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Are you watching the new season of mr robot?


Yeah, but I don't think I like it. The rants about society sound like something Chuck Palahniuk would write and I feel they've turned the schizophrenia/delusions/whatever into a gimmick because they want to keep Christian Slater on the show.

I hope they focus on the real world more.


I enjoy the show but the schizophrenia make me confused.


I think the schizophrenia actually adds a pretty cool element to the story.


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Yeah, but I'd love to see some screen action too. Mustn't be Elliot, in Fact it would be refreshing to see an unknown and faceless fraction of F*Society emerge stealing the attention away from our protagonists due to them being not as active in cyberspace anymore.

The bit with the kernel panic dump in the journal was too cheesy for my taste.
I loved how suddenly that [spoiler]bioengineer guy died[/spoiled],
hope they don't ruin it by wasting the suspense of instant death.
Gideon tough had it coming from ten miles away, snore.

Lastly I have high hopes for Agent Dominique what's her name?
Seems like an enjoyable character and a bit of a loose cannon.


Fair point. I think I'd like to see some new faces too. I don't know how I feel about Dominique quite just yet.


I like it for the hacker eye-candy, generally realistic hacking, and ARG stuff, but the rants are a bit too edgy.

It's entertaining regardless of its flaws in my opinion.


I was really disappointed when it turned into a Fight Club clone. I was enjoying it before; it had completely zeroed in on my market and then just got lazy.


Dropped it. Too much angst, not enough Hackers(1995).
Season two seams to be aiming at the millennial demographic even more now.


I have hopes for it. Not much action yet, some psychological shit which I like. But it's been 3 episodes and Elliot has done nothing but avoid his imaginary friend. I like how he dumped a kernel panic on his diary. All that shit with darlene is pretty boring "hurr durr, hacktivism!". The deaths of soriano or whathistname, and Gideon don't seem overly significant, they're just getting rid of things they don't need for this season.
The new girl, the ginger who masturbates and finds the arcade is promising.
But one thing I like is that the characters have some actual background. Half the scenes from that ginger is at night in her house...
Also wtf with that nigger dude? The one with the dog?


Also I miss Tyrell, he was my single favorite character.
I'd like to see Tyrell and Elliot touching their peepees


Love the show, it's what got me interested in cyber security last year when it came out.

Yeah I like the psychological battle with himself as well. I agree on the boring hacktivism, I think it just shows that fsociety needs a leader to actually get shit done.

The guy with the dog (Ray) is pretty weird. I have a feeling that Elliot is in a mental institution and Ray is some sort of an authority figure. But I can't tell if his routine is just a metaphor for that.


That show went to shit fast. I liked the start so much more when he was just a problem riddled addict. Now it's just "look how insane he is".


The first episode was just bait for getting me to watch some anti-capitalist drama


Honestly I've been let down so far, It moves so much slower than the last season, episode 4 was really the only one that really got me. The rest seems just uninteresting hopefully the fbi hunt makes it intesting