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Post some drawings from your sketchbook lainons.


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I really like the figure on the left, sketched it randomly and have an odd connection to it. If you don't see what I see let me explain. It's some creature sitting in a meditating position with a scarf and some spirit hovering over him.


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I like the design on your lil dudes shirt. I actually draw one just like it a lot.


File: 1434838204862-0.png (2.56 MB, 150x200, Untitled1.jpg)

File: 1434838204862-1.png (2.54 MB, 150x200, Untitled2.jpg)


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I like the third one. I'm jealous of your faces. What's wrong with his shoulder though?


I meant 'her'.


It's a bit too long but the weird thing on it is a part of a wing. This is a mix of the cover of Saga Vol 2 and a random page of that chapter. I looked at them while drawing.


yeah this belongs more in the oekaki thread.


File: 1436971228563.png (171.19 KB, 200x125, lain_painting.png)

I've made this lain painting and don't know where else to post it


nice, what did you use to make it?


not him but it doesnt matter

some program with graphics tablet support, e.g. any version of photoshop




I used GIMP, but as the other guy said it doesn't really matter as I only used basic brushes and no fancy effects or textures




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File: 1443064311884.png (556.35 KB, 200x200, meow__3_by_cryptokitty-d91qdve.png)

Don't really have my sketch book near by so I'll post one I have drawing on the computer for now.

Might try drawing lain when I have my sketchbook.



These are a cool anon

Keep it up! I'd enjoy see more


This looks great lainon


Are you going to submit anything to the lainzine? You should make som /cyb/ lain drawing


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These are cool!

I like these sort of...scribbly style drawings.



Thinking about it but I'm not really sure of how I should draw her... I'll post if I come up with something.


File: 1443295363573.png (1.02 MB, 142x200, 1340960012168.png)

>I like these sort of...scribbly style drawings.
It's not meant to be a style. It's just what happens when I don't clean up the bad lines.


Jesus. Most of you should not be drawing in sketchbooks yet. Literally wasting money.


I want to start drawing what I see in my dreams, how did you guys learn to draw?
Any resources to link?


File: 1444825420252.png (490.92 KB, 152x200, WP_20141207_012.jpg)

I use a spiral notebook. >:D


File: 1444827703796.png (348.05 KB, 150x200, Untitled-2.png)

But I am not very good with this digital stuff.


File: 1444832909483.png (1.79 MB, 152x200, less_noise1.png)

A sketchbook is nice because I can use it without a clipboard or table, I don't have to worry about pages falling out like they would in a folder, and there aren't a bunch of horizontal lines across the pages. As long as I make an effort to use up a page fully before moving to the next one, my sketchbooks will last me a very long time. They're also fun to flip through once they've been filled out.

This would look a lot better if the horizontal lines were gone. Even with the shading fuarrrked up, there's a lot less noise.


What I found helpful is, probably what you've heard before, but paying attention to how the highlights and shadows play off of the object or person. Usually I avoid drawing lines and start with drawing shadows at the central part of the object. It's really something to just draw the shadows and suddenly the object appears in front of you. Any intro drawing course will teach you this, I think. You just need to keep at it until it clicks. I think you'll know the feeling.


Can't you just find some scrap pieces of paper around? I have a bunch of printed notes I no longer need so I just doodle on the reverse. Sorry if I offend you guys, but if the quality of the drawing is around that of >>2002 I would not bother keeping them organized. I would throw them away.

>I make an effort to use up a page fully before moving to the next one, my sketchbooks will last me a very long time. They're also fun to flip through once they've been filled out.

Then It's just a scrapbook


File: 1444903094452.png (216.66 KB, 113x200, WP_20150121_001.jpg)

Yeah I do know what you mean, I've taken to drawing serious things on printer paper now. But I still mess around in old spirals just to keep all the small stuff organized


Can you stop triggering me


Only if i knew what to do differently


I hadn't heard about that, I'll give it a try, thanks.


