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Any lainons produce your own music? I'd love to hear some, and I'd be happy to post my own (after some replies, not here advertising)


if you insist. I do acoustic power electronics from time to time. Only advantage is the fact that the songs are very short.
(also if you'll understand the context without understanding the lyrics then I've archived something)


Bought a macbook pro and spent a summer with my friend smoking a lot of marijuana and this was the result




I have similar experience



>Bought a macbook pro and spent a summer with my friend smoking a lot of marijuana
I actually got a bit mad reading this. I'm sure your music will engender a similar effect.


good ;)





I do. Most recent I made is https://soundcloud.com/the-gravid-myrmidon/not-a-monster

There's more stuff lainons made in >>1390



idk i started uploading recent stuff here, but i cant take music seriously. there's so much of it on the internet that i feel like choking on all the sounds



There are some videos online of me playing drums with at least one band (that I know of) but I'm weary about sharing them because I don't like sharing my face on the internet. Needless to say I wasn't the one who uploaded them.


some kind of community album thing would be fun



i accidentally uploaded one experimental track on soundcloud, and the sharing settings automatically sent it over to social media outlets.

it didn't help that I had a bunch of scavengeristic haters waiting on speed dial to start making memes out of thin air about 'having no friends' and sharing music so 'no one could listen'



lol yeah, I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to social media settings of any kind, simply from the sheer refusal to engage in it over the years. It helps to log out and double check as an anonymous passerby, just to make sure for example that those pics that were meant "for her eyes only" are actually private after all and the general public can't access them.. for example.


I used to play the cello since I was 6, but started quitting when I was 14-15. At which point I bought a guitar and taught myself to play it. Since then I've been making little pieces, that I sometimes play for my friends if we're just hanging out, but otherwise I haven't really shared it with anyone (especially since I only just got a mic the other day). But yeah, I only really play my own stuff. I could count on one hand the number of pieces from other artists that I know, and they're always just stuff I've reproduced only from listening since I'm soykaf at reading tabs and not interested in getting better at it.

I could post some vocaroos if anybody is interested, but it's 4 am so it'd have to be some other day.


I'd love to hear some, please do record


interesting instrument


made this for a miix i wanna do, not sure if it'll make the cut but whatever https://clyp.it/kldpeku5


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i made a thread on here months talking about a collab music project. im still using the samples people sent me but i wish there were more people involved :(


Take anything from my bandcamp.

It's soykaf but it's all my soykaf .


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Thanks man ill definitely use these smaples. Im working on ambient album. I want it to feel like an office espionage or a living alone in a empty misty city. Iv been making and deleting tracks for the past 4 months. im losing my soykaf .


I released my first EP today, it's very cyb heavy.


What do people think? I'd be up for collabing if anyone had some interesting stuff.


Just for inspiration, you should listen to




both hit the vibes I think you are going for on the head


As much as i love vaporwave and i do wanna add vape elements. Im aiming for similar sounds to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lho_b34QzE

Almost no percussion. Maybe some bright reverby deep thick bleeps for texture but nothing with like a drum pattern.


Sure thing, glitterboy


you mean achieved? i actually understand the lyrics, is the context that a public prosecutor or some teacher raped you?


I'm interested in collaborating although I'm not sure if anything I have could be used for ambient, I could try my hand at it though, I have a few projects with just ambient chords/basslines on my comp


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just trade FLP files with each other. Put bpm in filename and its gonna be magical. dont worry about the way it sounds.


do you have an email I can send some projects to?




Sometimes I like to play around with audio programs.


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>I'm sure your music will engender a similar effect
Oh wow, and I'm sure that you have such better taste. How could it be possible that anyone would ever be able to reach your level of hipster-tier expertise???


I like you, lain.


To be fair, and I speak for only myself here, anon's album here increased the symptoms of my paranoid schizophrenia by a factor of 4.

10/10 would listen to again.


I want to, but I never can


not if you keep telling yourself that. get a keyboard or something and go play and enjoy yourself. you'll get good eventually. there's no hurry


It's so hard to understand modern DAWs so many settings, and flips and flops, seems like if I want this specific sound, I must study sound engineering


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I play guitar in a surfy shoegaze/doom trio.
I would love to start a lain guitar or gear thread, I don't know how much interest there would be.


