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Hi all!

I found that learning all alone might be unfunny sometimes. I want to find some people who might be interested in a learning group. The goal is to learn programming languages, electronics and everything members want. Also I'd love to work on collaborative projects.

We can think on which program we will use to talk.


I would be interested in this.

Perhaps weekly tutorial/discussion sessions or watching lectures together to ask each other questions?




I'd be interested in that as well, although I worry about what the focus of the group would be, and if it would align with what I am currently learning.

Currently, I'm game for anything related to C or Common Lisp. Honestly, though, I'd go with the flow of the group.

I know fuarrrk all about talking to others, or what program to use. I would be interested in learning a chuck of something, and then programming something together.


/λ/ is my study group.


I think this is a good idea, perhaps as a "final project" we could collaboratively develop an open source application of some sort?

Im interested in going deeper into C and Unix. Also algorithms and data structures and discrete math. I dont know any lisp or assembly but I am interested in learning those as well. Just throwing some things out there that I would be interested in.


You're all welcome. How about joining an IRC channel ?



>Also algorithms and data structures and discrete math.

I'm currently making my way through Algorithms by Dasgupta. Doing exercises and supplementary coding is certainly fun, but I wish I had someone to discuss all this from time to time. Also interested in broadening my horizons in related math (but also in not so related). But apart from that I'll be glad to participate in some common coding activity.


Sounds good to me


Join #wired-students on lainchan.org:6667


OP here: i'm away of the irc channel for the night i come back tomorrow


>Im interested in going deeper into C and Unix
I think this is a good option, maybe we should go through K&R?


Have you joined the IRC ?


I will tomorrow


Don't use the web client - Install Pidgin and add an IRC account with irc.lainchan.org port 6697 and SSL activated


Port 6697 with SSL sorry


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Would you guys mind if I joined just to follow the lessons and enjoy some company? I'm not especially interested in learning much programming, but I'm always game to hang around and contribute as I can.


> I'm always game to hang around and contribute as I can
Then you are always welcome.


This is a good idea. Perhaps we could try to collaborate on projects as part of the learning experience. Teamwork and coordination is something that's totally lacking in self-learning, but is always necessary in the real world, even when it comes to Free Software.


Not only that, but it would be great to have the chance to be exposed to more examples of code that is written by other people.

Hopefully, it will dispel bad habits and enforce good habits, and everyone will learn more about design. It can be hard to grow in a vacuum.


there's a general telegram group with this kind of thing in mind: https://telegram.me/joinchat/AJ09XT-zKA1xfQrx8ufcIg


Can we open up a lesson plan style github project? I think this would be good for two reasons: It would help new people get familiar with github and contributing to each other. It would help people joining late keep up with what we are doing.

I haven't joined IRC yet, but I really wouldn't mind taking on some of the administration end of this.


> help new people get familiar with github
^ this would be nice. I've always wanted to contribute to projects but have no idea how it work


We can do this. I'm creating a new organisation on it. Answer to this post with your GitHub username or just ask or an invite on the IRC.


Would anyone be interested in creating/joining a group that doesn't use IRC but instead something asymmetric like a BitMessage mailing list?
I've always found that IRC and other symmetric communication distracts way too much and ends up making me less productive.
It could just be people reporting in from time to time and explaining what they've been up to. This would act as more of a motivation group, as you'd seeing other people being productive and take on some sort of responsibility for your actions as you report them from time to time.
We could also share interesting papers and articles we found.


take a look at our github group, you can become a contributer and push your comments and suggestions there


No. Suggestions actually goes on IRC. We may change in the future but we won't use GitHub for it. GitHub is here organizing all the stuff so people who missed something can easily know what was decided.


Why exactly are we using GitHub which is proprietary software, when there is a lainchan community GitLab instance over at: https://gitla.in


I totally forgot about it. Thanks.



please accept my contributor request


I'm coming back tomorrow. I will accept you then.

Also, I will add a page on the LainWiki.



Joined both IRC and gitlab


Cool !