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So, after 2 hours of lurking through the internet, i somehow ended up in 2002 and i found a interesting thing.

Apparently the early internet decided to make a LainOS using (lol) FreeBSD.
The attempt was to eventually recreate Lain's Navi Interface and make a functioning operating system.

It sparked my intrigue to see how retro-futuristic or cheesy this stuff was.
After browsing through their site, it interested me how people thought of certain things way back in the past.
If you go on the "about" page, you will find a whole essay on why they created it.

Sadly the project has been lost to the sands and abandoned, although one can still download it and its source code.


So is this an actual OS or just a WM? Very interesting nonetheless. Also it's cool how this was made in 2002 and 15 years later the Lain fandom still exists.



Sounds like a cereal.


File: 1486918346072.png (195.5 KB, 200x150, screenshot2.jpg)

If you see the Documents section you can spot a convo between the devs.

Basically they intended to create a WM first as a base, then a file manager which works with the WM and then create the rest of the OS and the kernel.
In his own words:

"[00:23] [Neovanglist] LainOS is comprised of several projects, each to be completed in the following order
[00:23] [Neovanglist] LainWM - The Next Generation Window Manager
[00:24] [Neovanglist] LainFM - A standalone lightweight file manager which will also work in harmony with LainWM
[00:24] <minddog> interesting
[00:24] [Neovanglist] LainAM - A standalone program/driver/dependancy management system
[00:25] [Neovanglist] LainDM - a XDM/GDM type program to work with LainWM
[00:25] <minddog> hrmm so veering off of the /usr/ports idea?
[00:25] [Neovanglist] and then the LainOS kernel
[00:25] [Neovanglist] we are focusing on one project then moving on to the next
[00:25] [Neovanglist] with the ideal that it will make the code cleaner, and more interoperable
[00:25] [Neovanglist] since everyone who does LainFM (or most) will be moved from LainWM
[00:25] [Neovanglist] hence they will have an intimate knoledge of LainWM"

It's interesting to see the work that was put into this, and how, even in the early internet, there were dedicated communities and fandom's to Lain and other media.

I digged up the web archive and i found their old site and some more screenshots.



It would be cool to see this back in development, but I think trying to continue building it off of FreeBSD is a mistake. From what I know about it (FreeBSD), trying to re-skin Ubuntu or another Linux distro would probably, at least visually, create what it seems they were aiming for with this more easily.


I see what you did there.


I'm not sure if they stuck with FreeBSD, since in OP's screenshot it's running Linux 2.4. That might just be the window manager, however.


>(lol) FreeBSD
Whats so funny about FreeBSD?


The fact that this feels a lot like experiencing first-hand a new form of digital archaeology is a testament to the permanence of things on the internet and a pretty good indicator of how things might be in the future. Also, trippy as fuarrrk.

Imagine people fifteen years from now, in 2032, digging up archives from Lainchan and poking around to see what interesting tidbits they'd find.


Have you eaten your daily Lainos? Now with 59% more Wired.


File: 1486966330945.png (866.44 KB, 200x113, 1459301699046.png)

anyone that can find this wallpaper will be heavily rewarded in the afterlife.


File: 1486972681087.png (22.79 KB, 168x200, bg1.jpg)

i would pay for this product


i can imagine these commercial jingles



Sorry Lainon, this is as close as I could find (after looking for two seconds)


>Imagine people fifteen years from now, in 2032, digging up archives from Lainchan and poking around to see what interesting tidbits they'd find.
You mean after the success of the live action Lain trilogy when SEL is adapted into a VR series, now in its fourth season and starring Scarlet Johannsen's daughter?

All this talk of kernels... are LainOS made with the goodness of corn?


File: 1487022728214.png (625.51 KB, 186x200, cereal experiments lainos.png)

Cereal Experiments Lain



Now with more layers of sugar!


So, this is the programming board.

What do we want to discuss about the software side of this? I wonder how far along some of the software was; is LainWM a salvageable aspect of this system?


What you have to understand is that linux in 2002 was nowhere near what it is like today. Lots of it was borrowed BSD code anyways (especially the network stack). Even back then BSD was all about stability. It would be a lot nicer to work on a project like this on something that was consistent rather than something that was always changing.

Also BSD was and still is more in line with the cyberpunk mentality. It was conceived completely on code stolen from a big corporation.

Assuming you can get it to build the WM should still be usable. It might be a fun project to mess around with.


I'm not sure what you mean by "visually". FreeBSD is virtually undistinguishable from Ubuntu et al if you put a GUI over it.
Also, it seems the project only went as far as writing the WM.


You made me burst in laugh at my job. I love you anon.


Anyone else interested in reviving this?


