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Season starts tomorrow on USA network

whos hyped?!?!


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I look forward to seeing some more-realistic-than-most hacking stuffs. Though I've never had high hopes for second seasons.


Is this shoiw good? Would you recommend?


it's a good show if you don't have high expectations.

first season you get a lot of tech related stuff in the first episodes but then it's just a drama show.

it's like a fight club hacker series, if you're able to ignore the cheesy "fucksociety/anonymous" stuff go ahead and watch it


First two episodes are already out on the usual torrent sites.

It doesn't look like it's getting any better but it's certainly still a watchable, high-production-quality sci-fi series. I've found that thinking of it specifically as a piece of cyberpunk fiction makes it easier to swallow all of the exaggerated caricatures, lame moralizing etc. (It seems like the upshot of all this 'gritty realism' in modern film/tv is that we find it difficult to accept more stylized narratives, Black Mirror being an example of a show that treads the line perfectly.)


last week's episode parodies 90s sitcom; gave me some real amrshall mcluhan vibes


Alf + Mr Robot ah ah