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What music do you listen to when you're angry?






Pogo, because angry is irrational and it is better to be in a rational mind state.


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Anger is a completely rational response when you're faced with an unreasonable situation. Some people act stupid (and irrational) when they're angry, but having designated 'angry music' definitely helps keep a level head. Contrary to zen principles, rational thinking can definitely coexist with shouting so loud your throat burns and beating the tar out of somebody.


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Industrial techno if i want to stay angry


Italo disco if i don't, it makes wonders to improve my mood



You got me OP, Deaf Grapes



>Italo Disco

I agree. This video is so keks, and the music makes you want to dance like everything's ok


I thought this was a pleb free zone.


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I listen to screeching chimpanzees with the microphone way to close to the enclosure with the volume cranked to 100%.

Get on my level.





really deafeningly loud metal, but then again I listen to it the same way when I'm happy as well so :/

lamb of god
children of bodom
maybe some pantera idk


when i am angry i get balanced instead of losing even more loosh



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All these people talking about anger being "pleb" or "irrational" as if they are personally above natural human emotions are school shootings waiting to happen.

If you like grind or power violence or whatever the kids are calling it these days, it's never been played better than pic related.


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Are you ready to take off those training wheels and start listening to some real kvlt metal?


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Whoever made that second one has no idea what they're doing. A Blaze in the Northern Sky is actually a good place to start but there's no way Monotheist should be anyone's second suggestion. It's an OK album but it's by no means one of their great ones. Is Morbid Tales even on there? I can't see it. There's a lot of classic stuff missing really, and some mediocre suggestions taking up space where they shouldn't.


jazz, hip-hop, classical.


Glad there's some other bm lainons here


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It's the internet, we are everywhere.



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Everywhere Lainon, everywhere.


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some time the inspiration of the union flows too hot through my workers blood.



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forgot pic


echelon after echelon after echelon after echelon after echelon after echelon after echelon after echelon after echelon



This is amazing. Thank you.



Something heavy like Eyehategod or something fast like Big Black or something in between like Amebix.



>no Venom
>no Hellhammer
>no Bathory

And c'mon! Katatonia isn't even Black Metal...


Kataonias objectively better then all those first wave bm bands. I hate regular bm, it sounds like recycled, uninspired garbage. I can't get enough if this DSBM stuff though. It's like what bm should have been had it not been turned into a money machine when the media first heard wind if it. Now everyone wants to be Dark Funeral and Gorgoroth. Don't bring up Cradle either, because they're not black metal nor have they ever been


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(sorry, i did a mistake. The comment was directed to >>3335)

Ok, i agree with you at your first point. Katatonia sounds better than any of the first wave bm bands, BUT Katatonia was Doom/Death Metal (actually, they play "Depressive Rock" or something like that), which is different from Black Metal, so your point isn't certain at all.

What do you mean by "regular bm"? When BM started at the 80's with Venom, it was supposed to sound raw, powerful and sometimes fast, like heavy metal, or even faster like speed metal with Sodom's In The Sign of Evil EP. They didn't even care about being famous, they just sang with lyrics like blasphemy, sex, wars and about satan. This is called first wave bm.

Now, the 2nd wave of BM (or also called "trve black metal" by the kiddos) came with Norwegian and Swedish bands like Darkthrone, Burzum, Mayhem, Marduk, Immortal, which most of them had a noisy, speedy, crushing technical powerful riffs, and neither they're being mainstream. The lyrics on those ones are the same as 1st wave, but more inspired to chaos, armageddon, pagan gods, occultism and mystic creatures with harsh vocals.

How can you say that it is "uninspired"? C'mon dude, learn a little about the origins from this genre.

