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Iwakura Lain has had her FACE WIPED OFF!

Can you help her get a face?! Pls give her a face and post the picture in this thread.
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Hello lains, this thread is for 1998AD, a community project that we're working on. Come join us on freenode #1998AD. We've got a few artists and writers already, and if you have some ideas to contribute we'll be happy to listen.

Here's the original /diy/ post:

"I had a pretty /cyb/ idea for a project that we could possibly work on together. Making some fiction, art, or multimedia stuff. I was basically thinking about some of Google's projects and what their possible long term goals could be. I ended up connecting the dots in a kind of plausible way.

The idea is centered on Fiber being a plan to create infrastructure to leverage software as a service. Google will buy out industry standard software companies and incorporate photoshop, autodesk, maya, etc. into the Google drive suite. With the 1GB/s throughput, all the software can execute nearly entirely server-side, making for uncrackable DRM. Because of this, having a good computer is now obsolete. All you need is a cheap chromebook to connect to software services. At this point Microsoft and Apple have pretty much had their market niche desecrated, and are acquired as subsidiaries. Intel and AMD quickly follow suit, since the only people who need good processors are developers and engineers. At this bleak point it looks like Google has an absolute monopoly in the tech market, and will probably just keep growing. Facebook and other social media are likely targets. Letting imagination run wild, I can imagine a Google Party running for office in the US. We've basically set the stage for a cyber-punk dystopia within the next 25 years.

There are tons of great narrative possibilities with this. Imagine criminal warez groups that break into company headquarters to try to steal executables and personal data. Linux users and free software may become culturally associated with terrorism because of their opposition to proprietary software. A sub culture of freedom fighters emerge who scavenge and trade black-market components for their machines and coordinate secretly via p2p, creating and sharing illegal software and data.

Definitely could make for some good graphic novels and short stories. I'd like to see concept art and mock propaganda posters or things like that too. Flesh out the idea."

At the moment we're mainly looking to develop things further. A few new ideas have been introduced about the setting, but we're not dealing with anything concrete yet. I think we decided that the first thing we'll do is work individually on some concept pieces. Short stories, fake news articles and propaganda, art and music. If you think you can do something that will fit, make it and show it to us. We want to get a sense of atmosphere and themes that we can work with. Afterwards, we'll collaborate to make something as a community.

Maybe someone will write a short story, and then if other lainons like it, we'd work with the author to adapt the concept into a longer novel or comic. We could group up into our own sub-projects, or, at some point we could have a main project that everyone can work on.

Once we have some solid examples of the directions that we want to take this, we might build our own canon that could be used as a setting for our work. In IRC we've already discussed a bit of this: one lainon brought up that different regions of the US could be under different levels of corporate control, with differing factions, and things like that. I feel like this would be a good way to allow everyone to explore and work on ideas that are interesting to them, without having it conflict with the setting. People could collaborate on very interconnected stories and chronologies, but also be able to write about something significantly different taking place elsewhere in the country, without having the stories conflict.

We're starting to put things together, so, if you're interested, drop by #1998AD and give us your input!
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Soundcloud thread

I just uploaded something to soundcloud, and then I realised we didn't have a soundcloud thread here yet. Share and discuss your music, give advice, etc.

Mine is https://soundcloud.com/the-gravid-myrmidon

It's almost exclusively piano stuff, because I rarely have the opportunity to record something else. Not really sure what the genre would be.
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Architecture Thread

Can we get an architecture thread? Yes, we can.

There's a wealth of futuristic architecture out there that I think far eclipses the sterile, minimalist architecture that's considered "modern"

This is the Skytree in Tokyo
Broadcast/observation tower, restaurant, 2nd tallest structure in the world (830m/2722ft)
Like all good things in life, it lights up at night
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Stanley Kubrick

Any fans here?
Created The Shining, Clockwork Orange, 2001: a Space Oddysey, full metal jacket, and more iconic films.
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A little something I churned up for Volafile and its Canadian visitors earlier on.

They thought it was pretty funny!