Being interested doesn't do anything without action...


I'd love to work on something that at least aesthetically resembles Lain's Navi.


File: 1487138907600.png (66.18 KB, 200x150, 69516310030c1fec34ee181613f46fe6.jpg)


This is the closest I could find. Can I get partial salvation? I really need it. : (


I was able to get it running on my Linux system, however it seems that it is very unstable (it crashes a few seconds after I open xterm).


What a dumb thing to say. Obviously, I was implying that I am interested in reviving the project, and inquiring if anyone else was to see if we could join forces.
I will be home next week and I will give it a shot. I'm interested in reviving this project.


It looks like they only got as far as writing the WM (which seems to be just a reskinned Blackbox?), you'd basically have to start from scratch.


Even then we could salvage the documentation they have in the website, the WM itself was in alpha, but LainOS in the end was a project consisting of multiple projects, including the WM, which they used as a startup.

Nonetheless, fan wanking is cool.
Lainchan making a LainOS?
lights up my inner soykaffie


File: 1487199930988.png (2.31 KB, 200x196, beastie.gif)

what's kek'able about free bsd $user?


So what is so "Lain" about the LainOS?


Looks like a WM written in C++. I wonder what unique features it has.


>I wonder what unique features it has.
Pre-installed lain wallpaper.


Same as Blackbox, if you grep in the source you can see it has Blackbox written all over it.


File: 1487245244690.png (67.82 KB, 179x200, 1486452039653.jpg)

it's pretty much unfinished, and the WM is in early alpha stages (!) so it's pratically a reskinned blackbox sadly

reading the documentation & about pages on their site was interesting to see their point of view on the project and how it would end up


Honestly this looks like yet another "ideas" project where no one actually does much work, similar to those /g/ projects.


the LainOS itself or those lains proposing to revive the project?


LainOS itself, I know lainons found this amusing as well as I do and they just want to have a little nice project to represent lainchan. But at the same time this smells like history repeating itself.

Also, the project is kind of obsolete in every way and there's no work done on it. It would be better off starting from scratch.


So on the purely practical level, what would we want from a LainOS?
I'd think it would be geared towards security and privacy.
Maybe built-in crypto tools. If not exactly a hacker and cracker OS, at least it should make you feel like one, lol.

Maybe it should let you run a Hackintosh, or Tor, or have a >9000 proxies setting. It should do something edgy as fuarrrk, anyway. fuarrrken mirrorshades required from this point on lol.

Totally needs a Lain Navi theme, Matrix theme, Tron theme, Star Trek LCARS theme, and New Retro Wave and Seapunk themes, with all the right fonts, sounds, cursors, backgrounds and screensavers.

Oh, you know what I want? I want to be able to play mobile phone games without a stupid phone. Mainly the Doom RPG.


>Mainly the Doom RPG.

Seconded, on this point at least. Where the hell even is this thing, anyways? I remember looking for a .jar of it once a few years ago and being able to find jack-soykaf as far as google-fu went.

I still have the password to the secret door memorized by heart!


Wait. It wasn't merely finding the file I had trouble with, it was also finding a way to play it once I had it! Ah, good times.


File: 1487471377771.png (26.77 KB, 200x147, WvvLoVF.jpg)

Recreating the Navi/Copland OS interface would be the most critical thing to do first, then it would probably be running a modified Linux with customized security and privacy soykaf nobody cares about /s

Let's all love LainOS!

Despite the fanwanking, i do think looking back on the 2002-2004 scene is interesting and the documentation featured representing their ideas and stuff.
In case of a revival we would need to start off from scratch like you said because it's hard salvaging anything worth from a slightly modified FreeBSD built in 2002.
Yes, it would definitely be nice to have a project to represent all of us Lains, sort of like how uboachan has the scanlations and their own fangames and how 4chan (haven't heard that name in a while) made it's own OC.
LainOS in itself is more of a fossil from the deserts that is the modern day Internet nowadays.
It was really bizarre just looking at work that has been put into, abandoned and considered all the way back to 2002.
It's a shard from the early Internet societies, something pretty rare to find nowadays unless it's the more popular examples like Something Awful, 2chan, etc.


I didn't work on the original LainOS project with Neovanglist, though I did visit their IRC and check on their progress, before it was no longer available.

I did work on the 1st revival attempt of LainOS for over 12 months, and I still have my notes and research from that, though that didn't result in a usable product.

If Lainons want to do this as group project, I am all for it, but it is more difficult than it looks at first glance.


Scrap LainOS

Create LainROM.

Maybe Nethunter based


I suggest doing it on some typed low level Scheme and keep building on top of it, so you would have different levels Schemes to use depending on what program you want to do.

