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File: 1470599989993.png (95.23 KB, 186x300, linux communism.jpg)

No.1044 [Reply]

You dont have to be a communist to support free software.
But wouldnt you need to support free software as a communist?
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>Buddhist monks are commies
How is that even a criticism? It's not true, but it shares elements with Communism. For example, there isn't any money in a Buddhism monastery. I like the look of Buddhist monastic life.


I agree. If there isn't any profit motive, why would code still have to be proprietary? And isn't most free software kind of publicly owned in a way?

File: 1470655150791.png (54.48 KB, 300x200, abuse.jpeg)

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This thread is for listing things governments or powers have been dishonest about.

Whether it be covert ops, a planed coup or abuse of power, mistreatment of it citizens or failure to provide for them.

Not massive posts, just an outline of the sin and by who it was executed, and against who/what.
Please give links to information backing the issue.
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To add to the universal basic income idea, at least in America we need to rid ourselves of the outdated puritan idea that everyone must work, even if it is pointless make work in order to earn any sort of living.

It is an insane and idiotic notion. The sort of thing you'd see in soviet style communism, purposefully retarding efficiency in the name of employment.

Would it not be better to increase efficiency at the cost of employment, and make up for it with a UBI? Same as education these days, come to think of it. So many resources spent on "self esteem" and trying to bring up the lowest rather than focusing on the brightest in order to push them farther, they are, best case, left to fend for themselves, but more realistically dragged drown by the oppressive system of "fairness" and "equality" or whatever.

Anyway, Nations have massive resources, natural resources and the like, and yet the government essentially gives them away so that massive profits can be privatized. But if these natural resources belong to, collectively, the people of a nation, then it is only right and just that the people share in such profit.

Granted the elites hate such ideas, as it cuts into their oversized and ill gotten share.



Chemtrails were a real thing at least once.

File: 1471178754271.png (39.26 KB, 300x169, child warrior for ISIS.jpeg)

No.1247 [Reply]

Muslims selling women on streets of London


What do you think?
Is that okay, since London is predominantly muslim?
Should countries with larger numbers of muslims adopt muslim laws?
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maybe i'm mistaken, but isn't it a small step from thinking something is "hardcore" to actually believing in it's message?


Acid is hardcore - dont mean soykaf about its message...

I dont see how being hardcore can in any way be being belived... Its just they kill you if you do soykaf they say not to do.

File: 1471300829458.png (29.27 KB, 300x300, information-circle_318-27255.jpg)

No.1309 [Reply]

Hey guys, I was thinking this could be a general thread for good articles, talks, podcasts, and the like that you've found particularly helpful or eye-opening. If you have any general magazines or newsgroups you find to be legitimate, please recommend as well.

Of course, please try to avoid posting complete woo or nonacademic conspiracy and the like. If you do, please try to augment it with "Here's a good piece of information that shows how this [x] group truly thinks, unfiltered."

It's important to stay informed.

Great talk between Slavoj Žižek, Yanis Varoufakis and Julian Assange on the state of affairs immediately following the Paris attacks back in November.

Good article recently put out by the NYT mag explaining the buildup and downfall of the Arab world, largely focusing on the Arab spring and 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Foreign Affairs is consistently just a fantastic resource for following global issues and trends.

I genuinely recommend a subscription, but if anyone wants a particular article, I'd be happy to upload any. More interestingly, VP Joe Biden just published an article giving a general overview of what America needs to do-- be wary of it, of course, but it's nevertheless interesting.
(and for those who don't have it)

I'm sure you've all seen this vid by now, but it got me interested in security, information, and politics in general. Steve Rambam's talk from HOPE X in 2014, "You've Lost Privacy, Now They're Taking Anonymity"
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I'm surprised nobody's suggested unfilter

File: 1471516428133.png (42.14 KB, 300x165, kdljhakls.jpg)

No.1318 [Reply]

Because I don't tend to see fascism represented in a cogent way in any corner of the internet, I'd like to present the logical and social merits of a system like national socialism, the ideas that it embodies, and the general positives of centralized government. I certainly won't cover everything, but I hope that I touch on some points that will foster some sort of discussion. Before anything I'd like to note that there are some things I consider to be common sense which I'd rather not argue and ask that you assume them to be true as well for the sake of a more abstract discussion. I'd also like to separate fascism as an ideology from its historical examples. Also I'm not very interested in writing an essay, so I'm just going to put these in bullet points.
-National control over finances and resources keeps your economic interests in line with your political interests. This is more relevant than ever with the rise of globalism and all that it can do to fuck over your political aspirations.
-Denial of the man as an animal is absurd. Humans are subject to the same biological and genetic laws as any other species. The broad implications of these laws for our society are largely ignored. Eugenics while historically very malpracticed presents a means of improving (though certainly not perfecting) the human animal.
-It naturally follows that not all humans are of equal value or skill. The vast majority of people have some skills that make them useful to society, however there are some people that are demonstratably worthless in every practical sense. Egalitarianism is a system that is highly inefficient. Equal opportunity is good for society, equality kills it.
-A diverse set of opinions and abilities is very good as it allows you to tackle problems that a single mindset would not allow, however society needs all of its citizens to agree on certain things in order to function as a group. Other cultures are often incompatible with yours, and if you are to accept someone into your society, they should accommodate society, rather than the other way around.
-Nationalism (distinct from patriotism) is the only means by which the nation is formed, and the nation is what tends to hold society together.
-Private media more often reflects the interests of its owners than it does the public.

I'm quite sure that's not all, but it's all on my mind at the moment.

Also I'd like make the disclaimer that while I endorse the above points, I don't consider myself a fascist.
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First, a disclaimer: I'm most familiar with British Union when it comes to fascist policies. It could be that NS can be very workable from a modern standpoint, but I just don't know.

Whilst I do generally agree with the principles of fascist thinking (collective > individual, one party allowd to act > multiple parties bickering, government should serve national interests, so on) I don't think it - the corporate state - can work today. Corporations today are much different to corporations as they were in the 1930s when fascism came into being under that term.

Unfortunately, fascism hasn't grown to meet the 21st century (oh my, I wonder why). Certain parts have stuck with me as generally good ideas, e.g. direct democracy via national referenda on policies of national contention, the technical parliament with representatives elected by the people in their respective industries, and generally trying to be more autonomous.

Other parts, such as the reliance on corporations as the pillars of society to name the most glaring one, don't meet the modern day very well at all due to how things have changed. It could be said that the corporations talked about back then were more akin to what we know as guilds, but that doesn't address the significant increase in globalism since the 1930s, the widespread use of computers, the internet, Free Software, or the huge levels of datamining done by various corporations.

I would suppose that means that these issues are left to posters like myself to mull over. On Free Software, for instance, I would imagine that fascism would be for it. One reason would be that citizens would be able to tangibly contribute to the national interest by way of contributing to government projects, perhaps. Another could be that it is better for the citizens that their data is held on a system that the government knows isn't stealing it. There isn't really a precedent for this, so it creates a situation that if it meshes with the belief system as a whole, no response is inherently wrong.

I believe I am now rambling, so I'll stop myself before this becomes truly incoherant.

>posting throttled by filter

Fuck sake.


It's not 'neutral' if you spout your teenage mental acrobatics around.

File: 1470948177007.png (5.53 MB, 300x169, Julian Assange teamed up with Seth against DNC and Hillary.webm)

No.1399 [Reply]

Did Julian Assange just insinuate that Seth Rich was assasinated because he wanted to leak DNC rigging of Shillary Clinton winning Democrat nomination?

/cyb/ as fuck the time we live in
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>Believing anything Assange says now
He has his own agenda, he was never some pure knight of cyber morals

Clinton won because she won the propaganda war, the DNC email leaks reveal nothing more than bog standard politicking, its dirty sure and more than a little unfair, but it wasn't a truly rigged contest, Sanders failed to overcome his status as an outsider well enough to attract enough of Hillary base away from her, Obama voters that don't like Clinton and left leaning floating voters aren't enough to compete with an experienced political machine like the Clinton campaign, and while his relatively clean fundraising helped bolster his image as an untainted outsider it doesn't change the fact that he didn't raise anywhere near the amount of money that clinton managed

If he does well in the clinton administration and he's still alive when she steps down he could very well be the next democratic president

There's also the simple fact that why would Clinton bother to have Rich assassinated? The campaign could very easily play him off as crazy or bitter, and unless he had extremely strong corroborating evidence it wouldn't have done anymore damage to the campaign than the Email leaks did, which was frankly minimal

Clinton is corrupt as fuck, but she's not stupid enough to do something so blatantly retarded for absolutely no reason


>He has his own agenda, he was never some pure knight of cyber morals
I think that this thought is far more important than your personal assessment of Hillary Clinton's political maneuvers. You and the other poster above you both implied this like it's common knowledge but I'm clearly not the only one lost here.

What is Assange's agenda? What makes him impure in your eyes?

Of course the man holds political beliefs and likes and dislikes certain people, but I've never known him to actively push an agenda with his work. This is too broad a claim to leave hanging. Please elaborate.

File: 1471745231438.png (44.1 KB, 300x260, credt.jpg)

No.1690 [Reply]


Are you ready for 100% of your purchases to be processed by Visa™? Get excited about collecting points for a revolving series of products that is updated everyday on the Visa™ app. Want to send money to a friend? Venmo™ by Paypal™ can do that instantly and easily. Just remember to provide a detailed explanation for the payment to avoid locking your account and triggering a investigation by Paypal™.

>So, let's prepare for the War on Cash. Remember, this is not about romanticising the £10 notes with the Queen on them. This is about maintaining alternatives to the stifling hygiene of the digital panopticon being constructed to serve the needs of profit-maximising, cost-minimising, customer-monitoring, control-seeking, behaviour-predicting commercial bureaucrats.
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It's more centralization, more dependence on the banking and finance sector, more tail risk. There has to be a point where centralization becomes more risky than what it is worth and a drag to the whole system, arguably we are already there with the big banks and other too big to fail financial institutions.