>They lyrics I wrote are based off of the lyrics of, 'Oh, Canada' which is the Canadian national anthem
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Hey Lains, I consider fashion and self-expression to be an /art/. What's your wardrobe look like? I just got an 1994 German flecktarn jacket the other day (pictured)
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I'm depressed, recommend me music based on what I like.
>But what do you like anon?


-Deus in Absentia
-Ghuleh / Zombie Queen
-Secular Haze
-From the Pinnacle to the Pit
-He Is


Pretty much everything.

>Jack White

-That Bat Black Licorice
-I'm Shakin'

>The White Stripes

-Seven Nation Army
-In the Cold, Cold Night
-Blue Orchid
-Catch Hell Blues

>Van Canto

Fucking everything, but
-She's Alive
-If I Die in Battle
-Dangers in my Head
-Neuer Wind
-A Storm to Come
-The Awakening
-The Bard's Song
-Water Fire Heaven Earth
Are all-time favorites.

>Kinoko Teikoku

Every single song.


Start with Nine Point Eight.

>Mägo de Oz

Spanish folk metal.


-It's Working
-Brian Eno
-Time to Pretend
-Indie Rokkers


-All Origin of Symmetry
-Knights of Cydonia
-City of Delusion
-MK Ultra
-Panic Station

>My Chemical Romance

-Demolition Lovers
-Vampires Will Never Hurt You
-Our Lady of Sorrows
-All Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
-All The Black Parade
-The Only Hope for Me is You
-Party Poison
-The Kids From Yesterday
I haven't listened the Conventional Weapons thing.


-Whoever Brings the Night
-Eramaan Viimeinen
-The Kinslayer
-Wish I Had an Angel


-Love Buzz
-Negative Creep
-Serve the Servants
-Heart Shaped Box
-All Apologies
-Smells Like Teen Spirit
-Come as You Are
-Lounge Act


-Ich Will
-Ohne Dich

>System of a Down


>I like classical music too

-Bach's Cello Suites
-Camille Saint-Saëns (all his work is great, start with La Danse Macabre)
-Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (start with Marche Slave and The Nutcracker)
-Arturo Márquez (Danzón no. 2)
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Favorite album(s) of the previous decade?
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Music production

I'm not sure if these kind of threads are allowed but I would like to know how you get into music production? Are there any good books/tutorials you would recommend? I have tried to make some stuff in FL studio but I'm a complete beginner and don't really have much music knowledge so I didn't really get anywhere with that stuff.
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What music do you listen to when you're angry?
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Mr Robot

What are your opinions on this show?
I dismissed this show as being a pile of garbage when I first heard of it but I managed to get through the first season and quite enjoyed it. I found some of the political ideas a bit cringy but that's probably because I'm getting a little tired of the whole critical commentary of capitalism thing. The 'tech talk' wasn't too bad but it seemed like they were trying really hard to show that they knew what they were talking about.
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Cyberpunk Android.

Give me some cyberpunk (or anime, or just Lain) style for Android. Screenshots, wallpapers, icons...

Sorry for my English. Can you correct my message? :)
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Music Creators

Any lainons produce your own music? I'd love to hear some, and I'd be happy to post my own (after some replies, not here advertising)
R: 15

Technology Webcomics

What are some good technology-oriented webcomics you all read?

Outside of webcomics, what are some good technology-oriented entertainment in general?

Bastard Operator from Hell

It's old, but there's plenty of it and it's usually pretty funny.

The Codeless Code

It's not bad, but it has an unusually heavy liking for Java. Some of the advice is good, but most of it's fun to read just to criticize the programming culture of the temples its set in.

Kevin & Kell

On The Fastrack

Sabrina Online

These three are so numerous that I've yet to read all of them. I don't care for On The Fastrack, but the other two seem to be good from what I've read. They offer old glimpses into computer culture and it's fun to watch the transition to modern life that you see with these, simply because they've been running for so long.


