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Hello lains, this thread is for 1998AD, a community project that we're working on. Come join us on freenode #1998AD. We've got a few artists and writers already, and if you have some ideas to contribute we'll be happy to listen.

Here's the original /diy/ post:

"I had a pretty /cyb/ idea for a project that we could possibly work on together. Making some fiction, art, or multimedia stuff. I was basically thinking about some of Google's projects and what their possible long term goals could be. I ended up connecting the dots in a kind of plausible way.

The idea is centered on Fiber being a plan to create infrastructure to leverage software as a service. Google will buy out industry standard software companies and incorporate photoshop, autodesk, maya, etc. into the Google drive suite. With the 1GB/s throughput, all the software can execute nearly entirely server-side, making for uncrackable DRM. Because of this, having a good computer is now obsolete. All you need is a cheap chromebook to connect to software services. At this point Microsoft and Apple have pretty much had their market niche desecrated, and are acquired as subsidiaries. Intel and AMD quickly follow suit, since the only people who need good processors are developers and engineers. At this bleak point it looks like Google has an absolute monopoly in the tech market, and will probably just keep growing. Facebook and other social media are likely targets. Letting imagination run wild, I can imagine a Google Party running for office in the US. We've basically set the stage for a cyber-punk dystopia within the next 25 years.

There are tons of great narrative possibilities with this. Imagine criminal warez groups that break into company headquarters to try to steal executables and personal data. Linux users and free software may become culturally associated with terrorism because of their opposition to proprietary software. A sub culture of freedom fighters emerge who scavenge and trade black-market components for their machines and coordinate secretly via p2p, creating and sharing illegal software and data.

Definitely could make for some good graphic novels and short stories. I'd like to see concept art and mock propaganda posters or things like that too. Flesh out the idea."

At the moment we're mainly looking to develop things further. A few new ideas have been introduced about the setting, but we're not dealing with anything concrete yet. I think we decided that the first thing we'll do is work individually on some concept pieces. Short stories, fake news articles and propaganda, art and music. If you think you can do something that will fit, make it and show it to us. We want to get a sense of atmosphere and themes that we can work with. Afterwards, we'll collaborate to make something as a community.

Maybe someone will write a short story, and then if other lainons like it, we'd work with the author to adapt the concept into a longer novel or comic. We could group up into our own sub-projects, or, at some point we could have a main project that everyone can work on.

Once we have some solid examples of the directions that we want to take this, we might build our own canon that could be used as a setting for our work. In IRC we've already discussed a bit of this: one lainon brought up that different regions of the US could be under different levels of corporate control, with differing factions, and things like that. I feel like this would be a good way to allow everyone to explore and work on ideas that are interesting to them, without having it conflict with the setting. People could collaborate on very interconnected stories and chronologies, but also be able to write about something significantly different taking place elsewhere in the country, without having the stories conflict.

We're starting to put things together, so, if you're interested, drop by #1998AD and give us your input!


I went to the channel after I saw OP's post, and I must say, it is a cool idea and project.


File: 1439381576362.png (151.15 KB, 117x200, ATY.png)

I just made this, If you guys can think of anything else I'd be happy to make it.


Looks pretty sweet.
Nice job!


Thanks lainon, this looks great!
You should do something with Google's old "Don't Be Evil" slogan.


File: 1439412426775.png (36.76 KB, 128x200, trustus.png)

Done, and done.


I expected it to be ironic. like "Don't be evil. Any questionable activity will be automatically reported to the authorities, for your own safety." or something like that.


also, Alphabet ought to be capitalized I think.


File: 1439415164547.png (175.8 KB, 128x200, curfew.png)

I'll get to work on it right away.


File: 1439415390139.png (34.94 KB, 128x200, trustus.png)



I like these but why are they taller than wide?


i think hes making mobile backgrounds


Much better. Thanks lainon!


They're supposed to be propaganda posters, I figured posters had a similar shape and size.


By "community project" what exactly do you mean? A website with which to host the creative work? A book?

I personally like the idea of a sort of interactive website (even just incredibly basic HTML) where you discover information about the universe that we have built.

I would be interested in writing for something like that, can I get any more details?


"Community project" is intentionally a little loose. Right now, I think about two or three of us are working on short stories. There's also the propaganda posters in this thread. Some people are doing music too. There aren't really any limitations regarding medium. At the moment, we're thinking these things will be published in the lainzine, but I like the idea of a website. I was thinking of something along similar lines, it might be nice to have.

If you come to irc we can talk a bit more, thanks for asking!


The interactive website seems like a great idea. have you read http://www.nawlz.com/ ? It's a great interactice cyberpunk webcomic. I want to do something like this and I have been writing a graphic novel with an artist friend so if you have programming skills to build something like this come on the irc and ask for Not_

I've talked to some on the irc about mixing 1998AD with my graphic novel as a alternate future where the cyb dystopia the characters in my story (taking place in present time) are trying to prevent become a reality.


