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The music is based on my life experience, inspired on cyberpunk movement and a mixture of 'existencial progressive depressive experimental music'.

I passed 5 years recording each feeling. Can be a little weird for some people, is a lot of introspection.



cool stuff, ive been doing something similar lately with video. weird for most people also.

this is the only thing ive put on the wired so far:

i need to find a better video editor, openshot on arch keeps crashing when i edit large sized (2GB+) files in it.


The album cover on the bandcamp link is god teir


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hey it's me, your first official buy ;)

my dude, this was really tight. thank you again for the amazing music. please make more


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Will be expecting more from you OP great stuff so far, love the atmosphere you create. Thank you so much.


this. is it original?