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I'm depressed, recommend me music based on what I like.
>But what do you like anon?


-Deus in Absentia
-Ghuleh / Zombie Queen
-Secular Haze
-From the Pinnacle to the Pit
-He Is


Pretty much everything.

>Jack White

-That Bat Black Licorice
-I'm Shakin'

>The White Stripes

-Seven Nation Army
-In the Cold, Cold Night
-Blue Orchid
-Catch Hell Blues

>Van Canto

Fucking everything, but
-She's Alive
-If I Die in Battle
-Dangers in my Head
-Neuer Wind
-A Storm to Come
-The Awakening
-The Bard's Song
-Water Fire Heaven Earth
Are all-time favorites.

>Kinoko Teikoku

Every single song.


Start with Nine Point Eight.

>Mägo de Oz

Spanish folk metal.


-It's Working
-Brian Eno
-Time to Pretend
-Indie Rokkers


-All Origin of Symmetry
-Knights of Cydonia
-City of Delusion
-MK Ultra
-Panic Station

>My Chemical Romance

-Demolition Lovers
-Vampires Will Never Hurt You
-Our Lady of Sorrows
-All Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
-All The Black Parade
-The Only Hope for Me is You
-Party Poison
-The Kids From Yesterday
I haven't listened the Conventional Weapons thing.


-Whoever Brings the Night
-Eramaan Viimeinen
-The Kinslayer
-Wish I Had an Angel


-Love Buzz
-Negative Creep
-Serve the Servants
-Heart Shaped Box
-All Apologies
-Smells Like Teen Spirit
-Come as You Are
-Lounge Act


-Ich Will
-Ohne Dich

>System of a Down


>I like classical music too

-Bach's Cello Suites
-Camille Saint-Saëns (all his work is great, start with La Danse Macabre)
-Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (start with Marche Slave and The Nutcracker)
-Arturo Márquez (Danzón no. 2)


Bump ;-;


we're not just going to give you music recommendations, lain. I think this can be a "general recommended music" thread


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The bands you like are very popular, it's hard for me to recommend something specific so I'll show you my folder of popular bands, it's in this pic.
Also check the links in other music threads.

I agree with that.


Interesting, I will listen to more of that.

True. Now this is a General Recommended Music Thread.

Nice folder, if you want to recommend something you like, you are free to do so.


You like Nirvana so you should listen to The Melvins, pretty much the band that influenced Nirvana.

Houdini and Gluey Porch Treatments are great albums to beign with, their discography is really huge and their albums sound pretty different one from another


Okay, here's my list of musicians.
What's titled "libre" is freely licensed, you can probably find it in the netlabels section of the Internet Archive.

tl;dr there's ambient electronics, glitch/microtonal electronics, blues, jazz, light rock with fem vocalists, synthpop, tango, vaporwave, assorted popular artists because "lainon, 400gb and no pink floyd?" and a bunch of creative commons music.

Also Charlie Parker is better than antidepressants.


Oh, that's impressive. I'm going to start listening to some of that stuff and fully dive on that list when I have some time. Como asumo que eres hispanohablante, te recomendaría varias bandas venezolanas (mi país de origen) que a mi parecer son muy buenas.


If you like Apocalyptica, check out Rasputina and maybe some gothic metal bands like Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, and Type O Negative. Also gonna toss Pixies out there because Nirvana.


Bump to see some more music folders.


glad you are looking for new stuff. went mainly off MGMT because i'm not a big fan of your other stuff. Posted with some of the more depressing songs from each artist because you don't seem to be much of an album person.

The Flaming Lips - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmzbPLbA9cA

Of Montreal -

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - these guys have so many moody songs and a pretty small discography, have one from each album, recent to older




Seriously recommend you check out other albums from these guys, but I don't want to overload you with stuff.


Oops, messed up. Heres the of montreal song



Anyone that hasn't listened to Tarkus should listen to Tarkus. (Emerson, Lake & Palmer)


Some music-related links, just because.

>te recomendaría varias bandas venezolanas
Dale, no conozco ninguna banda de allá.


Requesting bands/artists that write lyrics about world politics, corruption, etc.
The only one I know of and like is Megadeth and it's my guilty pleasure.



>Kinoko Teikoku

Give Itsue a try, not exactly the same but have some good songs in my opinion, My favorite track of theirs is "Goodbye, maboroshi" which you can download from their soundcloud.



When I used to smoke weed our favorite album for rolling blunts on was tarkus.

God bless you tarkus.



Kauan - Pirut
Doom/folk metal from russia. Also the whole discography is pay what you want on bandcamp.


File: 1452232017963.png (1.97 MB, 120x200, F-F-F-Friday Night Motherfuckers.gif)

Wow. I loved everything here. I'm pretty sure I'd heard Lorn before but the name never stuck with me. Can't say I knew the other two at all.
They're all excellent, I look forward to exploring their libraries more.
You've done me a service here today Anon, thank you.


File: 1452330270616.png (549.87 KB, 200x199, The+second+member+of+Silencer+Casado+was+also+a+part+_77cc6152b3e9cb38cd5d4f3dab87aef8.jpg)

If you want music that's depressing and actively encourages serious self-abuse, hard drug use, and meaningful hatred, listen to Shining.



this just reminds me I need to sort mine. Will work on that sometime soon. anyone got any recs as to how to?


don't know if you're into rap at all but R.A.P. by killer mike is heavily political.


Music/Artist/Album/01 - Trackname.mp3

for V/A stuff I swap the artist out for the label/name of the series or something




File: 1453065657001.png (74.61 KB, 200x114, abra-blq-velvet-1.jpg)

For some reason I listen to this when sad...



this is thought for contemplation.
to clear the mind, its most convoluted.




Anyone have anything similar to Crystal Castles' Doe Deer EP?


Anything sounding like this: https://soundcloud.com/liarinth/night-swim?in=liarinth/sets/strange-love

Is there a genre for music with a sombre guitar sound overlapped with a garage-style beat?



there is nothing like that ep i've been searching for years. part synthpunk, part drum and bass part uniqueness fucking top


yeah nothing will ever be like crystal castles

sucks the whole project was based on rape and abuse, but then, that's probably one of the main reasons it's so beautiful.

I hope Alice Glass keeps making great art from her suffering and that the guy gets dragged out into the street and shot in the back of th head while he feels a tenth of a billionth the loss of control she must have felt.

Personally I'm always reminded of Nic Endo's solo work when I listen to CC, as well as a lot of the projects connected to ATR, but even though you can find all the parts of crystal castles in different places, you'll never find it all in the same place.

(ps torrent all ur CC so that that fuck can't exploit alice anymore)

((pps I love you alice, please post more on lainchan))


if you like nightwish you'll probably like:


>sonata arctica
>maybe stratovarius
>maybe rhapsody (of fire)

I'm away from my computer with all the power metal on it but there are a lot of bands similar to nightwish. But that's a niche that's hard to do well in. Kamelot is one of the closest.


Ethan kind of was crystal castles, their new singer sounds pretty good and that single Alice release didn't sound so good in my opinion. I'm so glad I got to see them live while they were still at their peak, even if it was mostly just a dj set by ethan, there's a video of it somewhere on the internet that I'm in for like 2 seconds it was a fun night crim3s played too. But yeah man what he did was fucked up but I tink you have to sperate the art from the artist


It's like Nightwish, I really like the music, and I wanted to get into them, but the way they stabbed their first two singers in the back leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


>what he did was fucked up
What is it that he did? I've heard a lot of vague rumors about things, though nothing clear