One of the cool things about bitcoin is you can directly convert any money into it through your electric bill. You buy a GPU farm and wait.

File: 1471925083154.png (34.6 KB, 275x300, queen.jpg)

No.1723 [Reply]

Obviously it has been decriminalized in certain cases, but in my opinion legalizing sex work is good for women, good for business, good for government, and promotes an honest open market which is good for our souls.

What is holding back the Western world from dropping it's draconian moral hangouts in favor of an outlook on sex work which seems to be pro-consumer and pro-woman?

What is holding back decriminalization?

The one true queen's pic is totally unrelated.
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uh, I've done so extensively already in this thread which you didn't read, and so have other users. This may shock you but people here generally support personal liberty and freedom of choice over government regulation and prohibition. Welcome to Lainchan, enjoy your stay.


>uh, I've done so extensively already in this thread which you didn't read
actually, i've read this entire thread. why don't you try responding to the argument in my post instead of throwing a temper tantrum?

>This may shock you but people here generally support personal liberty

i happen to be one of those people.

>Welcome to Lainchan, enjoy your stay.

lol thanks

File: 1472784961412.png (175.33 KB, 218x300, 35193.png)

No.1866 [Reply]

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That's what I meant. It's complete failure is actually magnificent.


Ugh, god, lainon, that was so good. I dont get to encounter a well delivered argument like that very often.

File: 1472859676836.png (98.26 KB, 300x144, 78c8d2b066f705811769835c6dc33b86b2b0342becc2acc96bf55b1e8660cc63.png)

No.1919 [Reply]

Why isnt anyone talking about how Ovama is giving up US control over ICANN?
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It's a privatization, not a 'hand over' or 'giving up'. And the ICANN is still an American nonprofit corporation and therefore bound by US law but also enjoys the same protections other US companies get. It's private so if the government wants to fuck with it, it has to go through the court system.
And people worried about UN and or other governments taking over, guess what, since US government no longer owns the root names and shit, they can no longer hand it over to the UN. ICANN would have to do it willingly by themselves, I don't see that happening.

File: 1474389513819.png (52.6 KB, 300x225, mpv-shot0033.jpg)

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i'm not exactly sure if this is the right place to post, so apologies if this needs to be moved
what are your opinions on the armed forces of your country?
i'm most likely going to drop out after this semester and i don't know what to do with my life once that happens. i don't want to stay at home and work some boring job, so i figure maybe something like joining the navy would be good for me to work on commitment and improve myself in general. i haven't really done anything with my life - no traveling, no crazy stuff, no real experience. i don't know, maybe it's a bad idea.
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i thought about, it but by the time i could go there the i dont know if rojava will still be a thing


same tbh. If they still exist by the time I finish grad school, I'll definitely emigrate there and be a teacher or something. They have big brain drain problems.

File: 1474652849106-0.png (17.18 KB, 300x215, 1469909655550.jpg)

No.2111 [Reply]

Is DRM a legit way to enforce users pay for the software?
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It will ultimately be circumvented and those without the DRM will have a better experience. This is the manner of things that is "give an inch, they take a mile". You can already see this with singleplayer games that require an online connection for no reason.

Regardless, most DRM is proprietary, so I wouldn't use it anyway. I donate to Free Software projects and it's a far better arrangement.


breaking DRM is easy, esp if the service doesn't change after paying, what even is the point?

File: 1476057765086.png (43.2 KB, 177x300, 1474388713803.jpg)

No.2192 [Reply]

what are your thoughts on the concept of appropriation?

i feel like the popular sentiment online is to mock it/not take it seriously because of sjws and the likes making ridiculous claims, but i was thinking about how much i used to like certain things like pepe, but once tubmlr and twitter and twitch got in on them i started to hate it/feel like the people who adopted it ruined it.
it seems hypocritical of me to feel like people from other sites "appropriated" a meme from another source, yet still feel like people who get upset when white people wear a headdress or whatever are ridiculous
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>attempting to reify narratives about dead shit that no longer exists is for people with 8th grader syndrome.
are you serious? you think that learning from history is for eighth graders?


Just because there are "methods" of making them doesn't mean everyone needs to try to make them. My hair locks up when I travel and spend a lot time camping. Swimming in the sea does it for some reason. I have had full dreads twice in my life without ever trying to.

File: 1476359612533.png (91.89 KB, 300x234, 1441226994235.jpg)

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How do you americans feel when non americans talk about american politics?

Now, I understand why you would not want outsiders to interfere with american politics.

But let me explain why we do it so often. Basically the USA has by far the strongest power projection in the world ATM. By far because NATO and total sea dominance and non-NATO allies. That means the USA can enforce its foreign policy quite effectively, and therefore stuff like american elections affects even non-americans.

So, do you think it is OK for non-americans to have an opinion on USA politics?
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When foreigners discuss politics in America? It depends on the country to me and of course the individual. The only ones I have talked to who consistently seem to understand it are the Poles and perhaps the Swiss for some reason, and maybe Russians(the one I know has a humble outlook).

Most of the other foreigners I have listened to online... they are like teenagers "talking out of their asses" as we like to say in America, especially the leftists and especially Western Europeans. Often they barely know anything about American politics, but they profess to know everything and keep projecting their own nation's issues unto us. They just latch on to whatever seems popular or politically correct enough.

It's very frustrating and one of the reasons why I stopped discussing politics at all for months. To talk to someone who thinks they know everything about a topic they are ignorant about is a profoundly irritating experience. Oh and then our own teenagers talk to these Europeans on the internet and think "Europeans are so smart and sophisticated right? I'm going to believe whatever they say since they're a more advanced society than us."

That being said though, I have talked to foreigners who keep more up to date on American politics than many fellow US citizens. If you are foreign to the United States, but really do your research, then very well. I'll listen. Just know when to admit ignorance, and please do not think reading about something is the same as living through it.


That's the most American allegory anyone could possibly come up with

File: 1476304899592.png (575.19 KB, 300x300, 1ae.png)

No.2231 [Reply]

Everywhere I go, AFK and wired, is filled to the fuarrrking brim with nationalists antifeminists and 'not racist but's. I can't go fuarrrking ANYWHERE without being mocked or hated for being an anarchist. I don't mean people try to argue with me, that I wouldn't mind, but I do just mean hated.
Leftypol is 20% nationalists 60% Anti-PC statists and 20% memes. Uboa is 90% idiots. I just saw a post on whyihatepeople saying socialists just want to transfer the money from whites to blacks. I AM BLOODY SICK OF IT. BEFORE IT WAS JUST CHANS BUT SINCE ORANGE HITLER BECAME POPULAR EVERY IDIOT WHO HATES WOMEN THINKS THEYRE A POLITICIAN. READ A fuarrrkING BOOK FOR ONCE IN YOUR MEANINGLESS LIFE.

Is there anywhere left that isn't polluted with pseudonazi scumbags? I know they're rarer here, but they still have a presence.

Please don't respond with something like "anon can't face debate so they beg for safe space". I am not saying I wont debate Nazis, just that I am sick of seeing them everywhere I go.
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I'm sorry, I forgot to reply to you.

That caliph is actually pretty interesting to read about. Admittedly, my Islamic historic knowledge is mostly with the first few caliphs after the death of Mohammad. That said, there was another caliph while not gay did legalize homosexuality in the Ottoman Empire, of course, you could argue it was because of his high level of education that led to that.

I think I'm going to go read more about various periods of the Middle East/Islamic history some more.

>I don't mean to speak less of your experiences, because I don't have them. However, I do have data.

I didn't see it that way. Thanks.


hey, could I ask you to try to condense your thoughts a little? I don't mean to be disrespectful but I don't think I could respond to everything if the paragraphs get long.

> I feel that it lays the ground work for something that could be much more controlling

I don't think you are getting what I'm saying, because the UN cannot dissolve nations for the exact reason that it's a UNION of NATIONS. What I mean here is that every decision which the UN makes is ultimately predicated on the consent of involve nations, whose first imperative would be to preserve their status as such. So the UN has little reasonable ability to enact "truly" globalist policies, at least to a meaningful, end-nationalism-and-capitalism extent.

That said, I would agree that the UN can become more controlling - however, If the UN does become more controlling, it would be on the terms of economically / militarily dominant nations such as the United States, who already exert a high degree of influence within the UN. This would preserve or even extend the nationalism of those nations, and demonstrates what a particular kind of globalism really is: imperialism, with a humanitarian mask.

>Most multinationals though, who are at the center of international trade, don’t give a damn about the state.

but they do, as you said earlier: they rely on governments to function. multinationals don't give a damn about PEOPLE, who often get conflated with the state or the nation but realistically wouldn't give a damn about it if they had the option not to. The result is multinationals promoting policies that takes a particularly influential people, usually the close circles of their own CEOs, and puts them as the heads of state in powerful countries. Typically, this is as easy as befriending the heads of those countries, if they aren't already among their ranks, because that social structure existed before multinationals or capitalism. "loyalty" to concepts such as nations has always something of a farce, you can tell because the leaders of a country rarely die when they go to war. Capitalism is especially compatible with nationalism, however, because nationalism is something capitalists pretend to have to market to a particular demographic. For all talk of a national identity, that will not change.

>Extrapolate that a few decades down the road, and you basically get to a situation where nations exist on paper, but the decisions, or at least the decisions that matter, are basically called by multinationals for the sake of their own bottom line as opposed to anything else

sounds exactly like what we have now, tbqh. Except the multinationals are also beholden to shareholders, who control so much wealth (required to get a meaningful amount of good and services) they can get everyone else to do their bidding. So the multinationals are really just as contrived as the state is.

