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The creator and lead developer of https://morph.is/v0.8/ was killed 2 days before christmas in an odd exchange with canadian police. http://www.lfpress.com/2016/12/23/london-police-one-man-dead-in-old-south-shooting-on-duchess-ave-near-edward-siu-investigating

He had stated on irc he was extremely close to finishing DDS (Distributed Discussion System) which was the irc\slack deprecation for morphis which is a distributed data storage like IPFS.

You can grab the code before it disappears by doing

git clone gitpub@

then changing to the latest dds branch with

cd morphis/

git checkout f-dds

you'll need pycrypto and sqlalchemy to run it so

sudo pip3 install pycrypto

sudo pip3 install sqlalchemy

then while in /morphis/ do


and you'll launch a node

access the web ui by going to http://localhost:4251/

you can checkout Dmail (distributed and e2e email) here http://localhost:4251/.dmail/ and you can make a dmail address with the + icon in the top right corner which will let you send dmails and post in a DDS channel at http://localhost:4251/.dds/

im posting this in λ hoping some lainons will be interested in keeping the project alive as it is open source and under a GNU GPL v2 license

we'll be in #morphis on freenode


He got Debian'd.


update on the story http://www.lfpress.com/2016/12/28/melissa-facciolo-released-from-jail-five-days-after-old-south-shooting

"A publication ban is in effect on the evidence heard at the bail hearing."


I'd appreciate if you all could make backups of the code and http://redmine.morph.is/redmine/projects/morphis/repository and host on laintracker etc


i forgot to mention after doing git checkout f-dds do git pull so you get the latest dds code


if you'd like to backup all the branches do

git branch -a | grep -v HEAD | perl -ne 'chomp($_); s|^\*?\s*||; if (m|(.+)/(.+)| && not $d{$2}) {print qq(git branch --track $2 $1/$2\n)} else {$d{$_}=1}' | csh -xfs


git fetch --all


git pull --all



File: 1483384289257.png (19.59 KB, 200x200, sam_photo.png)

Is he dead?...................................................................................................


yes, all the articles posted talk about his death.


The fuarrk? So many conflicts within multiple sources.
His lawyer Cake says he liked to run[6], whilst his neighbors say he didn't go outside much[5]. OK.

The guy was harassed for an overgrown lawn in the past by authorities, and this case involved a total of 21 officers[5] for a household of 4?

Crossbow is bought up across all publications, yet we only hear that his partner Melissa was charged with one count of possessing said instrument, so one can then presume that she was the one who used said weapon as retaliation after seeing her husband shot in front of her and their kids, but this doesn't explain the reason as to why 1 shot[1](' The SIU would say little. "There was a confrontation with a man and the man was shot. At least one shot was fired. The man was stuck and he was pronounced dead at the scene," said SIU spokesperson Jason Gennaro.'), 4 shots[4]('What followed, Cake says, was the sound of four shots — then nothing.', “I heard Sam. I heard gunshots. Then I didn’t hear Sam anymore.”) && [6]('“Right after that ‘OK’ there are four shots in succession — like pop, pop, pop, pop. No breaks, no more than four, no less than four also,” Cake recalled.'), 6 shots[2]('One neighbour said he was outside with his coffee and heading inside when he heard what sounded like six gun shots. “I heard ‘bang, bang,’ then four more — ‘bang, bang, bang, bang,” said the man, who declined to give his name.') was/were fired?

[1] https://web.archive.org/web/20161224143924/http://london.ctvnews.ca/siu-investigating-a-police-shooting-in-south-london-1.3215626
[2] https://web.archive.org/web/20161225010039/http://cnews.canoe.com/CNEWS/Canada/2016/12/23/22692312.html
[3] https://web.archive.org/web/20170102205821/https://killercopscanada.wordpress.com/2016/12/27/london-police-kill-samuel-maloney-35-year-old-father-of-two-with-children-in-house/
[4] https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2016/12/29/i-heard-sam-i-heard-gunshots-then-i-didnt-hear-sam-anymore.html
[5] https://proxy.suma-ev.de/cgi-bin/nph-proxy.cgi/en/I0/http/www.lfpress.com/2016/12/29/london-police-shooting-even-samuel-maloneys-next-door-neighbour-says-the-35-year-old-killed-in-a-pre-dawn-raid-last-week-was-rarely-seen
[6] https://proxy.suma-ev.de/cgi-bin/nph-proxy.cgi/en/I0/http/www.lfpress.com/2016/12/28/melissa-facciolo-released-from-jail-five-days-after-old-south-shooting
[7] http://www.640toronto.com/syn/104/127324/duchess-ave-shooting-update


File: 1483395072496.png (144.82 KB, 200x200, dpush-whitepaper.pdf)

DMail is prettty interesting:
>THE KILLER FEATURE! My pride and joy invention: Distributed Spam Proof Mail! Uncensorable, inherently spam proof and transparently encrypted and sender authenticated messaging! Secure enough for Edward Snowden! Easy and fool-proof enough for a child! This uses the updateable key feature above plus the prefix key search to enable it. It is a revolutionary invention found only in MORPHiS! The inherent spam resistance uses a transparent proof of work, beyond what hashcash was. It is automatically AES-256-CBC encrypted and automatically RSA-4096 sender authenticated. Use it over TOR and it is inherently anonymous as well! Oh yea, and MORPHiS hosts your Dmail for free! This completely deprecates Email!

