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File: 1445447253064.png (537.42 KB, 182x300, 1994 flecktarn.jpg)


Hey Lains, I consider fashion and self-expression to be an /art/. What's your wardrobe look like? I just got an 1994 German flecktarn jacket the other day (pictured)


Die Hände aus der Hose und aufrecht stehen!
Und lassen Sie sich die Zotteln abrasieren, nicht länger acht Millimeter!


Dice rollRolled 54 - 1

long hair, beard, black/grey clothes, vans shoes, piercings, and tattoos.


Dark leather boots, dark blue or black jeans, shirts and jumpers and a donkey jacket.




Forst-pattern cargo pants, black T-shirt, black jacket or hoodie, cheap runners.

I own multiple copies of that and that's about it.

Oh, I have a shirt with a cat made of birds that I got at Woodford.


i feel pretty cool when i'm wearing my black skinny jeans, but beyond that i'm not very /fa/


File: 1445513151937.png (181.87 KB, 200x154, swagclass.jpg)

English shirts, local ready-to-wear chinos, leather belt and shoes.

I'm looking for a coat to wear when the weather is neither cold nor warm but not something as try-hard as a trench or a blazer.


Cargo/Tactical pants. Always.


skinny cammo jeans, mountain bike flats shoes (Nike) non-zipper medium-tight fit hoodie. Gold ring. Short cut on the sides. Mohawk optional.


File: 1445562699022.png (34.64 KB, 200x150, swag.jpg)

Adidas pants, random metal shirt and some shitty shoe.
/fa/ as fuarrrk.


I prefer a sleeveless adidas puffy coat.


I always wear dark colors. Black jeans, or chinos, I guess you could say I wear tight fitting pants, I don't sag my pants. Black shirts with a name brand printed on the front, or a band tee. I have like 5 pairs of Nike SB's cause they're my favorite shoes. I wear snapbacks backwards. I'm always rocking my swiss army victorinox watch. Also I have a family member who works for carhartt and have a bunch of carhartt gear. Usually rock a dark blue/black carhartt jacket if its cold, the designer Adam Kimmel stuff. I think I dress pretty decently for being a 21 year old in my area, some stuff I wear might seem typical but I think my style is unique and I'm happy with it.


File: 1445574390060.png (42.05 KB, 200x188, abuse_shirt.jpg)

this shirt, red and white adidas jacket, with the kicks to match, and black jeans.
works best while slav squatting.


blue black, sometimes pale/dark green plain clothes, occasionally stripes or a small logo somewhere. A long sleeve flannel shirt typically unless its pretty damn hot and if its pretty damn cold a hoodie. ALWAYS jeans.


Where I live "cold" is always 10+ degrees so most I use is the tracksuit one. **But that puffy coat looks comfy as fuarrrk from the pics I've seen**


File: 1445685883816.png (1000.38 KB, 200x134, my stuff.png)

- Anime t-shirts or Hawaiian shirts
- Black pants, chinos or jeans
- Adidas jacket, navy blue or black
- Trekking shoes, they're comfy


File: 1445699145565.png (75.32 KB, 200x200, zeller_family_crest_invitation-r128730755db34839b577fa2d9274205c_zk9lx_324.jpg)

I found a jacket very similar a few years ago, am wearing it now... the only difference is it's all army green with the word ZELLER sewn above the left breast pocket - it is a German family it seems with a crest though the shirt doesn't have that!


cool shirt, cargo pants, cotton jacket, some shoes I got at REI. color scheme is usually blue green and grey, hair is blue green.


I avoid brands of any kind unless they're obscure + I support them. cool shirts include glitch art, book covers, NASA and one I got at a death grips concert


Lainons are some schway people. I wear a small selection of dark denim jeans and minimal shirts, long or short sleeved, with a big sweater from the thrift store if it gets chilly. I love big sweaters.


The jacket, not a hoodie - also nalpalm to fit.
The pants, not cargo
The shirt, not dark or non discript
The accessories, for show

Step it up!