>Not in the communist sense of seizing the company and running every minute detail

Not what communists believe in, you may want to do a little more research. Communists would dissolve the company completely, in some cases creating a new state in the process but also (and in my opinion interestingly) by opposing the power of the state to legitimize the company or creating alternative institutions to "phase out" capitalism. Classically, communists would seize the means of production through a general strike to completely destroy the company.

There are some democratic socialists who think capitalism can be done away with without removing the state, but they're considered the most moderate form of socialism and not really reflective of the body at large.

>Globalism, on the other hand, tends to take a less restrictive approach, which focuses more on maintaining free trade and open, unrestricted markets

Again, we need to come to an agreed-upon term with regards to globalism. You're talking about modern capitalism, which pretends to be globalist but is really imperialistic for reasons that I stated prior. There are many forms of globalism.

To sum things up, corporations must absolutely support states, and not just in name only because the actual structure of a state - with a monopoly on violence, and a legal system that codifies property, which they can assert a lot of control over - supports them.

Under capitalism, states must support corporations, because the hierarchy endemic to capitalism - rich and poor - is the only thing validating the leadership of the state, which is often a reflection of who has the most capital.

Keep in mind that by "corporations" and "states" I mean "the capitalists who run them," because if the actual members of a corporation or state had a fair say then it would look a lot different.

My question for you now is, what implications do globalizing technologies such as the internet have for nationalism? It seems to me that any semblance of an identity people have is contextually derived, if that context can be extended to anywhere in the world then what does that say for regional ties? Do you like the idea of cyber-nations or are you just going to do away with the internet in your nationalist utopia?

> they tend to turn on nationalism once it actually gets put into practice and they realize it can be brutal and exclusionary, so its hard to say they really support the ideology in the end, at least from where I’m sitting.

Probably because they aren't ideologues who dismiss genocide and war for unstated reasons. I would say you're conflating the ideology with the consequences of said ideology, I would say rather than turning on nationalism the concept of a "good nation" underlies liberalism, which goes together with liberal forms of nationalism. Surprisingly, this kind of nation and nationalism is exactly their own. If you don't believe me, look up "civic nationalism" and "cultural nationalism". There are even leftist forms of nationalism.

I think you may be conflating a certain brand of nationalism with all nationalism, and you find this to be incompatible with global capitalism, because you've been confusing it for globalism. However I think you may also find on careful analysis that nationalist sentiment is an important part of liberalism, which is why terms like "patriotism" are often seen positively.

I think the analysis in your final paragraph is likely correct, but that being said I also find trouble sympathizing with nationalists of your ilk because of the support for war, genocide and so on.

File: 1476566842627.png (69.2 KB, 300x200, pirate_jesus.jpg)

No.2309 [Reply]

The Icelandic election is coming up, anyone else here who is hyped? The Pirate Party actually has great chances of becoming a big part of the new government, and it doesnt seem as retarded as the other pirate parties.

I hope that they will be able to bring about the importance of policies on information technology in modern politics to the rest of the world.
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File: 1478287430665.png (908.74 KB, 200x113, whooshe.gif)


Change is something you create yourself, not something you hope others will do for you.


He did Brexit, which fucked EU good. I'm proud of the Britfags for once.

File: 1476652857107.png (313.5 KB, 214x300, 1464961195733.jpg)

No.2344 [Reply]

We haven't had a thread about religious beliefs.
I put this here in /civ/ because it's a volatile subject, if it blows up then there is no need for moving it around.
Do you believe in something?
Do you follow some religion in particular?
Else, do you have any religion that's influenced you most?
Do you have some personal perspective on the subject that's uncommon?

I personally Ch'an which is buddhism with a strong flavor on Taoism. I am not much of an expert, nor am I an avid student. I personally find it very beautiful in nature, due to it's simplicity and it's lack of a dualistic mindset (or rather, it's conception that opposites complement, rather than repel, each other).
Try to keep it civil, nobody wins anything from mindless insulting of something you don't understand
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I believe in God. I am a protestant Christian, which means I am in the minority on Lainchan, though not alone.


Which one? (there are 2 of course, Ceci n'est pas une bullet) and why is that relevant to the difference between how I conceive the world and how the world is?

File: 1476743567937.png (15.6 KB, 182x255, 1461416055329.jpg)

No.2370 [Reply]

Consider the importance placed on science and on academic success. Is academic accomplishment more important than the financial stability one acquires by simply working in IT?

The former would feed my ego, and maybe advance science and humanity. The latter would help me pay my brother's insane college debts.

I'm a middling code monkey living in Europe. The job is pointless - don't ask which sector. The work experience is precious as diamonds, and yet I'm slipping. I don't care about anything I do at the office anymore. I'd love doing something meaningful for a change, something with AI. Unfortunately, I do not have a suitable background for such things. I was always weak at math so I have no idea if I can ever do research in STEM, even in an interdisciplinary field that might be more lenient to me.

It makes more sense to just go for money and maybe help out my brother, though we don't even get along. It certainly feels like a "duty", just as much as trying to push yourself to academic success can seem like a critical mission.

File: 1476915459295.png (30.33 KB, 300x167, thinking-anime-girl.jpg)

No.2378 [Reply]


This person argues for child porn on the grounds that banning it is "unconstitutional" and goes against the US's 1st Amendment and that anyone in support of criminalizing child porn is a fascist.

I personally disagree with his stance, for a number of reasons but what are your opinions? Do you think something like a ban on child porn is against the first amendment?
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File: 1479700045331.png (1.35 MB, 200x150, Cairo_View_from_Qaitbay_Mosque_Jan_2006.jpg)

you forget that no government in the world actually has it in its interests to help people, but only to enforce compliance.


I can see the logic behind arguing that child porn is protected by the 1st Amendment. After all, gory images and other horrifying visuals aren't illegal, so why is child pornography? The issue is that the production of child porn and the consumption of it are connected, and the production is inherently criminal.

Let's say I have a business where I record videos on a dashcam and sell videos of the interesting things I see when I drive. (Sound lucrative, right?) If I'm driving down the street and my dashcam catches a guy getting run over by another car, my production of that video is not inherently criminal. I did nothing to cause the event. I may sell the video to interested people, but it's not like their demand for the video in any way increases the likelihood someone could get run over by another car.

Instead, if I take a video of someone raping a child with the intent to later sell the video, I am participating in a sex crime against that child. The people who buy that video from me are indirectly participating in the crime because they are funding it. Furthermore, in paying me for this production, they are incentivizing me to continue raping children and filming it for profit. Even if they aren't paying for it, consuming this sort of media violates the rights of the children involved, since these "performers" cannot reasonably be said to be acting as both free and rational agents. The only scenario where watching this video would not be exploitative would be in trying to pursue justice for the people involved. Unsurprisingly, that is the only way one can legally distribute and watch child pornography in the US.

I was going to say that example is massively retarded, until I got to this part:
>The police apparently warned him to delete the images or risk prosecution, before reportedly failing to do much at all to address the behavior about which Ortell was concerned. Because of that, he kept the images, ostensibly so that he could address the behavior with other parties that might help him intervene. And that's when he was prosecuted for child pornography.
The key here is that he was warned by police that if he did not delete the images, he would be committing a crime and could face prosecution. He then proceeded to not delete the images. I get that his intent may have been benign in this case, but what did he think they meant when they told him "If you don't delete these images, you could be charged with a crime?" I get that it sucks, but this seems to be another example of a person playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes.

File: 1477351322607.png (241.39 KB, 300x224, tower-of-david-abandoned-skyscraper-caracas-iwan-baan-111.jpg)

No.2447 [Reply]

I watched this video that I found interesting about the Tower of David. Squatters took over the location and set up their own apartments within an abandoned skyscraper. What do you think of this? Is a home a right or a commodity? How should governments handle these kinds of issues?

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1p9jlQUW0k
4 replies omitted. Click reply to view.



yeah, silly socialists, don't you know that socialism is where the corrupt-ass state does everything?


By internet standards Obama is a socialist, be patient with the kids here.

File: 1477565644072.png (162.42 KB, 300x180, LAIN2016.jpg)

No.2487 [Reply]


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ticket LAIN/ARISU vs ticket BATOU/MOTOKO

File: 1477739812068.png (1.71 MB, 300x209, 1462574579379.gif)

No.2503 [Reply]

Recently it has come to light that the president of S.Korea, Park Geun hye, was actually being controlled by a shady group of 8 powerful women, one of which is an actual shaman/pseudo-religious figure named Choi Soon sil.

Now the only thing that's been officially confirmed was that one of those 8 people, namely the shaman, has been influencing the presidents speeches. But further investigation by the media has revealed that she not only received access to national top secret files, bureaucratic positions, etc, but was making decisions herself and even telling the president what to wear and say.

Now you might think this kind of shit happens everywhere, but I'm not done yet.

The current president Park Geun hye is actually the daughter of the former dictator of Korea, who rose to power in a military coup d'état. After him and his wife's assassination, Park started to rely on this man called Choi Tae min, who was the founder of this pseudo-religion, a combination of buddhism/christian/shamanism/whatever. He allegedly claimed that he was the reincarnation of her mother, and that she could speak to her dead mother through him. According to various sources he was supposedly "dominating Park's soul and body".

Fast forward 40 years, Choi Tae min's 5th daughter(btw had has 6 wives), the aforementioned Choi Soon-sil, now rules over S.Korea with 7 unconfirmed others and has 2 nonprofit foundations with millions of won in donations. Unfortunately her current whereabouts are unknown except for the fact that she's hiding somewhere in Germany.


11 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>implying the south koreans would get off their starcraft long enough to have a revolution

may be if it was 1980 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gwangju_Uprising


File: 1478089584355.png (11.78 KB, 200x196, 1449701889843.jpg)

Little update here. The shaman woman willingly came back from germany and is now being investigated. Also some dude in a crane rolled up to kill her but got tazed instead. Shits crazy yo.


