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How many of you listen to the radio, what things would you like to see happening with it..leave it well alone? or see some interesting developments happening, would love to know your lainon thoughts?


File: 1449845305519.png (598.23 KB, 200x198, 1367107027.png)

I love Lainchan radio. Whenever I can't think of anything specific to listen to or can't be bothered hunting for an album I open it up for background noise.

I like the range and it's almost always to my tastes. Sometimes super repetitive stuff gets irritating, but it never lasts so long as to be a dealbreaker.

A feature I'd like is a tracklist, something showing the now playing and maybe the last 5 tracks or something.

I have had a few problems in the past where the broadcast seems to go dead, the tab still shows noise but nothing comes through, I have to refresh to get it back. This is on the .ogg stream and it's entirely possible it's a fault with my setup.


Not just your problem, I have it also. Don't know what causes it.


My friend just signed me up for a year's worth of Google Music but I'm still blasting this soykaf all DAY yo


At work,will suggest when home


Has anyone heard any ads on there, i saw a post around some suggesting making some ads in cyb related things, tessier ashpool, ono sendai etc. Any news on this lainons?


Ironically I just finished playing portal today.
Anyway, I listen to it occasionally but not enough that it's on my homepage.


My regular internet radio listening includes...

And I would listen to hardcoreradio.nl a bit more if there was an option to play it with a media player. fuarrrk I hate using the site or flash player to stream. I tried political and discussion radio stations before and it's all a bit too off the wall for my taste... besides, I like being able to read at my own pace and able to review sources.


I have always thought if possible the radio should try to bring the community together somehow, maybe occasionally reading out a thread subject so we can all go put our input it just a thought another constant listener!


what if we did radio shows? or brought people in to DJ


Anon not sure what you're talking about, didn't even have to search for the link http://www.hardcoreradio.nl/hr.m3u


Oh I see what you mean now, that link is actually dead. Here's the real link: http://shoutcast2.hardcoreradio.nl/;stream.nsv


File: 1449956148021.png (696.91 KB, 129x200, timelapse_video__cyberpunk_by_atthespeedoffetus-d78wsg9.png)


I've been busy so I haven't gotten around to inserting the "adverts" yet, but if you listen for a while you will hear other stuff I put in, what we call "images" in Radio. Stuff like "This is Lainchan radio" and such.

You can hear a bunch of them here:


I've considered doing a podcast/hour long mix for Lainchan radio, the only thing is I'm not really well versed in cyberpunk music. I don't want to do it for the sake of doing and play a bunch of tracks no one cares about for an hour.


I really enjoy the lainchan radio, keep it up y'all. I also listen in to a couple local college stations and sometimes bbc on shortwave.

Thanks for the links.


just now realized lain has a radio

i'm digging it


Lainchan radio is great for background noise and it has some of the most schway tracks uploaded by lainons. I love it

Feels like I've been waiting forever for a now playing/last played feature to be implemented though. Aside from that a live request feature and occasional radio shows that highlight a specific genre would be neat.

I doubt anyone would complain about an hour-long show every week or bi-weekly as long as the music was /cyb/


Do the things on volafile really end up on the lain radio? I need to know whether to keep uploading music or not.


I don't know why but for me it only works if I go to https://lainchan.org/radio_assets/lain.ogg


>I doubt anyone would complain about an hour-long show every week or bi-weekly as long as the music was /cyb/

Ha, no, I meant creating one (singular) podcast/hour mix in a heavily styled way for Lainchan, and leaving it in the playlist so that it pops up once in a while and suits the vibe of the stream.

It'd take up too much time to do one on regular basis.


I listen to it every now and then. Seems whenever I do, it's playing jungle. Which is all right. I think it's just a coincidence though.


I really dig it but I also think it could need some more love.
For example more music, I have seen tons of great stuff uploaded to the volafile but they never seem to get added and it should be able to chain intros and the actual song together like it is the case with Perturbators "The New Black" and "Retrogenisis" and even more with "Welcome Back" and "Perturbators Theme".

this sounds really nice, text to speech reading out an OP.
it could also be done with the stream, if it starts up.


Nice Idea, I would love to see the radio boosting lainons to communicate and give input, I have always had the idea or scenario of this could become a news update, little tech news coming through here and there but would take alot of management.


In terms of cyberpunk music it can vary alot, a survey of peoples favourite cyb artists would be good,Pertubator, dragonhawk etc are sure fires, I also feel Psytrance as very cyb but its all personal taste.



I really like the idea of a text to voice reading off tech news and promoting threads. News wouldn't be to hard to make a monthly thing. Just have a thread for lainons to submit suggestions.


