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Halfaxa was a great album.


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but Visions is her best work


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Would you set my house on fire if I said I preferred Art Angels?

Skin and Oblivion on Visions were, to me, the standouts, while on Art Angels, Kill V. Maim, Flesh without Blood, Realiti, and World Princess Part II I all really make their presence felt.

Am I exposing myself here as Pop sympathiser scum?

Anyway, I think Art Angels caught a bit of harshness from 1) The expectations of the fans going into it, and B) Track 2 is California, which is not that strong a track and very poppy compared to previous work and that pressed a lot of people's panic buttons about her direction very earlier into the album.

Ultimately Art Angels is way more upbeat than Visions and that's not going to everyone's cup of tea, but if you're someone who can enjoy upbeat and downbeat music I think Art Angels was strong in it's own right.


Some really schway tracks on Geidi Primes too