Learn how to draw before proclaiming to be drawing "serious" things.


do you have an actual criticism or are you just going to be derogatory and spout memes


Did you miss the part where I said "learn how to draw"? I was in fact being completely serious. I hate /ic/'s textbook unhelpful response to anyone who submits their work (I'm talking about the "needs more loomis / lrn2fundamentals" meme)solely to make themselves feel better when they themselves are probably much worse than the original submitter, but in your case it actually applies. You haven't reached the point where any criticism directed specifically at this particular work of yours would be helpful.

My generic advice would be
>motor control
>stop chicken scratching
>learn what line weight is
>actually construct the figure of the character before drawing specific features
i.e. go read the /ic/ sticky

And finally, stop trying to make "serious" works. If you want to see real progress you need to be drawing at least 20 figures in different poses from different perspectives a day. What you should be getting out of those 20+ figure drawings isn't the drawings themselves, but what you know to improve next time and how you would go about it.


>Then It's just a scrapbook.
It isn't just a scrapbook; it's a scrapbook. I like scrapbooks.


Don't take this personally by the way, this post can be directed at far more than one person ITT.


I would love too see your work. Also, sorry I simply enjoy drawing.


File: 1444981659231.png (283.62 KB, 156x200, IMG_20151013_015051.jpg)

>I would love too see your work.
but this is a sketchbook thread and I don't draw in a sketchbook

Yeah alright. But save your time if you're trying to use this opportunity to attack me. I know my own drawings aren't great hence I don't use a sketchbook.

>I simply enjoy drawing

I enjoy drawing too but I don't enjoy being soykaf at it and deluding myself into believe otherwise.


File: 1444988030573.png (1.31 MB, 200x137, AdobePhotoshopExpress_c48bb1a70d844548b7c79ec6a88870bc.jpg)

I never said I was particularly good, just that one of my drawings was a serious attempt. Just because I'm not the best does not invalidate my efforts. Also, weren't you just ragging on people for using sketchbooks when they shouldn't?


It's like you can't make up your mind whether you're just doodling for fun or you're trying to produce something of quality.

Serious questions: What is your age? Before I said anything what were your own opinions on your drawings? What do you possibly hope to gain from continuing to post them? If you were hoping to change my mind you need to give up already. If you want coddling and validation deviantart is that way.

>Just because I'm not the best does not invalidate my efforts.

You're polishing a turd. No matter how much time you spend filling in the details you drawing isn't actually looking any better.

>weren't you just ragging on people for using sketchbooks when they shouldn't?

Until you asked of me otherwise in >>2020, pretty much.


Zooey Deschanel? I had a HUGE crush on her once.


File: 1445001571966.png (100.43 KB, 200x171, codeine lain.png)

I think a lot of us used to have a crush on that woman.


I'm 18. And no, I really can't decide whether I am just doodling for fun or not. Since it is triggering you so much I will stop posting my stuff though. I think I am better than somebody or doesn't draw, but sure as hell not better then somebody whose been doing it for some time.


>>2020 here. I'm not the artist. I was just passing through and thought your advice was really bad.


It's exactly what he needs. fuarrrk off.



Please just go ahead and post. I don't want this place to go the way 4chan did where people either lurk or bicker. This board has too little content for people to be chased off.


File: 1445394207789-0.png (536.47 KB, 200x175, 20151020_211552.jpg)

File: 1445394207789-1.png (1.11 MB, 200x150, 20151020_211647.jpg)

i did this on that class i don´t like today


Loving your style



Also really liking that kind of style, shading seems right on for B/W with the source being positioned far above.

Is there a more general term for outlining with mostly straight lines I wonder?


File: 1445396654528-0.png (902.22 KB, 136x200, 1439080158944.jpg)

File: 1445396654528-1.png (1.63 MB, 154x200, 1441843264306.jpg)

File: 1445396654528-2.png (571.54 KB, 200x132, DX2.jpg)

thanks guys,i love big solid shadows a lot, here´s more stuff for you


Do you have a DeviantArt or anything?


ease off even more on the hard lines; shade your way to success!


nice dude. these are really cool

you should listen to >>2060. if you wanna post you should just post. there are probably people here who can give you some good, constructive criticism


File: 1445471358237-0.png (96.46 KB, 200x114, 2015-02-19-172442.jpg)

File: 1445471358237-1.png (639.65 KB, 200x200, pspt test low speed.gif)

What do when you like drawing but are too lazy to actually git gud?