I'm not all that informed about megalia and their shit unfortunately but it's true that they are batshit crazy. People actually get arrested here for saying shit on the internet, and there were quite a few arrests back when the megalia craze was at it's highest.

File: 1478454423235.png (27.82 KB, 300x158, passion-nav.jpg)

No.2566 [Reply]

Go to google images right now and type the word "smart." If you're seeing what I'm seeing, there should be a bunch of pictures of cars on the front page.

It's clear that the creator of the smart car paid to get his products on the front page of google. The question is, is such a thing immoral? Google controls the most predominant search engine in the world, however, it still is but a corporation. Is unethical to take bribes on how high your product is on a search engine page? Or is it simply a new way of advertising?

I apologize if I posted this on the wrong board.


I did a search for tesla looking for an image of Nikola and got cars. Specifically I wanted that picture where Tesla is pulling a crank down and saying "rot in hell, Thomas" so I searched something like "tesla edison hell comic" and got exclusively cars.

>take bribes

That's actually how they work. Heard that debate where Clinton said something like "just google 'Trump finances' and see what I'm talking about"?.

I think it is unethical because it makes use of people's ignorance. We know that
>the creator of the smart car paid to get his products on the front page of google
>Google controls the most predominant search engine in the world
But too much people think that google itself is the whole www or at least its only gate in.

I also think it's stupid and doesn't work, or do you want to buy an electric car just because these images clogged up your search?

I could also be a negative publicity stunt to make people hate this cars for their obtrusive publicity, but google are still being shits.


I did a smartpage and searx.me search using tor and got the same thing, so it's not geo-location or cookies or anything.
My guess is that "smartcar" is the most common phrase using the word "smart." I don't think this is paid advertising. "smart" is the name of a company creating a growing, fairly popular product. Not weird to see it in the top results of a search.

File: 1478679785626.png (40.34 KB, 128x128, Black Confederate.jpg)

No.2629 [Reply]

Not to be that guy, but if you're upset with the election outcome, there are governmental alternatives - https://snerx.com/snov

The transhumanist party gained traction in some democratic countries this last year, but a non-automated government won't help advance us much. The choice seems clear.
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You're late to the party, we've moved past that lol


Not to necro a dead thread, but I posted this same OP in another tech forum and they had a very different reaction. They all seemed to be vehemently against the notion altogether and believe automating governmental processes would be terrible (I didn't expect a tech group to be against tech in government).

What do you guys think about automation of the social sphere in general? I didn't understand their outrage.

File: 1478805644424.png (298.15 KB, 300x205, serial-experiments-lain-suicide.png)

No.2776 [Reply]

SOPA/PIPA is sure to pass in the next few years, is it not?

25 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>What is the point of a portrait of a _great_ leader


>undersea cables are cut.

Goddamn, I can't believe so many people actually believes this.

File: 1478853398681.png (97.61 KB, 300x169, rare_aesthetic_stirner.jpg)

No.2822 [Reply]

i dont really care what trump does to america. Its all temporary and can be reversed by the next president if it turns out a particular policy was a mistake, no big deal.

Im not even too bothered about his appointed judges. They too will be replaced in 20 years or so. That isnt permanent either. plus, im not even american so those two things matter even less to me.

The one thing that does concern me is his attitude to climate change. I.e: he doesnt believe in it at all. Pence doesnt even believe in evolution. Trump has sworn to cut the ENTIRETY of the US's budget assigned to reducing emissions. He has sworn to back out of the Paris Agreement, which took years and years of delicate negotiation to achieve, and has promised to build the controversial Keystone pipeline and has the ridiculously childish policy that "i wont approve any new environmental regulations unless i can remove two for each one i accept".

im not super worried about the climate - i drive a car, i dont recycle enough, im pretty average in terms of my eco-consciousness, but i feel like Trumps decision to not even try at all on the environmental front is kind of concerning. The US is like 30% of global CO2 emissions, its a fucking big deal for the planet. Hes going to be dead before it all kicks off, so he doesnt care about making some quick bucks off of the environment, but I dont want to be dealing with another global migration crises when I'm in my middle age. Thats the only thing that actually concerns me about Trump.

Can any trump supporters assuage my fears and convince me it wont be as bad as i think it will be?
217 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1485212450698.png (70.24 KB, 200x134, cheetah.jpg)

Hey if you're happy with your little "victory" that's cool, be happy with what you have I guess. It's not really my concern what your movement takes pride in.

You misunderstand lainon, I don't think we should go out of our way to kill wild animals. Preserving them on the other hand is a very low priority for me. What I think is a good idea is that if an ecosystem is slated for destruction DNA samples should be taken from lifeforms unique to that particular ecosystem. Also live specimens should be captured and put in zoos, if practical.


>I haven't noticed my life get any worse due to this mass extinction so forgive me if I'm sceptical that I ought to care about the next quarter million.
you were just talking about "industrial society" and "man" in the general sense but now you've retreated back to the experience of one person. That's a very different conversation than the one you seemed to want, and I think you'd be disappointed to have it.

File: 1479054882807.png (11.08 KB, 261x156, una.jpg)

No.2869 [Reply]

so I go to a college in a relatively conservative part of the country and on the day of the election there was an episode of racial violence here, and the backlash to that has kind of expanded to be 'about the election' and townies have been releasing students' names and faces who were protesting. Any advice on cheap ways to keep internet privacy and defend myself?
13 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Do recall the rules of /civ/.

Be civil, post at least two sentences, and make reasoned arguments rather than insulting someone with all uppercase words.


Do you mind sharing what location you are referencing and any news related to townies releasing names and faces? I live in Wisconsin and haven't seen this happening, and am curious what it's like in the south.

File: 1479172559229.png (92.73 KB, 300x300, delicious.jpg)

No.2938 [Reply]

There are claims that Drumpf may go after those who signed up for amnesty programs:

Regardless of my views on immigration, this is a perfect example of why people should never trust governments with information or powers that could be used against them should those in power change. Why do people regularly ignore this possibility?
8 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1484428615608.png (943.25 KB, 200x200, smuggest.jpg)

>trusting the government with your information

But really, they're getting exactly what they deserve, and their blame-shifting is pants-pissing levels of hilarity. Seriously, you knowingly engage in illegal activity, and when you're held accountable for it, that's somebody else's fault? kek


Trump being fascist. Not new. Sucks, but not new.

Hopefully his presidency will be enough of a catalyst for a real revolt.

File: 1479279125429.png (63.73 KB, 177x300, good-news-lain.jpg)

No.2990 [Reply]


>Based Amnesty Intn'l urging gubbs to repeal laws criminalizing the exchange of sex for money by consenting adults.

Questions for /civ/:

>Do you think legal sex work is /cyb/?

>Is sex work currently legal in your location?

>If sex work were legal for you to offer or receive, would you?

>Do you think legalized sex work will decrease the likelihood of illegal sex work?
34 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Indeed, both are pretty valid. Furthermore, in either case anyone or anything is free to react in any way. That includes your current government sentencing you to jail for a murder if you do that, but I can imagine a sort of vigilante group painting everything yellow in your home with all kinds of paint for -not- killing me, a lowly prostitute.
And of course anyone may do anything in the meantime to anyone for any reason.

twinkle twinkle little star
I don't think I ever said the tigers are made of paper. But just like you can make a bull run into objects by waving a little red cloth in front of them, you can make these tigers go at each other for decades by waving a piece of paper with made-up dogmas (that supposedly reflect reality) written on it.

My point is quite simple, people need to realize that human rights are similar in nature to Santa Claus. It's made up, makes the target audience behave in a certain desired manner, and then everyone's happy; It is not intrinsic to reality or humanity or anything, it's an after-the fact trick. I don't want people to abandon using them, but there are so many activists and lawyers and politicians who think of some rights (the 'important' ones especially) the same way as kids think of Santa Claus. Rights are part of a game, and stop existing as soon as the people stop playing the game - e.g. when you're alone in the middle of nowhere with people who don't care about playing that game with those rights. If you still do, it's your job to keep your fantasy game going while you deal with the reality.


But what's the argument for legalizing/criminalizing it?

File: 1479301278437.png (37.44 KB, 300x173, 095e16bb79c0715f.png)

No.3001 [Reply]

What are your thoughts on this? Apparently, October 17th went down like this:
1) Assange's internet gets cut off.
2) Evacuation at the City of London Airport.
3) Lift off for a plane titled "Guantanamo Express".
4) The plane landed in North Carolina.

Together with the fact that we haven't seen anything from Julian in a month besides old interviews, the deadman switch tweets, his former lawyer's suicide and so on make me really anxious for him.

45 replies omitted. Click reply to view.



So Assange's internet was restored the other day. Guess everything is fine now, huh?

File: 1479469695815.png (362.54 KB, 300x300, 68747470733a2f2f692e737461636b2e696d6775722e636f6d2f506850646e2e706e67.png)

No.3054 [Reply]

I'm trying to learn more about world politics and I come across this graph/chart thing. It shows that liberalism is at the center of all ideologies? I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure that it should be more towards the left. Seems that this is biased to make left leaning policies more balanced...

So, lainons of /civ does anyone have a more accurate representation?
51 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


non sequiter.



File: 1479970399287.png (101.64 KB, 300x300, commanime.jpg)

No.3208 [Reply]

As more and more jobs are getting automated away, what are your thoughts on countries implementing a universal basic income?
52 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Probably there will be new kinds of jobs created. I wouldn't have predicted the very large service industry in the U.S after automation of things like farm work. The service industry seems like drudgery that only makes for an unnecessary and generally unwanted luxury. I would expect more stuff along those lines until quite far in the future.


It's good until you realize that NO ONE will do the shit jobs unless they are forced to and then we're back to communism/fascism.

>the markets did well, they adapted.

You're a moron if you think the markets doing well benefits the layperson.

File: 1480032301696.png (35.34 KB, 300x300, 1368368736519.jpg)

No.3230 [Reply]

How do you stay current?

