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* if this becomes a problem tells us and we'll leave *


Plum project is a collaboration between several enthusiasts evolving around promoting 2hip2u amateur music.
Basically promoting good music that might go under the radar or simply disappear from the interwebs unless
someone picks up on it and promotes or preserves it.

For now our format is intended to be strictly plaintext articles for portability reasons but in the future we could
start doing other types of media, and while I'm typing this we're looking into compacting digital releases for small
time artists, if not help by showing them to the world but by preserving their music.

At the moment we're mostly writing, trying to gain a foothold in the social media, and exploring music in general.

You make music? Post it here.
Want to join us?
Have a question?
A suggestion?

Go ahead.

Since most of the team is comprised of lainons we thought this would be the best place to base our "operations"
from. To discuss what we are - going, supposed, already - do(ing).


So, our goal is promoting good music that might go underrated. We look to find music
from far corners of the interwebs, and if it's good do our best to help promote it.

Be it by writing about it, just sharing it, or [something else]. For now we have been
trying to establish a website (and we did, I wrote it for plum.6te.net) but due to having
a job and other work to do, I've transferred it to a tumblr. Read about it here:


We've also got a soundcloud page in preparation and twitter running @plum_ontw
where we'll be making announcements of our work. Further we will need someone
to run a facebook page for us, and a couple of people who'll help us gain presence
on medium and ello, as both of those platforms are very good for getting feedback
and of course potentially recruit more people into our project.

For the moment this is all volunteer based but - as I always point out - in the future
if there is enough ground for doing so, we might turn to ways of creating revenue
and every single contribution will be rewarded accordingly. But that's then.

This is now. In the next few days I'll be writing more and setting up our presence on
the aforementioned platforms, and I'll keep this thread updated.


File: 1463043088260.png (81.89 KB, 200x132, Plum Ad 1.png)

Two questions

>are we (me pushing this) too focused on having a presence on different platforms

>from an advertising standpoint which ones do you think would work best



File: 1463097594268.png (220.13 KB, 200x196, nano.jpg)

I'm still not quite clear on the scope of music we're aiming for. I get that it's supposed to be stuff that you probably won't hear about often, but that's a fairly broad category.

I can think of some artists on soundcloud with thousands of followers who are relatively unknown. Same deal with some small signed artists. I guess this would sort of be what you would call "indie." Before indie became pop, haha.

> e.g. http://www.last.fm/music/b%C3%B4a

(Maybe not "unknown" on lainchan of course, but I can't think of a better example of a great group that I wouldn't have found otherwise)

There are of course some great soundcloud artists with only a few hundred followers. I'll be writing about them for sure.
> e.g. https://soundcloud.com/mauritzon

My intuition suggests that, as a rule of thumb, it would be wise to limit it to one post per "big-ish" artist. Ideally, that would free up some room for write ups on good releases from the more amateur artists.

I mean, I get the feeling we'll be playing it kind of loose while we're still sorting things out. Maybe it isn't so important so long as the music is good. I just wanted to start this discussion, as it sort of seemed inevitable. I'm curious what you all think.


I don't think there's such a thing as too many platforms, but only if we have the manpower to do it. I'm worried about stretching too thin, since I'm working on a lot of other stuff at the moment. But, we can always try to bring in new people.

I'm wondering what kind of campaign to pursue on twitter. Do you like what I've done so far? keep doing that or something else?



Technically yeah, it'd be indie, for now I lurk soundcloud for good stuff with <1k plays.
Your sc link is a brilliant example of just that.

At the moment I'm preparing an article on her https://soundcloud.com/niamhkatherinedownes
she says she'll be performing live a lot this summer, and we could help with attendance or
promote her some other way.

Also I've been on top 4ch/mu soundcloud threads lately picking up on and writing about the
best stuff. I'm not much of a writer but I'm learning, plus I really like doing this.

Yes playing it loose is pretty much the definition of where we're at right now. For now we
can write about music we find online, but in the future it'd be nice if we could have pieces
written about live performances and other music-related things.



If you mean keeping this then yes that is exactly what you need to do.
Basically use twitter to communicate with twitter in the name of the
project. Be it like pic related or talking with regular users no matter
as long as people have a reason to follow you.


File: 1463142816602.png (238.75 KB, 200x177, Screenshot from 2016-05-13 14:15:34.png)

Also one more thing, I've been thinking about our actual target audience, what's
the point of doing this just because we enjoy doing it; we can't progress without
an actual audience.

What I'm thinking is, due to the nature of the whole project perhaps the audience
which we should target should be - in it's true meaning - hipsters. Personally I
believe the combination of the interwebs and music production is one of the best
artistic fusions that have happened at least in the last century. The high most
people get out exploring music on the internet - is adventure. And man is adventure
exciting. Maybe that's what we should focus on? Just throwing this out there.

"Hipsters" enjoy the feeling of being "first". The pioneers in the true sense of
the word. I myself remember discovering a creative new artist somewhere in late
2000s and scarcely listening to their music.

Four or so years ago I heard that they've got an Emmy and I felt proud for some
reason, the kind of pride you get when you build something, as if being one of
the rare people that followed what that band in my area from the very beginning
felt as an accomplishment.

Of course, targeting the negative aspect of that mentality could backfire, but
if we play it right we might avoid being overwhelmed by hipster teenagers in the
middle of an identity crisis using 2hip4u music as an identity.

Again, just throwing this out there.


On the topic of writing, I'm currently trying to learn as much as I can, and on
my own I've discovered that pen and paper works better than a keyboard for some
reason, at least for me. It's also good as I can have a dependable backup after
typing out and revising a post.

Also I'm thinking perhaps we could post our writing here before publishing as a
way to "peer-review" and do some polishing? I've registered on ello but I really
doubt I'll be able to do much, I'm too preoccupied with trying to fit in to tumblr
right now;

Would anyone like to take over managing ello? We also need a medium presence.

forgot pic.


File: 1463145962281.png (87.1 KB, 200x200, artworks-000162135646-rb95ut-t500x500.jpg)

Post your suggestions for the track of the
week and we'll strawpoll it. Week starts at
midnight Sunday 15th in Greenwich.

My suggestion


Hey, do you think you could go easier on the recruitment? We've had 2 conversations about whether this thread is advertising.


whats the header image on the twitter from? also whats with the _ontw? i really dont like the _ontw on the twitter

love the logo color and the tumblr is nice but i kinda wish it wasnt a tumblr. i want to subscribe with email updates. also please start publishing on Medium as that is the best place to read content.