I do love experimenting a bit with animation but I'm just too damn lazy to work on improving.


i have a site yeah, boneax on tumblr


so cool , is it really traditional animation?


soykaf yes i loved that show. then again im sure most people here do.


it isn't a waste of money to them if they are using it.


Oh, that wasn't me! I just had that image lying around.


File: 1447140171609.png (1.94 MB, 113x200, dyRln1Z.jpg)


File: 1447142043732.png (203.54 KB, 150x200, a.jpg)

Something I just did.


lmao, so am I derezzed for this post?


You should be.
Most of the guys sketching here will be at their desired level of ability in a few year. You, on the other hand, would still be here bullying random strangers


File: 1447166659914.png (642.42 KB, 200x124, 1401667981201.jpg)

You sound legitimately upset which wasn't what I expected when I made that post. lmao

>Most of the guys sketching here will be at their desired level of ability in a few year.

Reading their posts they are already at "their desired levels"

I stand by what I said that if there's ever one case in which /ic/'s blatant shitposts would in fact be justified, it's this thread and this board. You guys need to stop coddling each other.


I have never drawn a picture in my life and I think you are all really great.



no ones coddling. saying "you guys shouldnt be using sketchbooks because you arent good enough to use one" is retarded. it doesn't take skill to use a sketchbook, and theres nothing wrong with wanting a collection of your drawings on nice clean paper even if you suck. In fuarrrking art 1 classes in highschool you get sketchbooks they arent some holy paper only the toppest of artists can draw on.

this isnt even one of those things where like its obvious. lots of people go "oh I want to start drawing I guess il go get a sketchbook" and dont really give a soykaf about price.


and for the record i'm not anyone drawing in this thread. If I feel like drawing i usually just do it with a fuarrrking mouse on flockdraw or something. I don't even entirely disagree with you that most of these drawings arent "sketchbook worthy" I just think its a stupid thing to actually point out because it really doesnt matter at all. these things cost 5 dollars at most who fuarrrking cares.


He was just taking the piss. Obviously he means you shouldn't be sharing it. These are uniformly trash, excepting the 2-3 posters who are about equivalent to a high school level of proficiency. Are lainons retarded, incredibly underage or just sorely deluded by their talent? If you care enough to cry about it, you should care enough to study anatomy fundamentals.

Oblivious optimism has no place on lainchan


>These are uniformly trash, excepting the 2-3 posters who are about equivalent to a high school level of proficiency.
Nice critique, very thoughtful of you.
Seriously though,
if you want to criticize something do so directly and list well thought out points of critique, instead of just being a nonfat-soykaf drinker .

>Obviously he means you shouldn't be sharing it.

If you just shouldn't share it because it's not good in someone else's opinion, then maybe you should be better of not "sharing" your posts?

>Oblivious optimism has no place on lainchan

Unfounded negativism also has no place here!

It's just a thread about sharing some drawings, not your masterpieces or whatever.


>You can't share your art unless it's good

This is what you sound like.


>no ones coddling
...did you read this thread?

Careful now, the mods here don't like internet bullies.

For the record I wasn't taking the piss. I legitimately did not expect people to be so sensitive when the population here should be familiar with things much worse.

We would if these posters here even gave an inkling of care for actual critique. Most of them have already made it clear they're only doing it "for fun" when I pointed out what they need to do.

This thread is filled with 2 minute doodles. The only way you can go lower is if every image is a stickman drawing (inb4).


PS has literally one of the shittiest tablet support


i thought we were still on that whole "you guys shouldnt be using sketchbooks" thing. not gonna lie and say I didnt see a lot of the art posted and immediately think to myself "thats not very good at all". I think it's terrible as well, the people saying everything looks great when it really really doesn't.