I browse the internet from a toaster, and I can't really handle the 320kbps radio stream. If it was offered in 128 too, I might be able to listen. I don't know if it's worth the extra bandwidth for just one lainon, but I would appreciate the option.


Now the question is...how do we go about bringing this plan to fruition?



As Asa fellow user of the "duck tape and donkey shit" Internet plan, I would enjoy a 128 stream as well.


This isis trap is everywhere, made me laugh..lets keep it to youtube though! Pelts is an artist I would reccomend!


Exact same problems for me.


I have had an issue that may be related. I tend to not play from a browser, but over moc.

Occasionally, the stream just, vanishes.


>The data is ones and zeros,
>The life, is the jazz.

I like where this is going . . .


It would be great if we could get a voicesynth DJ to do news and commentary on an hourly basis or so, Max Headroom mixed with Three Dog is what I'm imagining.

And if we need more music, I feel like a lot of us would be amenable to most of the stuff W.T. Snacks spins on his internet radio show.


This tune is the Bomb... i'de give it 9/11


https://lainchan.org/cyb/res/21068.html#q21613 i like it, max headroom, threedog, and a heavily cyb background. I can imagine it already


ISIS trap has been blowing up lately.


File: 1450606708122.png (1.06 KB, 200x100, Oekaki.png)

Not exactly Three-dogish, but I'd be interested in DJ'ing once or twice a week for Lain Chan.

The best way to do this, in my opinion, is for anyone who is interested to upload a sample of how they'd do such a thing. Maybe we could end up with a couple DJ's.

Anyways, heres what I threw together in half an hour.



It seems good, but your voice is a little quiet, maybe try soundproofing your recording area a little and raising your mic's volume?
That, and you might want to put a little more oomph or energy into your voice.

Other than that though, I like your choice of music and I like your style, fellow Canadian.



Actually, I was being really quiet because it was 2:00 in the morning and didn't want to wake anyone. xD

I do need to soundproof the booth a bit more. Maybe I'll egg-carton it this weekend.

I might try another recording with a different style of voice, if interest is there.

I know the software, so it's just a matter of figuring out logistics.


This, I'm genuinely sick of hearing the radio 1 jungle show...


I am also sick of it. I don't mind it that much, but it goes for 20 to 30 minutes every time it's played. There's just too much of it at the moment, maybe it should appear less frequently or something.


I have maybe 50gb of more music I just never uploaded..


I feel like it isn't so much the amount of content as it is the segments. could we maybe break it up into individual songs?


I don't because when I did a few times it was nothing but chinese cartoon soundtracks and terrible techno.

I wish I'd tuned in when it was playing jungle. I might have listened more.


Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I love lainchan radio's chinese cartoon soundtracks and techno.


I dont mind the techno, not a fan of the 8bit and chinese stuff though.


the 8bit and Chinese cartoon soykaf was not my stuff. I'll be deleting that asap.



I agree with the 8bit soykaf but for lains sake dont the cartoons!


Nice, glad to see the 8bit etc gone. is there somewhere I can upload stuff, scandroid I feel is something that definately should be on there. And I am glad the radio is finally getting some TLC thanks for bringing this to our attention OP. Long live lainchan radio.


File: 1450738237144-0.png (1.66 MB, 200x113, scrot1.png)

File: 1450738237145-1.png (1.24 MB, 200x113, scrot2.png)

One thing I noticed is that the coding for the page doesn't work well with either of my computers resolutions, both 1366x768. The radio interface falls below the screen, and using the mouse to scroll down doesn't work (I have to press pageup, pagedown, or the arrow keys). If I do scroll down, there is a notably empty space that the picture doesn't fill up.

The page may work fine with larger resolutions (i.e. 1920x1080), but I'm going to try to edit and rework the page's html/stylesheet myself. If I succeed in making it work, I'll probably post the code.

I'm interested in seeing if anyone else has this problem, too.


I had a problem similar, but it was with phones and big picture for steam


Please spare the chinese cartoons, kalyx


oh and I guess a rather minor thing: could we get an image with the radio stream? like the lainchan logo?


I made a temporary fix, and it's not optimized, but I'll post a link anyway: http://0bin.net/paste/pSnsYIaAOn7WkYld#E515M4ksexLBvwue0ucBaLJHMjuzDDbNy3+tw+-CC9g

I second this, sounds like a good idea.


File: 1450755131369.png (51.27 KB, 150x200, .jpg)



Wait, you're deleting chiptunes? That's a terrible idea.


I don't think anything really needs to be deleted, and the 8bit stuff is great imo.


