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Can we get an architecture thread? Yes, we can.

There's a wealth of futuristic architecture out there that I think far eclipses the sterile, minimalist architecture that's considered "modern"

This is the Skytree in Tokyo
Broadcast/observation tower, restaurant, 2nd tallest structure in the world (830m/2722ft)
Like all good things in life, it lights up at night


File: 1440361708589-0.png (2.7 MB, 200x129, Blob_Birmingham.jpg)

File: 1440361708589-1.png (544.57 KB, 200x150, Selfridge_Exterior2.jpg)

File: 1440361708589-2.png (68.83 KB, 150x200, 360px-Selfridges_interior1.jpg)

The Selfridges Building in Birmingham

Houses a 6-floor department store and 160,000 square feet (almost 15,000 square metres) of floor space
The exterior is a nice take on big blob buildings, covered with 15,000 aluminum discs
It looks kind of silly, but I love the texture and crossing escalators


File: 1440362496253-0.png (3.23 MB, 200x139, HSBC 1.png)

File: 1440362496253-1.png (551 KB, 161x200, HSBCInterior.jpg)

File: 1440362496253-2.png (695.71 KB, 133x200, hsbc-building.jpg)

The (new) HSBC Building in Hong Kong

Built in the '80s as the HQ of HSBC
44 floors and over 1 million square feet of floorspace
The triangular trusses on the exterior and interior lobby are dope

There's also concrete "cannons" on the rooftop because a nearby building ignored feng shui and has "knife edges" pointing at this building
What can I say, it's Hong Kong - they take feng shui very seriously. A teacher I had from there said apartment buildings fail to sell units if they don't follow feng shui enough

Remarkably, it has no internal support structure and all floor panels are movable
I've heard that the whole building can be disassembled and reassembled in case of emergency (fears of what would happen during the handover to PR China)


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File: 1440367144488-2.png (540.71 KB, 200x134, 5001497875_c1b0c1d6dd_b.jpg)

Lloyd's Building in London

Home of insurance firm Lloyd's
The interior atrium is amazing; barrel-vaulted ceiling and glass allows for natural light, plus an open plan without many walls

The big steel parts and pipes remind me of those geometric building kits kids have
The facade of the former Lloyd's Building - from the '20s - is attached to the new one
Personally, I love direct contact - and contrast - between old and new buildings


File: 1440367476568-0.png (52.04 KB, 200x131, 300770-md.jpg)

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I can't get enough of Lloyd's so here's some more

The services, such as elevators and water pipes, are on the exterior to free up space inside

This building is so detailed and cacophonous, each picture feels like something different


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File: 1440371403231-2.png (531.28 KB, 200x150, 152860690_4860f7999f_b.jpg)

I am a massive fan of brutalist architecture. Something about the massive concrete structures protruding from the surrounding landscape is just fascinating to me. Unfortunate it's not exactly a very common school anymore, replaced with the green minimalism of today, but some like Habitat 67 are just really cool to look at.


File: 1440375148832-0.png (1.89 MB, 200x150, Boston_City_Hall.jpg)

File: 1440375148832-1.png (224.67 KB, 134x200, Buffalo_City_Court_Building,_1971-74,_Pfohl,_Roberts_and_Biggie_(8448022295).jpg)

File: 1440375148832-2.png (2.35 MB, 200x150, Robarts_Library.jpg)

I like the concrete aspect, but the more minimal brutalist buildings end up looking like dystopian ruins

That being said, I think it's perfect for government buildings


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File: 1440380040706-1.png (179.02 KB, 150x200, Chrysler Building Exterior Detail.jpg)

File: 1440380040706-2.png (238.09 KB, 107x200, Chrysler Building Interior Elevator Door.jpg)

Personally, I think a distrust of decoration is fascistic. I feel those buildings are either sterile or intentionally ugly, either trying to offend no one or trying to offend everyone. Humans should live in beautiful things in my opinion, although I quite like the Skytree because it isn't meant for human habitation so the style is appropriate to it.

I like Art Deco for embracing both technology and decoration.

Also skyscrapers were a mistake.



Montreal lainon here
I see middle picture quite daily,
they we're made for the Olympic athletes back in the days, 3 buildings in total and they are similar ones next to the Olympic parc on the corner of pie-9 and sherbrooke boulv.