I think its good to have a best song of the week and kep with that.

also im interested in helping but i wouldnt want to write articles but i do have music suggestions, can do graphics and generally help with stuff including basic website development\server maintenance




also whats with the awful domain name?


Skolskoly made the image for our visual identity. _ontw was a suffix that luka came up with: plum tumblr is plum-on.tumblr.com, and there's something like that on every platform. It's short for "on twitter"

I think we could just cross-post our articles on medium and tumblr for now, shouldn't be too much of an issue.

we used to be plum.ml, but things were getting expensive for a relatively empty site.


>the wordfilter
forgot about that one


I... I'm talking to people that are already part of the team.

I am sorry if it looked any different. There's not much to advertise yet really, we're still in incubator stage.


ah was gonna suggest skolskoly's soundcloud. good to see hes on the team.

i meant the plum.6te.net domain is awful.


are you talking about the url, or the layout?



>but i kinda wish it wasnt a tumblr

You and me both. Tumblr is really weird, but it's also a good
source to find music we're focused on. I found the person mentioned
here >>4566 on Tumblr.

>I want to subscribe with e-mail

Funny you should mention, I was researching pros and cons of a
newsletter just yesterday. There's a lot of functionality that's
dependent on me writing software so it'll probably be a feature very

>im interested in helping ... have music suggestions

This is exactly what we need, sometimes I like to but more often I'd
rather not weed through soundcloud threads on various boards if I don't
have to. It eats through your time, and when you go on a suck streak of
talentless hacks making irritating noise and calling it music it starts
to get to you.


You get what you pay for.
I'll probably be buying a domain name and switching to an API from an
actual site.


Talking about the url yeah. Domain name or a website address.


_ontw really does look ugly doesn't it?

Not only because of the underscore but because t
and w are ugly letters also. Perhaps we could come
up with something better looking.


>plum-on-sc (or plum-onsc we'll see)
>plum.onface (or whatever the facebook one will be)


@tweetingplum perhaps?


the url.

plum-on seems alright.

also for posts on tumblr/ello/website/Medium they can all just be mirrors of the same post. its just about making it easier for the readers to use whatever service they prefer

and then the twitter\instagram should be used to announce an update on the page with a link to it (instagram you would update link in the bio) and twitter would also have posts about things here and there just to keep a presence.


File: 1463172082074.png (78.05 KB, 200x73, The Plum.png)

Writing an introduction piece for medium, thoughts?


Why we’re here. Look, I know that from your point of view it probably looks
like we’re another ragtag group of amateurs doing amateur work that’ll
inevitably end up like most of other amateurs.

BUT! Those other amateurs don’t have what we have. Which is … love? Well, at
least I do. I am the founder of the project and the idea is really simple:
help those we love.

Kind of awkward wording but you get the point. Unless you don’t. In which
case let me put it in simpler terms. https://soundcloud.com/krvzl/htr

See this? It’s a year old track, a single activity of a (probably) forgotten
soundcloud account. And I can’t hep but come back to hear it. Hell, half of
those 300 plays are probably mine.

It’s beautiful.

There was another short sample even better than this one but it’s gone now.
Love for that one track and hope to hear the second one again is pretty much
behind starting the project. The rest is due to the amount of other
beautiful music that might be ignored or just disappear forever.

And we’re here because we’re amateurs. Most not knowledgeable on music,
probably none of us could write our way out of a paper bag, but we’ll learn.

Because if we don’t I might never hear that second track ever again.


... is instagram the one where you need to have a phone to use it? Or am I
thinking of something else?


please. please. please remove this
"Why we’re here. Look, I know that from your point of view it probably looks
like we’re another ragtag group of amateurs doing amateur work that’ll
inevitably end up like most of other amateurs.

BUT! Those other amateurs don’t have what we have. Which is … love? Well, at
least I do. I am the founder of the project and the idea is really simple:
help those we love.

im not sure if you can use it without a phone



That bad huh?


yeah, why would i want to read a blog from someone who thinks so low of their work. also you pretty much called out the rest of the group by saying you have love for it but arent sure about them. also with the ...love it makes it like your not even sure you have love for the project.


are you guys deadset on the magazine being only about music? i think itd be cool if it would also review underground clothing brands, maybe podcasts, webcomics, games (itch.io) since these are all things that have a lot of indie developers

the colors you guys are going with are really nice, especially that light purple.



Hm. When you put it that way it sure seems so, but I didn't intend to convey any of those messages. I'll have to start analyzing my words for things like this.


so itd be Plum Magazine instead of Plum Music Magazine. might want to do that even if you dont inted to review any of the rest way later on for a smooth transition but if you feel like its too much than nvm



Personally, I'd have to weight it out just to start considering it. But I guess it's a topic now. And it's a really good one, we'll have to see what the rest of the gang thinks.

I've got zero (0) experience in most of those topics and I'll probably never be able to gain any either way. Doesn't mean someone else wouldn't want to do something with that though.

Supporting an independent project like that seems reasonable, but as I intend to start a revenue and finance the Plum project I don't see why it wouldn't be a better idea to expand some time later on anyway.


alright sounds good.

whats the team form of communication/collaboration?


>R E V I S I O N

Who we are and why we’re here.

We look for, find, promote or preserve good music that might go underrated or disappear unless we do so. And what we find we share with you. We will give you a heads up on whether something is worthy of your time or not, present you with compilations and releases, mixtapes, give you directions to the best live performances.

We won’t be doing anything less or anything more than explaining what you can expect from a certain piece of music. You need more than just an option to press a play button and read two sentences about the music you’re about to hear, but you also don’t need to know what the artist’s first pet’s maiden name was or the name of the town they were born.


See this? This is why we’re here. This is a year old track, a single activity of a (probably) forgotten soundcloud account. And I can’t help but come back to hear it, a couple of times a month, every month, since late 2014 or so. Hell, half of those 300 plays are probably mine.

It’s beautiful.

There was another short sample even better than this one but it’s gone now. Love for that one track and hope to hear the second one again is pretty much behind starting the project. The rest is due to the amount of other beautiful music that might go under the radar when it shouldn’t.

So we’re here because of just that. If we don’t do this we might never get to hear that second track ever again.