But maybe I can voice the concerns I tend to see on lainchan across all boards, and explain the "coddling". I think many value the more close environment here, its more cooperative? Many are worried this will turn into an uber hostile place like the other chans are. of course there is an extreme side to this as well. A place can just as easily become uncomfortable due to reactions to perceived aggression, as it can be due to hostility itself. Not siding with anybody here, just saying I *think* I understand some of the concerns with this.

lets be clear though the initial post wasnt any kind of criticism, it was as you said just "taking the piss". I actually don't see a lot of criticism here period, but I do see what you mean about when it is provided there is a lot of "oh I just do it for fun". as to why people are so bad at art here.. I don't think it's because they are underage. I think it's the subject matter of this board. Computer science attracts a lot of "math brained" people. This extends beyond art, my more math brained friends have trouble following my code sometimes as I solve problems a bit differently. It's always been a joke that both my code and handwriting are illegible to anyone but me. On the other hand i'm also a much better artist and listen to more music than them.


I just don't get why people think that you have to be negative to criticize something. most, if not all of the time when I criticize someone's writing directly they don't listen and make up excuses as to why they wrote poorly ("it's just my style" or "it's in the voice of the character").

however if I tell them there are parts I liked first they get a lot more receptive

I guess it depends on the person and writing is different than drawing but I've never seen it as "coddling". I'm sure acting like an abusive father works as motivation for some people, maybe the people who browse anime imageboards a lot?


File: 1447711451097-0.png (54.02 KB, 150x200, 000000000.jpg)

File: 1447711451097-1.png (61.19 KB, 150x200, 000.jpg)

File: 1447711451097-2.png (2.56 MB, 200x150, 0.jpg)

some old sketches


File: 1447745738644-0.png (144.47 KB, 113x200, 1.jpg)

File: 1447745738644-1.png (534.72 KB, 113x200, DSC_0101.jpg)

File: 1447745738644-2.png (776.23 KB, 200x113, DSC_0099.jpg)

Tfw drawing things takes me so long I lose interest and never finish.


Oh wow.


That shoebill(? or other pelicaniform?) is pretty amazing

Maybe try drawing smaller, or doing gesture drawing with a very short timer or something to speed up your process.


File: 1448104284960.png (76.2 KB, 200x113, dfasg.jpg)

It's a stork.
Based on one of albrecht durers old sketches, but I did it a fair bit differently.

I really should do gesture drawing and other such things, my sketching ability is far behind my rendering or colouring.

Thank you for the advice anon.


Hella bands


File: 1451923060678.png (178.38 KB, 200x150, IMG_20160103_230649.jpg)

Something I did.
Also her middle finger is supposed to be like that cause it was cut off.



Link your Etsy or whatever if you have one and I'll probably buy something


File: 1452540995634-0.png (119.78 KB, 113x200, photo_2016-01-11_20-29-39.jpg)

File: 1452540995634-1.png (107.73 KB, 113x200, photo_2016-01-11_20-29-34.jpg)

File: 1452540995634-2.png (121.54 KB, 113x200, photo_2016-01-11_20-29-31.jpg)

Some of the stuff I scrabbled in public transport and a more complex drawing.

I would appreciate >honest< feedback.


Fuck, if this is just your sketchbook stuff, I'm scarred of seeing what you do on canvas ...


File: 1452541023498.png (106.78 KB, 113x200, photo_2016-01-11_20-32-23.jpg)


forgot this one.


File: 1452541082777.png (95.12 KB, 200x113, photo_2016-01-11_20-29-29.jpg)


yeah, I'm fuarrrking retarded ...

another one.


File: 1452641120106.png (1.58 MB, 200x113, DSC_0199.jpg)

I don't have one, sorry.
I post stuff here sometimes though.

Also that stuff was from my academic sketchbook which is always the more well done work.

My canvas work is pretty sub par actually.
pic related.

You should try drawing something without giving it any lineart.
Helps to learn lighting and contrast etc.


File: 1452642488387.png (1.02 MB, 200x113, skecth.png)


File: 1452663026977-0.png (62.68 KB, 200x113, 9ba108a452fe17c4786f9397d8298011.jpg)

File: 1452663026977-1.png (52.21 KB, 200x113, 1269b4057875751fa34c7fad2b7fe94d.jpg)

excuse the terrible quality

>the wizard with an electric plug
nice, you got me



I'll try that asap.

