more desperate so I figure I can be as brave as the above poster. With utmost sincerity I believe I still can, and still want to, do some good with what I do possess.

https://grgr.me/resume.pdf (slightly anonymized)

Thanks to anyone who looked through.


Czech Republic | Junior programmer | CTU

I am working at medium sized corp, about three months now. Offices are neat, got this year Dell as working station, second monitor and comfy chair. Payroll is cool too for 80hrs per month, cuz school. Most od codebase is in Python, but i have enough time to learn Go and experiment. I am very happy with my job.


Does your company have remote positions? Are they willing to hire international candidates?


So what you actually mean is that you have no applicable skills and a liberal arts degree?


>bullying designers
fuarrrk off, you're the reason things are such a pain to use half the time.


I don't think "design" is Liberal Arts. Its an offshoot of Fine Arts. Not that any of these things are bad.


Inform me, wouldn't someone who does UI/UX almost necessarily have some technical competencies anyway?


File: 1479182822516.png (61.41 KB, 200x113, 1464303085670.png)

I work at one of the top 10 largest data hosting/management companies in the states, we specialize in collocation and cloud management. I'm a Linux technician, and I really am not a huge fan of my job, but I love the people I work with so it really weighs itself out.

We're not presently hiring, but I get 1000$ if I recommend someone who does get hired.

The pay is technically the low compared to other companies, but it's 12 hour shifts. 3 one week, 4 the next. So I get 3 or 4 full days off, and I prefer that to working 5 on 2 off.


What does a Linux technician do? Would the job be onsite or remote? If onsite, where are your biggest offices? How long have you been there?


Technical yes, because of photoshop and all those other designer tools. But not programming. Some do have front end knowledge though, but you can't expect them to keep up with front end design AND programming at the same rate. It's like an 80/20 thing.


Some externs yes, mostly designers. But no international remote position AFAIK


2 years, Boston, New Jersey, Atlanta. I work out of Atlanta.

It's technically on site, I work in a NOC (Network Operations Center)

Basically we have a few massive data centers and in those data centers we have thousands of VMs, those VMs can be bought/rented to server a specific purpose. A user says I want X VM to do Y, and I make it do Y and ensure it keeps doing Y properly as long as they pay me. If it's a networks or virtualization issue, I move it on to a networks or Vm tech, and if they're having a Linux issue it gets moved to me.

Since most of our in house apps are linux hosted I also help in a lot of that, plus set up a leg of Secret Agent Mon stuff.


Would you say it's more of a DevOps role or more of an Ops role (I dunno if that makes sense)?

If things break down, are you expected to drop what you're attending to and fix it ASAP? Basically, does the job follow you outside work hours? Are you more junior or more senior in your role?


Ops route, I didn't make any of the software I work with, I just know how it works more than most people. I'm a mid level employee, the company is cut into basically 5 tiers and I'm a third tier. Above me are Engineers and Head Engineers, below me are Specialists and Analysts.

Basically problems works themselves up the chain until it reaches someone who can do the job. Problems are labeled with a severity and must be complete in 8, 4, 2 or 1 hours depending on how much the customer pays us for response time.


Computer science with specialization in cyber security at community while getting CCNA, Have A+ , and Network + .


What did you get out of the specialiation in cyber sec?


I know plenty of designers who are good at programming and designer tools like Photoshop. I don't know too many who are full stack devs though, normally those people don't know tools like Photoshop or anything beyond fundamental design principles.


File: 1479420815832.png (43.44 KB, 200x96, l.png)


There are no entry or junior jobs in Haskell huh


you're lucky there are any jobs at all for haskell


maybe I should just go golang after all


Got a job in Haskell from talking to a dev at a pub... they exist... just hard to find them


I'm going to take a wild guess and say you're somewhere in Europe. That's where I've found most (senior) listings so far.



What learning resources would you recommend to learn about the vm side of linux? I'm in a flyover university doesn't teach anything about vms.

Additionally how did you find yourself in your profession?


