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So, after reading the article in lainzine 3 about how to get noise from random files with audacity, I put the PDF itself through audacity and got great results.
Post anything notably good or interesting you've done that with in this thread, too
If you listen closely, you can hear voices in the noise.


at which point should I start hearing the voices? just sounds like another Merzbow hit


There are a few instants here and there where I thought it sounded like fragments of voices, maybe it wa sjust me.
around 19-20 seconds is one, there were a few more like it.


I heard it too.


hey OP, what file did you use for this? the 50 MB one?
there's definitely a lower sound that sounds more like a human voice. I wonder what's causing it.


it would be cool if we could see what part of the file we're on when the music is playing


Yeah, I took that, applied noise reduction in audacity then cut out some long stretches of monotonous noise.


>I wonder what's causing it.
The PDF was imprinted with sentience. It has no means whatsoever to act of it's own volition or reveal it's existence, and this was it's desperate plea. And even that is being ignored. (See: >>4953 )


dude, thats WAY /cyb/


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I tried it with some images for kicks. A few of the effects instantly produced cool results.


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