Thanks for the advice.


File: 1452770107825.png (1.12 MB, 200x150, cirno.png)


i need a interleve jpeg madeable free soft


File: 1453873902559-0.png (1.49 MB, 113x200, qiojjMJ.jpg)

File: 1453873902559-1.png (1.28 MB, 113x200, 7lU4m0J.jpg)

Putting these brush pens to good use. /s


That's a fuarrrkin cool way to draw anon.


File: 1453939986647.png (7.65 MB, 200x97, 1452641120106.jpg)


I hope this isn't unwelcome criticism but I don't think that's a bad painting, it just needs a few tweaks to make it pop. Here's what I did. The composition is a little crowded so I extruded the canvas to create some space. Then I added some more intense colors in the highlights and shadows. I just picked whatever so long as it was saturated. These don't really change anything but make the painting much more interesting to look at. As long as the values are good you can use any color and it will still look right. I also increased the warm-cool contrast which brings the whole thing together.


excuse me but i never fuarrrking asked you!!!

no just kidding im not that poster. really neat the both of you, I always liked it when people sort of collaborated over threads like this. also
> As long as the values are good you can use any color and it will still look right
thats pretty fuarrrking neat. its amazing how in depth art is. i'd really like to be a good artist one day, but it seems so far off. Being able to see something from any angle, understand shading and the way light reflects off things, I feel like a true artist has a really good grasp of the physical world around them.


Wow, that's sweet.

From the thumbnail it looks really good and I could probably have made it work full scale if I had done it at the time.
Unfortunately I did the entire thing in one night for my art project 3 years ago so it's pretty soykaf by my standards. It's one of my greatest regrets in not doing properly. Once I had finished I could only see the flaws.

I did it from a picture so that's why the canvas is crowded, your idea of doubling the background on the right is pretty wonderful, it gives it so much more of an exploration type feel.
The entire thing feels pretty flat and your highlights seem to help that too.
I really appreciate you taking the time to show me this, thank you man.

I should really pick oil painting back up but I'm lazy as soykaf .


File: 1453986904838.png (1.13 MB, 150x200, Inescapable.jpg)

Recent oil painting.
I've not been painting with oils for long at all.


File: 1454533930149.png (741.07 KB, 114x200, 1.jpg)

He's right, though. Draw on printer paper (not lined/checkered) until you have something you actually would want to keep. Sketch books are too expensive.

That being said, here's a page from a sketchbook I got for free, hah. I first tried drawing salad fingers from memory, then again after checking at how he actually looks.


File: 1455131208227.png (712.78 KB, 144x200, 2_guy.png)

gonna post some stuff that never saw the light of day


File: 1455131498463.png (199.83 KB, 113x200, wef.jpg)

whoops, sorry didn't see this was just for sketchbooks


File: 1455887141178.png (268.15 KB, 150x200, DSCF1691.jpeg)

Once I began, I couldn't stop.


File: 1456285033842-0.png (164.64 KB, 200x150, image.jpg)

File: 1456285033842-1.png (155.65 KB, 200x150, image.jpg)

File: 1456285033842-2.png (177.93 KB, 150x200, image.jpg)

I'll post a bunch


File: 1456285152184-0.png (150.72 KB, 200x150, image.jpg)

File: 1456285152184-1.png (153.2 KB, 200x150, image.jpg)

File: 1456285152184-2.png (151.74 KB, 200x150, image.jpg)

Ah but see I'm on my phone so they aren't rotated correctly.


File: 1456285267134-0.png (157.75 KB, 150x200, image.jpg)

File: 1456285267134-1.png (162.25 KB, 200x150, image.jpg)

File: 1456285267134-2.png (163.15 KB, 200x150, image.jpg)


File: 1456285456781-0.png (134.47 KB, 150x200, image.jpg)

File: 1456285456781-1.png (156.29 KB, 200x150, image.jpg)

File: 1456285456781-2.png (176.97 KB, 150x200, image.jpg)


File: 1456285701305-0.png (148.19 KB, 200x150, image.jpg)

File: 1456285701305-1.png (152.53 KB, 200x150, image.jpg)

File: 1456285701305-2.png (161.37 KB, 200x150, image.jpg)


File: 1456285794735-0.png (165.53 KB, 200x150, image.jpg)

File: 1456285794735-1.png (142.45 KB, 200x150, image.jpg)



your pedo is showing


I'm female, and drawing the so-called animus of my psyche.