... this thread. Not joking. It was e-mail at first but then we realized most of us were lainons anyway so why not talk transparent stuff here? The secret meetings happen on tox though, but you need to be part of el-aminatee to join those.


much much better. might consider changing "good music" to "good talent" or something like that if you plan on going into reviewing the other art forms but for now i guess that doesnt matter and it shouldnt be a thing that stresses you guys out cuz then it could just stop the whole project. basically what im saying is focus on something you can manage now but also keep in mind future endevours.

Also another unrelated question, are you guys keen on staying anon? seems like you could benefit if you guys had a personable member (preferably female, cuz that alone brings an audience) who would\could do video overviews\reviews.


I get what you're saying about hipster-ism, but I'm almost certain your plan will backfire as you said. The best way to avoid that negative aspect is to just not be gimmicky. If an artist gets big, don't mention them as much. Focus on quality, obscure tunes.

I know there are many disjoint music production communities that don't have any sort of aggregation for their music. Collectively, these people could make a sizeable audience, and we'd fill a niche for them which seems to be empty.


Maybe use these sites to scout out artists. Check out their soundclouds', follow their interactions; small artists tend engage with other small artists as it's a good way to find new stuff and make connections.


Forgot to mention, I like the peer-review idea. It would be good just to iron out the little things. With all the different people writing, we need to have consistent formatting too. Having an editor may be a good plan at some point, for that.



All in its time anon. For now we need to

1) write
2) write better
3) gather an audience


We have a person for artist relations and they were given the task
of maintaining these aggregations as well, but when I think about it
we might need to have someone tasks with just that, huh.

We're still a day away from setting a song of the week, no suggestions?



I just took a look at the about page and noticed a few things. I thought I'd post my edit here if you want to use it.


The Plum project started off sometime in late 2014 and has been in the “preparation stage” ever since; the (current) webmaster of the project wrote a piece of blog software to try out some js functionality and used it to post about amateur music that was too good not to preserve.

But some time around January ‘15 or so, due to the site domain using a free domain name service, (freenom) it mysteriously went down after it had begun to grow.

And then there were two.

People liked the idea though, and some were even interested in whether the project would be rebooted. In early 2016, it was, and here we are.

For now there are almost a dozen people contributing to the project, from writers, designers, to developers, managers, and people just showing us music to check out.

Whatever your taste is like, we're here to share great music that you never hear about.


I added the last sentence. I thought it would be a good way to close.


>V O T E


For now I'll just write in the feature by hand, but in the future we'll have a nice little API that'll give rewards for voting on these.

How about this?

>Whatever your taste is like, we're here to share great music that you otherwise might never hear about.


File: 1463307121208.png (408.35 KB, 155x200, Screenshot from 2016-05-15 12:10:14.png)

r8 out of 8

the blank space is the soundcloud of the track



ps I just learned that I can make hidden post then publish them later on, this is a screenshot of a hidden (private) post.

Also no need to mention the formatting at the bottom, tumblr is clumsy with formatting, I'll fix it.



>Whatever your taste is like, we're here to share great music that you otherwise might never hear about.

Sure, that works better.


Keep voting, two more hours to go.


itd be nice if you linked the songs here so i could listen to them



here >>4602 and >>4569 here

Should I write in a lainchan banner by hand somewhere on the site or just make a different lainchan ad post every few days?


what do you mean? like make a new thread about plum updates regurlarly? no. updating this thread with each new post is fine though



No I mean what'd be the best way to promote lainchan from the blog?

Matter of fact, since - when time comes - we will be making revenue from something other than advertisements, we can offer free ad space to other lainons as well.



wow i really love the milkweed song even downloaded it. I think this warrants a post even if not song of the week. you should reach out for an interview.

btw when you make a post on a song you should always contact the artist and send them a link to the post. That way they can share the article on their social media platforms and stuff.

i think the lainchan button on top of the tumblr is enough.


uh oh we're at a tie, and an hour and a half away from locking in the track until the next week!


also milkweed has 1k listens while the other has 100k and doesnt even seem to be the official upload.

i feel like you found something special with M E G U M I



As the lainon who posted the other track, I think that's a fair way to settle a tie.


look at the soundcloud of the artist for puke it seems like the songs are all pretty old and they have one song thats a theme song for a japanese tv show https://soundcloud.com/hidetaketakayama

where as that M E G U M I track is 5 days old. how did you even find milkweed? i want to find if they have a website or something, im already a fan.


Actually GMT0000 is in four hours, my bad.


a soundcloud thread on one of the imageboards, can't remember which anymore. Takayama is "relatively" underground as well, since we're still playing it loose.

e-mail plum.onggl@gmail.com if you want to represent the project in front of "Megumi"


not sure what you mean by
>e-mail plum.onggl@gmail.com if you want to represent the project in front of "Megumi"

what i meant is if you write about them you should reach out to them and share you article with them. And i was saying you should contact them for an interview because that could be an article you could write for the blog.


also whats with Plum adding .letters or _letters after it. this looks really unprofessional and is really hard to remember.



I've got too much on my plate is what I'm saying and thought since you like the band perhaps you could talk to them in the name of the project and see whether there's something to write about.

For example I'm making a draft on a singer-songwriter at the moment and I contacted them saying I'm from Plum, asked them to tell me a little bit about themselves, about their influences, how they make music, whether they perform live and where, etc.

Then when I write a subjective review of the music I can inject a great deal of objective information about the artist point readers towards the artist.


I'm willing to bet just "Plum" is taken on 99.9% of these platforms. Most of the accounts are run by different members of the team.



Swallowed an "and". I've been perpetually confused for the last few hours due to tumblr. Man that is one wacky platform.


File: 1463343650400.png (13.57 KB, 178x178, Gunter Cropped.jpg)

oh, ok. cool. I'm actually interested in becoming an official Plum team member, ive been the lainon posting most suggestions and stuff on this thread.

I know just Plum is probably taken but im sure you could find things like Plum.Magazine@gmail.com to be open or even PlumMagazineMgmt@gmail.com it seems like currently you guys do Plum.randomletters atleast with mgmt people read management so it can be memorized.



We're doing everything loosely at this moment. It revolves around running a main site and the "Plum" identity, the bright purple circle.

I think I can and probably will be able to personally invest in a domain name and an API server, but before that we have to agree on many many things.



