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Hey lainons, I have a redbubble store up right now and I'm trying to find more inspiration for designs I can slap on shirts/assorted merch. Have an etsy shop on the side too, where I sell cyb clothes.

So, lemme ask this: What are some phrases you'd wear on a shirt? Any graphics come to mind? If I get a good amount of replies I'll post my store link.


Should probably add, I'm a graphic designer so I make all my designs myself.


I prefer images to phrases; "a picture paints a 1000 words" as the old adage goes.

Phrases are prone to sounding good at the time, but losing their coolness over time. Slang that was used in the 80s and 90s often sounds ridiculous to us now, and stuff we say now will be ridiculed in 10, 20 years time.


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I'd prefer an image as well. The amount of text you can quickly convey with a T-shirt isn't enough to convey what I'd want; if I want to convey something with a shirt I'd rather have a design that looks cool and hints at some idea.

I'd want something that somehow reflects my love of technology and makes a sort of hybrid of the art styles I enjoy, namely manga, psychedelic, and glitch. Lainchan's glitchlain is a good example of this. I also like the kind of stuff Hiroyuki Takahashi makes (pic related); his visual style is pretty captivating and uses a sort of psychedelic manga style to describe a lot of cyberpunk concepts, like biohacking and self-augmentation, drugs, sex, and robots and cyborgs.

If that sort of style could be scaled down to where it visually makes sense on a t-shirt, I'd probably buy it. I get that it's difficult since the colors don't really pop out as much on clothing, even if you use that plastic laminate stuff to print designs.


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>Lainchan's glitchlain
First thing that came to my mind.

If you want the shirts to sell, it would be best to create/use images that are sick but still "publicly wearable". There are tons of shirts that i would love to have but i just can't see myself walking around with them on during the day unless i'm wearing an unzipped hoodie over top. Don't get me wrong, there are people who will wear whatever the fark they personally like the look of. But i think your top sellers would be some more 'discrete' images. Ones that don't cover the entire face of the shirt, smaller images in bright colors or a larger image in a color closer to the base tshirt color.

I bleached the Quake logo on a shirt once. Image is pretty large but it doesn't draw too much attention at first glance (not that drawing attention is a bad thing, but it is a shirt i can throw on for practically any t-shirt occasion). I used a darker slate colored tee, it was colored with earth dyes so the bleached portion turned into a uniform burnt red/orange color. The color it turned was accidental but it looks real sharp, will never crack or fade.

Kind of went on a tangent there but i hope it gave you some ideas. Make a lain shirt in the same green color on dark grey or black and ill buy it up.


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i like dis

pls post link to store


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I would wear shirts with these designs or similar on them


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Seconding this, I'd wear the shit out of that.


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Here is some inspiration for things I'd personally like to see.


What is this?


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Get the fuck out.



The Sigil for the knights of the eastern calculus. Please watch SEL if you haven't done so yet.


I like the idea of having Japanese on a shirt, terminal-esque neon green kanji on black, with some image. Would be really neat like
>>4201 said.

Possibly like Lain's name in Japanese with a silhouette of Lain's face under it.

I also like this idea. We could make patches of The Knight's symbol.
切腹 NOW


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I was originally going to post that but then I couldn't find the file. Eventually found it anyway

So here is a sort of reversed version


OP here, you're all amazing! Thank you so much for the ideas!

My redbubble is /calexya. I'm just getting started there so my only design up is something personal for my partner.

You all rock! I'll post back here when I have more things up this coming week.




What made you go with redbubble? I have a procedural art system that makes minimal geometric patterns I think would look good on tshirts, but I'm not sure what store to use.


Lainchan used to use red bubble and their paper/ink quality was terrible.


This is actually really cool looking, and I am interested in maybe buying something like this on a shirt.

>Lainchan used to use red bubble and their paper/ink quality was terrible.
Dunno about how it is with stickers, but I have a shirt from them and it is no worse in quality than a regular good shirt.


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I was thinking about painting something on my Cayce Pollard Units, maybe QR codes linking to stuff worth sharing in the spirit of the FSF laptop stickers that might make someone ask about it.
Like most lains ITT I think images say a thousand words and QR codes transfer megabytes of images.
So, I have the same question as OP, but for inspiration.
If you have put stuff on a shirt yourself feel free to make a thread about it on /diy/, I'll come by.


Just copy everything from a Google image search, like Todd Goldman does.



OP Here again!

New designs up in the shop, working on a KNIGHTS logo right now!




Heya, I chose redbubble because their shirt quality is the best I've found. I tried teepublic but my designs all came out feathered and blurry at the edges--kind of a detriment to my designs that rely on crisp lines.

Redbubble also has the best shirt quality, from heavy cotton to soft and drapey fabrics.

I do agree about the stickers though, definitely not the best quality. I like stickermule for mass-producing stickers.


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