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HEY YOU! LISTEN TO THIS! https://clyp.it/crcnpm3z

Celt here back with another episode/mix for Lainchan radio. This is the second time I’ve put together a radio show for Lainchan radio. If you missed the first one and/or don’t know what this is; this is me doing a GTA radio-esque thing, in the sense it’s a fictional radio show and things occur on the show which are not based on reality. The other GTA-esque aspect is the dedication to one sound or vibe, in this case cybepunk (obviously).
This episode is more music focused/less “in-universe” focused than the last one, just because that’s the way it organically panned out. A few talking points I raise on the show and I’d like to see maybe discussed in this thread are:
>What’s your view of Nero? Too mainstream? Cyberpunk in style but not substance? Or the real deal?
>What did you make of Burial? Did you like the sound? Was it too minimal for you? Did you like the ambience?
What did you make of Gary Newman’s 21st century version of Are Friends Electric?
>And in general, just what you did and didn't like about the show


King of my Castle – Wamdue Project
Drowning – Sixth June
Dark Allies – Light Asylum
Are Friends Electric? (All Saints Basement Sessions version) – Gary Newman
Reaching out - Nero
Etched Headplate - Burial
Babylon Fall - Goth-Trad
Their Law – The Prodigy
Obsura Kisses – Summer of Haze
You know me – Violent Trip aka V ✝
Design for Living (Blade Runner Edit) – Nona Hendyx

I hope you guys enjoy it, it’s made for your enjoyment and listening pleasure. I hope on this episode I’m not rambling on about the music but if I am let me know. And let me know if you want more of the “in universe” stuff from Episode 1 or you think it should just be an ebb and flow/organic thing.

EPISODE 1 AVAILABLE HERE IF YOU MISSED IT: https://clyp.it/zwy3iusk

I don't know what the story is with the server costs, but regardless, I enjoy Lainchan, I hope it continues, and as a result of continuing, I hope I'll have an opportunity to make more of these if they're in demand. Long Live Lainchan\\Let's Love Laincha.



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Listening now. Thanks for putting this on!


You sound pretty tinny, like you're recording from a laptop microphone. Still listening.


I like neros music, of all the mainstream dubstep acts they are probably the only one I would really listen to a whole album all the way through. As far as "being cyberpunk" I don't really know. They are clearly influenced by it to some extent, the music video for innocence is just cut together scenes form cyber city oedo, but they aren't in my cyberpunk spotify playlist put it that way.



I've sort of the same view; I dunno if they'd be the "go to" example for cyberpunk music, but Welcome Reality is an album with a good few damn catchy songs on it.

"Crush on you", is a song the wubs "should" ruin, but damnit I enjoy it.


Great work Celt, keep it up!


>King of my Castle – Wamdue Project
That's pushing it but it works

>What’s your view of Nero? Too mainstream? Cyberpunk in style but not substance? Or the real deal?

You need some mainstream stuff occassionally for balance. You don't need to spend so much time justifying it. Especially since that track was really not as in your face as a lot of their more popular songs. It fits in fine.
>What did you make of Burial? Did you like the sound? Was it too minimal for you? Did you like the ambience?
Once again you need more minimal stuff for balance. Hearing a modern EDM set full of bigroom is insuffereable but at the same time, going for minimal for an hour straight can get quite grating. IT's all about presentation
I'm a fan of continous mixes and shit like that so I find something extremely important. I'm not sure that having Nero and then putting Burial straight afterwards works too well. Might have been better to play them the other way round.
If there's any point I think is more important then it would be to cut down on the talking. A lot of it felt like long ramblings. Obviously this is something one improves with experience.

I really enjoy these. Please keep doing them.


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>calling Wamdue Project pushing it


>Enacting emergency protocols


Can we have user submitted tracks for the next show?



Feel free to suggest some here, or in the sticky here on /art/. Quite a number of tracks I look at including are based off what's already posted here on Lainchan.