The point of the latter part being - at that point we can use our own domain name for a mail server and solve that.

My main preoccupations right now are, in this order:

>learning to write better

>avoid losing the focus of the project
>do my real job
>avoid burning out

Many a time have I went out for hour long walks just to get out and clear my head from all the soundcloud junk I've been listening that day.


Article for submission:

MPI Music, despite it's business-like name, is the apparently abandoned soundcloud handle of Bristol based musician Jonni Kent. The account contains some laid-back and funky tunes showcasing his talents as a keyboardist, beat-boxer, and singer. And yes, often all at the same time.


I don't remember exactly how I found this music, but I know that it blew me away the second I heard it. Every time I listen, it amazes me how masterfully Kent alternates his voice between percussion and lyrics. If it weren't for the odd syllable cut short by the pop of a kick, or clack of a snare, I would be persuaded to think that he recorded the tracks separately.

It seems like the real deal though, and what a beautiful result it is. The sound of the electric piano matches perfectly with the groove of the song, and somehow Kent's voice keeps a wistful tone, even as he beat-boxes with ever increasing energy. I can only begin to imagine the work involved in putting all the pieces together.

It appears that Kent has produced music for the BBC, but his solo work still largely remains unknown. He has five followers, a smattering of twenty plays on each track, and a two year gap since his last upload. It seems we may not be hearing more from this man, but for the time being it certainly deserves sharing.


File: 1463356744385.png (450.69 KB, 200x113, Screenshot from 2016-05-16 01:49:50.png)


Alright laddies, it's almost midnight, we're still 2 to 2, I suggested "Milkweed" but voted for "Puke", if whoever suggested "Puke" voted for it then changed their vote >>4618 then we have a 4 to 0, or 3 to 1 either way, so I guess "Milkweed" wins.

I'll put it up and e-mail our soundcloud manager to inform the artist.


There, if there's no problem with basically hotlinking lainchan's banner serving script, we now have little script that'll select a random article and put a lainchan banner on top of it.


No signature?


Great! I've been playing Milkweed on repeat. The lainchan banner script is a nice touch, good job. I wonder if it will work on Medium. Which the article should be mirrored on. Once you guys launch the Medium please link it here so I can follow it.



Writing the message right this instant.


I doubt medium lets users put js in their content.

The medium is https://medium.com/@plum.on.mdm


you guys and the periods man lmao.



Underscores are ugly. this_looks_blocky. this.looks.bubbly.


true, id prefer none though. is PlumMagazine taken?


>No signature?

Sorry, this is skolskoly.



On twitter yes. Elsewhere no, not really.

kek I don't see why it itches you so much anyway?

We'll figure out a unique single handle by the time it becomes important.


Alright. We'll put that but say if you want to change it to something else.

Speaking of handles, I used an initial here


to avoid putting the identity without asking. S is it alright with you if I put your handle? Or do you want to write under a different name?


Hm, I hadn't thought of that. I don't see any problem with using my handle.


File: 1463411918536.png (75.44 KB, 200x200, Analytics All Web Site Data Audience Overview 20160514-20160516.pdf)

Now for a rather serious topic: what we'll be doing about traffic. We're getting a tiny amount of attention and it's usually artists who want their stuff checked out. Which is normal, all and every kind of relationship between two parties is on mutual interest. We'd have interest from knowing about their music and so would they.

BUT! What happens when most of our audience becomes producers who are only interested to have their music showcased? Naturally there'll be a few people that are here for the music but it is only logical that the first group will be an overwhelmingly larger part of our audience. So; how do we prevent this from killing our profits?

I'm thinking, since our best bet is to, just like we give the producers something back, we should find a way a random person interested in our project can profit from following it. Sale strategy says that we should focus on needs and wants, but recently I've learned that just a passion enough can be enough for someone to be interested in what you have to offer. Best measure of passion of course would be the seven deadly sins. Those sell the best.

> Hubris

If we, for example, could have a "guest writer" option where we'd have people send us their own content and we showcase and attribute them, so they can share it on their facebook/other profile to show their friends how not only do they have a great taste in music but also their writing on music is being featured in a magazine!
Now there's a way to give people interest in being part and growing of our audience.

> Greed

Affiliate program. I never mentioned this because it is critical but I intend on creating revenue from the project via sales - rather than advertisements - later on, probably next year. We could for example let people who have made an order share our content and for every unique piece of traffic we give them a % off of their order.

> Lust

We're all interested in the other gender and what they're like. No matter how many of the opposites we know we'll always be interested in them. So, why not have a surveying widget for music pieces that'll let audience dis/like it and state their gender (with write-ins, because tumblr); so that when a dude for example plays a track he finds on our site he can see whether girls like it.

> Envy, Gluttony

I don't know about these. Doesn't seem to be a way to profit from them really.

> Wrath

Shit-on column. I talked to S about this, we could have a resident asshole that'll shit on tryhard hacks that make shit music. Maddox profit(s/ed) from this aspect for years. But the fear of being called out alone will bring their traffic, not to mention the fact that we'll let them comment back.

> Sloth

This is more of a development thing, designing UX to make the services as easy to use as possible, and of course at a later time we could perhaps start and run an internet radio, but that's a topic for another day.


Thoughts? These would all work but number one problem still persists, how do we market our project so that the main source of traffic comes from people interested in discovering new music? Would making the whole process of someone being a random person that learns about our projects then discovering our content extremely fun and adventurous alone fortify this?

Also I am aware that this hasn't a lot about the project but everything about revenue, but I mentioned already that I can't invest anything past a domain name and a server, and I want to repay the people contributing to the project and what better way than cash?


Addendum to lust: we could also for example have a "service", more like a fun thing to do, let people send us a bunch of music they like and gender, and we pair them up.


this is an interesting approach to things, i dig it.
for the hubris section you can also have a write in section with questions and stuff like other magazines do where they select a few questions/comments from readers and place it at the end of the magazine.

this is pushing it. it just seems too weird.


I personally think our biggest goals right now should be producing more content and building affiliations - with artists and other people in the scene, like small record labels, venues, and other reviewers.


I like it. maybe we should create a banner that says, "write for us!" on it?


let's also start taking donations


the lust one is a bit too weird. But maybe we could just get people in touch with others who like the same music? But that effectively accomplishes the same thing as a hobby forum. Maybe do that, but nake it more personal, like add location and what kind of person you'd like to meet? There seems to be a dating service for every conceivable niche, but I haven't seen one for music nerds yet. It sounds really sleazy though, maybe hold off on the idea.


did you get in touch with the guy yet?

