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I know this doesn't belong here, but it doesn't belong anywhere. I had no idea where the fuarrrk to post it, but I figured it's kind of a "programmer's problem" so what the hell.

Do any of you lains have RSI? What do you do for it? Does anything besides Oxycontin® help?


I use the Dvorak layout and I've a decent keyboard, but I feel the pains and whatnot creep through my hands at times and I believe it's only growing worse.
I'm hopefully soon to have free time to assemble my Ergodox and assign a more ergonomic layout for myself so that I can largely halt this.
I avoid using medication. I'll take breaks and experiment with voice-recognition and foot pedals, if I must, but I probably won't ever need to.


I disagree. It's fine here.


rsi infused programmer with angry ulnar nerves here... i use a kinesis advantage keyboard and an evoluent vertical mouse. it has helped dramatically. meloxicam is also useful if i don't want to chew on a billion ibuprofen tabs a day.

not using that keyboard causes crazy inflammation in about an hour for me. elbows and the area around them hurt pretty bad.

posture is another key element. i really need to adjust my workstations to promote better posture.


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I have carpal tunnel syndrome, every night if I have no pain only aching I stick my hands & forearm in a sink of hot water to increase blood flow to heal my carpal for 5 minutes then apply lavender oil to my forearm before I go to bed so my hands have time to rest, if I get pains I grab an ice pack and apply it to my forearm for about 5 minutes. If I start getting pains I put on some anime and rest my hands.

I wear wrist supports, use DVORAK and a Logitech Trackman Marble, I always use a desk, a thin laptop so my wrists aren't elevated too much compared to my arms and keys that don't require much actuation force. Also, the more hotkeys you have the better, pointer device use is probably most of the reason why you have carpal tunnel in the first place.


My SO has Ulnar tunnel issues. Has a soft brace for work and a hard brace for sleep which she refuses to wear. She's moving more towards the HW test side of things, so a little less typing, and the problems are slowing fading.

I used to get finger pain, and switching keyboards helped. I use a cheap ($40) mechanical keyboard, and it's certainly better than the dell OEM keyboard I had at work before. Noisy, but no one has complained.


I've ended up with some sort of RSI thanks to the combination of CS:GO and Emacs. I get pain in my left wrist and a dull ache in the tendons in my hand. Meaning to see a doctor about it for some time, in the meanwhile I bought a T420 and it's helped somewhat


I've tried doing research into it and everyone seems to offer different and even conflicting advice. Does any particular exercise actually work?


>I've tried doing research into it and everyone seems to offer different and even conflicting advice. Does any particular exercise actually work?

Check out Dr. Joe on YouTube regarding carpal tunnel (she's not actually a doctor but worked for years as a physical practitioner)


No but I'm amazed I don't, the way I type has to be bad for my hands.


Have you considered getting surgery? My grandma used to have carpal tunnel but got surgery and says now she's just fine.


Iirc I'm too young for surgery, it's also not bad enough that I'd be willing to go through surgery.


Have anyone here used any kind of vertical mouse? I got my kind of RSI from holding mouse, I think i got it at times when I browsed lots stuff without knowing how to use keyboard shortcuts. Now it hurts just from using mouse a bit. I tried using trackball that i had stashed at home but it's making work harder, I think it was meant for graphics development and not coding.


I was beginning to get RSI in one hand and Carpal Tunnel in the other, from working on a supermarket checkout all day and then internets all night, but I staved it off with Alexander technique, deep tissue massage, and hot and cold soaks.