The shoes are correct.


okay I realized how obnoxious "they're obscure" sounds. I just meant like small businesses rather than major brands


File: 1447730915433.png (36.17 KB, 200x200, tumblr_loazgzgahz1qchneho1_500.jpg)

My wardrobe is mostly CPU's I generally buy cheap jeans, and t-shirts and some mil-spec jackets and boots.


I *knew* Lainchan is really just a bunch of /fa/ users...


File: 1448254821992-0.png (57.51 KB, 150x200, tumblr_n2eg86xgHI1rs1jxjo4_500.jpg)

File: 1448254821992-1.png (246.92 KB, 200x134, RC-Sea-To-Sky-2-730x487.jpg)

File: 1448254821992-2.png (50.5 KB, 150x200, swedish-star-bjorn-borg-played-in-a-doubles-match-wearing-this-bright-red-tracksuit-june-1974.jpg)

I wear a lot of stuff you can consider activewear, as in they're made of fabrics meant for exercising (breathable, sweat wicking, lightweight) or the more specific outerwear (waterproof, windproof, warm)

That provides the base for most of my t-shirts, jackets, shorts, and some pants/tops, backpack
For headwear: toque, visor, headband
I also have boots and running shoes, again for the functionality

Beyond that I have some stuff that's more casual: knitwear, a dress shirt, some jeans, sneakers

I love what some call 'techwear' along with a sporty aesthetic (huge thing for vintage sportswear). Pics related

I like going for neutral colours (black/white/grey) though light tones of other colours (mostly blue) are nice too

Basic designs are fine since I like how the clothes feel/function in day-to-day life, but I think it's important to look for details like texture, stitching, and patterns


Eben jenes. Rücken gerade und Kragen geordnet!


File: 1448304258946-0.png (10.55 KB, 151x200, 374228144_140.jpg)

File: 1448304258946-1.png (118.56 KB, 200x200, gal.jpg)

File: 1448304258946-2.png (14.2 KB, 132x200, 31UJL7h2YdL.jpg)

>jeans in dark blue, grey or black
>a one-coloured T-Shirt
>a hoodie (one-coloured)
>brown chucks atm
Thats pretty much it. Checkit


almost exactly the same except I wear a black pair of skate shoes


File: 1448305661995.png (85.9 KB, 200x113, lead_960.jpg)

how I imagine the average laion


I hope you don't consider your image a standard
cashemire is the soykaf though


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File: 1448311697781-1.png (7.42 KB, 200x200, 85754e301f86a3c684df6aa799d37193.jpg)

File: 1448311697781-2.png (100.25 KB, 200x200, 5046744.jpg)

What I wore today, my blue stan smith, bordeaux pants i don't remember where from and my cashmere pullover from uniqlo. I also had jacket from pull and bear, something very heavy.


not too far from truth, except I don't carry a backpack


File: 1448376782968.png (195.14 KB, 200x153, image.jpeg)

Long sleeved Fred Perry shirts and patterned shirts (polka dots, paisley, checks, etc.), black jeans, a large fishtail parka with some patches, skinny ties, and more often than not a suit or a sweater.


File: 1448386411896.png (44.78 KB, 164x200, img2.thejournal.ie.jpeg)

Pretty much stuck in the '90s


come on baby run to me


File: 1448934728937.png (332.72 KB, 145x200, Wirepedia4-edit.jpg)

Seems likely.

> Pic Related. Close enough.


I always wear black jeans with black boots/shoes, always.
99% of the times I wear button ups but I can wear a plain t-shirt every now and then.

I wear jackets and coats when it's cold, only wear hoodies when I'm home, or when I just leave the house to go to the store and dress up in the classic slippers, track pants, hoodie.


I don't usually have my hood up, though.
Hoodie would always be unzipped and I use a messenger bag.

I dress all black/white/grey, except for my silver watch, which is Russian milsurp and my milsurp parka. It's not German, though.


