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Been awhile since apple introduced hypervisor.framework and we have several solutions for virtualization on os x :

1. vmware

do they use hypervisor.framework? Ugh I'll never know

2. virtual box

open source...but bit too many kernel extensions imo

3. veertu


GPL licensed, tailored for running windows and linux VMs

4. xhyve


ported from bhyve of freebsd. BSD licensed and supports linux and freebsd VMs atm.

What do lainons think of virtualization for OS X?

Any of you have small side project using the framework?

For me, as most of my gears run openbsd beside this MacBook and I want to run one inside it, I tried adding openbsd support for xhyve but xhyve's design decision for booting is way too ad-hoc for other OS.

So I began fiddling with openbsd's vmm, porting it to OS X just for booting openbsd VM. Most of hard works of reimplementing openbsd vmm apis using hypervisor.framework's apis are almost done and I'll try to release working build within month.


not exactly hypervisor but there's dos emulator using framework written by developer of xhyve too.


with some good introductory article