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You dont have to be a communist to support free software.
But wouldnt you need to support free software as a communist?
R: 18

Dishonest Governments

This thread is for listing things governments or powers have been dishonest about.

Whether it be covert ops, a planed coup or abuse of power, mistreatment of it citizens or failure to provide for them.

Not massive posts, just an outline of the sin and by who it was executed, and against who/what.
Please give links to information backing the issue.
R: 91

Muslims selling women on streets of London


What do you think?
Is that okay, since London is predominantly muslim?
Should countries with larger numbers of muslims adopt muslim laws?
R: 7

Information and talk repository

Hey guys, I was thinking this could be a general thread for good articles, talks, podcasts, and the like that you've found particularly helpful or eye-opening. If you have any general magazines or newsgroups you find to be legitimate, please recommend as well.

Of course, please try to avoid posting complete woo or nonacademic conspiracy and the like. If you do, please try to augment it with "Here's a good piece of information that shows how this [x] group truly thinks, unfiltered."

It's important to stay informed.

Great talk between Slavoj Žižek, Yanis Varoufakis and Julian Assange on the state of affairs immediately following the Paris attacks back in November.

Good article recently put out by the NYT mag explaining the buildup and downfall of the Arab world, largely focusing on the Arab spring and 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Foreign Affairs is consistently just a fantastic resource for following global issues and trends.

I genuinely recommend a subscription, but if anyone wants a particular article, I'd be happy to upload any. More interestingly, VP Joe Biden just published an article giving a general overview of what America needs to do-- be wary of it, of course, but it's nevertheless interesting.
(and for those who don't have it)

I'm sure you've all seen this vid by now, but it got me interested in security, information, and politics in general. Steve Rambam's talk from HOPE X in 2014, "You've Lost Privacy, Now They're Taking Anonymity"
R: 31

Because I don't tend to see fascism represented in a cogent way in any corner of the internet, I'd like to present the logical and social merits of a system like national socialism, the ideas that it embodies, and the general positives of centralized government. I certainly won't cover everything, but I hope that I touch on some points that will foster some sort of discussion. Before anything I'd like to note that there are some things I consider to be common sense which I'd rather not argue and ask that you assume them to be true as well for the sake of a more abstract discussion. I'd also like to separate fascism as an ideology from its historical examples. Also I'm not very interested in writing an essay, so I'm just going to put these in bullet points.
-National control over finances and resources keeps your economic interests in line with your political interests. This is more relevant than ever with the rise of globalism and all that it can do to fuck over your political aspirations.
-Denial of the man as an animal is absurd. Humans are subject to the same biological and genetic laws as any other species. The broad implications of these laws for our society are largely ignored. Eugenics while historically very malpracticed presents a means of improving (though certainly not perfecting) the human animal.
-It naturally follows that not all humans are of equal value or skill. The vast majority of people have some skills that make them useful to society, however there are some people that are demonstratably worthless in every practical sense. Egalitarianism is a system that is highly inefficient. Equal opportunity is good for society, equality kills it.
-A diverse set of opinions and abilities is very good as it allows you to tackle problems that a single mindset would not allow, however society needs all of its citizens to agree on certain things in order to function as a group. Other cultures are often incompatible with yours, and if you are to accept someone into your society, they should accommodate society, rather than the other way around.
-Nationalism (distinct from patriotism) is the only means by which the nation is formed, and the nation is what tends to hold society together.
-Private media more often reflects the interests of its owners than it does the public.

I'm quite sure that's not all, but it's all on my mind at the moment.

Also I'd like make the disclaimer that while I endorse the above points, I don't consider myself a fascist.
R: 18

Did Julian Assange just insinuate that Seth Rich was assasinated because he wanted to leak DNC rigging of Shillary Clinton winning Democrat nomination?

/cyb/ as fuck the time we live in
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Are you ready for 100% of your purchases to be processed by Visa™? Get excited about collecting points for a revolving series of products that is updated everyday on the Visa™ app. Want to send money to a friend? Venmo™ by Paypal™ can do that instantly and easily. Just remember to provide a detailed explanation for the payment to avoid locking your account and triggering a investigation by Paypal™.