Mike Ladd, from episode 1 for example, was someone I'd have only found out about because of Lainchan.


i guess i was saying, maybe we could have an FTP or server that users can submit their own made tracks to that could possibly go up on the radio


File: 1457308144604.png (9.34 KB, 200x126, 1019px-Art_Is_Resistance.svg.png)

Excellent. I was looking forward to your next effort.

Well put together, not a flawless setlist but overall very enjoyable. Nice little pieces in between as well. Your flow could be a little more natural, but it serves the purpose well. I know this isn't your day job.

For the next show (which I very much look forward to) maybe you could play something off of NIN's Year Zero or its remix album Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D.
The associated ARG is still one of the coolest things I've seen and the music is very much informed by this dark vision of the future they were building.
Thematically I think it's perfect, it would just be a matter of tonal choice.

Great job Celt.


Don't we have something like that for the automatic radio?



>I'm not sure that having Nero and then putting Burial straight afterwards works too well
In my club DJing experience most Burial tunes are really hard to play. They're firmly dubstep, but they're way slow and their vibe generally is way off from anything you really want at a club night. This is why they're also so amazing if played right.

You can either go on and tease them a couple times and just not play them at all, which works well enough, but isn't the point of the exercise.

You can kinda bring them into something very dark with an ambient-y bridge, but you have to be really careful, it's really easy to botch, if you mess up counting during the bridging section (which you most likely will, because you have so much else on your hands)

This doesn't apply to faster and more percussive ones (his first album material and Rival Dealer) and all that.

Now, to get to the actual point, I would've played Etched Headplate after Babylon Fall, because they fit together really well.
This also has the added bonus of putting Babylon Fall right after that Nero thing.

>for an hour straight can get quite grating
If you go to a techno club and you're out of luck, it's straight up minimal techno for six hours or more. Really makes you appreciate DJs more if they throw curveballs, even if they mess up while mixing.

After the first hour it gets really grating, after the fourth, it's the most amazing thing.



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One of the only reasons why I check by /art/ every once in a while (no offense). Glad you did another.


Tendie here coming back from exile and riding spritz! Glad to listen again! Fuck yeah.


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Keep on keeping on brother, thanks.


Okay I have to be honest, this one was kind of "meh". No offense but the first one was way better, maybe next time you can find more upbeat songs. The way you started in the first takeover with 11h30 by danger was amazing. I've never heard that song before and now I'm still bumping it. Maybe you can add more electronic music too, something like this

overall I'd give this 5/10 but I really hope that you continue making these


Finishing up Ep.1 right now, gonna give Ep.2 a listen tonight, keep up the good content!


File: 1459660669727.png (49.04 KB, 141x200, 计算机程序的构造和解释.jpg)

Content like this makes me proud to be a lainanon. Great stuff, Celt.


File: 1459675520486.png (124.98 KB, 186x200, thumbs up.png)

pretty cool stuff man, keep it up


isn't that the manjaro logo?


This is exactly what I was looking for Celt, going to give it a listen now!


Hey, thanks for making these. I was about to look up episode one when I saw the thread. Keep up the good work.


File: 1464860795872.png (995.29 KB, 185x200, Warm_and_fuzzle.gif)

Hey this is some great stuff Celt! Keep it up please


It is the other way around. Manjaro uses the NIN logo.


yo celt I made you something

I know you probably prefer your current one but I was bored anyways


Whens the first one?


I mean third one shit


Initial production of Episode 3 begun this month. I working out the playlist and creating a few "skits"/in universe segments.

Also between now and the last episode, I invested in better recording equipment, so if/when Episode 3 comes out, the audio quality of my voice should be much better.


Thanks for that, any contribution is appreciated.


Really good job. But i think you need to pick up some music from thread in /art/ maybe.
Will wait for next time.


I enjoyed Burial, gave me some good vibes. I like tunning to some schwey music and have it playing in the background while I work on my pet projects.

Also I really enjoy the in-universe stuff. It gives a great feel of immersion that compliments the music.