Er, that's not to imply females can't be pedophilic, just to say that I draw naked female girls sometimes because I am myself female, and am therefore familiar with the anatomy and am at ease depicting a nude state as part of a reflection of my childhood.


ah, I mean *anima


that's interesting because i did actually assume you were female, your line weight and style definitely feels female and looks remarkably similar to the stream of consciousness drawings of some of my female friends.


File: 1456337116445.png (41.46 KB, 200x113, Custom Image.jpg)


File: 1456338410896.png (4.08 MB, 129x200, 20151211_104618.jpg)

This is the only thing I've drawn lately.


Hm, then I'm interested about the pedophile vibe you're feelin


File: 1456416624424.png (209.6 KB, 200x174, heca02-02.png)




Not him, but dude, you draw naked little girls. Its really that simple. If you dont want people to think you are a pedo, dont draw a bunch of naked kids. Whats so surprising?



File: 1456814218724-0.png (577.01 KB, 200x200, Untitled-1.jpg)

File: 1456814218724-1.png (192.33 KB, 200x200, Untitled-6.png)

i think of these as sketches from my sketch book


File: 1456938664525-0.png (2.57 MB, 200x150, 20160302_135617.jpg)

File: 1456938664525-1.png (2.89 MB, 200x150, 20160302_135632.jpg)

File: 1456938664525-2.png (3.09 MB, 200x150, 20160302_135657.jpg)

The first is original, the others are memory traces.


This is pretty cool.


File: 1456938939996-0.png (1.15 MB, 150x200, 20160302_135722.jpg)

File: 1456938939996-1.png (2.87 MB, 200x150, 20160302_140049.jpg)


how the hell is your pencil so soft, is that drawn with a 6b wiped with a paper towel or something


I use a very obtuse angle, almost no pressure (almost like gliding on the paper. Then to accent the effect I put rough papers over the drawings, close the sketchbook, and change them every two days.


lolwut, your drawings aren't technically the best but i love the technique because of how roundabout it is


It was the best way to attain a "Gaussian Blur" effect. It also preserves the textures, and it doesn't involve any digital retouching. I came up with it during the most boring classes in University, and I had to use what was available at that time.


File: 1458348379458.png (397.93 KB, 150x200, girl-a.png)

I tried...

Does anyone else here only draw in pen? It's fun as you either have to fix it with more lines or start again when things go wrong.


File: 1458424735545-0.png (405.16 KB, 109x200, casitone 9.png)

File: 1458424735545-1.png (667.53 KB, 129x200, I'm a punk rocker now 6.png)

Here are a couple drawings I've done in the last month.

I'm overly obsessed with cute girls who have horns.


Ooh, nice.


File: 1458477035294.png (1.26 MB, 200x150, 2016-03-20 12.18.23.jpg)

Would be fun if someone set a drawing challenge


File: 1458523643032.png (1.09 MB, 94x200, dfsghbdfghbfd.png)

Shouldn't have gotten this tablet. I dropped traditional drawing some time ago, wanted to start again but I didn't feel like playing with paper and pencils. Thought that maybe trying digital would make things fun and exciting again but now I feel stupid as I have to deal with both bad skills and being awkward with the device. So drawing is as frustrating as ever and I'm still not practicing.
I tried to sketch this bird thing but it turned out all fucked up, I tried to quickly fix the head.


File: 1458676917339.png (1.18 MB, 200x167, 43.jpg)

I think it looks very good, I can't draw for shizzle but I do like art but you're right in that aspect that it lacks depth. Keep at it, digital art has it's pros and cons.

pic related, it's me drawing with my mouse (honestly I enjoy drawing that way, it takes the pressure away.)