I posted the following earlier, but deleted it cause it was offtopic and incredibely drama-stirring. Since you're now going down that route, here it is again, it's EXTREMELY relevant to the discussion surrounding the developer's death: https://morph.is/blog/
Quite sure most of this, if not everythnig, is written by his wife.


thinking about it, maybe the discussion surrounding the developer's death should be moved to a different board with a mod notice in the OP.


Just lightly parsed the blog entries.
Calling CAS child abductors, one of their members a satanist, saying they'll hand them over to pdos and claiming to save the world from satantic criminals with morphis and doing so openly probably wasn't the wisest of moves.
Looking at this from the outside it's easy to see how this gives off the signals of a fragmented mind and questionable state of being.

Aw, I'll leave it at that seeing as this is going far too off topic from λ and I haven't even gotten the chance to check out morphis which I cloned under an hour back; DSPM sounds delightful as fuarrrk, but I have yet to believe this until having tested it for myself.
If this story develops any further, lets continue discussion over in civ or random.


This is fine here, so long as it stays in this one thread.

This is now the designated thread for other developer deaths. Simply try to maintain a balance between the programs and the developers.


I'm sure the investigation into the shooting will be as thorough and impartial as the one into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.

In other words, surveillance footage will go missing, the police involved will never be identified, and the official in charge will be promoted.


Aright. So, beyond the ridiculousness of US police and the ravings of a neurotic woman, how does Morphis hold up to IPFS? Why should it be preferred?

I might take a look at the code later, but at first glance I'm always very skeptical of people who introduce their work as literally being about to revolutionize the planet.


well Morphis has distributed end to end encrypted email and a distributed irc which IPFS doesnt have


So has development on this ceased with his death?


were looking for programmers to help us keep it going. His partner who did all the work on the ui is still around (although extremely busy dealing with the death and the 2 kids) so there is still hope. morphis was extremely close to being ready for the masses and he was starting work on the meshnet side of morphis


This is shady as fuarrrk. Why did they had to shoot him? And why won't the police just say why the fuarrrk they had to shoot him? Of course it's a tragedy that he died but I'm also sad because of the project. Morphis is a great idea. And it wasn't just talking. Dmail worked without a problem. So yeah bad news I guess.
Also if you didn't already knew, he was also politacally active. His ideas are strange but interesting.


can someone PLEASE look through this script https://github.com/IOEra/paranoik-backups/blob/master/examples/redmine-backup.py

or this thread

so we can have an easily understood and browseable backup all of the morphis redmine issues and roadmap before it goes offline. it has a bunch of notes on we should have while we work on it.


I just ran wget --mirror http://redmine.morph.is


>Why did they had to shoot him?
> he was also politacally active. His ideas are strange but interesting.
you answered your own question


A police shooting is rather unusual though. Normally these people are said to have been suffering from depression and tragically take their own life with a shot to the back of the head.


File: 1484113978621.png (145.54 KB, 200x200, dpush-whitepaper.pdf)

does that let you browse through it?

I did used webhttrack to download a browsable copy of https://morph.is

been reading through the whitepaper for dpush too. converted it to pdf you lainchans convenience since lainchan doesnt accept .odt files


From what I get, IPFS is much more data-centered than morphis which is more message/email centered


Ipfs seems to be only focused on keeping data available. While morphis is centered around keeping data available and making it useful within itself. So dmails, irc/slack/twitter with dds, and then hosting your own websites. All without depending on any Javascript.

If someone could help me figure out how the html+css uploading works itd mean a lot. If you run morphis you can access the morph.is site running on morphis itself. I know if you upload an html file it instantly renders the html when you visit it but im not sure how he linked the css to work with it as well. I know he also uploaded it using the updateable key version of file uploads so he can update the site without changing the url.


Forgot to mention dds also can work as a distributed file/image board. Its name (DDS == Distributed Discussion System) was inspired by bbs


this is sad and very suspicious.. He had been pretty off the grid for the past few months and now this happens.


So it's basically IPFS with chat?


git clone gitpub@

Cloning into 'morphis'...
ssh: connect to host port 22: Resource temporarily unavailable
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

help pls


You're too late. Looks like the site is down.


heres a backup of everything https://archive.org/details/MORPHiS


with chat and end to end encrypted email all with a nice ui. it was made from the ground up not to rely on any javascript and so people can make ui for a imageboard or a twitter, or a Medium