File: 1449070522986.png (60.13 KB, 200x150, whatahugefaggot.jpg)

What I wore to the cafe on my day off to draw Lain art.

I know, I am terrible.


Is there flecktarn in white/brown/black as well?
I would love to have one like that.


File: 1449083140230.png (99.77 KB, 121x200, carlito_deadrising.jpg)


I could deal with wearing this if it was dressed down bit.


File: 1449340700692.png (324.28 KB, 200x150, Dec 5 Sat 2.jpg)


Schneetarn and Troppentarn (spelling?) exist, and you can dye it black (use less dye than required) to get a black version that fits the pattern.


File: 1449423027533.png (49.22 KB, 200x143, skitched-20120424-122922.jpg)

I used to wear nothing but skate fashion from places like Zumies, but I've gotten too old and fat for that stuff(only 21, but still). Now it's blue jeans, generic nike's, polos, whatever coat. I actively want to not leave an impression. It's also more comfortable and less time consuming. I'd say my productivity has gone up slightly.


File: 1451459686755-0.png (1.61 KB, 93x125, 1451330974440s.jpg)

File: 1451459686755-1.png (2.42 KB, 80x125, 1451331196899s.jpg)

File: 1451459686755-2.png (3.02 KB, 125x109, 1451334862845s.jpg)

I'm going to dump some inspo for the time being, mostly because I think that lainchan will appreciate / learn to appreciate fashion as a legitimate form of art (putting on some black skinnys and a graphic tee is not art)


File: 1451459800691-0.png (2.36 MB, 134x200, 1451322657178.jpg)

File: 1451459800691-1.png (210.03 KB, 200x133, 1451328954826.jpg)

File: 1451459800691-2.png (201.72 KB, 134x200, 1451332625388.jpg)

Aaaand I fuarrrked it up.

Trying again


File: 1451460006209-0.png (115.31 KB, 150x200, 1451330974440.jpg)

File: 1451460006209-1.png (108.83 KB, 130x200, 1451331196899.jpg)

File: 1451460006209-2.png (2.25 MB, 200x176, 1451334862845.jpg)

I don't actually have that much, (I can post a lot if there is interest) But I do think that fashion has a place on lainchan and would like to see it grow past this thread (I can give up if there is no interest though)


File: 1451484185669.png (78.01 KB, 200x151, 1440371589899.jpg)


-fake M65 / 1997 Flecktarn raincoat depending on the weather
-East German Ushanka and hobo gloves if it's cold as fuarrrk
-various animu shirts from Red Bubble
-milsurp Jungle boots/blue Converse Allstars
-messenger bag of some kind with my laptop in it
-LG G Watch on a RAF or NATO strap


>first pic
I really don't like that look, where whatever s under hangs lower than the jumper. Tuck that soykaf in.


File: 1456593813498-0.png (46.58 KB, 200x133, w-86-1vqes.jpg)

File: 1456593813498-1.png (1.13 MB, 200x133, F-91W.jpg)

so having not worn a watch for over a decade I finally buckled and bought one. I knew for a while I would get a digital casio and was thinking about going for an f-91w but I eventually decided to go for a w-86. aside from the hardware improvements I just found it to be a far more appealing watch to look at.
so what do you think lain, do you approve of my purchase or should I have doubled down and just gone for the meme time piece


Casio's cheap digital watches are the bomb. You did fine.

If later you decide you made a mistake, at least it only cost you ~$10 USD



How i want to look like. But i dont look like this.


Gotta love digital chronographs.


ha that is true, but I don't think I i'll need to I'm pretty chuffed with it, just wanted to get a feel people's thoughts.


I have hesitated on making any posts on here because of the rampant shitposting about 'cyberpunk' fashion that has plagued similar boards that I will not speak of, but...