File: 1463162475011.png (685.2 KB, 200x137, 1461825872545.jpg)

I've been looking for a musical artist to commission from for about a million years and none have worked out. I'm working on some animations showcasing some bizarre shareware from the 90s I have and I'm trying to emanate cheesy 90s sci-fi and old video game ads aesthetically (hackers, Johnny mnemonic, Video Power, Nintendo's play it loud campaign). So if anyone here thinks they can make some 90s retro sounding /cyb music sort of in the vein of any of the tracks listed below or could do some 90s era video game related music either contact me at Duplexidemic@gmail.com or just respond in this thread and I'm sure we could negotiate something.

Here's some examples of styles that would work but general 90s video game related remixes or mashups including old video game ads would work as well.





you should check out skolskoly's soundcloud and see what you think of his work. he's a lainon who makes pretty sweet cyb tunes. http://soundcloud.com/skolskoly



i have some ambient stuff on my bandcamp https://alxndra.bandcamp.com

i recently got an arturia minibrute i need to use more and would be down for some collab things samuschan@waifu.club


You could try contacting Experiment Haywire, AKA Rage, AKA Hipsteria. She's an authentic 90's rivethead, and does love collaborating.

There's also Chris Cracknell, AKA Uncle Ghastly, AKA Crackers, AKA Lola Internet, he's a Krautrock/Tom Waits synthesiser techhead.

I'm sure either could channel Andrew "Necros" Sega if you poked them.


Does it count as creating your own music if you databend pictures and then convert them into audio?

I was thinking of maybe editing them and arranging them in a way that would be creating something more closely resembling music and not just a bunch of static, but then again in a way the stuff I'm making should still qualify as music in a very pretentious avant garde sense :^^)



It qualifies.

Actually, I'm quite interested in that sort of thing; post it!


I did it few times. Piped files to /dev/dsp/, recorded and picked some nice samples. One track was crappy techno with Stallman samples, other was thick glitchy ambient with lots of reverb.


I'm err... I'm a Pianist but I enjoy throwing random clips and samples into music http://vocaroo.com/i/s00ZNaycT6UD
I made this from a Saxophone sample and the ravings of Francis E. Dec.


I also like the slowdown and reverse effects in audacity too much.



what should I add to it?



Some Trap if anyone is interested. I only got into it because when I was younger I grew up in a bad neighborhood and everyone wanted instrumentals.




Here's me from back in 2013.

More passive ambience



Not much on here now but still. Enjoy


followed. Great shit


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File: 1468219517212.png (265.83 KB, 99x200, 499.jpg)

i began making songs a while ago for myself to listen to, but i can share some. they are sort of an ambient drone music without rhythm i guess if i had to describe it





Basinski influence?

I want an ambient artist to come out and base an entire LP on their own farts.


never before heard about that person but i will listen to more since i enjoyed it, thanks for sharing

i'll try to remember next time i fart to record it as well


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I want to make music, but I'm very bad at it. I don't understand music theory. So I stick to drone/ambient kind of soundscapes. My initial goal of the project was to project a sense of "unease" with hints to technology, globalism and overpopulation through imagery.

Now this sounds good as a concept, but I simply lack the skills to realize my vision. If I want to learn drawing there is a lot of resource, if I want to learn music synthesis I'm being linked expensive FL Studio courses and infographics regarding music theory.

I want to be as good as nobodytm.

Maybe I'll sit down this holiday and try to figure out how music works.


Loads of people make music without theory. Some of it is worth listening to but it usually runs up against a barrier without the musician even knowing it. I mean, I don't really know theory either but I do know that as a drummer I can count to something other than three, four or six. For some reason this is unfathomable to most of the guitarists I've played with. They don't even realize the constraints they are under and this is such a very basic and obvious constraint from where I sit.

Some people make drone, ambient, noise, whatever, thinking that it doesn't require theory. You have already stated that you are not one of these people which is a step. The others I refer to don't realize that the experimental composers who pushed the envelope or broke the rules, had a firm understanding of what those rules were to begin with. You can't push the envelope if you don't even know where the edge of it is.


