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Hey lains, I finished up this cyberpunk album for the 1998AD project. I thought I'd put it out there while we all wait patiently for the zine. Thanks for the input, those of you who were on our irc channel.



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I like it.


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Came across this a few days ago.

Well done lainon.


Pretty good, though I wish some tracks had a bit more thought-out structure


Normally I find sounds on lain too grungy. This was nice. Thanks lainon.


It feels very scattered overall, even on the best tunes, the title track and the one where you sample that one tune from the lain OST, like you're trying to put too many ideas into a single tune, but maybe that's just my reductionist club music based approach to music talking.

The last tune is very good, great natural progression and a clear concise outline.