>gluttony + sloth

Something that says "instant gratification" that you can just listen to, like a radio stream when we get it running. We could also invite people to DJ like lainchan radio does.

>How do we market our project?

We don't have money to advertise, so our best bet is reaching out on social media - get followers, make memes, etc. When I push plum to people I always tell them it's an underground music magazine, so maybe take that angle?

feel free to add my handle -- Schola



Say you're a random person, what interest do you have - scratch that, what do you profit from that?

>producing more content


>building affiliations


>with artists

I've put L in charge of that, but I haven't heard from them in a while now.

>record labels, venues, reviewers

We'll need someone to exclusively do that though.

>"Write for us!" banner

I'm thinking we should have a recruitment page and look for people interested in parts of our project as much needed where they can have an interest from joining the team. For example lurk /lit/s and different writer communities and recruit writers.




No I didn't, this won't be as simple as finding someone random to do this, we actually need someone who'll write a dedicated column, a hate speech blogger willing to shit on people on a daily basis.

>we don't have money for advertisements

I think I'll have enough for this sometime mid 2017. We need a five year plan or something like that.

>underground music magazine

Don't get me wrong but that will become a lie as soon as we start getting more traffic.


File: 1463474107601.png (45.24 KB, 188x200, Screenshot from 2016-05-17 10:31:39.png)

>it just seems too weird
>the lust one is a bit too weird

Yeah I just thought put the first thing that came to mind.

The http://notclothing.club lainon has the right idea. Perhaps we could start off the sales with white-labeling tees from tee sellers (if I'm not mistaken there should be at least one lainon that does this) like this.

Give a few to pretty/handsome musicians we reviewed to take pictures in and viola, visual identity completed.

Note that I'm not much of a designer so this is just a proposal of the design.



Oh crap. I just realized that you meant "underground music" magazine and not an "underground [music] magazine".

>even I misread the term

Guess we need a better definition of what we are?



I've found a nice little poem on ello. See, if you look further into that person's account you'll find many other beautiful poems.

What would happen if we promoted this as well? Perhaps motivate some of the musicians interested in our platform to read some of the poems, perhaps turn them into songs?


File: 1463490431619.png (352.11 KB, 200x113, Screenshot from 2016-05-17 15:04:43.png)

Current time: mid May 2016
Tasks to do until: July 2016

> better our writing

By the end of this year I personally want to be able to churn out at least two quality 5-10 minute read articles a week. For now what we have are stubs, and we can probably do better without dropping in quality. Granted, there's not much to write about a random musician nobody knows about which makes good but generic electro. That's why we have to dig, contact the person, ask them a few questions, look at their music, find similar music in our collections AND other - especially popular music.

For the next few days I will be completing a draft of an article, test a free adspace platform (see https://plum-on.tumblr.com/adspace), looking for and posting learning material on writing here. I encourage you to post the same. I will also actively seek out and consume as much music as I can to have as strong a referencing point I can get.

> develop an API for newsletters, feedback

We have to decide on a form of public feedback, be it comments, like/dislike, rating system, or something else; and I will need to write an API for it. We will need our own API server either way so why not start working on it right now?

> establish a presence on a platform we decide

We have to take hold of our social media. One best way to do so is to pull all our efforts together at once and push really hard one platform representative at a time. I suggest we start off with soundcloud and do just soundcloud until above mentioned dead end; then switch to the next one. That doesn't mean we should abandon others, just that we should all contribute to one at a time.

What I have in mind (read: what I need you to do) is mostly point out, suggest, criticize, advise the best way to do something. Find a soundcloud page you think our official soundcloud should follow like or repost? Send it via a message. Have a comment on a track you'd like the official soundcloud page to say? Say so.

Basically any way for us to be engaged on a network and you know of it - say so.
* Note: I'm telling this to current and participating team members, or other lainons if they feel like it. *

At this moment I can't get in contact with our soundcloud manager and I'm guessing they're currently busy with more important stuff, so in the meantime I'll be taking over and running the official soundcloud page linked on the tumblr.

> discuss compiling a summer mixtape

Already started a playlist, pic related, it should have about 30 tracks, mostly from different artists. We're going for that "summer feeling" type of tracklist.


File: 1463503356411.png (1.86 MB, 83x200, screencapture-plum-on-tumblr-com-post-preview-1463503255088.png)

r8 out of 8


>why donations?
just because it can't hurt

the beauty of it is we start as an UNDERGROUND music magazine then become an UNDERGROUND MUSIC magazine. no but I see what you mean, a lot of sites like ours get a bad rap for preying on artists (getting them to pay for reviews, etc), maybe we could break that by working with them, really build up a network.

I think our messaging needs to say, "this is something you can be a part of"


>getting them to pay for reviews
>a lot
>a lot

That's just idiotic. The moment people find out you're finished.

>something you can be a part of

I'm going to have to build a database soon won't I?


We can't offer much in return, perhaps discount coupons for the shop? Like you get a code for a discount for some percentage that you'll be able to use with our shop?

Perhaps if we did that and used donations to, in order

>finance the project

>pay contributors
>finance musicians in terms of equipment and such

then we could perhaps think of taking donations. I want this to be as transparent and respectable as possible, because reputation does wonders for these kind of things. And sales especially.

* vent below *

I'd really like to get rid of the wage cuckoldry situation I'm stuck in, with parents that can barely feed themselves in a country with no existing social security and a shrinking economy. To avoid whining, I've got it good compared to some people, but realizing this project is pretty much my only drive forward.


File: 1463526234143.png (1.04 MB, 108x200, screencapture-plum-on-tumblr-com-post-preview-1463525774593.png)

Here we go: revision, a bit of editing. Major changes and appendages in upper 60% of the article, small edits in the lower part.

Anything to add? Suggestions for tags? Something else? Say so until noon May 18th GMT, that's when the post goes live.

The video's still there just not visible; I showed it manually in the first version to complete the look.


I'm starting an article on the need of politically-charged music as a tool to alleviate tensions from today's political scene - something like the subveysive pinkos did in the 60s. Any ideas or suggestions?

