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Hey Lainons,
I was wondering which games you would consider to be suitable for applying the classic genetic algorithm w/o falling into the mainstream choices (i.e., avoiding Flappy Bird and Asteroids).

I was also thinking about instead of using JS , I could take advantage of the fact that Golang supports pointers, allowing to work directly on the addresses of memory used by the game.

What would you suggest?


learn C


Any reason?


Not a game, but the polygon approximation program is a common usage. You could try games of chance, like poker.

I thought Go had references, not pointers.


>polygon approximation
Uh, saw a video on YT about this years ago, but had no clue about its name. Thank you!

I will probably also include something web-related and therefore Golang would be better because easier to write netcode with it...


I dunno. Zork?

SethBling did a Mario one, but that was a neural network, I think.


>SethBling did a Mario one, but that was a neural network, I think.

Yeah, but it was a neural network that uses a genetic algorithm to "learn/evolve".


...and was built inside an emulator as well


Could it actually play the game or would it have to individually learn each map?


it had to learn each map.


Learn CHIP-8 and use it to develop some basic games.

As justification, if you can't do this, could you handle something more complex?


Quite interesting and seems like I can definetely create something on my own.

Most of the material I found is on http://www.multigesture.net... do you have anything in particular to recommend?



Rolling for project


>avoiding Flappy Bird and Asteroids

There's money to be made creating programs that maintain accounts in casino-like mobile RPG games. I personally watched some people pay $500 on a mobile game account. These people are already paying game companies that are shadier than casinos and have zero respect for gamers. I'd rather they paid people like us instead.

I reversed one game's network protocols and it turned out to be json. There's no pinned certificates, allowing me to MITM the client and reverse engineer it easily. I created my own version of the client based on that. It automatically does all the boring "daily tasks" in the game; it turns out 90% of the game is literally just doing that over and over again with an addiction bonus for those who persist. I set up randomized rate limiting based on my own game play patterns so it looks like a human is playing.

Hoping I can make some great money farming accounts to sell. If I can't, well this was one hell of a fun project and I learned a lot of useful skills. Certainly was a lot more fun than this stupid money-grabbing game. Maybe I'll have fun at other player's expense if they refuse to pay. The entire PvP gameplay revolves around perfectly coordinating action between lots of paying customers from lots of timezones. Let's see how they fare against command & controlled bots


Try to play TIS-100, Shenzen IO and Human Resource Machine.


Do you recommend these then?


make a game where you earn tokens by killing really fuarrrking hard monsters and have to navigate a maze to get to the final boss an the RNG is in a casino where you can bet tokens to get upgrades and buffs present day present time HAHAHAHahahahah


>Someone suggests you play a collection of games
>You ask if they recommend the games they just suggested
>thesaurus.com lists recommend and suggest as synonyms

You gonna need some higher initiative, friendo.