>So, let's prepare for the War on Cash. Remember, this is not about romanticising the £10 notes with the Queen on them. This is about maintaining alternatives to the stifling hygiene of the digital panopticon being constructed to serve the needs of profit-maximising, cost-minimising, customer-monitoring, control-seeking, behaviour-predicting commercial bureaucrats.
R: 52

Why hasn't the west legalized prostitution?

Obviously it has been decriminalized in certain cases, but in my opinion legalizing sex work is good for women, good for business, good for government, and promotes an honest open market which is good for our souls.

What is holding back the Western world from dropping it's draconian moral hangouts in favor of an outlook on sex work which seems to be pro-consumer and pro-woman?

What is holding back decriminalization?

The one true queen's pic is totally unrelated.
R: 16

Why isnt anyone talking about how Ovama is giving up US control over ICANN?
R: 28

joining the armed forces

i'm not exactly sure if this is the right place to post, so apologies if this needs to be moved
what are your opinions on the armed forces of your country?
i'm most likely going to drop out after this semester and i don't know what to do with my life once that happens. i don't want to stay at home and work some boring job, so i figure maybe something like joining the navy would be good for me to work on commitment and improve myself in general. i haven't really done anything with my life - no traveling, no crazy stuff, no real experience. i don't know, maybe it's a bad idea.
R: 3

Is DRM a legit way to enforce users pay for the software?
R: 33


what are your thoughts on the concept of appropriation?

i feel like the popular sentiment online is to mock it/not take it seriously because of sjws and the likes making ridiculous claims, but i was thinking about how much i used to like certain things like pepe, but once tubmlr and twitter and twitch got in on them i started to hate it/feel like the people who adopted it ruined it.
it seems hypocritical of me to feel like people from other sites "appropriated" a meme from another source, yet still feel like people who get upset when white people wear a headdress or whatever are ridiculous
R: 23

When non-americans talk about american politics?

How do you americans feel when non americans talk about american politics?

Now, I understand why you would not want outsiders to interfere with american politics.

But let me explain why we do it so often. Basically the USA has by far the strongest power projection in the world ATM. By far because NATO and total sea dominance and non-NATO allies. That means the USA can enforce its foreign policy quite effectively, and therefore stuff like american elections affects even non-americans.

So, do you think it is OK for non-americans to have an opinion on USA politics?
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Everywhere I go, AFK and wired, is filled to the fuarrrking brim with nationalists antifeminists and 'not racist but's. I can't go fuarrrking ANYWHERE without being mocked or hated for being an anarchist. I don't mean people try to argue with me, that I wouldn't mind, but I do just mean hated.
Leftypol is 20% nationalists 60% Anti-PC statists and 20% memes. Uboa is 90% idiots. I just saw a post on whyihatepeople saying socialists just want to transfer the money from whites to blacks. I AM BLOODY SICK OF IT. BEFORE IT WAS JUST CHANS BUT SINCE ORANGE HITLER BECAME POPULAR EVERY IDIOT WHO HATES WOMEN THINKS THEYRE A POLITICIAN. READ A fuarrrkING BOOK FOR ONCE IN YOUR MEANINGLESS LIFE.

Is there anywhere left that isn't polluted with pseudonazi scumbags? I know they're rarer here, but they still have a presence.

Please don't respond with something like "anon can't face debate so they beg for safe space". I am not saying I wont debate Nazis, just that I am sick of seeing them everywhere I go.
R: 9

Icelandic election

The Icelandic election is coming up, anyone else here who is hyped? The Pirate Party actually has great chances of becoming a big part of the new government, and it doesnt seem as retarded as the other pirate parties.

I hope that they will be able to bring about the importance of policies on information technology in modern politics to the rest of the world.
R: 40

Religious belief

We haven't had a thread about religious beliefs.
I put this here in /civ/ because it's a volatile subject, if it blows up then there is no need for moving it around.
Do you believe in something?
Do you follow some religion in particular?
Else, do you have any religion that's influenced you most?
Do you have some personal perspective on the subject that's uncommon?

I personally Ch'an which is buddhism with a strong flavor on Taoism. I am not much of an expert, nor am I an avid student. I personally find it very beautiful in nature, due to it's simplicity and it's lack of a dualistic mindset (or rather, it's conception that opposites complement, rather than repel, each other).
Try to keep it civil, nobody wins anything from mindless insulting of something you don't understand
R: 0

Consider the importance placed on science and on academic success. Is academic accomplishment more important than the financial stability one acquires by simply working in IT?

