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What kinds of markup do you think are nice?

I'm a fan of Markdown (over bbcode), but I'm currently working on a lisp-like markup language that will output to HTML.

It resembles:
- https://github.com/tawesoft/bach
- http://cairnarvon.rotahall.org/misc/sexpcode.html
- https://arclanguage.github.io/ref/html.html


(sym pound) -> £
(sym frac34) -> ¾
(sym lambda) -> λ
(emoji cool) -> 😎


I'm pretty fond of orgmode but I it might be that my fondness is there because of the software and not because of the syntax


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Anyone know curl?

it's retro


I think Markdown's fine for most purposes.
If I wanted something more complex I'd probably look into something like Racket's Scribble or Pollen.
I'm trying to remember the name of this other Lisp-like wiki system that I've seen around but I can't for the life of me. It was a french project (though of course it was translated in english), and it used {} for escaping its own flavor of Lisp. The website looked pretty comfy.


LaTeX I think is the nicest markup language, but mostly because I use it for mathematical formulae and especially for symbols such as greek letters that are not readily available on the keyboard.
I've been meaning to go to /q/ and ask for LaTeX tags actually