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Anyone interested in any forms of vaguely artistic vandalism?


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Very nice.


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Obligatory Banksy.


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XLargos crew


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Love it, especially the ones in the third pic.


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Classic Kansas City images


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Swet 1


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Swet 2/


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Swet 3/3


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Frost(Froze) from KC with a few shout outs to Tues.


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Frost 2/


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Frost 3

I've been watching this guy paint for at least ten years now.


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Frost 4/4


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Last KC


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i <3 swet-one


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Went out today and got these pictures. Not great artistically, but they are from one of those nice empty places and hey, I got these pics myself.


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Does sticker bombing count? I found these today way up in a parking garage, unfortunately Eugene is a bit bare when it comes to street art. I feel like I'm the only night crawler... I go out late but never see anyone else except for the occasional drunk homeless.


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I feel your pain.
Around here I have only seen a handful of stickers and tags and (oddly enough) some yarn bombs.


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eL Seed


At my Univeristy town there's nothing
At my home city there's a fuck ton of tags of all kinds. It's fucking great.

How do I into stickerbombing? Also is stickerbombing to advertise yourself a good idea? I've seen a number of stickers that have links to their soundclouds at home


File: 1460908447134.png (3.67 MB, 200x150, KIMG0003.jpg)

I haven't sticker bombed either but I plan to print off some of the QR's I and other lains made over on another thread and bomb my city and public transit.


I guess just get an idea, make a sticker (or label because if you ask a print shop for stickers like I did they'll look at you like you're 12) and bombs away!


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File: 1460974589955-1.png (335.79 KB, 160x200, Lady Aiko.jpg)

File: 1460974589955-2.png (492.88 KB, 169x200, Swamp Donkey Sticker.jpg)

Postal labels and name tags are the old standards, because the are cheap, or possibly free and largely blank.


Yarn bombs?



I imagine he is referring to this :

There were some trees like this last christmas in my town, looked really comfy.
I don't imagine it would last long in the rain though.


File: 1461347346076.png (1.09 MB, 139x200, eh.png)


Sadly the only stickers being carpet-bombed all over my town are the usual far left&right ideolog propaganda. The occasional band stickers are the only exception, nothing like the art posted here.

I feel the need to defuse some of those idiotic paroles by sticking something infinitively interesting over them.

Maybe even something like an .hex assembly printing a hello world, or just plain lineart in the style of pic related?


File: 1461392210721.png (179.7 KB, 200x167, f7811e42a56689a8169e4257861cd6f3.jpg)

Ivor Cutler published a book of stickers, you could probably get his designs to print out.


Daily reminder that street art is not graf.
Graf is getting you name up(or repping your crew), whether it be a tag, a burner or a mural. Street art is putting 'art' on the street,


File: 1461438910876.png (20.56 KB, 200x119, 4534606509_dcd1ff768b.jpg)

A distinction not shared by the rest of human civilisation.

Graffiti; the word "graffiti"; and the Greek term "graphein" on which it is based all pre-date 80's tagging culture, your definition and your crew, darling.


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File: 1463650812785-1.png (284.66 KB, 200x134, Ask Billboard.jpg)

File: 1463650812785-2.png (493.52 KB, 200x134, Gloom Tag.jpg)


So Lainon's, got any advice to someone who wants to get into graffiti?
I can draw a bit, have some spray paint, black clothes, and a gasmask. What else do I need?
How do I not get caught?
How do I make stencils?


you might want a flashlight/headlamp
go in the middle of the night somewhere w/o cops
make vectors, print them out, paste on top of cardboard and use a box-cutter


No photos I'm afraid but in one town I used to live there was a girl who did multilayered stencils. She'd go around and do the first layer in a bunch of places and as the paint dried in the place she'd started, she'd do the circuit again with a second stencil in a different color. They were really stylish.

>How do I not get caught?
Start by not walking around with a gasmask. You might want to find out how the cops operate in your town as well. Graffiti is taken very seriously in some American cities, as it is considered very expensive to clean up. You'd be surprised just how organized the anti-vandalism cops are and how stiff the penalties can be.


I don't exactly plan on wearing it the whole time. It's only something I'd put on before painting.


File: 1464346738025.png (318.24 KB, 67x200, example.png)

I don't know anything about graffiti or proper stencil making but I have made some stencil-like images before. I came up with this by trial and error so there are probably much better methods. Also I never printed out any of my images to make actual stencils so I'm not sure if this even works.
I guess almost any graphics program will do- photoshop, gimp, whatever. This is a very quick and dirty example using a simple pic with clean background, made with gimp.
Usually I started by desaturating an image and playing with contrast settings to get a general shape of the object.
When you change contrast like this details will be lost in many places so I took the desaturated image and messed with the settings again, this time making it a little different to make some other stuff visible. Combine multiple images made with different settings to get more detail where you want it.
Threshold tool does something similar automatically but I think I got better results by doing it manually. Levels and curves can also be useful.
Usually I did something like this to get the rough shapes first and based on that I made the proper cleaner, simplified stencil using paths tool.
Remember to avoid making "islands" in your stencils.


File: 1465694866054.png (25.58 KB, 200x200, photo.jpg)

here's a stencil i made a week ago use it wherever


It would be pretty neat to see some Lainchan stickerbombing.


a gas mask or other protection is very necessary. I did too much graffiti as a dumb kid and now I can barely breathe through my nose because I get hard snot all the time. Didn't used to before I did lots of graf.

Unrelated: I'm thinking of trying to put some graffiti on a highway on-ramp near my house that routinely generates traffic jams, because it's immediately before a split in the highway. At rush hour, cars zoom up the right two lanes (nearly typed lains...), come to the split, then stop to try to get into the left two lanes, causing a stop in all lanes of traffic.

I just want to stencil something like MERGE NOW OR JAM LATER on the road, but I'm not sure how to do it best to preserve the paint over time. Ideally I'd like it to look like the city put it there. Any ideas?


File: 1466054685990.png (167.11 KB, 103x200, koi drawing.jpeg)

just made a new one,use it if you want.


Maybe you could get a custom traffic sign made, it doesn't get more durable than that. I don't know if getting something like this is possible where you live, a big one would probably cost a lot too.


here's a video of a guy doing something similar if your interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Clgl63CWOkM


That is nice.


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File: 1470998031251-2.png (333.75 KB, 150x200, Deuce 7.jpg)

>got any advice to someone who wants to get into graffiti?
Practice often, try everything and have fun.
>How do I not get caught?
Keep it casual and try not to look like a vandal/burglar/terrorist.