The former would feed my ego, and maybe advance science and humanity. The latter would help me pay my brother's insane college debts.

I'm a middling code monkey living in Europe. The job is pointless - don't ask which sector. The work experience is precious as diamonds, and yet I'm slipping. I don't care about anything I do at the office anymore. I'd love doing something meaningful for a change, something with AI. Unfortunately, I do not have a suitable background for such things. I was always weak at math so I have no idea if I can ever do research in STEM, even in an interdisciplinary field that might be more lenient to me.

It makes more sense to just go for money and maybe help out my brother, though we don't even get along. It certainly feels like a "duty", just as much as trying to push yourself to academic success can seem like a critical mission.
R: 14

A Person Agruing For Child Porn


This person argues for child porn on the grounds that banning it is "unconstitutional" and goes against the US's 1st Amendment and that anyone in support of criminalizing child porn is a fascist.

I personally disagree with his stance, for a number of reasons but what are your opinions? Do you think something like a ban on child porn is against the first amendment?
R: 6

I watched this video that I found interesting about the Tower of David. Squatters took over the location and set up their own apartments within an abandoned skyscraper. What do you think of this? Is a home a right or a commodity? How should governments handle these kinds of issues?

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1p9jlQUW0k
R: 6

LAIN 2016


R: 13

S.Korean Shadow Government

Recently it has come to light that the president of S.Korea, Park Geun hye, was actually being controlled by a shady group of 8 powerful women, one of which is an actual shaman/pseudo-religious figure named Choi Soon sil.

Now the only thing that's been officially confirmed was that one of those 8 people, namely the shaman, has been influencing the presidents speeches. But further investigation by the media has revealed that she not only received access to national top secret files, bureaucratic positions, etc, but was making decisions herself and even telling the president what to wear and say.

Now you might think this kind of shit happens everywhere, but I'm not done yet.

The current president Park Geun hye is actually the daughter of the former dictator of Korea, who rose to power in a military coup d'état. After him and his wife's assassination, Park started to rely on this man called Choi Tae min, who was the founder of this pseudo-religion, a combination of buddhism/christian/shamanism/whatever. He allegedly claimed that he was the reincarnation of her mother, and that she could speak to her dead mother through him. According to various sources he was supposedly "dominating Park's soul and body".

Fast forward 40 years, Choi Tae min's 5th daughter(btw had has 6 wives), the aforementioned Choi Soon-sil, now rules over S.Korea with 7 unconfirmed others and has 2 nonprofit foundations with millions of won in donations. Unfortunately her current whereabouts are unknown except for the fact that she's hiding somewhere in Germany.


R: 2

Go to google images right now and type the word "smart." If you're seeing what I'm seeing, there should be a bunch of pictures of cars on the front page.

It's clear that the creator of the smart car paid to get his products on the front page of google. The question is, is such a thing immoral? Google controls the most predominant search engine in the world, however, it still is but a corporation. Is unethical to take bribes on how high your product is on a search engine page? Or is it simply a new way of advertising?

I apologize if I posted this on the wrong board.
R: 19

Not to be that guy, but if you're upset with the election outcome, there are governmental alternatives - https://snerx.com/snov

The transhumanist party gained traction in some democratic countries this last year, but a non-automated government won't help advance us much. The choice seems clear.
R: 27

RIP net neutrality

SOPA/PIPA is sure to pass in the next few years, is it not?

R: 219

trump + the planet

i dont really care what trump does to america. Its all temporary and can be reversed by the next president if it turns out a particular policy was a mistake, no big deal.

Im not even too bothered about his appointed judges. They too will be replaced in 20 years or so. That isnt permanent either. plus, im not even american so those two things matter even less to me.

The one thing that does concern me is his attitude to climate change. I.e: he doesnt believe in it at all. Pence doesnt even believe in evolution. Trump has sworn to cut the ENTIRETY of the US's budget assigned to reducing emissions. He has sworn to back out of the Paris Agreement, which took years and years of delicate negotiation to achieve, and has promised to build the controversial Keystone pipeline and has the ridiculously childish policy that "i wont approve any new environmental regulations unless i can remove two for each one i accept".

im not super worried about the climate - i drive a car, i dont recycle enough, im pretty average in terms of my eco-consciousness, but i feel like Trumps decision to not even try at all on the environmental front is kind of concerning. The US is like 30% of global CO2 emissions, its a fucking big deal for the planet. Hes going to be dead before it all kicks off, so he doesnt care about making some quick bucks off of the environment, but I dont want to be dealing with another global migration crises when I'm in my middle age. Thats the only thing that actually concerns me about Trump.

