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What are some good technology-oriented webcomics you all read?

Outside of webcomics, what are some good technology-oriented entertainment in general?

Bastard Operator from Hell

It's old, but there's plenty of it and it's usually pretty funny.

The Codeless Code

It's not bad, but it has an unusually heavy liking for Java. Some of the advice is good, but most of it's fun to read just to criticize the programming culture of the temples its set in.

Kevin & Kell

On The Fastrack

Sabrina Online

These three are so numerous that I've yet to read all of them. I don't care for On The Fastrack, but the other two seem to be good from what I've read. They offer old glimpses into computer culture and it's fun to watch the transition to modern life that you see with these, simply because they've been running for so long.


This is a more recent webcomic and it focuses on web development. It's funny sometimes and horrible other times, but it's usually just average. It's particularly funny that site of the webcomic focusing on web development is broken. The main page shows you "All strips", but if you go to the November of 2015 section, you can see more. The main page also doesn't show December 2015 strip information.

I can't remember any others I read right now.


not sure if you meant web comic strips or some graphic novel like ones but nawlz is pretty great. I remember reading through it with headphones you get like a buzz.


im hoping http://www.drugsandwires.fail/ becomes like them.

and i know The Libel will be like that in some time


These are not webcomics but are technology-related rss feeds that I follow:
Absorptions - A godly signal-processing focused hacker windytan.com/
Bloerg - Various stuff. Found this blog when looking for something about vim bloerg.net/
Datagenetics - A bit math/statistics-focused, but quite an interesting read anyway datagenetics.com/blog.html
DebianAdministration - It's about debian. And administration. Really. debian-administration.org/
dev/tty0 - A godly reverse engineer, hasn't been updated in a while tho devttys0.com/blog/
HTML5Rocks - A google-made thing where they talk about "bleeding-edge" javascript functionnalities. I think it's important to know what you can do with HTML5 as it brings more and more ways to fuarrrk people over directly in their browser developers.google.com/web/updates/?hl=en
JuliaEvans - A dev mostly interested in performance analysis. Can be annoying at times but stille interesting jvns.ca/
LoperOS - I guess y'all already know about this loper-os.org/
LucB1e - Started following because of one interesting article. Don't really know why I keep it in my RSS feeds lucb1e.com/
Marijn Haverbeke - A pretty smart dude that works on pretty cool projects marijnhaverbeke.nl/blog/
MathnProgramming - A blog about maths and programming. It helped me a great deal when I needed to get better at Maths. jeremykun.com/
MetaClassofNill - Dude kind of reverse engineers video game. Has stopped being interesting for a while now, but I still hope it'll get better one dat blog.metaclassofnil.com/
MikeCardwell - Don't remember what interested me enough to follow. grepular.com/blog/
Mozilla Hacks - Same as HTML5Rocks hacks.mozilla.org/
Mozilla Research - Pretty interesting stuff about Servo, Rust and things like that. Hasn't been updated in a while tho blog.mozilla.org/research/
Natashenka - A hacker obsessed with tamagochi. Pretty cool. natashenka.ca/
OldSkoolerRamblings - Old hacker that talks about old things. Pretty cool trixter.oldskool.org/
Writing an OS in Rust - What the title says os.phil-opp.com/
Pid Eins - Systemd's blog. I follow it so that I can complain about how terrible systemd is every time there's an update 0pointer.net/blog/
Random Hacks - Talks about cool stuff about Rust www.randomhacks.net/
SealedAbstract - Apple fanboy, more "marketing" oriented. Still an interesting read as it provides an opinion that I rarely share sealedabstract.com/
Speeds and Feeds - Crypto dude veridicalsystems.com/blog/
SpritesMod - Godly hacker. Every time there's an update I cream my pants. spritesmods.com/
StrangeSystems - Cool hacker strange.systems/author/admin-user/
InvisibleThings - QubeOS dev blog but sometimes talks about other things blog.invisiblethings.org/
UseVim - A vim specific blog that talks about vim things. usevim.com/
WolFire - They used to have pretty cool articles about programming. Now it's all about their games that don't even make progress anymore wolfire.com/

I'd love to know which tech blogs lainchan follows.

Sorry about not making these links clickable, but the oard wouldn't let me post otherwise.


I don't feel this thread should die just yet.


Dilbert. Nothing else.


There's got to be more than just these.


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SMBC is the best hands down, Daily updates too.


Tech-oriented? Suddenly, I'm wondering if there's a comic that imitates the Blame! manga.


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There is of course "joyoftech", the supidest, unfunniest tech-related webcomic made by apple fanboys.

Sage because non-productive post.



second one needs sauce, first is xkcd in case someone missed it


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pretty much spot-on. also:
>nawlz ( >>3480 )
is totally worth the hassle getting a vm with flash 10/10


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does this count?


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Generally, xkcd.

Doug Holverson's Sci Fi Guy, an engineer-porn series set in '77 Iowa.
Probably dead, Webcomics Nation is gone, the Kickstarter failed, his basement got flooded, destroying artwork, and I couldn't find a single god damn artist to draw his book, despite him paying actual money. Fuck artists, lazy fucking bastards.


Cube Drone.


>Sabrina Online
Holy shit dude, I used to read this.

Jesus fuck, it started almost 20 years ago.

Thanks for the existential crisis OP.