Already aware of the need to avoid picking sides so you don't have to mention that :>


>the moment people find out you're finished
well, I was told that's what they do, I don't know how major a practice this is.
>build a database
oh, I wasn't thinking of building a social network, more like a professional network if that makes sense. Like if we have a positive relationship with venues, if we speak favorably about an artist they'll have more success getting gigs, and so on.

>what do we offer in return

imo the point of a donation is that there isn't something you get in return, besides feeling good, but we could do something along the lines of perks for being a monthly donor. Like shop discounts for you and your friends.

perhaps find modern-day examples of this? I was at a protest last week and there was an art collective there producing politically conscious hip hop. I don't remember what they were called, unfortunately.


>I wasn't thinking of building a social network

Neither was I, when I say database I quite literally mean an interface app that'll help project managers handle the sheer amount of data and information we'll be working with.

>for you

>AND your friends

You, I like you. You're wise. Very very wise. Schola?

>modern political music

I'll need to dig through history for this, afaik punk is Anarchism - the genre and I know so so little about it.

To everyone reading this: throwing information this way would be very helpful :>

>politically conscious

There's the thing, that has never gone out of style, but it will very soon. Most politically conscious music was produced by communist-sympathizing antifa types. And it still remains so. Anything else is either non-constructive criticism or untalented edgy extremists. Trying to avoid painting with a broad brush but that's pretty much how it is.

With the pendulum swing that's supposed to happen, we can expect a big change in political landscape and processes in the near future.

And I'm interested in the music aspects of this. Here's something loosely related, but not exactly what I'm talking about



yeah, this is schola.

>handle the sheer amount of data and information

damn. you're willing to put a lot of work into this. I respect that.
>punk is anarchism: the genre
punk has a lot of anarchism but also contained political nihilism. There were anarcho-punks as long as punk existed but punk was not entirely anarchist: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punk_rock#Philosophy

it isn't the collective I was talking to earlier, but I heard this when organizing with a campus group: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj1lQVAtVg8


meant to sage but messed up

anyway, publishing of the editorial delayed until evening, I need to rework the first few paragraphs

they sound extremely stupid


how about the Medium post? please mirror the tumblr posts over there so i can alerts about them. great job on the article though



working on the api atm. Man, node is one disappointing env. You have to use a plethora of libraries just to be able to stream an audio/video file through your http server.

thanks, I really tried to make it look good.


May 19th, today I

>do my own job

>transfer stuff to medium
>read up tumblr's terms of service
>connected the API server yesterday, will make the foundating for services
>starting off with a newsletter service
>and finally scout soundcloud threads

We missed the window to inform MEGUMI about their track being our track of the week so I suggest we prolong it to next week too.

btw I've struck a goldmine, check this out






job's done. Now on to medium. I'll transfer all the posts by hand, since the import functionality is a bit wonky.


turns out it isn't just the import functionality that's wonky on medium.

For some reason one "story" is both published and a fraft.




anyway, medium is up-to-date I believe. Now let's get to those terms of service. I've gotta know what exactly I can use an external server with tumblr for, if anything at all.


speaking of, rage against the machine is doing something soon:

we don't have to report on them, but maybe we can still run an article to take advantage of the buzz?


File: 1463700958582.png (55.6 KB, 200x181, Screenshot from 2016-05-20 00:57:32.png)



File: 1463711132584.png (679.49 KB, 200x113, Screenshot from 2016-05-20 04:25:00.png)


Haven't found anything that prevents me from doing what I intend to do.

I'll make the service foundation before going to sleep, and in the meantime we should decide on something:

I've got this idea see, we need a message. We need a clear simple and positive narrative that'll make all our operations much simpler. Say for example, we make it our mission statement that our goal is

>promoting amateur indie musicians

(we need to define the type of music we're interested in as well)

and then (r)evolve everything we do around just that - promoting those musicians. So, for example, not only to fix the ... ehh ... design of the tumblr main theme but also state our mission, I'll make a "header" styled page top, something like ello does (https://ello.co/plum-on-ello) where we'll rotate images of some of amateur musicians as backgrounds and put a strong text on top saying

># of amateur musicians promoted into (the industry/popularity/some better term) this year/month

and a subtitle being a link to a page with the list of all musicians we successfully promoted altogether. Similar to pic related.





File: 1463773725482.png (3.12 MB, 50x200, screencapture-plum-on-tumblr-com-1463773522885.png)

yeeuhp >>4687


starting on newsletter service


I'm thinking maybe we should reward subscribers with something, maybe an exclusive single or something.

I'll go around ask if anyone who's got good unreleased music is interested.


File: 1463788404957.png (335.43 KB, 200x113, Screenshot from 2016-05-21 01:51:03.png)



alright, I've been looking into things and making notes, I'll post what I have written what might or might not be related to the project. Most were seminars and speeches by the way.

take what you want from what you want


in no particular order, paragraph per point:

Aside from sharing music what of value can a reader take from Plum?

3 step process of selling?

Why people buy things?
Needs and wants? Needs is wrong, people don't buy things they need. They don't know what they need? People don't buy even what they need when they are not motivated to do so. Cold-calling is a bad attempt at creating motivation.

Why do people buy things?


if a product excites a potential buyer - you have a sale. Seven deadly sings are the seven passions to sell; people remember emotions, especially negative ones.

(personal thought) IMAGE is important. Sloth. Sell the re-aggregated opinion to the people that need on but can't be arsed about making one for themselves


people buy things if it helps them sleep better at night. Fears work better than passions, if usable.

Segmentation: "we'll put out fear people over there and our passion people over there - then sell to each separately".

How to make a sale when in direct communication, the three steps:

>get people TALKING

about their passions and their fears. Care about it.
>focus the conversion
towards a passion or a fear you can sell
>offer a solution

Learn about the customer, avoid stereotypes.

It is aboslutely necessary to know about your target's fears/passions.

Talk by Cliff Ennico


got this from a post on some board

>WHO is the specific target prospect

(demographics, psychographics)
>WHAT is the nature of their problem
(physical, mental, emotional? is it annoying, painful, bothersome?)
>WHEN do they actually experience the problem?
(how often, how long)
>WHERE does the problem affect them negatively?
(what are its ripple/domino effects)
>WHY can't they solve it themselves?
>HOW have they tried to solve it but failed
(the full menu of solutions that don't work)
>WHAT IF they could solve it, what would life be like?