How the fuck do I do cyber/fa/, /art/? ;_;

It seems to me like there are essentially two extremes to cyberpunk fashion: Either you have a variation the "old school" 80's punk/industrial look with mirrorshades (obviously), some tactical/tech-oriented EDC kit, and ideally boots with a lot of buckles. Maybe some military surplus clothes/accessories with this too. Or, there is the "modern" look, which is essentially all goth ninja and techwear shit like Demobaza and Acronym - AKA, shit I could never, ever afford and would never buy even if I could afford.

Am I wrong here? It seems to me like the modern, high-tech end of cyberpunk fashion is just impossible for the average decker to afford, and that the low-life end of cyberpunk fashion could easily just end up looking like a generic punk/industrial look. And punk is fuckin' dead. I don't think I could even pull off the goth ninja look if I could afford it anyways, so how can I make the old school low-life look more /cyb/ (without coming off as being a LARPer)?

Obviously having le mirrorshades and buckle boots and shiny waxed jeans would help with that, and having cyberpunk-related patches on a jacket would be the easy way to look more explicitly /cyb/, but it's pretty much impossible to find any patches of digital hardcore and vaporwave bands, so I'd have to make my own, low-quality canvas ones. Not that that isn't do-able, but it's not as cool as having nice embroidered ones. But that's not quite /cyb/ enough for me. I feel like a real cyberpunk look would have more modified and utilitarian clothes existing in harmony with the fashionable low-life base look, but I just don't know a damn thing about fashion to begin with, let alone modifying my own clothes. I really don't even know where to begin or what to think about in trying to craft a look, and currently I just wear black BDUs every day. Which is kind /cyb/, but it gets boring.

Also here's a really good link I'm going off of for anyone else who has similar questions:

cypherpunks pls no "just try to blend in" shit. That's not what I'm asking for


how do i choose sunglasses? I have long hair and like a minimalist aesthetic. I'm possibly kinda ugly though with a weak chin and pig nose


I understand what you mean. The only option for you is minimalistic BDU pants/shirts modified by yourself to have more features. As they say, devil is in the details, and there are many inconspicious tweaks that can be added. For example, I had a shirt that had a strip inside sleeve and button on shoulder, one could pull sleeves up and strat strip on button and hold sleeve. You can patch knees to be more durable when kneeling, or add inner pockets for knives/pens. Another nice tweak is adding straps for USB extendable cable from arm to bag to your RPi, disk drive, etc. for ease of connecting. Overall, it depends on your imagination and sewing skills. Personally I'm not interested in sew or clothes so I wear military surplus british pants and cheap single-tone Uni Qlo cardigans most of the time
> how do i choose sunglasses? I have long hair and like a minimalist aesthetic. I'm possibly kinda ugly though with a weak chin and pig nose
Main rule for choosing any glasses is that shape of the glass shall repeat overall shape of your face, but NOT exactly - with slightly opposite feature. For example, for pointy thin face, rectangular glasses but with smooth corners usually look really good. You'll also have to try thin or thick rim and various glass colours.


>Either you have a variation the "old school" 80's punk/industrial look ... Or, there is the "modern" look, which is essentially all goth ninja and techwear shit like Demobaza and Acronym

Commodorepunk v. iPodpunk imo.

Just like there is no 'punk' fashion, there is no 'cyberpunk' fashion. They are both inherently anti-fashion ideologies. The fashionization of punk/cyberpunk are the result of late-comers who want to be part of what they see as a 'cool' alt-fashion because they value the result over the journey.


-black band and animu shirts
-black jeans or cargo pants
-black boots or sneakers
-black hoodie
-various milsurp coats
-terrorist casio
-cheap aviators

I'm an ugly, creepy motherfucker and I don't into /fa/.



You in Portland, OP? I saw someone with that jacket on the bus.


I can help you friend
1 - buy 10 white t shirts off amazon for £2 each
2 - bin your aviators
4 - get some dark brown low-top skate shoes and tie them tight. no moon boots
5 - keep the rest
6 - keep your hair as short as possible. if it could be described as "fuzzy" it is too long
7- never wear jeans with holes in them

you are now normal


F91 is the watch I've had for the last few years - until it somehow broke (I think from heat the plastic band went hard and snapped) it was just sitting on my desk... Anyway I had something similar when I was a kid and it rocked!