That looks like edward snowden kissing a dude that turns me on like a mothafucka


Maybe keep the 8 bit chiptunes more sporadic? it seems like when one comes on that will be it for the next 45 minutes, maybe it is because it run's through a playlist and someone bulk uploaded chiptunes?


I listened to it at first but I stopped because I did not like some songs..


It'd be cool for people to DJ, like >>3597 but less whispery.

Wasn't there also some talk of fake radio dystopian/cyberpunk ads, or was that for something else? Either way, put that soykaf on there too.


File: 1450830002285.png (94.67 KB, 200x141, elite dangerous.png)

i would fuarrrking love it if the radio had shows, even if it was just a lainon hanging out and playing soykaf and occasionally talking
would be maximum comfy, good for when you're floating through space


It's lainchan radio, man. lainchan, a tech board named after a chinese cartoon character. Chiptunes and cartoon soundtracks belong there regardless of whether or not some people like them. Obviously if the chinese soundtracks aren's /cyb/-tier then they don't belong there, whether or not a few people like them. I heard some of the SEL soundtrack and loved it


I think this was covered before, if you read up a little both points were mentioned, but I would like to see something actually happen, my guess is after the season of consumption has passed, developments could possibly be made?


A quick 15 mins max news show that reads off the latest cyber security news with a cyberpunk flair to it could be schway.


I like this, I would like to see something done along these lines. it just adds to the community feel, the atmosphere etc. It would perfect the radio in my eyes >>3597


Is it bad I'd like something like a call-in show?

I think it would be neat. Not sure who'd want to host that though.


Something like the old ANUS radio nihil, where people present their stupid little essays in between some neato /cyb/ music, would be pretty cool. It might be difficult to vet the people doing it, though.

If you guys never experienced Radio Nihil, you can find the old episodes on the wayback machine. Venus' TV episode was a personal favorite of mine.



Why don't we have a mix of shows hosted by real people, news and announcements by a glitchy voice synth DJ, and blocks of random tracks with a voting system to control the next song?

Vote-controlled blocks would be set to a schedule, for example, every Monday night at 8 you have two hours of industrial with live voting. Other blocks would be the same with other genres or sets of tracks to be voted on.


Anything being done on this people or are we just all being hopeful?


I'd like a torrent of all the music played on the radio so I can play it at work, without wasting data.


yes yes it's on my list. I just finished the CSS which was priority #1.


Recently an esteemed comrade named 'Celt' did a program. It is linked at the top of the page for most (or all) boards.

More would be good. That program is nice. I am listenting currently.


>I'm not the only lainon listening to lainchan radio while trucking out in the galaxy
COlor me surprised
Also Celt's stream was absolutely fantastic. Some great tracks and interesting segments and bits of info. He did a wonderful job and I would be totally down for more like that


Just popped in here to say that the 1:15:19 "Celt" stream in the header is great soykaf.

I don't know about you guys, but personally lainchan radio is my daily soundtrack when coding, doing coursework, or just chilling.

It could really benefit from a visual overhaul ala 4chan.org/a/'s r-a-d.io listing what's played, what's playing, and who's DJing (or if it's just AI). That obviously comes with time and effort, so until then lain radio should just keep being awesome :)


Oh, and something else r/a/dio has is some bot that can respond to queries on what's currently playing.


Nice I will certainly check it out, its nice to see the community coming together to change something they feel passionately about! this is why I enjoy this imageboard. community feel.



Nice job on the show I seriously rate it, I liked the reference to Trane nice stuff.

>>3561 OP here


if you stream with mpv you can get the tags of the current song playing.


How do we go about adding songs? I did it but other peoples have tags that I can't seem to enable



I'd like to see all FM broadcasts replaced with a DAB multiplex or two, and have the extra ~10MHz of free spectrum become a new higher-power ISM band reserved for community/amateur/pirate radio. AM is fairly low-bandwidth and should be kept around if only because you can mcguyver a workable crystal radio out of a paper clip, duct tape and a salvaged diode.


The radio is playing something perfect now and I don't know what it is. We need something to say the name of the current track


File: 1452186494115.png (11.85 KB, 200x125, screenFetch-2016-01-07_16-54-22.png)

To all of the complaints about no listing of song title, I just downloaded the m3u file, and run it in moc. It lists the name of the curent track by default.

I am not sure how to make most of you able to see it, but the information is being sent out. You just need to setup your system to read it.


Celt, would this show of yours be a regular occurrence, weekly? bi weekly? I would love to know as I very much enjoyed this show of yours.


So, sort of a strange idea.
There could be radio plays, written/created by some sort of communal effort, or members of the community. Cyberpunk radio plays could be cool, there might even be some pre-existing ones.



