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Brain wants to improve the performance of the Brainfuck programming language and extend it as well, as Brainfuck itself has a lack of data types and does not perform great control over variables, as well as when you want to make libraries and/or functions and when you want to use different models other than characters and small integers.

One of the main ideas of Brain is saving some operations in machine language, creating an instruction optmizer due to the excess of instructions that Brainfuck would generate. Brain aims to implement it by using current technology (LLVM).

In spite of implementing new commands and features, Brain tries to be completely compatible with Brainfuck.





I hate to be that guy, but that is one awesome image. Do you have a source or a larger version?

Polite sage because off-topic.


Why not? I find this idea intriguing.





I like this. I talked to some people at my uni (just other students though) and they seemed thrilled that someone is crazy enough to do this.


>Brainfuck itself has a lack of data types and does not perform great control over variables
isn't that kind of the point?


It's not that hard to extend brainfuck, it's a very, very simple language. Now malboge.... there's a language.


Some people think you should only use computers for practical things. And yet have a bunch of games installed; go figure


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>command \> increments a data pointer, moving it right, while < decrements it, moving it left
>command + increments value at data pointer, - decrements
>\. outputs value, \, accepts value

Dang, this is actually pretty dank. It looks like something I might want to program in just to mess around. I guess not all esolangs are Malbolge, huh?