I got a w-86 myself. Casios do thier one job right and never fail.

Previously I got a Fossil watch after losing my f91w because I thought that it would look more "adult" to other people. Fuck other people, it broke within a year.

Back to topic, the w-86 is superior in my opinion because it's a bit bigger and because the faceplate looks nicer. Functionally they are basically the same.


I had been thinking of taking one of my extra BDU shirts that doesn't fit me and sewing inside of a "punk vest" I've got to give myself a whole set of hidden pockets, as another example of stuff like that, but you're right that a lot of that falls down to imagination and skill. I lack both it comes to fashion.

That's actually a very good point, and I am aware of it as well. Which is why I would be hesitant to just adopt a "punk" look with gadgets and Akira/GiTS patches, call it cyberpunk and be done with it - or, worse, to spend a shitload of money on techwear and just assume I'm being /cyb/. That's not cool enough, definitely not the embodiment of the ethos and ambiguity of "cyberpunk".

But the "journey" is the thing. I just don't know enough about fashion to get creative and develop my own look. But I guess since this is the /art/ board, it would very much make sense to ask as a general open question: What sorts of basic principles are there behind fashion as an art form? How does one learn to be stylish?


No thank you.

Though I already buzz my hair and only wear my raggedy jeans at home.


Old jeans, solid-colour tanks and tees, tall leather boots. Sometimes heels with hose and a skirt, or short dresses. I like bright colours, black and no graphics, sometimes words.


I consider fashion an opportunity to express my anti-fashion sensibilities by being generic.


My wardrobe is a clusterfuck; lately a lot of tac shit like triple aught design (recon rs most comfortable tac pants in the universe) has been sneaking in lately at the severe detriment of my CC, lots of cheap nasty generic staples from target like shorts, cinos, plain black shirts that are all falling apart and occasionally hippie linen shirts just to add another layer of confusion. I don't even know what my aesthetic is anymore.


I wear hoodies, flannel, solid neutral-color pants, and blue.

Nearly everything I wear is monochrome or blue. It really helps when it comes to matching clothing.

So where do you guys get your clothing?


ripped jeans covered in patches
minor threat T-shirt
plaid shirt
leather jacket covered in patches
Green hair
Doc Martin boots

think slightly crusty punk


how would you go about making the stripes for the cables? it'd be interesting if we got a >>>/diy/ thread on making cyb fashion


im interested in designing clothes that looks good and has a functional purpose. idgaf about it being 'cyberpunk' or 'punk' "fashion". I just think itd be dope to have clothes that looks good on me and be able to change the temperature, check rss feeds for emails\updates charge my laptop comfortably, pull out and put away my laptop comfortably. turn on a light for when skating at night. be able to comfortably attach/detach a dslr camera, tripod, etc.


I get to legitimately wear stuff for work that you could say was quite cyberpunk. I ride a motorbike making deliveries so I have to wear armour and strap my Xperia to my arm.


File: 1463182913418.png (22.47 KB, 200x200, coat.jpg)

I wear black pants and a white button up shirt basically anytime I go outside.
Black wool overcoat and brown leather ushanka if its cold out, on top, or a jacket that looks basically like this if not.


File: 1463404171862.png (36 KB, 200x173, boot.jpg)

On weekdays I limit my wardrobe to the following:
- white long sleeve shirt
- plain green t-shirt
- brown trousers

The uniformity feels great, on weekends tough I roll with whatever's in my closet.
Usually it's my green hoodie, a band shirt and any pair of cargo or jean that's lying around.

All year throughout I use my trusty shoes in style of pic related.

Also I don't know what the fuck I should do with my hair, and I usually don't care. As long as it doesn't touch my forehead and my neck. The implication being that I need to get to the barber's regularly or else I look like a badly drawn anime character with backwards spiky hair.


can you post more female fashion inspo? I really want to get into it


lurk on /fa/ and read the sticky.