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File: 1440452604820-1.png (3.05 MB, 200x134, Bullocks-Wilshire-1.jpg)

File: 1440452604820-2.png (101.46 KB, 200x160, 800px-HotelEdenTagSmCrop.jpg)

Big fan of Art Deco styling.
I like how it's more than just architecture: cars, paintings, reliefs, cameras, pens, trains, a lot of stuff took up Art Deco


i had no idea this stuff existed, it's so beautiful compared to all the normal ugly buildings

makes me a bit sad really, how much uninspired crap is built these days


File: 1440460289241.png (608.57 KB, 113x200, NagakinCapsuleTower.jpg)

All great architects are great structural engineers, but very few structural engineers are great architects


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File: 1440554313218-1.png (155.91 KB, 200x134, c-simona-rota.gif)

File: 1440554313218-2.png (525.18 KB, 200x134, ministry.jpg)

That building reminds me of the former Georgian Ministry of Highways (why would this ministry be on its own?)

Commies had some strange architectural design ideas


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File: 1441670161547-2.png (432.46 KB, 150x200, 263247336_ac81b2656e_b.jpg)


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File: 1441670254358-1.png (3.82 MB, 134x200, dsc_0633.jpg)

File: 1441670254358-2.png (65.79 KB, 200x134, hoover_building_nw270609_8.jpg)


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File: 1441670288152-2.png (110.36 KB, 200x150, teatro.jpg)


File: 1441670332323.png (252.23 KB, 200x134, large_front_Art-Deco.jpg)

posted some more art deco <3



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File: 1442046410087-2.png (117.99 KB, 200x157, 6.jpg)


File: 1444111112897-0.png (126.13 KB, 200x187, Melnikov_garage_intourist_800_pxt.jpg)

File: 1444111112897-1.png (311.78 KB, 134x200, Embassy_of_Russia_in_Havana,_Cuba.jpg)

File: 1444111112897-2.png (100.53 KB, 200x98, 0_879ec_2bed5731_XXL-63b9337325.jpg)

Covered Russian/Soviet constructivism in a class today, interdasting stuff
If you like the aesthetic, look deeper: there's more to it than architecture



the tower is quite original


File: 1444289880688.png (56.63 KB, 150x200, Evolution_Tower.jpg)

The Evolution tower in Moscow looks dope. I can't seem to find any good pictures of it online though. A lot of concept art and pictures of it during construction, but it almost seems as though no one wants to upload nice photographs of it after completion.


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File: 1444295232896-1.png (52.16 KB, 200x134, Royal National Theatre.jpg)

File: 1444295232896-2.png (100.92 KB, 200x133, London Metropolitan Uni.jpg)


I fuarrrking love brutalism. It's such an assault against nature and against primitivism. There is nothing there besides raw humanity, purified and set apart from all other things, perfect and glorious. The aesthetic against all aesthetic. I love it.


I kind of like brutalism for the opposite reason... I feel like the buildings are kind of like idealised landscapes, really elemental, if that makes sense.


File: 1445394958360-0.png (406.79 KB, 200x163, Oblique.jpg)

File: 1445394958360-1.png (65.8 KB, 200x134, tumblr_m7b0ty68FQ1qcbkj5o2_500.jpg)

File: 1445394958361-2.png (155.45 KB, 200x135, nb1.jpg)

I get what you mean. They're idealistic but they're not utopian, the cold harshness of the style is just a realistic depiction of the character of imposed ideals. I think it's why brutalism tends to share associations with the post-modern style, because they're both coming from a position of pessimism or disillusionment with the optimism of modernist utopias. If an architect uses his buildings to force an idealized behavior onto its users, he certainly is acting the role of a fascist. Being all concrete, inhuman and dystopic is simply honest.

Imo, for architecture to be awarded the designation 'futurist', it should be attempting to enable a radical departure from current human lifestyles. For example, Claude Parents experiments with Virilio with oblique architecture or Constant's New Babylon.

Buildings that just try to evoke the contemporary aesthetic style of the imagined near-future aren't really futuristic. They're contemporary, because they're stuck on current taste and trends for their style. They're not any different in mindset than those silly space age buildings we call retrofuturism today, except those were made 40ish year ago.

