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Does anyone happen to have pdfs or good information about getting into calligraphy -- more specifically creating computer-fonts?

Also, calligraphy general thread


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OP here.

I realize not many people on lainchan would be too interested in calligraphy. However, maybe someone else could benefit from this. :)

I look around and I found this software (My specifications were multiplatform and FOSS)


There's another one, called GNU Font Editor, but it requires you to compile it and I figured not everyone would have the technical ability to compile this type of software. I will note it though, since I'm sure there are people would wouldn't mind it. (It's based on GIMP)

The other thing, I found these calligraphy pdf's that seemed like they could be a helpful introduction to it.

I'd recommend starting with either "The Art of Calligraphy" or "Modern Calligraphy and Hand Letting". Both are introduction books. "The Art of Calligraphy" appears to be a more broad scope than "Modern Calligraphy". The other two seem like intermediate books.

I uploaded them and included a md5 checksum. https://mega.nz/#F!UMsH2YIJ!IDkvxkT-5rslvdpMiOhVWw

Cheers :)


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Thank you!


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Good enough for Knuth, good enough for me.
METAFONT is one of the coolest things no one seems to know or care about.


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