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Core War is a game played between two or more programs written in Redcode, a low-level language similar to assembly. Players write a program to eliminate all opponents in the memory of the MARS virtual computer. Core War can also be used as a platform to experiment with genetic programming.

*warriors of lainon

*mars implementations by lainon


*experience, memories, nostalgia

general info:


mars implementation examples :



def con 24 hosts corewar event :




This looks cool. Looks like it'd take a long time to learn though. Are any serious players still active, or is mostly just a relic at this point?


It's not as hard to learn as you'd think. AK dewdney's articles are handy, as are the specs, but if you know asm (or even if you don't: I didn't when I learned how to play) it should be pretty easy to pick up.

As for if it's active, I'm unsure. It seems to be, at least minimally so. If it's not, you can still play the winners, learn tactics, and maybe even start up a league if you've got enough friends.


I have a warrior to show off. I've found it's able to defeat or tie most types of warriors, owing to its combination of a parallel core-clear and a small fast paper.

;name nanopaper
;strategy: tiny paper with core clear
;author king_radical
;assert CORESIZE == 8000

paper_offset equ 597

org start
clear_target1: dat 2000, -2000
clear_target2: dat 150, -100
clear_target3: dat 3000, -3000
clear_target4: dat 1000, -1000

start: spl spawn
clear: spl 1
spl 1
spl 1
spl 1
mov clear_target1, <clear_target1
mov clear_target1, }clear_target1
mov clear_target2, <clear_target2
mov clear_target2, }clear_target2
mov clear_target3, <clear_target3
mov clear_target3, }clear_target3
mov clear_target4, <clear_target4
mov clear_target4, }clear_target4
jmp clear

spawn: spl 2
spl 1

paper: spl paper_offset, #paper
mov.i >paper, }paper
jmp paper, <paper

pretty good for a novice, IMO.



Found something that looked cute. I like the sound synth.