This is a more recent webcomic and it focuses on web development. It's funny sometimes and horrible other times, but it's usually just average. It's particularly funny that site of the webcomic focusing on web development is broken. The main page shows you "All strips", but if you go to the November of 2015 section, you can see more. The main page also doesn't show December 2015 strip information.

I can't remember any others I read right now.
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The radio for lains

How many of you listen to the radio, what things would you like to see happening with it..leave it well alone? or see some interesting developments happening, would love to know your lainon thoughts?
R: 26

Post some music that pumps you up!
This song feels like victory to me, like you've accomplished something, and are ready to take on a higher level.

R: 103

Random Album Art Covers Thread

These threads were so much fun back in ~2013 when the graphic design board was added to Forechin. Let's revive some of that fun in this thread.

Band Name

Album Title

Basis for cover image

If you don't like what flickr is giving you check out other random image sites like these:

Random Imgur Pictures

Last 25 Livejournal Picture Uploads
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Purchasing Vinyl

I'm wanting to buy some music.

Problem is, the store only supplies a physical in the form of a 12'' Vinyl, or a 320kbs MP3.

I really want the album, but I've never bought vinyl or a table before.

Should I try it out?
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Bakabon > Kingshow

fite me irl
R: 4

I have asked you once /art/, and now I ask again!

What can compare to I, the mighty T-Rex!? Is there anything else as awesome as I?
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Free QR Gen

Anylain know of free QR code generator websites that allow QR customization like the one I made shown in the picture? I made this one with a non-free site that has a temporary redirect before taking you to https://lainchan.org but I'd like a 100% free QR gen that I can make lainQR's and print them off and leave random places.
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Celt takes over Lainchan Radio #2

HEY YOU! LISTEN TO THIS! https://clyp.it/crcnpm3z

Celt here back with another episode/mix for Lainchan radio. This is the second time I’ve put together a radio show for Lainchan radio. If you missed the first one and/or don’t know what this is; this is me doing a GTA radio-esque thing, in the sense it’s a fictional radio show and things occur on the show which are not based on reality. The other GTA-esque aspect is the dedication to one sound or vibe, in this case cybepunk (obviously).
This episode is more music focused/less “in-universe” focused than the last one, just because that’s the way it organically panned out. A few talking points I raise on the show and I’d like to see maybe discussed in this thread are:
>What’s your view of Nero? Too mainstream? Cyberpunk in style but not substance? Or the real deal?
>What did you make of Burial? Did you like the sound? Was it too minimal for you? Did you like the ambience?
What did you make of Gary Newman’s 21st century version of Are Friends Electric?
>And in general, just what you did and didn't like about the show


King of my Castle – Wamdue Project
Drowning – Sixth June
Dark Allies – Light Asylum
Are Friends Electric? (All Saints Basement Sessions version) – Gary Newman
Reaching out - Nero
Etched Headplate - Burial
Babylon Fall - Goth-Trad
Their Law – The Prodigy
Obsura Kisses – Summer of Haze
You know me – Violent Trip aka V ✝
Design for Living (Blade Runner Edit) – Nona Hendyx

I hope you guys enjoy it, it’s made for your enjoyment and listening pleasure. I hope on this episode I’m not rambling on about the music but if I am let me know. And let me know if you want more of the “in universe” stuff from Episode 1 or you think it should just be an ebb and flow/organic thing.

EPISODE 1 AVAILABLE HERE IF YOU MISSED IT: https://clyp.it/zwy3iusk

I don't know what the story is with the server costs, but regardless, I enjoy Lainchan, I hope it continues, and as a result of continuing, I hope I'll have an opportunity to make more of these if they're in demand. Long Live Lainchan\\Let's Love Laincha.
R: 53


Anyone interested in any forms of vaguely artistic vandalism?
R: 7

Neural Net Image Manipulation etc


I got this running.

I will post shit it makes.

Post images if you want me to mix them.

Dumping a few.
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Cyb shirt designs

Hey lainons, I have a redbubble store up right now and I'm trying to find more inspiration for designs I can slap on shirts/assorted merch. Have an etsy shop on the side too, where I sell cyb clothes.

