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Working on a new markup language

shouldnt it be the Lainchan imageboard markup language


This looks cool lainon but how is it different from LML?


If you think talking in a lisp will "generally replace human writing" then you're probably autistic.


Why not write HTML by hand? It's not hard.


I doubt this will be actually useful. This is completely similar to Markdown, but with markup.


>generally replace human writing of HTML
We all know that's not going to happen, but if we are allowed to dream, then there should be no HTML at all in the first place. The new markup language would completely replace html, instead of abstracting over it.


Like XHTML 2.0 was going to do?



I've been doing this in Scheme with sxml for years, what's so new about it?


There are already a lot of great programmable web markup languages to replace html and css that use a Python-like syntax of using indentation to replace brackets. They are very clean looking and readable, so I wonder if anyone has made a parens-less Lisp that uses indentation like Python?


Hey Opie, your project is good not because it will replace html but because it interests you. You have much to learn from this, even if it isn't entirely useful yet.
good loch