Not just politically but culturally also.

I don't enjoy feeling left out of the loop but scrolling through twitter and reddit is too soykaffy and time wasting.

When it comes to the political side of things it seems most people only post sources that cater to whichever ideology they already hold. Almost every news giant is surrounded with skepticism and distrust. I'm hoping to find some small number of outlets to shape a balanced perspective on what's going on.
19 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


The chart doesn't show that those sources are biased (though bias does exist), it shows respondents that identify as conservatives choose relatively poor sources of information. Notice how there are few reputable outlets on the right?


I fully agree with >>3494. Better choices would be jacobinmag.com and breitbart, for fairly accurate and less-garbage representations of the far left and right respectively.

File: 1480217400807.png (50.18 KB, 300x225, Fidel Castro.jpg)

No.3294 [Reply]

Fidel Castro is dead.
What do you guys think of him, Che, and Cuba?
40 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1483161130341.png (84.07 KB, 145x200, untitled.png)

I recommend reading One Minute to Midnight by Micheal Dobbs. Good book on the Cuban Missile Crisis but also about the politics and state of Castro's Cuba at the time. Gives a lot of info on how Cubans didn't really like Castro's communist system but rallied behind his nationalist pride because of fear of US aggression. It's also really chilling how willing Castro was to use the nukes not only on American soil, but also to blow the fuck outta any US invading force in Cuba. Excellent read.



Castro must have been chuckling just before he died. He'd survived every covert-ops dirty trick the US government could throw at him for over half a century, and he ended up dying peacefully of old age in his own bed, while surrounded by friends and family, and enjoying the general goodwill of his fellow citizens. It was one last metaphorical middle finger to the neofascists infesting the US government.

File: 1480350603177.png (35.89 KB, 300x228, sadness.jpg)

No.3353 [Reply]

What do other lainons think about the more liberal use of internet killswitches/creating an internet blackout in certain areas of unrest, etc? In recent years we have seen it happen in China, Syria, and many other countries. Is there anything we can do to avoid this? Meshnets?

Seemingly most of our lives are lived on the wired, so is it not a little scary that the government itself can completely disconnect us for any amount of time, as they wish?
20 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


NLoS wifi? whats that

post it too short


File: 1485191277304.png (51.97 KB, 190x200, UAFSE.jpg)

Use a fucking search engine. Seriously, I was able to get an answer on the first page and it's significantly faster than waiting for someone on here to reply.

File: 1480375483506.png (137.41 KB, 300x206, kids.png)

No.3365 [Reply]

what do you guys think about the current generation? the newest, I mean, the young adults.

is the future political climate left, or right? are kids stupid?
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Sorry, I can't believe I missed the /q/ subforum. I'll do that soon. Don't mind the post and I won't mind the deletion of here to get things back on track. :P


File: 1480825960160.png (350.35 KB, 195x200, income-distribution.png)


Do you even Lall?

File: 1480452840179.png (60.18 KB, 298x300, RIB000154add.png)

No.3405 [Reply]

Have any of you Lains given any sort of magic a try before? Don't know if this is the right board for it, but I suppose let's have a magic thread.
I'm thinking of attempting to make and use a curse tablet / defixio, any one done this before?


Them spirits'll be messing with your electronics lainon. Don't do it.


Moved to >>>/r/28087.

File: 1480569064757.png (82.56 KB, 300x158, sweden_assange222-1200x630.jpg)

No.3441 [Reply]

Why no confirmed sold proof? Wky leecs Calls for people to stop asking for proof?? eh?
Rumors of Wky leecs servers being compromised.
23 new mods, old mods removed...
Did I miss somthing - Have we lost a hero?

Can we please post any and all information and links regarding this issue.

2 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Are you having a fucking stroke or something? Also, check the catalog before making a new thread. There's a search function for a reason. Existing thread: >>3001


Agreed. This thread is a duplicate. Use this thread: >>3001

File: 1480784690620.png (46.91 KB, 300x194, pizzagate-1480366743-compressed.jpg)

No.3513 [Reply]

Well with this story gaining traction I felt it probably worth having a thread dedicated to it.

Combing through Wikileaks’ treasure trove of Podesta emails, 4chan decided the movers and shakers of Washington were using code words as an added security measure, namely: “pasta” for little boys and “cheese” for little girls. Suddenly, John Podesta’s risotto recipe doesn’t seem so innocent.


FBI Agent Confirms Child Trafficking Cover Up: #PizzaGate
96 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>I get that this is a slow board, but the profound intellectual laziness of ephebophobes really shows itself here.
Or maybe they just don't feel like responding to obviously wrong and retarded bait.
We need someone to I guess though, so thank you.


File: 1484030079536.png (89.68 KB, 200x200, deplorables.jpg)

>>no wall
>>Hillary not 'locked up'
>>>Illegals not deported
>>Obamacare bronze not repealed
>>In bed with Netanyahu
Well he said he loved Israel from day one. Anyone who finds this surprising either was not paying attention or was lying to themselves.

But seriously, watching you lose and make predictions that turn out to be wrong over and over again for the next 8 years is going to give me a permanent erection. Your butthurt sustains me. Please never stop.

File: 1481061808079.png (1.28 MB, 300x274, Untitled.png)

No.3591 [Reply]

Does anyone else here pirate with no remorse?
After witnessing Hollywood exercising their influence in my country's courts to unjustly bring people to crushing debt just to find a scapegoat and record companies destroying the greatest collection of music in history and game companies abusing DRM i came to the conclusion that i must never support any of this with my money.
I pirate all singleplayer games that cant be found DRM-free on GOG and Humble from honest and good devs, multiplayer games if i must i purchase from G2A in hopes that my money goes to the Russian Maffia instead of publishers.
36 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Latin American here. Can confirm. Piracy is so normal in my country. You have people selling dvds (games, music, movies, etc) on street, on public transportation.


I don't pirate stuff. If I spend some time sitting on my ass alone then it'd better be for reading a book or studying something.

>aside from those
Not really, the current Argentine president won the (1vs1) election by 51% vs 49% of the votes and now, one year from the election, the majority of the populace doesn't like him, he doesn't even show his face in public. He's friends with Porky, so he'll put up some laws against piracy if he hasn't done so yet.

As for Chile you may be right, looks like the president was liked enough as to be reelected, but recently lost "popularity" due to her family's corruption scandals. Just like the previous Argentine president. I don't know about Chile's current laws on piracy.

File: 1481853959199.png (38.4 KB, 166x300, 15497772_10154834157375844_1932182383_n.jpg)

No.3729 [Reply]

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How long until torrenting moves to I2P?


>Hay, guise. Let's get government more heavily involved in the internet. C'mon, it'll keep everything fair. What could go wrong?

File: 1482087525215.png (472.09 KB, 300x169, courthouse.png)

No.3752 [Reply]


Lots of questions raised here. If an AI — for instance — breaks the law, who's the one responsible? Has a crime been committed, even? If an animal kills a person, that's an accident, not a crime. Is it the same, or is the author responsible?

Is this comparable to malware, where the authors are responsible for what they write. A computer program that messes with other people's computers is just a special case of computer programs doing illegal things. Or is it?

2 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1482119206562.png (450.49 KB, 128x128, Screenshot_2016-12-19-00-10-54-998.jpeg)

Mildly unrelated, this is from their exhibition.


>>Who if any here would you blame for Tay acting outside her intended behaviour?
>Excellent question, which I don't have a ready answer for. Can the people teaching Tay her habits be seen as highly abstractred programmers?
Since Tay wasn't a sentient being but only a complex algorithm that reads and repeats sentences without actually understanding their real meaning, i don't think it could have committed a crime since it wasn't it's only objective.
The AI was created as an online artificial personality influenceable by external posters, the one deciding how to evolve Tay's personality, so the spoon but not the hand.
[spolier] feel free to call me a retard [/spoiler]

File: 1482520489574.png (56.77 KB, 300x169, 9a6eb5aa-c651-11e6-b0e3-e12c29c152ce_1280x720.jpg)

No.3794 [Reply]

What does /civ/ think of the Russian ambassador shooting?

Random ISIS guy, a stunt by NATO, or a Russian falseflag?
5 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1483062682775.png (1.98 MB, 200x164, pepe_is_kill.gif)


>"These actions are not the sum total of our response to Russia’s aggressive activities. We will continue to take a variety of actions at a time and place of our choosing, some of which will not be publicized," Obama said.

The upcoming report detailing the perceived scope of the attacks will be interesting. The tactics used were the same as those used in Ukraine prior to Russia's invasion of Crimea and occurred at least as early as 2015.

A little surprised there was no action taken to prevent this during the election, given the national security implications., Though that would have likely been perceived as "election rigging" in the Dem's favor given the types of interference occurring. Bureaucracy has its limits.


Russia is just arriving at the same place the US was around 05/06 when the war crimes were piling up and the country was hated to such extent that people who weren't actually affiliated were launching their own attacks.

The height of the Syrian war was actually in some ways helpful in that it functioned as a magnet for fighters across the region. It focused thousands on open warfare and holding territories, but as the fronts die down there is going to be a refocus on insurgency and this style of attack.

I doubt Obama really did anything. Russia knew this would happen, but like the US they probably think a few shot up embassies or an extra few dozen dead civilians a year is worth it for securing long term goals.

File: 1482700510876.png (756.57 KB, 300x205, tumblr_mk9r3pJkN11s9u1mbo1_1280.jpg)

No.3806 [Reply]

What about sexual orientation on Lainchan?
1 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Until marriage?


This post is a global rule 4 breach.
A /civ/ rule 1 breach, off topic for /civ/, too low quality to be moved to /feels/ (/feels/ rule 5 breach) or /r/.

It has been locked and will be deleted in a few days. If you want to actually make a serious and non soykaf thread about this topic, then see >>>/cult/3288 for an example of a passable thread on a similar topic, at least in terms of OP.