File: 1464821807941.png (235.38 KB, 113x200, 2016-06-01 23.55.40.jpg)

Punk = the best fashion for lains



punk was stillborn.


Favored above Kings and Emperors is the stillborn child.


Totally agree.


It's a mix of "blending in" to a mass, showing 'less' and always being 'ready'. Ad the colorcheme of your average city and there you have it. Cybepunk. From there just add some unique flavor of your own and you're set.


I have a cute floral pattern scarf that I found on the ground. Its shorter than I would like, but I mean, beggars can't be choosers right?


File: 1467903843889.png (125.5 KB, 200x125, Preppy-Chinos.jpg)

Once you are truly /cyb/ you leave behind the cyb-chic and enter the art of blending in with the corpdrones

O-okay... I admit, I just don't want to look too shut-in. For a good blend between "being urself" and looking somewhat fashionable I'd recommend checking out what Ryan Gosling wears irl. It's good looking casual, maybe a bit on the mild hipster side.

True /cyb/ wear just doesn't work so well if you aren't a punk.


Everything you've posted here is extremely generic. "Chinos" isn't fashion.

The takeaway from these images is that body type and gender affirming traits (jawline, broad shoulders, masculine hands) are what causes people to think "good fashion". Put some goofy sunglasses on someone with any of these, and sunglasses are suddenly "cool". This is why fashion is largely pointless to me.


That's the point: generic.

> enter the art of blending in with the corpdrones


It's not hard to blend in without looking like a copy-paste from a men's fashion magazine. At that point you're letting the mass influence you. Justify it as you may, I think it's dishonest and goes against what fashion should be - personal, expressive, refined


My wardrobe consists almost entirely of flannel collared shirts and jeans because i'm boring.


>goes against what fashion should be - personal, expressive, refined

Fite me!
I take a huge ogre dump on self-expression. That's something for winners.


My wardrobe is pretty simple.

Pants: dark blue or black jeans
Shirts: Ordinary button downs in simple patterns or unicolor. But most of them in some techwear material, as it's comfier especially if i'm using my bicycle
Shoes: HAIX Airpower boots. Comfy as fuck, black leather and you can wear them everywhere. Snow, heat no problem, also they're waterproof, look good with a suit but going /out/ is also possible. I love these things.
Jacket: Most of the time a black motorcycle jacket, as it's my main mode of transportation. Otherwise black military style jacket or black softshell jacket, depending on the weather. If it's raining like hell i wear a really heavy but waterproof blue navy jacket.
Underwear: just normal stuff if the weather is good, but i also have a lot of techwear stuff. very comfy in the cold months or when i'm riding my bicycle
Cold weather stuff: some hoodies in dark colors, black gloves, black ski mask
Accessories: Black military backpack or faded blue military backpack (this one is fucking huge) if i need more carrying capacity. Black canvas belt. Simple black analog watch (but i'm thinking about replacing it with a cheap casio digital). Black motorcycle helmet and gloves. Old black motorcycle that looks like it survived the last war. Rimless glasses.

tl;dr: corpdrone style plus motorcycle. You decide if this is /cyb/


*Always cargo/tactical pants
*T-shirt tucked into pants (as to provide easy access to pockets)
*Tactical belt, with hook meant specifically for climbing
*Hiking shoes (been wanting to find something providing less support, so my stabilizer muscles wouldn't rely on the shoe-support as much)


File: 1468902569902-0.png (25.3 KB, 164x200, hoodie.jpg)

File: 1468902569902-1.png (3.35 KB, 200x200, seaway t shirt.jpg)

File: 1468902569902-2.png (22.49 KB, 158x200, relogio-casio-g-shock-ga-100-22738-MLB20234871507_012015-O.jpg)

-Hoodie (mandatory)
-Random t-shirt
-Random jeans
-Skating sneakers
-This watch because I couldn't care less about what watch I use casually
-Leather bracelet

Condition:hawt as fuarrk