Not sure any of you are old/experienced enough for this job, but here it is a very good Common Lisp job


File: 1486406098881.png (260.07 KB, 113x200, linkedin.png)

Linkedin ← what's your protips?

I have nearly no experience (one 3 months python-django intern) and want to get any job. I hadn't turned on free premium month yet. Would courses be helpful?
Any way to get some certificates without paying for it? I have some knowledge, but I want to prove it.



Make a non-trivial project on your own and add that to your resume


Is pretty good CMR non-trivial?

I already did it in requirement process in previous job. After being hired I still worked for month on developing it. It's all I already have. I'm making another one, but it needs time.


I'm currently in the same situation as you. I opened a git repo and make projects public every time I can and will maybe open a Linkedin when I'll have something chunky to show beside small projects. In the meantime I still apply for everything in my reach, from helpdesk to front webdev.

What is a CMR though?


File: 1486445113591.png (91.34 KB, 200x114, crm.png)

I was meant to wrote CRM.
It's something like pic rel


Oh ok, that's still a little abstract for me but it looks like some heavy back-office interface to keep track of client relationships and transactions

Talking about work, I will be interviewed tomorrow for a junior Linux administrator job. Looks like sending resume in big batches is paying off, though I'm a little scared about what kind of questions they'll ask me. There is many set of questions available online and I will work on them but still, it's been years since I played with Windows Server or CentOS.


I have nothing to offer with other than saying that I really like your CV.

Nice and clean.


is it a stupid idea to pay people on upwork or something to write open source software as part of a joke startup i would call myself the ceo of?
i work with a lot of PMs and think i could do a better job than them lmao. not looking to scam people out of their money but wouldnt mind trying out something similar to what they do
yes i know how to code myself but dont have enough time to build out all of my ideas


why go to upwork, i'll labor for you


Funny enough, I have considered this several times. I would pay someone in the Ukraine a wage that would be great in their country but managable in mine, and then call it a start up and do something great. Let me know if you figure anything out.



Actually there already exist tons of such companies in Ukraine and Russia. They are mainly established by local guys who saw the opportunity and moved to the West (mostly US). Basically it works as you described, they collect some tasks in US and relay them home.

>I would pay someone in the Ukraine a wage that would be great in their country but managable in mine

Sadly this is not how this works currently. People whom I mentioned above are willing to squeeze every buck from these enterprises. So they usually pay below the local market level. Because of this they are only able to hire for their companies junior devs without much experience. Usually this is not remote work, there is some kind of office with open space. Work culture, environment and managers are always horrible there. Common name people are using for such company is "galley" which speaks for itself and pretty accurate. Of course there can be some exceptions, but this is how most such companies now work. As for pay, I can say that it can usually be around 500-600$ per month.

So if you are willing to pay decent money and be more human to people you employ there is room for you, but if you want to be extremely greedy you will find yourself competing with with those companies, and they have the advantage that they have already built infrastructure and have local connections.


yes i am aware of the existence of such companies
does being able to speak russian fit the criteria of "be more human to people"
i would drop several hundred usd for something that would take me maybe one or two days of weekend programming
i think what i'll end up doing is building out some prototype and if i get stuck pay someone to help me, i want to take ownership of my ideas but not in an exploitative way? like just set up a git and pay them to do pull requests


I'm not this >>22120 lainon, but I had some thoughts too.

How do you advertise this? For instance, I have done some homework, and found severeral devs looking for work in Nigeria I have spoken with them a bit and the average price they think their work is worth is 4 dollars an hour. Now I have these guys who are qualified through the gills and I can pay them 8 dollars an hour. I can even give them a virtual space to code in via a remote server located somewhere near Africa I guess.

I can't exactly approach contract work and say " Yeah I have three nigerian programmers who can do this work, I would like to bid on your job"

erhaps I should what that other lainon suggests, and start a project pay people to finish it, and make them sign a contract that they own no part of it.


Not anyone in this chain, but why can't you just frame it more like "I manage a remote team who can do this work" with location and size unspecified? I guess you can always start small until your company earns more reputation.