I think what >>1333 described sounded more like a wiki, but we could combine the two ideas and have a sort of central interactive database that links between articles and multimedia. I don't know if we have many people who are doing web stuff, but as things move along, and we get more material, it would be very cool to see.


I've had this interesting idea popping up in my head and this recent TPP/Alphabet soykaf made me think more about it. It basically takes an African conflict with child soldiers, etc and shows it in a cyberpunk world. It would be neat to have this be a part of this project. HIdk how to link to other boards on here so I might fuarrrk this up but here's what I thought of.


Doesn't this mean Google/Alphabet is planning on getting bigger than they already are? Do you guys think we'll see them buy/create a PMC in a few years?

If they do I can already see the fuarrrkery that would happen with TPP. Just imagine, The Dem Rep of The Congo (which holds almost all of the world's mines used for minerals that are turned into technology) fighting a war with rebels/extremists/etc. The US/UK/maybe even FFL get involved but Google wants to 'help out' (argue that it's there place to fight in the war and not the US/UK/France/etc). Eventually they would agree to join the national troops similar to PMCs in Iraq/Afghanistan but you would have arguments all the fuarrrking time over who deserves to take this city/kill this person/etc. It's just a big mess waiting to happen if they end up going that route.


File: 1441258918136-0.png (475.94 KB, 200x150, Welc.png)

File: 1441258918136-1.png (245.43 KB, 188x200, 1441193006117-0.jpg)

Some kind anon on 8chan uploaded the new google font. I whipped up something quick with it. (font TTF file is included in the jpg, just rename it as a .zip and extract.)


Any update to this story?


How did you import the ttf file in the jpg? **Can you do other cool things with that? Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!**


File: 1441324497711-0.png (27.42 KB, 200x89, Will You Obey?.png)

File: 1441324497711-1.png (27.42 KB, 200x89, Will You Obey?.png)

Just made this.


This should be a banner.



man these are the coolest >>1503 fuarrrking things ever >>1325
that star looked like a condom when it scrolled past
the botnet meme is annoying as soykaf but whatever


I'm not entirely sure how it works, I didn't do it myself.


>the botnet meme is annoying as soykaf but whatever
yeah I thought so too, but I was afraid of breaking it if I changed the picture.


now that you have the font just make a new one, it takes like 5-10 mins to startpage the solution to the problem


File: 1441338217603.png (108.63 KB, 200x126, Glitched.jpg)

Here's a glitchy version. Maybe for the zine


File: 1441339610356.png (71.18 KB, 200x200, ProductSans.jpg)

I'm not really sure what that means, but either way, here's a less cringey copy.


Can anyone fill me in on the significance of 1998? Is it anything more than Google's incorporation date? Is that the setting / one of the time settings?


That's pretty much it. We just needed to think of a name quickly, but unfortunately, I guess it was a bit confusing. The name 1998AD itself came from a warez group, and also happened to be the year google was created, so we thought that was somehow fitting. The stories mostly take place in the future however. Just think of it as a "code name" I guess. If a better name comes along we'll probably adopt it.


File: 1441432085653.png (176.54 KB, 200x104, hailgoogle.jpg)

made this


File: 1441433788024.png (817.11 KB, 200x105, elgoogliah.jpg)

another one


Thanks! Looks schway.


File: 1442126455507.png (562.21 KB, 200x126, futuregoogle.png)

>>1510 Here, I got G's stupid color theme on there. I thought it was missing something.



I've made a folder on soykaf.org to keep an archive of our work. If I'm missing things, send them my way. I'll try to make the page a bit more presentable as soon as I can. I've been piecing together my main page, but my html isn't so great.

oh yes, nice. I thought it was missing something.


Is 1998AD thing still going? I could submit some sound stuff and occasional glitch art.


This art makes me want to do a point and click adventure game telling this kind of story, with kind of a noir pixel art style.


omg that would be nice. can you?


I'm a dev and the code for that kind of game would be the easy part. I'm not the best artist, so that would be the hard part.


hey dudes, i made a typeface that is pretty cyb. y'all can use it in your project.



yes. We have been working on things. we have some music, some stories and i think some art\typefaces that will be on the lainzine.

Submit anything you can.


Here are some sound loops, made in Pure Data:


Probably can be used as background ambient sound in server rooms, while hacking, etc


I would love to collaborate with something, but I don't know how to do somethig useful ;_; awesome work lainons.


Here is another fresh recording:

Not sure how fitting it is, though.


These are pretty cool - I might make something using them, if you don't mind of course.


This would be cool. It seems like we all do a little bit of everything, so you should hit us up on IRC. I'm not exactly the most proficient artist, but I'd be glad to help out.


File: 1443561637485.png (2.52 MB, 200x105, Nothing to hide.png)


I like the look of that font.


the screenshot looked awesome but your link is dead



File: 1443571953427.png (2.53 MB, 200x105, Nothing to hide2.png)

More verbose version, because i don't think the subtext is clear in that one.


File: 1443593224372.png (2.11 MB, 200x134, dontbeevil2.jpg)

just playing around

ed: dagfuckingnabbit I need to proof better


that's really nice man


Well done, I like it too


Sorry, I adjusted the file structure.