File: 1482825082712.png (81.53 KB, 300x256, araragi__koyomi_by_synchronizaticated-d5gsed2.png)

No.3815 [Reply]

Hey haven't posted in a while so thought I should slide this in.

I was driving to errands when I saw a homeless guy. Decided why the fuck not, gave him some money because I finally had some. And he pulls this question on me:

"How long does it take to transcend a categorical imperative?"

So lain, any thoughts on categorical imperatives involving our society today and in the near future?


Categorial Imperatives cannot be transcended, if you buy into Kant's philosophy.

File: 1482877022258.png (1.03 MB, 300x200, dprk soldiers.jpg)

No.3817 [Reply]

Sup, /civ/. I'm looking for /adv/ from any M-L or M-L-M tendency anons here.

Which social atmosphere, given material conditions, is objectively better for me to effectively organize the highest number of "down for the struggle" classmates and peers around proletarian class interests?

A) local public community college in my town


B) semi-local (1 hour drive from my town) private, liberal arts college

Right off the bat I would say A.

My town/community is solidly working-class, and heavily diverse to boot (white, black, Chicano, Samoan, Filipino, Cambodian etc.). So the local community college (and public state college after I transfer) would reflect this.

However, I was (somehow, incredibly) accepted into B) and offered financial aid to attend and B happens to be a prestigious "elite"-tier school.

Of course this does not automatically make me choose B, since I'm not a rat-race, portfolio-building, credential-ist "temporarily frustrated millionaire" with any illusions about the disappearing "American Dream" (if it ever really existed) . I'm not trying to earn my degree to become an Ivy-Tower, detached from the masses academic or a frat-bro Chad finance/industry/corporate STEM-bro.

If anything, I'm heavily deliberating simply because I'm wondering what are the balance of pros/cons between my two options.

Considering that B has substantially more resources/smaller class sizes/yada yada the other material advantages that private liberal arts schools obviously have.

This is probably the only chance I will ever have in my entire life to attend such a school or take advantage of such big-money elite-tier resources.

Plus, Option B has a substantially higher proportion of foreign students (mostly India, China, West Europe, Japan, S. Korea, Vietnam, smaller amounts from Latin America, Africa, Middle East and East Europe).

It'd be cool if a lot of them were ML/MLM or receptive to those ideas and I could build an international network of revolutionary contacts.


What is the probability that a large or even significant proportion of these foreign students would at all be receptive? Or would the overwhelming majority of them be bougie kids so completely antagonistic to working-class/poor peoples' concerns that I'd be isolated and neutered in my effectiveness at organizing any solid/reliable comrades for the next 4 to 5 years of my life?

How critical or important are those elite-tier private liberal arts resources to the overall quality of my college experience, given my specific goals?

I'd love perspectives from Red anons who have attended either or both types of schools. Thank.


I think that you would be able to successfully organize people in A while attending B. I think it's temporarily harder this way but I look at organizing like this: as students we should try to be the best students we can be so we can get a hold of resources to help us build platforms to spread our message. It appears you see things similarly based on what you said here:
>Considering that B has substantially more resources/smaller class sizes/yada yada the other material advantages that private liberal arts schools obviously have.
Now things in your situation may be significantly different from mine but in the city I attend Uni at there are a couple of nearby community colleges and I have still been able to organize with them despite going to different schools.



>as students we should try to be the best students we can be so we can get a hold of resources to help us build platforms to spread our message

What are concrete examples of the specific kinds of resources that would help us build platforms to spread our message?

You mean, like, presses for printing pamphlets or?

I'm not sure if I'm following exactly.

File: 1482956618858.png (440.78 KB, 300x159, 1444667472950.gif)

No.3827 [Reply]

I think we are about to witness a plunge down in computer literacy in the following years. The kids today that grow up with tablets and smarphones have no connection with what goes on under their devices.
Everywhere they are scrambling to create new programmers but i dont think they can succeed if there isnt any interest among the youth. Just something simple as wanting to install a Sims mod or fixing a bug would give many people the experience of seeing how stuff works, the filesystem for example. Most tablets and smartphones dont come with a decent file manager, neither do the devices encourage its users to explore it.
The 80s to the 20s will be a remembered as a period where everyone was forced to learn the inner mechanics of computers to use them. Past that there will be so much crap in the way of looking under the hood that the concept of programming might as well be as clear as earth bending to the average person.

At least the wages will stay high, even outsourcing will fade as a possibility with many developing countries skipping PCs completely for smartphones.
10 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I volunteer at a "coding" club for kids and I put that in quotes because I'm the only person running it who knows how to program. I try and get them doing as much actual programming as I can but it is hard when I am basically the only one who can help so I need to carefully spell it out for them which limits how much they will learn. Importantly it limits creativity but I try and give them as much space to do what they want.

The biggest problem I have found is how conditioned they are to do what they are told. I can't convince them to take what I am telling them and do their own thing. Next time I'm going to just put together a increasingly difficult (vague) list of challenges and help them work it out.


Get them into programming things like mods for games or robot building and AI. Nonlinear tasks where you have to figure out how to reach a objective from the tools that you're given.

File: 1483305809008.png (290.99 KB, 300x171, The_Jury_by_John_Morgan.jpg)

No.3848 [Reply]

Has anyone ever served on a jury before? I've received a summons and would like to know what to expect.

I'm familiar with the concept of jury nullification though the need for that is rare in most cases.
7 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1483543404920.png (21.22 KB, 200x120, 12-angry-men-pic-3.jpg)

>I got Jury duty, whattup with that?

>yo watch 12 angry men


I've rarely heard it described in positive terms.

>waste of time

Maybe, but if I were on trial I would want a jury that took it seriously.

File: 1483494845561-0.png (20.45 KB, 300x180, deutschland_flagge.png)

No.3859 [Reply]

Since the old Fascism-Thread is on Autosage and the new one is closed. Here is another one.
What is Lains opinion on Fascism?
Are there even personal benefits of living in a fascist society?
How to help to create a fascist society?

I like the idea of thinking of fascism as a kind of vertical altruistic collectivism, instead of horizontal egoistic collectivism like communism/socialism
191 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Why did they killed Strasser if not for his ideas?


>The socialist governments in Europe lack control of some of those things (not a lot, but some).
European governments are at most social democrats, I'm not aware of any socialist country in Europe.

File: 1483924572820.png (37.42 KB, 300x215, gorby.jpg)

No.3927 [Reply]

Capitalism slides closer to crisis by the day. Soon the proletariat will rise up to take back the value that rightfully belongs to it. Social anarchism is okay too, I guess.

What is your view of communism?
How do you think it will come about (if at all)?
Are Orthodox Marxism and Marxist-Leninism cyber, or only anarchism?
54 replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>The only real remnants of the old revolutionary left are, strangely enough, found in the various schools of modern Islamic fundamentalism

If this was even remotely true then ask yourself why the US - no friend of the rev left, to say the least - is so keen to throw its support behind Islamist organisations in the ME. Also, if Islamic fundamentalism is rev left, does that make the Saudi royal family communist revolutionaries? You are way, way off on this one, friend.


He was not in the CNT/FAI or even the International Brigades, he joined the POUM who were allied with those groups but were Trotskyites which is a more moderate branch of Marxism/Leninism. The Spanish revolutionaries were a mixed bunch. Some weren't from any radical background, just Spanish patriots who wanted their country back after a military coup plus tens of thousands of foreign volunteers who wanted to put fascism down before it threatened the rest of the world.

File: 1484175151224.png (981 KB, 201x300, liberals.jpg)

No.4096 [Reply]

Why do the right wing miss the point so hard when they focus on problems in society?

Lets take immigrants for example.

>immigrants are putting strain on our infrastructure, we don't have enough money for them

So, when looking for more money in the country, you want to attack a part of the population that not only gives more back to the economy than it takes in taxes, but all the while doing so while corporations making more money than probably all immigrants put together are paying next to no tax, and the current government is ok with that because most people in the government are doing it too?

>immigrants are taking our jobs and lowering our wages

This is actually a good point, but it fails to see the bigger picture. The only reason immigrants are able to 'steal the jobs' is because of market competition - they come from worse backgrounds and therefore are willing to work less than you. You should not be mad at the immigrant with no power, but rather the system that rewards thoes who pay their employees the lowest amount possible. Having a society based around the profit incentive makes no sense to begin with.

>there are too many immigrants

This is again true, but it never goes further to ask WHY there are so many. The right almost assumes that they just decided one day to leave their homes and communities and cultures for no reason. It's because external intervention has fucked their homes to the point where they're not livable. Not much can be done about this now, Imperialism must reap what it sows.

>immigrants are destroying our culture

It's clear that anyone who says this has no idea how culture works. Obviously some cultures simply are higher quality than others, but WHY are they? Culture is formed by an economic basis, so the stronger the economic and political basis of a society, the richer it's culture. All of the great cultures we think of today originated from societies with a large surplus of resources and stable economic lives, without that there can be no culture.

Therefore, focusing on outside culture changing ours today is pointless and attacks the problem from the wrong end. What must be done is focus on the economic standards of living for all thoes in society, and high quality culture will naturally arise out of that. It's dialectical.

Even if it's 'different', as long as the economic base is there it will inherently be rich, so the only thing in the way would be your fear of change for the sake of it.

And this is just one topic. The right consistently fails to see past very specific areas of society, or attacks the symptoms of a problem without looking at it's root causes.

What do I propose? In short, democratic ownership of factories and general work places by the workers themselves, as well as moving to use-based resource allocation, rather than profit based. This will solve a great deal of our problems, in culture, economics and politics.
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This explains a lot about why alt-right stuff gets left alone by moderators.

The good "Slavery was actually good for Africans!"


Freedom is more important for human flourishing than material prosperity.