File: 1459098177089-0.png (95.2 KB, 200x136, 20160325_203516-1.jpg)

File: 1459098177089-1.png (87.5 KB, 200x112, xwpbof.jpg)

File: 1459098177089-2.png (151.96 KB, 117x200, 20160312_034658.jpg)

Shitty low-light camera photos. Got some blue tint, some orange/red tint, and some green tint.


Looking good, are you learning from some particular source?


Lot of dFinch's gnomon lectures lately, even though he's a bit of a hack if you ask /co/. If you check him out, be sure to pay attention to the guy's flaws, like facial expression and character variety.


File: 1459121856096-0.png (661.7 KB, 189x200, dllhost_2016-03-28_02-30-32.png)

File: 1459121856096-1.png (38.32 KB, 176x200, 2015-10-05_23-43-35.png)

File: 1459121856096-2.png (683.1 KB, 200x182, сканирование0005.jpg)

Definetely agree, I want a proper draw and request thread
I'm actually a bit surprised /art/ doesn't have one started. Maybe we should get on that at some point.


Artorias? From DS?


File: 1459163630279-0.png (144.24 KB, 200x150, tree.jpg)

File: 1459163630279-1.png (131.67 KB, 200x150, two.jpg)

File: 1459163630279-2.png (27.26 KB, 200x150, one.jpg)




Admin are you all right?
he shouldn't be banned


Those are actually really cool. Good work, lainanon.


Yes, yes he fucking should.
Fucking cunt.


File: 1461177860834.png (107.7 KB, 200x200, image.jpeg)

You have been visited by the happy birthday 420 lain chan party girl 2016! You must repost this text in another thread or the Knights will find you! Mumble party sometime around 10pm central!


File: 1461188874447.png (979.53 KB, 113x200, tmp_14200-wxEExPY2082665411.jpg)


Lainchan has turned into feelsy bullshit.
It's basically dead now.
t. mods




What was user's first post? I hope you don't mean >>2000 because that was definitely not the same guy.


If you hop off the lined paper and get into a little study material in addition to what you've already got going, you could probably go places, assuming you're mostly copying other people's art.


File: 1463671881177.png (418.67 KB, 200x200, SMILES.png)



File: 1466002383050-0.png (456.26 KB, 113x200, hentai-tentacle-pr0n.jpg)

File: 1466002383050-1.png (957.48 KB, 113x200, lain.jpg)

File: 1466002383050-2.png (626.79 KB, 113x200, sqr-hd1.jpg)

The fruits of my current speed binge


I love SqrHd. In fact, I love all three of these.

I will stickerbomb [2] and [3] -
Actually, no lets not. Not without getting a [nY?!] from the artist first.


yeah, feel free to


File: 1466178188021.png (4.03 MB, 200x113, 20151227_162026.jpg)


File: 1466178474908.png (4.27 MB, 200x113, 20160124_032306.jpg)

Just some Character Drafts and stuff.


File: 1468281908728.png (1.24 MB, 150x200, IMG_20160712_010422.jpg)


File: 1469238687989-0.png (1.35 MB, 113x200, misc-0.jpg)

File: 1469238687989-1.png (989.62 KB, 113x200, misc-2.jpg)

File: 1469238687989-2.png (265.26 KB, 113x200, lewd.jpg)

aand more



This video has helped me immensely, and if you can process it fast enough turn it to 2x speed or 1.5 and you should be able to save some time. Its well worth it though. If you have trouble simply learning to draw by looking at a figure or picture and copying this is for you. Il summarize the key thing here he pointed out which I really liked

When most of us (i know one lainon here cant picture things in his head) dream or visualize things we can vizualize them perfectly right? Exactly as they are. His idea is that being a good artist simply involves bringing that to paper, and the best way to do this is to take it directly from your mind. Instead of copying say an arm from an anatomical textbook, draw the arm in the specific pose you want off memory. Repeatedly draw that arm making small changes and seeing what looks best, we all know when something "looks off" right? So the whole point of this is to both get more practice and also help make us better at pulling this stuff from our brain by being able to recognize not only when something looks off but how to mke it right. At the end you can look at the actual photo of an arm, and by then you will have a good enough grasp of how to draw an arm that you will be able to see exactly what is missing in yours compared to the real one.