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What was the most cyb release of the first half of 2016 and why was it Capsule's Pride?

>could literally be an alternate soundtrack or electronic opera of one of the most cyb animoos of all time

>originally released on Tor hidden service
>given away completely free because cyb

I have listened to this a few hundred times since it dropped.

What are your midyear cyb favorites, lains?


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Amnesia Scanner
>Deep dark sounds
>Electronic as fuck
>Goto members site and tell me not cyb

by IGLOOGHOST & MR. YOTE feat. Busdriver and clppng.
>Squeaky plastic
>Deep rap
>It's got clppng, bitch


I'm desparately waiting for it to be released in lossless.
It's full of the best house/techno music in years.


It is literally a masterwork. Every song is perfect for what it is and they blend together as a seamless experience. It tells the Akira story as well as either of the other media the Akira story has been told in.

Lossless would be great, I'm afraid he'll keep it a bootleg forever because of copyright. Just one more reason to smash the state.


>What was the most [x] and why is it [y]?

Please keep garbage /mu/tant memes on full chan. I wouldn't like to see a thread with this prehistoric spongebob image as OP here one day, for example.


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my favorite cyb 2016:
Capsule's Pride ep
Silk Road Assassins ep
Sami Baha ep
Bladee album
new Bug tunes


Shit reminded me of hearing deadmau5 for the first time. I hate it when people give out free music in mp3. Might just have to DJ tunes from it with the mp3s which I generally try to avoid.


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Headless by THYX
It isn't free of copyright tho.
Prog rock + synthpop with some vocoding.


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Where to download Capsule's Pride? Tried searching album and artist name and all I find are mainly reviews. Closest thing to a site I found was http://luckyme.net/bwana/ - which doesn't provide much. No audio under the page's media info- only odd images seemingly not actually displayed on the page itself.


It's probably those Lamont tunes on Keysound

cold af

not really

It's out on vinyl, you can get that and rip it.

I might make one just for you.


it's on that website, look harder


for the full cyb experience download it via the .onion


Ah, got it now. Thanks. Had to change page style from basic to no style to see everything else.