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Hello guys. I hope I'm posting this in the correct board.
You people have introduced me to a lot of different alternative services for my every day needs, so I need to ask:
Do any of you guys know a free and private Subversion hosting service? I've been using different file hosting services to store my source code but i think i can get more out of a svn server. Or is it a best option to set up a server for myself?

Pic unrelated, obviously.





In general see

For SVN or subversion specifically

Options include:
* Self hosting
* https://riouxsvn.com/ (4*50MB size limit)
* https://deveo.com/ (currently free, but may not be forever 1GB of total storage)
* http://mysvn.ru/ (50MB size limitation)
* https://www.springloops.io/ (100MB size limitation)

Please note, you asked for subversion hosting, so the answers above are for free private subversion hosting, not git hosting or mercurial hosting.