File: 1484557008282.png (107.92 KB, 300x300, meluche.png)

No.4197 [Reply]

http://newstim.com/2017/01/13/melenchon-hologram-for-a-meeting-who-wishes-to-mark-the-spirits/ (only English article I found, sorry it's shit)

Mélenchon will do a double meeting on February 5th. The first one will be in Lyon, the second one in Paris. But he will not be physically in Paris, his hologram will do the job.

He does it to counter Marine Le Pen who will do her meeting in Lyon the same day, and show how uncool she is (because cool kids in school use holograms). In his own words:
>"What I want to say with this hologram, it is that we stand firmly on the side of the knowledge-sharing that prevails in the scientific field, rather than that of Marine Le Pen. I searched a long time what response to make to the proposal of madame Le Pen, an answer to the peaceful, smiling. And I decided to confront the knowledge and the scientific progress of the science, because the sharing of knowledge can only enrich France, and the whole of humanity."

Mélenchon is not the first politician to use holograms: Narendra Modi did 53 simultaneous meetings in India in 2012 for his reelection campaign, and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan appeared as hologram in a remote city in Turkey in 2014.
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Are you retarded?
Most people wouldn't be eligible to it. It is for people that doesn't have much income or none at all.
It would be stupid to give 750euro to someone that have a well paid job already.


It's called "universal" income. Everyone would get it. Even billionaires. It's what Benoit Hamon proposes.

File: 1484760038694.png (136.7 KB, 300x298, 1467956913733.jpg)

No.4227 [Reply]

Alright burgers, there's 2 days left until Trump officially takes office. There has been many attempts to prevent this, most notably:
> recount of votes - which ended up to be MORE in his favor
> pleading with the electoral college to repeal their traditional pass-through vote for the president. marketed as "team purple" - uniting democrats and republicans against Trump
> threatening WW3 or martial law to extend the current presidency (mostly speculation as I've yet to see an official government action on this)

So, what other attempts can actually be made at this point to prevent the inauguration? These are some pretty desperate moves already but I find it really interesting to see all the strategies being employed as the clock winds down.
16 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


When we're just shouting our opinions at each other, nobody's gaining anything, please remember rule 4: "You should always elaborate on your opinions rather than just spilling the soykaf."


Pretty much this.

Think about it this way: Trump is highly disliked and distrusted by a significant amount of Americans, many of whom are in positions of power. Media, whether mainstream or not, will scrutinize his actions. If he makes moves that infringe on constitutional rights, they'll actually be reported on and become public knowledge, putting pressure on his administration to keep in check. Had Hillary won, the mainstream media would turn a blind eye to any questionable policies, and there would be little pressure to amend such policies (see: Obama administration).

File: 1484943458205.png (30.31 KB, 300x180, trans.jpg)

No.4265 [Reply]

I wrote this huge response and, bam, reply limit. So I thought: why not create a new thread on the topic, and on the correct board this time.

I hope it doesn't anger anyone too much that the opening post presents strong opinions that go contrary to the common orthodoxy.


Consider the following definition of "(mental) disorder": something that negatively effects your livelihood in and on itself, without the effect of society.

According to that definition, being gay is not a disorder. But feeling horrible about your own body, no matter what the cause, is a disorder. It could be anorexia, "bigorexia" (i.e. muscle dysmorphia; a reverse anorexia like obsession with getting bigger and bigger muscles), sex dysphoria (I use this term to distinguish between distress over one's sexual anatomy [sex dysphoria] and distress stemming from internalized/subconscious attachment to traditional sex roles or subjectively held sex stereotypes [gender dysphoria], although it's not official terminology), or any other kind of body dysmorphic disorder.

On a side note: one of the most annoying things when debating transgender related topics is, there is nothing even nearing a consensus among different groups and individuals that could be said to comprise the transgender/activist community, when it comes to the question: what defines transgender. According to some, sex dysphoria as defined above is a prerequisite to be considered "truly" transgender. According to others, this former group are bigots derisively called "truscum" who erase the experiences of those transgender people who don't experience any sex dysphoria...

But leaving that aside, if you defined transgender through sex dysphoria, then it would clearly be a disorder. It could be a neurological or a psychological one, but it's certainly a disorder.

When it comes to people who don't have sex dysphoria and seem to base their transgenderism purely on traditional sex roles (or their own subjectively held sex stereotypes), I'm extremely skeptical to the claim that there's anything inborn and inherent to their condition. EVEN IF there were similarities among their brains (and I'm pretty sure no study has ever targeted non sex dysphoric trans people specifically), that would at most an indication that people with a certain brain structure are more likely to fall for the trap of internalized sex stereotypes, most likely based on having a particularly effeminate or a particularly masculine personality (which may very well be related to certain brain structures) but a male body or a female body respectively. (Effeminate/male or masculine/female I mean.) In the case of those people, if their distress is serious, one may see it as a socially induced psychological disorder. (It's induced by society, but becomes a disorder according to the definition I initially gave because the person would continue to feel obsessed over the idea of being in the wrong body.)

If they don't even feel distress over that though, and just nonchalantly claim to "identify as the other sex/gender", that's not a disorder; that's just a delusion. (And I don't mean that as an insult; I mean it very literally: "a false belief that is resistant to confrontation with actual facts.")
45 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Is there big money in sex change operations? I ask this because if that market actually exists, these people need to be careful about who is whispering them to go through with it.

I'm willing to bet it's not cheap but the demand is somehow created by convincing the mentally ill to spend their last dollars on surgeries. Like where the fuck do people get the money for this? It's not something that is readily covered by insurance or any health care program (as far as I know). Otherwise hopeful transsexuals would be flocking to that place.


A few resort to prostitution or porn.
I know Chi Chi La Rue used to put her non-porn friends in high heel or wrestling fetish vids to help them pay the bills.
You know, Chi Chi may look like Divine these days, but back in the 90's I swear I saw her do a backflip into an elbow drop.

File: 1485369936152.png (114.88 KB, 245x300, Transformers.png)

No.4398 [Reply]

Wtf is wrong with American college kids??

Forget which side of the pole you choose to put yourself on. Youve got rabid post-liberals, feminist dykes, young republicans and larping nazis all at each other throats. Just radicalizing each other in some mental feedback loop. Please get a grip.

Signed...The entire planet
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File: 1485988780764.png (105.4 KB, 200x200, icon.png)

Each of these corruptions have a name, eg; Maoism, Stalinism, etc.


File: 1485391735080.png (20.55 KB, 300x225, some-stupid-bullshit.jpg)

No.4415 [Reply]

So, the new thing people are coming up with now is "tranabled" and its exactly what it sounds like. People are self-identifying as disabled when they are really not and calling it 'transabled'.

What do you guys think? I think its a big load of nonsense myself, if not mental illness.
24 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Still not convinced trans-disabled is a real thing. The OP is a a screen shot of American show "Jerry Springer".

I don't think its anything more than a handful of special snowflakes, or even a 4chan prank.

I think this is nothing more that a cheap shot at trans gendered individuals by making a false comparison.


I agree. This stinks of the same nonsense 4chan users pulled with "clovergender." They had made fake tumblr accounts and attempted to pass off pedophilia as a gender identity.

Needless to say, they were found out very quickly.

File: 1485450816129.png (22.7 KB, 300x200, Donald_Trump_swearing_in_ceremony.jpg)

No.4445 [Reply]

So fellow amerifats, we're going full authoritarian police state.

Enormously expensive vanity projects[0], intimidating federal agents, orwellian language and outright lies from the propaganda mounthpieces[3].


[1] https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2017/01/fear-materialized-border-agents-demand-social-media-data-americans


And it hasn't even been a week. What's the plan? Do the elites think they can take him out before he causes too much damage?
192 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>I think you underestimate the power of the army.
They have thousand times more the amount and quality of weaponry than the whole population combined, not to mention the strategical expertise (many wars are not fought with weapons).

And how well has that served them in Afghanistan and Iraq, where they don't even have much incentive to care about civilian casualties?

>The constitution is merely an instrument of representative democracy; it becomes irrelevant after a fascist takeover.

The guns along with their angry owners won't just disappear in the case of a fascist takeover. The constitution isn't just some theoretical piece of paper.


Only commanded the murder of hundred thousands of people (Iraq war), instigated a surveillance and torture regime (which after Obama's embracing effectively rendered people's constitutional rights null and removed that fact from the public debate) and was the most powerful man on earth for 8 years right before the global financial system collapsed.

It's only fair that both ends of the political spectrum (and not just one) get their terms completely obfuscated and ridden of meaning.

File: 1485922320088.png (664.08 KB, 234x300, 1482884034969.png)

No.4696 [Reply]

If meditation is so good for one's "soul"/mind/whatever and enhances empathy, then why did the civilizations that practiced it were still your run of the mill conglomerate of people? They weren't anything special, aside from cultural and religious aspects.
4 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


You ever consider that they needed to practice it just to remain your run of the mill people and not degenerate?


if you practice properly it involves many techniques, enjoy your terrible attitude salad drokker

File: 1470294885147.png (44.93 KB, 300x226, XI Jinping & Tim Cook.jpg)

No.946 [Reply]

Was hoping to make a thread for general tech news / politics discussion. Post links and discuss 'em.
(and for those without a FA account)

The more interesting bit:
>former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, long seen as an intermediary between the U.S. and Chinese business communities, set up the Seattle meeting that included 30 executives, 15 each from top U.S. and Chinese companies, including Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Baidu, Alibaba (a Chinese e-commerce site), and Tencent (a Chinese Internet giant). During the meeting, Xi assured some of the largest players in his country’s economy that China will open up further to outside business. Although none of the executives were willing to discuss the contents of the meeting, an Internet forum later in the day revealed some of the concerns of other U.S. and Chinese tech players.

Glad this is finally starting to make some bigger headlines about the Tech Industries' solidified role as a diplomatic arm of the US. Google has infamously been doing it for awhile, but it's hard to gauge exactly how in bed a lot of these companies are w/ the GOV.