(personal thought, answers)

The specific target is anyone interested in discovering new music, expanding their collections and enriching their music tastes. Their problem would usually be not having the time or motivation to explore music on their own, or not having someone to guide them. They experience the problem when they crave adventurism, or just something to listen to but have nothing on their platter.

Ares most effected would probably be not just their personal life but their personality as well, which heavily influences the former. They need a soundtrack.

Why can't they solve it themselves? Life? It's probably having a modern busy life that prevents them from enjoying the finer things in it.

>how have they tried but failed

Stumble upon a blog or some other curating service that fell through the crakcs of the social-media-era interwebs. End up disappointed. Try on their own to explore and discover music but end up irritated when they miss more often thatn they hit.

>convincing tools

they could form an admirable identity and become lauded as the resident expert on music with an effort
click a button - become the expert; even in the information age and mostly due to saturation, quality data is hard to come by. If a service offers it in exchange of a single click, even the most uninterested party will get on-board.
offer discounts I guess, coupons (and their friends, good thinkin schola); affiliate links, partner programs etc
an extensive use of social media as a means of mutual promotion
ie: guest writers, share their showcased content on their facebook - boom! instant traffic. Crediting data contributors when using their data should yield similar results

(addendum: here I'm talking about people wondering why their friend's patrician taste is showcased in a e-zine)
use erotic image maybe? As in, not only post pictures with semi-erotic themes but also use plenty of sexual themes in writing

* NOTE *

Research gender data about the topic; are men more likely to be interested in undergorund music?


I personally enjoy watching King of the Hill when eating. The content of the show simply fits my mood when I'm eating.

Look into it, find out how to employ those same aspects into writing.
having a "come and get shit" on column is a must have not only for the drama but for the sheer amount of butthurt it could produce

Antagonizing popular music can only e harmful but if we present it as betrayal and trivialization of purity - it might prove functional.



Inbound is trends and ideas and marketing is sales and an agency of change.

All about the content;

It takes 14 pieces of content for a customer to make a buying decision. 70% of that decision is done on the initial content viewing.

Fun thought: marketing is like jazz. Jazz players mostly listen before stepping in to improvise.

The question is - do we have a message and how can we most cost efficiently put the message into the market?

Where does inbound marketing start?

1: convert the whole firm into inbound
2: harmonize marketing and sales
3: "talk it up", information sells, be transparent, it's not supposed to be perfect
4: sell marketing developments to sales first
5: ?make it easy?

HUBSPOT INBOUND TALKS: Eric Keiles, "the 30 minute marketing plan"


>strategy before tactics

-story you tell your clients (message) is important
-be the purple cow***note-1
-property development site webcame story***note-2
>how to leverage content
-67% of buy decision is on content point
-mini cooper story***note-3
>integrated approach
-low risk, middle, high risk offers
>ongoing outreach & optimization
-continuous development of engagement
-tear things down and rebuild them
-find where the target is and put offer infront of them

(basically know your target)

>who are they (demographics, psychographics)

>what are their titles
>what do they think
>where are they located?
>what are their plans?

?something about different ice cream flawords for different people?***note-4

plan and keep a growth program,
recommendations, referrals,



used to be:

(in the 1920s cereal business was just make->sell due to having no competition)

now it is:

inbound marketing->build the marketing machine database->sale


HUBSPOT INBOUND TALKS: Steve Rubel "communicating in constellations: people, platfosm, publishers"

Content conversions? Two thirds of digital media is consumed on smartphones.

>Information will scale infinitely; time and attention are finite resources.

FRAGMENTATION of data; messages are going to be fragmented, "a tweet here a picture there"

PERSONALIZATION: a lot of great stories are going to fail to reach their intended audience. >Algorithms are the new intermediaries.
Economy favours specialization, but generalization is needed as well. In a networked world you need to be network, systems thinking:

>know your people

>they don't go to publishers (like Plum)
>they go to syndicators
>they go to search engines
>they go to social media

>the road to information starts on the platforms

split-style-storytelling: basically create content so that it makes people want to share it, makes them look good in front of those they share to, "look everyone, I'm virtuous!" or "look everyone, I'm intelligent!"

always focus on distribution, scaling a surface area, align with agencies that have influence on a specific surface area/platform
(this would basically be getting hooked up to the small time web-record houses)


the more you link things together - the better. Consumers are not likely to engage directly, >connect content to make it visible>connect content to make it visible>connect content to make it visible>connect content to make it visible

irrelevant fun quote:
>I'm writing an app is the new I'm writing a screenplay


A TED talk by a John Dufresne

making a vivid description through metaphors and connotations as to make the reader use imagionation (subconsciously) to engage with the message.

Thinking about writing is not writing. Anything you don't want to happen to your family or yourself SHOULD happen to your characters.

Writing a story is going through the path of most resistance.

| The point is not to answer - but to question
| not to solve - but to seek
| not to preach - but to explore

Life is stranger than fixtion, because fiction has to make sense.


show -> scene -> vivid, intimate -> engages the imagination and emotions of the reader

tell -> summary -> distant, efficient -> nothing

Describe the environment, show the reader where they are. All first person narrators are unreliable, they have a stake in the outcome.


Struggle implies ?protracted? effort and a passionate conflict.

Sometimes the untold story is as - or more - important as the told one (was).

The plot leads, you follow.

>"Good writing is concise" - Scott Berkun


Use a three act structure?
Aristotle says the formula is:

>pity (suffering)

>fear (struggle)
>catharsis (overcoming)

People need storytelling as to have experiences; they need sentimental, happy endings.

We belielve what we see and not what we hear. Participation, shorter scenes, make the audience fill in the blanks, that makes them feel good as well engage the content.


core drivers of engagement:

>greater cause

During a visit to the NASA space center in 1962, President Kennedy noticed a janitor carrying a broom. He interrupted his tour, walked over to the man and said, “Hi, I’m Jack Kennedy. What are you doing?”

The janitor responded, “I’m helping put a man on the moon, Mr. President.”

>feel a sense of belonging

>meaningful journey, feeling of making a significant impact



File: 1463889214853.png (53.04 KB, 200x140, diffusionofideas.jpg)

and finally, the why-how-what by Simon Sinek:


and NOT the other way around.

If Apple said
>we make computers (WHAT), design them nicely (HOW), want to buy? (WHY)

they'd fail. Here is our X, it is Y, buy; doesn't work.

