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Let's talk about youtube, what are some cool channels you know about? Where do you think the site will move towards in the next few years?


I find so much beautiful obscure music on youtube. Sometimes I feel anxious youtube will do something like purge all vids that bring minimal profit for them and I wont be able to dig anymore. Its something that they could do.


this channel is my favorite I found it recently and have watched the videos multiple times. Basically it explains why different things like Pixar movies and Adult Swim are so great


This channel Lessons from the Screenplay goes in depth about how screen writers write their screenplays to be impactful



I don't see why they would, there are more functional and reliable free video hosts than them out there, people mostly still use youtube because everyone else already does. They wouldn't want to start losing users now.


I almost exclusively use YT for music since there's such a vast selection
Rarely do I check out the channels I'm still subscribed to (VICE affiliates, MillionDollarExtreme, theneedledrop)

here's a couple random videos that I like which I hope are 'obscure' enough to bring you novelty

This thread got me thinking about YouTube's 'Golden Age', ca. 2006 - 2009
Lots of user-generated content that wasn't trash or blatant pandering/clickbait in order to stand out.
I was adolescent at the time so I watched a lot of comedy stuff like nigahiga, one-off meme videos, and smosh; plus video game stuff like Machinima


But the sound quality is awful :(
If something is on youtube, it's available somewhere else in better quality for certain.


Help me revive this thread.

Asian guy who makes comfy shorts.

r beny knows his modular synthesizer.

WeDidIt is label with music from Shlohmo, Purple - their music videos are definitely worth checking.

I am in need for some new content, looking for some active channel about travelling to shady Asia's places. Fuck tourism, everybody already saw Taipei 101!



dillonthehacker; like his satire, though he's blowing up a lil

shamlife; comedy/vlogish/behind-the-scenes channel run by the people behind EMH. i wanted to keep these guys my dirty little secret but... i just couldnt lol. with some time their content could be pretty legendary i love it. just all around seem like good, funny, likable people.


too late for making vaporwave, but guy uploads few karaoke songs every week for over year