In the wake of Snowden and all, it sure does seem like the tech industry is pretty solidified into bureaucracy.
15 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>" Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday suspended a treaty with Washington on cleaning up weapons-grade plutonium, signaling he is willing to use nuclear disarmament as a new bargaining chip in disputes with the United States over Ukraine and Syria.

>Starting in the last years of the Cold War, Russia and the United States signed a series of accords to reduce the size of their nuclear arsenals, agreements that have so far survived intact despite a souring of U.S.-Russian relations under Putin.

>But on Monday, Putin issued a decree suspending an agreement, concluded in 2000, which bound the two sides to dispose of surplus plutonium originally intended for use in nuclear weapons."




Looks like our favorite android chat app ate a subpoena a little while ago. Luckily, it doesn't seem like the feds were able to get much of anything.

File: 1470467303359.png (174.49 KB, 300x300, oopsmyanarchysymbol.webm)

No.960 [Reply]

Continuing >>>/cyb/33897 since it got locked.

What is anarchism?

The last thread put an emphasis on the (still recent) events that had occurred in Dallas and Baton Rouge as well as how tech illiterate most anarchists appear to be. Discussions on both anarcho-transhumanism and #BlackLivesMatter-fueled class conflict were scarce so let's try this again.

What are your guys' thoughts on targeted police murders? Are they justified?

Sources on the murders:

Is the backlash a symptom of even more civil rights violations to come? What are anarchists' thoughts on gun control? For our conservative friends in the united states, it's interesting to note that the stereotype of the straight white male gun advocate never quite existed until after the civil rights era--where sweeping gun regulations were implemented on the tail end of racist sensibilities.

Sources on the boomsticks:

Other relevant articles:
97 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>Explain how this system your proposing is different from how the Amish run things, and explain what you think the benefits are. Don't go off on some tangent complaining about how school has changed my brain after you just complained of had hominem.

The system I propose, or rather I shouldn't say propose, because again it's not something I advocate as much as accept as a likely future outcome, regardless of my own personal feelings, is that people will return to traditional systems of social organization, particularly of an aristocratic character, which allow for people to keep many of the technological conveniences they've grown accustomed, but with traditional social relationships and institutions acting as kind of fail-safe measure against possible abuse.

Most people may want to return to a state of affairs where human life has real meaning and purpose and where man doesn't have to worry about things like world wars and environmental destruction threatening their lives and live under a more benevolent and spiritual social order, but they don't want to go back to living in a world where there's no vaccine for Polio and I certainly don't either, but they will likely recognize that technology needs to be regulated in some way to prevent its abuse.

The best illustration of what I would I could consider a plausible form of "high tech feudalism" would be a society where devices like computers, televisions and such still exist, but the knowledge and tools for producing these devices is held secret by local guilds who decide who is "worthy" of this knowledge and help to distribute the technology only according to individual needs of each particular class or group of people. A peasant farmer doesn't need an HD television with access to 900 channels of garbage that doesn't help him become a better person or help him to do his just of tending the land for his family and his land lord better. That's just a waste of silicon. Artists only need technology that helps them make better works of arts for their patrons and share their work with other fellow artists who are cultured enough to understand it. The abbot of a monastery only needs a computers for storing backups of important church documents. The mass distribution of complex technologies to millions of consumers who didn't understand this technology fully was a mistake and only resulted in waste and psychological and even physical harm. And these devices should be provided by guilds of local craftsman who only teach this knowledge to their apprentices who upon their graduation set up their own workshops to meet the needs of local communities just as the blacksmiths used to do.

So this is different from the Amish approach because it's not a wholesale ban on anything made after the 13th century but merely a restructuring of society along a more traditional aristocratic framework where technology is accommodated for in the appropriate manner relative to the kind of social system in place which is meant to ensure a kind of quality control and prevent abuse of the ignorant masses through complex machines they don't really fully understand yet. And I think most people will naturally, even unconsciously gravitate towards such a system unless they want their technology to destroy them.


Okay, thank you for actually outlining things.

Other questions I have:

You still haven't defined what you mean by "traditional social relationships". Like I said before, unless you clarify that statement it doesn't really mean anything.

>Most people may want to return to a state of affairs where human life has real meaning and purpose and where man doesn't have to worry about things like world wars and environmental destruction threatening their lives and live under a more benevolent and spiritual social order, but they don't want to go back to living in a world where there's no vaccine for Polio and I certainly don't either, but they will likely recognize that technology needs to be regulated in some way to prevent its abuse.

I don't see how this fits in with your previous statement that time is cyclical and "progress" is arbitrary and a invention, without really existing. You've pretty clearly divided history in this current comment into a time period where "human life has real meaning and purpose" and defined that time as before technological advancements led the way for polio.

I would also ask you what you mean by "real purpose and meaning"? That's a question that humans have been asking since all time, I can't imagine a point in human history where some group of people had claimed to find that, and then later lost it. Maybe with a universal religion? But that doesn't preclude technology.

>he best illustration of what I would I could consider a plausible form of "high tech feudalism" would be a society where devices like computers, televisions and such still exist, but the knowledge and tools for producing these devices is held secret by local guilds who decide who is "worthy" of this knowledge and help to distribute the technology only according to individual needs of each particular class or group of people.

No offense, but you don't have a background in computer engineering do you? If you did, you would have learned how to reverse engineer just about anything. The knowledge to build a modern computer doesn't start from the ground up, from silicon to JVMs, it's a process of putting together other people's ideas and tech that you don't fully understand into one cohesive package you do.

I guess you could argue that with total state control you could accomplish these guilds, where information was tightly controlled, but in this scenario is the society totally global? Does the state have ultimate power? Because if not, some Chines company is just going to ignore copyright protections and reverse engineer whatever they want. Hell, *I'll* reverse engineer whatever I want, and sell my skills to some group that has the resources to produce their own devices.

>he mass distribution of complex technologies to millions of consumers who didn't understand this technology fully was a mistake and only resulted in waste and psychological and even physical harm.

[citation needed]

Overall, I'm a little confused as to why you think this is so inevitable, and would love to hear your thoughts on that. I know you'll reject any attempt to paint history as moving in any direction, but I think you'll have a hard time disagreeing that there's definitely been a trend towards information dissemination growing in speed. From the printing press to phone lines to the internet, people have pretty much always sought to spread information as far and as wide as they possibly can. Why would we see a sudden reversal, and have people accept certain gatekeepers of information installed? Wouldn't human nature dictate that we resist this guild system?

File: 1470469476384.png (192.13 KB, 300x200, civ.jpg)

No.967 [Reply]

1. Two sentence minimum posting limit for any original post.
2. Anything presented as fact requires sourcing; beware that the nature of one's source will always be in question.
3. All shills and bots will be permaderezzed.
4. Avoid using logical fallacies, failure to construct a cohesive argument will result in a ban. For a list: https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/
5. ALL GLOBAL RULES STILL APPLY; https://lainchan.org/rules


File: 1470472618919.png (274.69 KB, 221x300, judge dredd.jpg)

No.971 [Reply]

I'm not particularly caring to label myself or my ideas, politically, as labels almost invariably lead to concessions to stay under a certain umbrella term. It can also lead to arguing about a definition, rather than the actual ideas.

This is a thread for discussing the philosophy that the average citizen is not qualified to give their opinion in government or influence the operations of such in any meaningful way, asides from, perhaps, criticisms or other notes that need not be given any weight by those commanding the operation.

It is my opinion that a society led by those able to care and excel at leading societies can perform better than those ruled by the tyranny of the majority. Ideally, this means the well-educated and mentally gifted would rule society in the best way they can.

With that written, these ideas don't exclude democracy, nor do they cause a large and invasive government. I believe Democracy works best with small groups, as opposed to groups composed of millions. Democracy is a very valuable tool among those in charge to help settle disagreements, but I don't believe it should be the rule; someone should still have complete control for when important or quick decisions must be made.

Military strategies may be debated, but they are not democratic, merely advisory. I would consider anything else foolish.

A government as described above need not be oppressive either, although we seem to live in a time where increasingly insignificant acts are labeled as oppression.

With this written, many free societies operate on the idea that any possible action won't be taken.

With all of this said, let's discuss and refine this idea now.
145 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1483493738392-0.png (17.32 KB, 57x200, fasces.png)

I believe that fascism is the ultimate form of society, since it is not centered around humans, but it is aimed on a higher goal instead. A human in Fascism is only worth as much as his place in society. Both Capitalism and Socialism/Communism are both egoistic forms of society, since they focus on how it can make the lifes of the humans better. People want a better life for them, that is the reason for them to be a Communist etc.. But Fascism is a pure altruistic form of society, where people give there life and there needs away for a greater good. They are all nothing and the state is everything! Ant-Colonies are a perfect example for a fascistic society, single Ants dont even have the possibility to procreate. If cloning was easy and already available fascistic societies would relocate the breeding away from single humans and give it to optimized breeding places where even better humans will be created.
The fascist societies that existed like Nazi-Germany were not that pure forms of Fascism and I believe there was still some sort of egoism involved, but they were all way better societies than out capitalistic egoistic society now is.
I was raised as an egoistic human and therefore have egoistic reasons as well to support fascism. I am pretty isolated from social life and see the other humans around me talking to each other and having relationships and that makes me sad. in a fascistic society every human gets there social needs fulfilled in the right amount so they can work better and I believe i could profit from it. I also have the strong feel that I dont have a place to belong in society and dont know what to do with life. In Fascism your place in society is given and you get motivations and a reason to work for, too. Fascism gives your life a meaning!

Maybe I am just crazy and i know i should be wrong, but i dont see it, so show me!


The Führer has not to care about the people in a way, that he wants the best life for the people, but for a greater good. Different Humans have different strengths and weaknesses and should belong to different places in society where they work the best and are most needed. A single human is worth nothing without the society and leftists are basically just egoistic.