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looks good. One thing I would say is the moon stands out quite a bit, might want to do something to make the edge a bit less sharp


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Not actually pixel art, but kind of


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My little castle.


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here is a building I'm working on. I included my "workshop" with the steps I made so other anons can hopefully learn from it. I don't claim to be an expert on pixel art, I just think I've got my iso bases down and I think anyone could benefit from learning a thing or two. What do you think?


I think you're falling into a common mistake in pixel/sprite art and having fx (the sort of thing that would be generally be a shader or particle effect in a 3d environment) that are entirely in a single color or very restricted palette, further exacerbated by mandating that they must always be adjacent to one another. I would suggest experimenting with less constrained and more lackadaisical art, you maybe be surprised at the results.


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OC, need to work on the background


holy shit thats amazing!
got anywhere i can follow your work?


I use the plebeian tumblr, cuz it's easy to use: http://salems-city.tumblr.com/


thats fine, lets me easily keep up with artists. do you know about the PixelArt Academy?