Also it shouldn't be yet another POSIX compatible OS, there are too many already. This is a chance to do a bleeding edge system with great and experimental features.


Make LainOS great again. Suggestions:
- an hardened kernel and a sandbox program
- something that is not systemd
- disk encryption or /home encryption by default
- Navi WM and its own file manager
- tor, DNSCrypt + OpenNic DNS
- decentralized and encrypted file sharing and chat tools
- an IDS
- crypto and pentesting programs
- I don't know about the browser, I'd say firefox with customized privacy settings, add-ons and CSS/gtk style; but maybe there is something better


If anyone is going to start something on GitHub, I could try to help somehow


So there already was a revival attempt? Why did it fail/get abandoned?

I like your suggestions, but I feel like creating a whole new file manager is a huge challenge on its own. There's so many good (and bad) file managers out there already.

Or we could use gitla.in



Both projects got abandoned because they were run by small teams of developers with little or no bus factor, so when life got in the way, then development stopped.

Neovangelist moved to US from UK, and found work and hence original project stopped.

The first revival project stopped when the other developer I was working with (Genonce), stopped working on his creation (which was originally going to be the the unified protocol / message bus which didn't actually exist in Serial Experiments Lain but he thought it should) and he stopped hosting the projects materials, I since learned that he had moved onto other projects and found employment.

My own progress was much slower than his (e.g. I wrote less code), because I was attempting to work on a more difficult problem voice login support at both the display manager level, the boot loader level and possibly the bios level, where the voice recognition system had to work with only the microphone's initial recording of the voice, and not the recording of a recording.

I also watched each episode of Lain at least 15 times, and noted down every documented aspect of the computing interface demonstrated and the associated feature mappings and use cases.

In general the projects got abandoned because as I said earlier building a replacement OS especially one that attempts to match the feature set of a fictional one is more difficult than it looks at first glance.


>Or we could use gitla.in
Off topic:
Holy crap, do we have Lain everything?
How long till somebody actually produce the LainOs from some posts above?
Are there any other Lain stuff i should know about?



// Polite sage for being offtopic.


>I also watched each episode of Lain at least 15 times, and noted down every documented aspect of the computing interface demonstrated and the associated feature mappings and use cases.
Holy soykaf. That's some serious dedication, good job. Did you ever release that documentation to the public? Would be interesting to read.

LainWiki 2.0 hosted at lainwiki.cocaine.ninja


So there really was a Copland OS in development at Apple, but it was killed by mission creep?
I wonder if we could find the abandoned work on that anywhere?


File: 1487539855428-0.png (13.65 MB, 200x150, lain_cd.webm)

File: 1487539855428-1.png (93.62 KB, 200x150, lain_vd02.jpg)

File: 1487539855428-2.png (43.78 KB, 152x200, lain_bootleg.jpg)

The bootleg CD contains around 4 minutes of video with various motion graphics used for UIs in SEL.
It may be interesting to those who haven't seen them presented in this way. Check the attached webm. The sound isn't used.


>Or we could use gitla.in
didnt even know it existed


I doubt Copland or anything similar will ever come to light, unless the company owning it dies and somebody buys all their archives and releases them to the public and if the source code is still even around, which is all highly unlikely.
For example, Microsoft put a team to work on an experimental OS called Midori, completely written in a more low-level version of C#, for years, and then decided to scrap it and stow it in some archive. Companies like this have lots of money to throw around and lots of code that will never see the light of day.


Unfucking related but since we are talking about recreating things from Lain, did anybody else wish to have a battlestation like Lain's with the ghetto-ass cooling and cyb as soykaf look to it?


fun fact: my aunt has a mural pretty much inspired from it

if i can find any photo, ill post them


Interested in seeing this.


I would like to suggest making the base OS Qubes. You could then use any distro. Also, suggested software packages: ELK, Maltego, Wireshark. I'll have a spare computer here in a couple weeks.

Other future feature: opt-in distributed computing, neural network AI with voice/facial recognition. We will call her Lain.


I rescind my qubes suggestion.

>One such limitation is lack of 3D graphics support for applications running in AppVMs.


>Other future feature: opt-in distributed computing, neural network AI with voice/facial recognition. We will call her Lain.

Yes please.
Building or allowing extensions for said AI in CL or an embedded Scheme of sorts would also be cool.


All these ideas sound cool, but if anything is going to happen people should start with one relatively simple Lain project and go from there.


This project makes me remember my first (in middle school) attempt to make Navi-like OS with

I'm glad too see this as reality.


What about starting the AI thing, then?
We could also write modules to integrate it with stumpwm. Could be the first step.


>Not naming it Lainux
Mistakes have been maid.