So, lemme ask this: What are some phrases you'd wear on a shirt? Any graphics come to mind? If I get a good amount of replies I'll post my store link.
R: 6

Cartoony cyberpunk

At the subject suggests, just post some cyberpunk images with a similar art-style and whatnot.
R: 79

Last thread reached bump limit.

>Only OC allowed. If you don't know how to do it, I consider this tutorial a good place to get started: http://paulhertz.net/factory/showcase-2/databending/

to whoever made the flower in pic related, mind if i use it for a shirt?
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hello there . Becoming a working artist is very hard.
i was curious , if there exists a systematic visual artist training program that one could do at home on their own.
R: 100

Cyberpunk Music Thread #3

Last hit bump limit. I'll start us off.

Function - Burn
Function - Immolare
Function is cyb as fuck. Strongly recommended.

IVF - Celine
R: 6

anyone know any good free music theory books?
R: 6

Hey lains, I finished up this cyberpunk album for the 1998AD project. I thought I'd put it out there while we all wait patiently for the zine. Thanks for the input, those of you who were on our irc channel.

R: 12

Pink/light purple

Can we get a pink and light purple thread going? I've been loving those colors lately since they feel good to look at.
R: 5

Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

So this just dropped today. Any thoughts on it?

I for one really liked it, i think it is better than Amnesiac and The King of Limbs.

Magnet link for listening purposes: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:a96714407c7f02cad9702f42b728b07127b14b14&dn=Radiohead%20-%20A%20Moon%20Shaped%20Pool&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fglotorrents.pw%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a80%2fannounce
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Plum general

* if this becomes a problem tells us and we'll leave *


Plum project is a collaboration between several enthusiasts evolving around promoting 2hip2u amateur music.
Basically promoting good music that might go under the radar or simply disappear from the interwebs unless
someone picks up on it and promotes or preserves it.

For now our format is intended to be strictly plaintext articles for portability reasons but in the future we could
start doing other types of media, and while I'm typing this we're looking into compacting digital releases for small
time artists, if not help by showing them to the world but by preserving their music.

At the moment we're mostly writing, trying to gain a foothold in the social media, and exploring music in general.

You make music? Post it here.
Want to join us?
Have a question?
A suggestion?

Go ahead.

Since most of the team is comprised of lainons we thought this would be the best place to base our "operations"
from. To discuss what we are - going, supposed, already - do(ing).
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ITT wallpapers

why is there no /cyb/ wallpaper thread?
R: 2

Alright Lainons Gondola Draw Thread

You have however long you want to draw a cyberpunk gondola and post it here.
R: 5

Chaotic Lambdas — The Eternal Phoenix [experimental]: A OST whose I record for my life

The music is based on my life experience, inspired on cyberpunk movement and a mixture of 'existencial progressive depressive experimental music'.

I passed 5 years recording each feeling. Can be a little weird for some people, is a lot of introspection.

R: 30

Self-made Lain Images

Lets's make our own Lain images and upload them.
Why shouldnt we help us to make them better.

Currently I am working at the Lain-Inside Picture. Any suggestions ?

Now it's your turn.
R: 11

So, after reading the article in lainzine 3 about how to get noise from random files with audacity, I put the PDF itself through audacity and got great results.
Post anything notably good or interesting you've done that with in this thread, too
If you listen closely, you can hear voices in the noise.
R: 3

Halfaxa was a great album.
R: 0

Anyone going to Summerfest this summer? If so, what acts are you interested in seeing? I know there's at least one person here from MKE and if there's enough interest we could get a group to go.
R: 12

Can we have some painting thread?
Yes, we can.
R: 10


Let's talk about youtube, what are some cool channels you know about? Where do you think the site will move towards in the next few years?
R: 6

MR robot 2.0

Season starts tomorrow on USA network

whos hyped?!?!
R: 8

its that time again.

Give me your /cyb soundtracks lainon.

police state edition.