Ha, I'm thinking once every two or three months.

When a product is in high demand, you don't flood the market with supply or you diminish it's value.

If I was doing these weekly you guys would get bored of them pretty fast. Also I don't know if I could keep up that pace anyway because of other things going on in my life.

I've already started collecting songs for a second mix but give me time to get them together properly and when the second one comes along it'll be of good quality. If I rushed into doing the second mix it wouldn't be as well researched or as well put together.


Sounds like a good plan of action, Mental escher I have dabbled in listening too, he seems like a stand up guy, perhaps he could collaborate on making these things, his pod casts have certainly lost steam as of late from what I can remember, but it was an interesting listen, just a little abstract and out there I guess.



It would be so cool if it played old episodes of coast to coast, caravan to midnight, and other stuff like that. Nothing is more cyb/ than conspiracy radio... Maybe like 2am + programming?



Dude make channels for different "feels" of music. One spooky shit, one groovy shit, one feely shit, etc so that people can choose a general stream of music they want.

Also this


I dig it a whole lot, its fuarrrking awsome.
Some of the tracks are so great i had to look them up for myselfs, just fuarrrking epic.
Some tracks are better than others, while personally i would want to remove a few tracks i can understand that other have different tastes so i wont advocate for that but if people want to take a vote or so.

The 1h+ jungle needs to go tough, i dont mind mixes but this is just so damn repetitive and it comes up alot and also the djs are really obnoxious is you ask me, i cant enjoy that.

Also is there any way to upload music? I have some great tracks that would fit in like butter on bread.


Is there a second radio show we should be expecting soon?


File: 1455713737473.png (125.28 KB, 200x119, redcitysquare.jpg)


I'll probably do a second Lainchan radio mix at the end of February/beginning of March.

Between handling other stuff, I've been collecting tracks and coming up with ideas for transitions since the last "episode".

Until then, you can still hear the first mix/episode at https://clyp.it/zwy3iusk


Looking forward to it. :)

Can you upload that on a site that wasn't made by code monkeys? /f/ would be good.



I actually tried a few times; I don't know, large mp3 files seem to glitch out on /f/. It kept asking me to attach an image to it.


File: 1455781434732.png (1.11 MB, 200x125, Screenshot.png)

I have css issues as well


Some lains on /q/ brought it up too.


File: 1456551846875.png (405.57 KB, 200x150, lain1.jpg)

I would love a schedule of shows, like a podcast with downloadable episodes.
We could do something like the HPR [1] and keep a rolling thread pinned on /art/, accept uploads via /f/, and keep an updated schedule on /radio/.
DJs, news, interviews, espeak reads of books or whatever, anything.
An rss feed with torrents would make it a full podcast, with music in between the shows if you join the stream.

[1] It's a daily podcast where anyone can record something and contribute.
There are some good programs, interviewed RMS and all.


breaks here too in both xp and linux, 1600x900 in pale moon.


play track 44


File: 1456905493643.png (170.63 KB, 200x158, skurelataon.gif)

Is there any way to become a DJ? I'd like to contribute to Lainchan in some way.
Mostly I'd be on during the evening/night/early morning of the PST timezone.
I've already thought up some funny quips/blurbs that are /cyb/ related and am putting together a playlist of music I would like to play (fairly chill stuff like Aphex Twin, Oneohtrix Point Never, early Squarepusher, BoC). Celt or whoever, drop me an email!


That's a good point actually are there other people who do the radio?


I could slap some mixes together and have those broadcast I guess.


File: 1461044696819.png (28.42 KB, 200x200, 1458413690108.png)

Some Eurobeat with no lyrics would be nice. More trance stuff too.

A lot of stuff repeats too.


I really enjoy the radio when studying/programming/whatever, but my internet at home can be too unstable to listen to it. I suppose there is no torrent or similar with the music on the radio? It would be great to have an offline alternative when shit breaks down,


I hate that somebody added mystery skulls


File: 1461452686840.png (763.86 KB, 200x124, 1450698981719.jpg)

still want to do this sometime ;-;

random chart


Id welcome some classic Cyberpunk soundtracks a lot


Is lainradio having a hard time buffering for anyone else? I have a high speed wired connection (100Mbps download) and it keeps stuttering every second and mocp keeps "prebuffering". It's unlistenable!


Happens to me all the time.


I get this. I have to refresh occassionally


Is Subhuman avaliable in lossless? I mean currently it's only in fucking atrocious quality


I'm almost certain that the guy on the right is HuskyStarcraft


I love this idea, I'd be willing to help set something like this up