DSBM is more like depression, suicide, misanthropy, death and stuff like that. The only band that i know and i listened to is Silencer and some songs from Nattramn's project "Diagnose: Lebensgefahr"

>now everyone wants to be Dark Funeral and Gorgoroth

Welp, Dark Funeral is probably not-too-mainstream. Gorgoroth is going the same way, and Cradle of Filth... i don't know, i've never listened to them, but they are more like death metal

If you hate "regular bm", OK, it's just your opinion...


usually i turn up some prodigy and walk the anger off


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"Black metal" as a genre name didn't even exist until Euronymous. Before that it was just an album title (and as a sidenote, many of the so-called "first wave" bands like Venom and Celtic Frost have renounced the violence and shenanigans associated with the so-called "second wave"). If you look at magazines and so on from the 80's, they never refer to any band as being "black metal". Euronymous started pushing the concept when he thought death metal was becoming sterile and commercial with labels such as Earache and Roadrunner. It was more an ideological distinction at first and then certain musical distinctions started to come out, as well as a different sense of aesthetic and different approach to recording. But if you read his earlier letters to musicians around the world, he referred to the music he was looking for as "grindcore death metal" and the like, with "black metal" only coming later.

see pic


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>Cradle of Filth... i don't know, i've never listened to them, but they are more like death metal

what the fug are you even talking about!


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...actually their first demos were pretty much generic death metal, no keyboards or anything, but I doubt the Lain you're replying to ever listened to those. The stuff they are known for is entirely different.


Exactly what I was going to post!



Those guys «created» Norwegian black metal


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If I'm trying to regain composure then I'll listen to The Story so Far. They'll appeal to me because of the Punk influence yet the lyrics will always bring me back to earth. This band really hits home with me. Their music has all those traits I'm nostalgic towards but want to move past. Despite this they still appeal to me now as they have lyrics and a refined sound (for Pop Punk) that makes you take them much more seriously than the bands I listened to when I was younger.


If I want to fuel the anger for whatever reason I listen to something repetitive and generally uncomfortable feeling.



File: 1456298601334-0.png (5.57 MB, 200x200, TicksnLeeches.webm)

File: 1456298601334-1.png (2.96 MB, 200x200, Jerk-off.webm)

This stuff.


File: 1457441774931.png (2.78 MB, 200x99, Fyrdung - Ragnarok (3).jpg)

RaC and NSBM.


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Fight angry with angry and reflective.


I listen to music only if i'm in good mood


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We value reason and logic here on lainchan, please leave the site until you are ready to reconsider your beliefs. Thank you.



I can understand why you might hold your beliefs, but please look farther into your world view and the arguments against it.


I've just found this stuff recently, I love it. 385 is great.


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Schallfaktor - Seelenfresser

German Industrial/Gothic Music


wow mostly everythings been linked that i listen to when angry.

Death Grips, 385, Midori. Sometimes Dirty Beaches and Xiu Xiu.


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(i'm not the guy you replied to)
National socialism is logical, friend. Hatred of foreigners creates national unity. An homogeneous people is free of tensions and clashes. An obedient and submissive nation is the best way to submit other nations.
I am not a nazi though, I value liberty too much. But antifas are just even worse. I could go on, but that's not the subject of the thread.
You also need to understand that it's just music. It is built around an impulse, a feeling, not absolutely a defined political belief. You can listen to NSBM and recognize yourself in it without being a nazi or a fascist.

And now, so I don't have to sage:


>You also need to understand that it's just music.

Agreed. Music as an art form is not a crime, and should never be condemned as such.
However, unjust actions of individuals are not to be excused.
People acting upon hearing certain pieces, or reading certain books is the true issue here.

Censorship is never the answer, dialog about problematic media should be considered rather.

Back to topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKxosfl1E2g


I don't mind listening to music which supports views I find idiotic but NSBM is some of the dumbest crap I've ever heard from a strictly musical point of view. I mean official self-identified NSBM, because a lot of stuff labelled as such by the internet actually isn't NSBM. In the early days of online purchasing of CD's it was profitable for the websites to label things as "NSBM" without confirming it with the bands because it sold product quickly to edgemeisters and sadly, the tag stuck on some artists.



File: 1464628060619.png (17.7 MB, 200x113, Chase & Status - Control ft. Slaves-d7M-68XbLe8.webm)

Chase & Status - Control