I guess we can't the buildings we're making today that seem so 'futuristic' now but will look quaint af 30 years from now retrofuturistic, because it already describes the 60s, so we'll have to call it neo-retrofuturistic.

Except it's not retro yet. So until it's retro it'll have to be called proto-neoretrofuturism.

Protoneoretrofuturism is dumb, imo.


nice fortress house


File: 1446182560321-0.png (2.04 MB, 200x150, stringio.jpg.png)

File: 1446182560321-1.png (832.16 KB, 136x200, stringio-1.png)

File: 1446182560321-2.png (151.04 KB, 151x200, 54daa2738f582046b23ac26ac751a717.jpg)

For some reason this reminded me of RAAAF's bunker project. They were tasked with finding an economical solution to increasing preservation interest in a bunch of WW2 bunkers left behind in the Netherlands.

They accomplished this by paradoxically destroying one of the bunkers - driving a line clean through the middle - so that people could walk through it and get a look into the interiors almost like a museum artifact behind glass or an architectural elevation


File: 1447230507826-0.png (350.7 KB, 200x134, 25phantasticsovietblds001-5.jpg)

File: 1447230507826-1.png (311.29 KB, 200x151, 25phantasticsovietblds001-6.jpg)

File: 1447230507826-2.png (282.25 KB, 200x126, 25phantasticsovietblds001-20.jpg)

Let's see what I can find for my beloved lainons


File: 1447230605706-0.png (295.76 KB, 200x144, 25phantasticsovietblds001-29.jpg)

File: 1447230605706-1.png (202.32 KB, 200x124, 25phantasticsovietblds001-30.jpg)


File: 1449786207058.png (3.09 MB, 200x150, Okraglak_Przymorze_ubt.jpg)


Well cool!

Its like some mad james bond base!


File: 1451118014152-0.png (116.54 KB, 179x200, 800px-13-04-13-st-poelten-landhausviertel-526.jpg)

File: 1451118014152-1.png (117.57 KB, 200x200, 800px-13-04-13-st-poelten-landhausviertel-548.jpg)

File: 1451118014152-2.png (165.88 KB, 200x133, 1024px-13-04-13-st-poelten-landhausviertel-574.jpg)

>those cheerfully coloured commieblocks
I found them comfy


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File: 1455950899144-1.png (97.4 KB, 169x200, Spinnaker_Tower_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1475506.jpg)

File: 1455950899144-2.png (100.09 KB, 200x134, 21st_century_bench.jpg)

bumpity bump


File: 1455954511162-0.png (208.05 KB, 200x134, 17.jpg)

File: 1455954511162-1.png (187.03 KB, 200x132, lecture_14-891338712544455.jpg)

File: 1455954511162-2.png (378.65 KB, 200x99, image-2-aldo-rossi.jpg)

some jewels of architecture in this thread
>>1576 >>1405 >>1948 >>2375 I love those

Aldo Rossi, italian modernist architect whose particularity was the fantastic stylized sketches he made of his own buildings. Pic related is a cemetery project


File: 1463883021684.png (2.17 MB, 200x131, ParliamentAboveIHR20101007.jpg)

the scott parliament


File: 1464011902798-0.png (3.65 MB, 150x200, Austrian-cultural-forum-new-york.jpg)

File: 1464011902798-1.png (993.12 KB, 200x135, RA-Church-On-The-Berlin-Wall-projected-layers-of-walls-copy.jpg)

File: 1464011902798-2.png (903.58 KB, 200x140, RA-The-Last-House.jpg)

Raimund Abraham, avant-garde archtecture.


File: 1464020341472-0.png (83.36 KB, 200x140, bar15.jpg)

File: 1464020341472-1.png (136.56 KB, 200x133, barbican-london-photos-08.jpg)

File: 1464020341472-2.png (852.71 KB, 200x150, Barbican_towers.jpg)

>discussion about brutalism
>no one has posted the Barbican yet
honestly I'm disappointed in you lains

joking asside I think this has to be one of my favourite places in the world, from the first day I really discovered it, wondering around london stoned, discovering this unapologetic slab of concrete, getting lost in this cyberpunk labyrinth of a building; to now days where I go to see various music and art exhibitions there I'd say there is no where else on earth quite like it