How Apple communicates
>why: think different
>how: using nicely designed computers
>what: their macs


gateway sold same things apple did, but failed. dell as well.

>"The Goal is not to do business with people who need what you have. The Goal is to do business with people who blieve what you believe." - Simon Sinek

And it's biological apparently:

>neocortex does the "what" parts with logic

>limbic does the feelings, decision making (gut feeling)

>"first target emotions, then rationalize" - Simon Sinek

Langley, Wright brothers example.

pic related, jump the chasm and you're set

>"He said I have a dream, and not I have a plan" - Simon Sinek


should we target musicians initially and use their investment and fanbase for growth?


don't see why not. we can also sell them shirts


how do we successfully promote artists? run articles about them, or do something more? If I publish about a show, have I promoted every artist in that show?


better idea: we sell their t-shirts at a markup, and give them our t-shirts for free if they wear them at concerts.


Keyword would be >successfully.
When we turn an unknown musician into a relatively-known name.

For example, Pertubator was relatively unknown before. After NewRetroWave a lot more people listen to their music.



If you want some good under the radar music to promote look here


Have you guys considered looking at the threads with lainon music at >>3459 and >>1390? Might be some nice things for you here.


I'm thinking we compile a summer sampler and give out out as a subscription gift when we launch the newsletter functionality.

All I've got for now is:

In no particular order. Please take a look at this and see what fits where.

We'll probably need a graphic identity for the summer sampler cover.

Yes, but haven't gotten to it yet.
I've got a great many things on my plate right now. I can't get myself started on the political thing I'll probably be skipping it for now.


turns out PDO don't work on openshift for some reason


mysqli returns blanks, mongodb don't work either


php mail() doesn't work either


imma go out have a drink
I can work out ways around this though.


oh, I was asking about the ticker. does it only go up for every Perturbator we promote? cuz then I feel like we'd get a lot of zeros..



yeah, it's supposed to be a year thing until we have enough to turn it into "overall".

I put it as month to put pressure on myself to try harder in the initial phase.


I'd like to suggestion this band i just found https://soundcloud.com/lyfe-indoors/sets/memoree-ep they have a cozy atmosphere


Took a little break, had other things to do; am back now.

The API server can now store new subscriber e-mail addresses, now all I have to do is figure out how to efficiently send e-mail to those addresses.



Noted by the way, thanks a lot.


an update:

I've got some sidejob that's taking my time but I'm still on top of things. I learned that I was wrong here


and I've got a few lengthy drafts to work over and show you pre-publishing.

Should we change the song of the week lol?


Also I really really really really desperately need suggestions for the summer sampler release. It's supposed to be out in 10 days you know.


June 6th, today I

>do my job

>type up and post my drafts here
>find ten more "summer-y" tracks on various soundcloud threads
>make a release cover
>zip it up
>finish the newsletter system,
>make the summer release a subscription gift


File: 1465210263562.png (3.88 MB, 58x200, screencapture-plum-on-tumblr-com-post-preview-1465210119556.png)




... I did do the first thing. I'll skip drafts, just reformat and recheck everything then publish.

Doing the quantity over quality thing.


File: 1465272007362.png (612.83 KB, 160x200, summer_sampler_cover.png)



This is a cool follow up. Glad to see that video, good work!


>plaintext site is 200MB
>with embeds it's almost 500

I need to make a lighter tumblr theme don't I?


any update?


On? I have a lot on my plate so I'm doing a bit of everything slowly.

I've expanded the summer sampler playlist but I'll have to put it out soon so if I don't find more stuff I'll cut what's excess here and do a ~8 track mix.

Package it as a newsletter subscription gift and mix together then upload to soundcloud.

I'm on top of soundcloud, twitter again AND I've got a draft on ricca vita although it'll turn up much much shorter that it should be.


File: 1465730891079.png (73.56 KB, 200x163, Screenshot from 2016-06-12 13:23:20.png)

forgot pic


alright sounds and looks good.


File: 1465901596274.png (73.72 KB, 200x185, Screenshot from 2016-06-14 12:52:26.png)

rearranged it a bit and contacted artists


Phagu is on board!


>There's a lot of functionality that's dependent on me writing software so it'll probably be a feature very soon.

What? There are plenty of newsletter services. You don't need to write any code. Just do it manually for now, you're not putting out enough content to care so much about automation.


9/13 artists are on board!


Better now than later.


what does "on board" mean?


File: 1466236967591.png (19.49 KB, 73x200, Screenshot from 2016-06-18 10:00:19.png)


could you post links to the artists soundclouds with timestamps on the mix?


great job by the way. it is so feel good, perfect for summer.


only ever made one thing, but if I continue, it'll sound like this.




I'd rather wait for more interest to gather before releasing the tracklist.

There's an exclusive track in there that you can't get anywhere else as well as a unique radio edit I've gotten from one of the artists.

I'll prep it for download as a newsletter subscription gift soon so there's that?


Thanks I actually tried to make it all fit together and sound smooth. I had the Melaz mixtapes in mind the whole time.


Too cluttered for an ambient track too minimal for anything else.

Has a smell though, not smell but... it's got something. Aim for something like a minimal version of Carbon Based Lifeforms music.


By the way since I've changed the theme structure the banners are gone but they'll be back up soon, got more work to do about the theme.


Addendum: if you really have talent and are able to create something of quality you should try making a cyb themed track of any variety, I'm heavy set on doing a cyberia themed mix like this one.

Perhaps Cyberian Winter or something like that.

By the way if anyone's interested in making one we need a cover for the summer release, >>4859 this was just a proposal.


hey this is schola, I haven't been able to check email lately and my hard drive is currently highly inaccessible.


Good to know you're still here.


Nope, not at all. Get to launch first and then fuck around with your mailing list. You're distracted and won't get far.


>won't get far

Yes I will! Hehe.


summerlist was dope. anything else coming soon?



Cover image and a download of the "LP" with a bonus track.

I've a draft that I just don't know how to finish.



can't find the permalink button on this tumblr theme

I'm losing more patience for tumblr every time I open it.

It's the shittiest piece of webware I've ever seen.


File: 1467682454391.png (367.01 KB, 160x200, Summer Sampler.png)

skol here,
how about something like this. I can touch it up a bit more too, if it needs it.


have you listened to Goodbye Tomorrow? an interview on them would be cool


I'll be inactive for a while now.