R: 0

Hip Hop General

Looking for rappers to spit on my new beat. Email if interested!
R: 1

Creative Commons and Music

I've been trying to decide which creative commons license I agree with more for my music. One one hand I don't charge anything for any of it, on the other hand restricting it and putting a non commercial license for others to use is a restriction. Idk.

Basically the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 vs the CC BY-SA 3.0
R: 1

I made you a mixtape, Lain.

You should make one for me too.

R: 6

ASCII/ANSI and similar art

Do active ASCII/ANSI art communities still exist? Post stuff like that.

I'll post some of my favorite IRC artwork.
R: 30

General OC Wallpaper Thread

Post Wallpapers you made, edited or glitched here.
GIMP, Krita, Inkscape and Blender are your friends.
Feel free to ask how things are made.
R: 3

could a lainon tell what font is used for the "make me sad" text? i'm trying to replicate it for a project i'm working on.
R: 12

midyear cyb tunes wrapup

What was the most cyb release of the first half of 2016 and why was it Capsule's Pride?

>could literally be an alternate soundtrack or electronic opera of one of the most cyb animoos of all time

>originally released on Tor hidden service
>given away completely free because cyb

I have listened to this a few hundred times since it dropped.

What are your midyear cyb favorites, lains?
R: 1

My life

My life is my art
R: 2

What are you working on, /art/ ?
R: 14

Are you watching the new season of mr robot?
R: 2

Wallpaper thread
R: 17

I'm back. Can we have a wallpaper thread?
R: 4

Libre music

A thread for sharing and discussing free-licensed music.
What are your favorite albums, artists, sources, netlabels, ~

>the Netlabels collection at the Internet Archive. This collection hosts complete, freely downloadable/streamable, often Creative Commons-licensed catalogs of 'virtual record labels'. These 'netlabels' are non-profit, community-built entities dedicated to providing high quality, non-commercial, freely distributable MP3/OGG-format music for online download in a multitude of genres.
>Big list of netlabels
>Panda.cd is a BitTorrent tracker that features free, legally distributed music with Creative Commons and artist permission.
>Bittorrent tracker provided by the etree.org community for sharing the live concert recordings of trade friendly artists.
>You can listen to a selection of the Libre.fm community's favourite tracks on our Community Station. It's made up out of a random selection of all the tracks that Libre.fm users have said they loved, with the most popular ones being played most frequently.
>We scan the web, keep in touch with netlabels, try to stay on top of the news and pick the best of free & legal content available online. We are big champions of Creative Commons licensed content and we will always give first dibs to artists that are opened to fans freely sharing their content with friends and family.
>The heaviest website on the wired is full of free tracks.
R: 3

Music in general

Post something you like no matter the genre.
Chromatics - At your door https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ppbeb54uQmE
R: 4


Does anyone happen to have pdfs or good information about getting into calligraphy -- more specifically creating computer-fonts?

Also, calligraphy general thread
R: 10

Is Pixel Art Art?

R: 1


Any 3D artists/lovers around?
R: 6

Prisma thread

Prisma is an application that use neural networks to make sole good effects on your pictures.
R: 1

The Eternal Phoenix - chaoticlambdas.bandcamp.com

An album whose I wrote about despair and depression during my bad feels... and the tentative to suicide.

Take 6 years of recording exploring extreme feels.

Good hearing. The philosophy of music is based on the existencialism crisis of Serial Experiments Lain.
R: 149

Name a few movies you like

Title says it all. I'll go first:

>Interstellar (2014)

>Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)
>Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
>Gravity (2013)
>Metropolis (1927)
>The Signal (2014)
>Robocop (2014)
>The thirteenth Floor (1999)
>District 9 (2009)
>Prometheus (2012)
Obviously The Matrix, and some others I purposely don't mention.
These are just some on a long list of movies I really enjoyed. What about you Lain?
R: 66

Must Watch Films

Please recommend one film that you think is a must watch and a short description about it.

Mine is Short Term 12. Just heard about it today and streamed it. So. Many. Feels.

It's a great story about a home for troubled kids.

R: 160

Sketchbook Thread

Post some drawings from your sketchbook lainons.