First of all you don't need FLStudio to produce music you can produce music using entirely open source software
specifically SuperCollider (Live Software Synthesizer Programming Language) and Ardour (DAW)

Second: you dont need expensive courses to learn flstudio
flstudio is really easy to learn it just takes about 2 months for a complete beginner to get entirely comfortable using it
check out this youtuber: https://www.youtube.com/user/SeamlessR
He has some FL Basics tutorials that navigate every aspect of FLStudio and all its synths
He also does tons of sound design tutorials just watch his videos even if you dont want to make EDMish stuff

Third: in order to learn how to compose shit well you need
a combination of ear training, analyzing peoples music, music theory and keyboard skills(optional but very helpful)
for ear training go here: http://www.musictheory.net/exercises
for music theory read this book: https://thepiratebay.co.in/torrent/8075417/Music_Theory_for_COmputer_Musicians_PDF
for keyboard skills and more music theory go here: http://howtoplaypiano.ca/
for learning to analyze the seperate parts of music watch this:

forget about integrating ideas and concept into your music for a while and just focus on having fun creating
music is entertainment, entertainment is supposed to be fun, so if your not having fun creating music your music will suck
focus on the quality of your music first the idea comes last


How are you supposed to do the ear training? I tried some of the exercises but I couldn't answer any. Is there some logical progression or should I just click randomly until I attain some kind of enlightenment?


File: 1468628959043-0.png (61.63 KB, 200x200, 480px-Circle_of_fifths_deluxe_4.svg.png)

File: 1468628959043-1.png (4.75 KB, 200x94, Middle_C.png)

on the first one:
the distance between every bar is 2 notes. Notes on the bars are E-G-B-D-F (you can remember this with every good boy deserves fudge), notes between the bars are F-A-C-E. The one on its own line on the bottom is called middle C, pic related. Going up, the letters go down (C,D,E etc) mod 8, so you can also count from a note you're sure of to get to a note you're unsure of.
We also have something called "steps", which measures the distance between notes in a sense. All the notes half a step between them, except B/C and E/F, which only have half-steps. sharps (#) and flats (that b looking symbol) represent a half step up or down, respectively. So, B# is C, and Fb is E. There's multiple notations for the same note because of the different keys.

first pic helps you with the second exercise, the key tells you which notes you play sharp or flat by default. Keys are named after the notes, and consist of all the notes in a scale starting with that note. For example, the key of C contains no sharps or flats, and consists of the notes C-B-D-E-F-G-A-B-C. These are also all the white keys on a piano - http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks2/music/piano/


"all the notes half a step" should be "all the notes have a step," whoops


I mean the listening.


File: 1468890566241.png (45.5 KB, 200x149, Capture.png)

you start at note ear training http://www.musictheory.net/exercises/ear-note
and on the upper right hand corner you should see a settings icon
click on it and limit the notes down to about the first 4 on one octave
and try to get those perfect then try adding the semitones and work your way up from there
until you can recognize any note from any instrument on any octave perfectly


also i forgot to mention buy yourself a cheap midi piano***

and follow andrew furmanzycks piano tutorials (do the practice hw or whatever!)
this will subconsiously give you a feel for the tonality of the 12-TET scale
he will also cover some simple music theory
that will help you recognize the names of the notes, intervals and chords
this will help you complete the other ear training challenges

***i bought a full size 88 key maudio one that works fine for around $80
but its really large and i learned that all you really need is around 3 octaves 36 keys


I've been playing piano nearly my entire life, and practice about 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week. After 14 years I'm mostly playing anime/vidya/popular arrangements or composing 'neo-classical' pieces. No clue what genre the stuff I make falls into.

People that listen to me play always say I should record it for youtube or something but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll record some stuff soon for this thread.

Additionally, I've picked up an acoustic guitar 2-3 months and somehow fell into playing folk/country-ish stuff. Just started writing some songs and jammed with some friends, but I have a lot of practice and a long ways to go.

At least lyrically, I've found focusing on describing shared human experiences (especially specific to my region) has been a lot of fun and worked well with the folk style I've been working on.

If anyone has any tips or online resources for folk-ish accoustic guitar, please let me know!


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>The exercise could not load because Adobe Flash Player is not installed.
Is there somethings like this that does not require flash?