This is dope anon, it's always fun to see what people do with your stuff.


This is nice enough to hang on the wall.


>Do the right thing
ahahaha Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!


I'm already thinking of what such a world will be by 2998 AD and it ain't pretty.


File: 1444045275033.png (3.53 MB, 142x200, Untitled-1.jpg)


thank ye!

here is the poster thingy itself if it's of use.

tho the whole old paper thing is a bit overdone these days.


File: 1449445040477.png (1.52 MB, 200x126, Full glitch colour.png)

Just realizing now that this was on soykaf.org as well. Might as well put it up for back up.


File: 1449457640277.png (100.03 KB, 140x200, escapeReality.jpg)

I want to work on some nice, new stuff but I made this years ago and some people like it. It was reasonably popular on tumblr and eventually got posted a couple times to pinterest.


Came back and saved all the images produced here so we can use them for lainzine3. Thanks a ton to the lainon(s) who worked on them. Please comtact us if you would like to help produce a cover and/or backcover or some more art. Email hex_offender@opmbx.org and junk0@openmailbox.org


It's good, but I honestly think you should use a font more similar to the company logo.


File: 1456805719835-0.png (18.9 KB, 200x194, Google.jpg)

File: 1456805719835-1.png (26.07 KB, 200x171, Micro$.jpg)





I like the first one, but sickle should be more apparant. Maybe add teeth on its blade or point the tip, dunno.


soykaf.org died, but we're back online.


So the #1998AD channel on freenode is dead. Whidgle is the only user, that's a bot isn't it?

Everyone gave up?


I make electronic music of the dance variety (jungle, house, trance, hip-hop etc). If you want I can try to contribute.


its not dead there are 4 users that frequent there. we have stories going on lainzine 3 and whidgle is not a bot lol


Where are the first two lainzine's?

I would also like to contribute some letters.


I found the two lainzines.

I do not wish to contribute any longer.

The guides you can find after a little bit of googling. Linux isn't this new strange thing. The whole zine is preaching to the choir.

A-class mission: graffiti a public place?

What are you, 14?

Cyberpunk truly is dead, at least here.


see the issue here is you don't want to contribute because you saw something you didn't like, but the zine isn't gonna get any better unless you contribute the articles you want to see. Like the zine doesn't have the best content, sure, but if you don't contribute based on that then it won't ever have good content!

and what's wrong with graffiti?


>see the issue here is you don't want to contribute because you saw something you didn't like
It is a bit lame, though. :p

>but the zine isn't gonna get any better unless you contribute the articles you want to see.

You got me there.

>Like the zine doesn't have the best content, sure, but if you don't contribute based on that then it won't ever have good content!

True. But also it's not the content, there will always be bad content submitted, but the selection of it. Take a look at a crimethInc. publication. I think their articles are of quite a good quality and you can show that to non-anarchists and they can get something from it.

The lainzine just seems like it is made for the lainchan cyb/tech community.

>and what's wrong with graffiti?

Absolutely nothing. Telling people to go out and do graffiti for the sake of graffiti on the other hand... And make it an A-level mission, with a D-level mission being "vandalize someone's car". Lol

All i'm saying the whole thing seems very childish and i for one cannot take it seriously. Then the random anime/video game pictures at the end of articles.

It needs stricter editing and don't rush it. Wait until there's enough good articles to fill it, if that takes half a year so be it.

I also thought there would be some cyberpunk fiction, maybe an album review? Fiction/music was always good at exciting people about something.

Another thing, this is a cyberpunk online zine, yet it's published as a PDF. I mean, can we at least use a different digital format, like a cool brutalist website. No one is going to print it out and start handing it out. If this is cyber then fuck paper.

Sure, have a print edition, too, but make it so one printed page can be folded into three/four pages. Make it b/w so you can print it on laser printers. Have low-res pictures to save on toner.

There's a lot of considerations to be taken into account and as I said, it all seems rushed.


hm yeah I see some of your points
>it's the selection of it
the problem is usually that we don't have anything to select from - the latest release is going to be really big (56 pages!) because we picked up a lot of content for it, and we did have to exclude a few articles for not being quality enough, but that was kind of the first time we actually had enough content to pull it off. So, this problem should be fixed as interest and submission volume goes.

>just seems like it is made for the lainchan cyb/tech community

that's probably because we always tell people when they want to know what kind of content to submit that it should look like it's on lainchan.org. We'll have to create a more coherent set of requirements about that, I'm thinking of synthesizing a bit of this vision: https://lainchan.org/~kalyx/kk7.txt and our experiences over the past year - structurally, things are already a lot different from when we started out, more organized and the like.
I'll have more responses in a few, but if you wanna carry on this discussion I suggest making a new thread or going to the lainzine thread - https://lainchan.org/mod.php?/lit/res/2040.html since I don't want to take over skolskoly's project thread


>8:45 am
That's really late in the morning, alphabet! A lot of people around here are already at work by then...