Can any trump supporters assuage my fears and convince me it wont be as bad as i think it will be?
R: 15

so I go to a college in a relatively conservative part of the country and on the day of the election there was an episode of racial violence here, and the backlash to that has kind of expanded to be 'about the election' and townies have been releasing students' names and faces who were protesting. Any advice on cheap ways to keep internet privacy and defend myself?
R: 10

There are claims that Drumpf may go after those who signed up for amnesty programs:

Regardless of my views on immigration, this is a perfect example of why people should never trust governments with information or powers that could be used against them should those in power change. Why do people regularly ignore this possibility?
R: 36

The case for legalizing sex work


>Based Amnesty Intn'l urging gubbs to repeal laws criminalizing the exchange of sex for money by consenting adults.

Questions for /civ/:

>Do you think legal sex work is /cyb/?

>Is sex work currently legal in your location?

>If sex work were legal for you to offer or receive, would you?

>Do you think legalized sex work will decrease the likelihood of illegal sex work?
R: 47

What are your thoughts on this? Apparently, October 17th went down like this:
1) Assange's internet gets cut off.
2) Evacuation at the City of London Airport.
3) Lift off for a plane titled "Guantanamo Express".
4) The plane landed in North Carolina.

Together with the fact that we haven't seen anything from Julian in a month besides old interviews, the deadman switch tweets, his former lawyer's suicide and so on make me really anxious for him.

R: 53

Hey it's a political infographic

I'm trying to learn more about world politics and I come across this graph/chart thing. It shows that liberalism is at the center of all ideologies? I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure that it should be more towards the left. Seems that this is biased to make left leaning policies more balanced...

So, lainons of /civ does anyone have a more accurate representation?
R: 54

As more and more jobs are getting automated away, what are your thoughts on countries implementing a universal basic income?
R: 21

informed /civ/ilians

How do you stay current?

Not just politically but culturally also.

I don't enjoy feeling left out of the loop but scrolling through twitter and reddit is too soykaffy and time wasting.

When it comes to the political side of things it seems most people only post sources that cater to whichever ideology they already hold. Almost every news giant is surrounded with skepticism and distrust. I'm hoping to find some small number of outlets to shape a balanced perspective on what's going on.
R: 42

Fidel Castro is dead.
What do you guys think of him, Che, and Cuba?
R: 22

An Internet Killswitch

What do other lainons think about the more liberal use of internet killswitches/creating an internet blackout in certain areas of unrest, etc? In recent years we have seen it happen in China, Syria, and many other countries. Is there anything we can do to avoid this? Meshnets?

Seemingly most of our lives are lived on the wired, so is it not a little scary that the government itself can completely disconnect us for any amount of time, as they wish?
R: 29


what do you guys think about the current generation? the newest, I mean, the young adults.

is the future political climate left, or right? are kids stupid?
R: 2

Have any of you Lains given any sort of magic a try before? Don't know if this is the right board for it, but I suppose let's have a magic thread.
I'm thinking of attempting to make and use a curse tablet / defixio, any one done this before?
R: 4

Is Juwleun Assssannge Alive?

Why no confirmed sold proof? Wky leecs Calls for people to stop asking for proof?? eh?
Rumors of Wky leecs servers being compromised.
23 new mods, old mods removed...
Did I miss somthing - Have we lost a hero?

Can we please post any and all information and links regarding this issue.

R: 98


Well with this story gaining traction I felt it probably worth having a thread dedicated to it.

Combing through Wikileaks’ treasure trove of Podesta emails, 4chan decided the movers and shakers of Washington were using code words as an added security measure, namely: “pasta” for little boys and “cheese” for little girls. Suddenly, John Podesta’s risotto recipe doesn’t seem so innocent.


FBI Agent Confirms Child Trafficking Cover Up: #PizzaGate
R: 38


Does anyone else here pirate with no remorse?
After witnessing Hollywood exercising their influence in my country's courts to unjustly bring people to crushing debt just to find a scapegoat and record companies destroying the greatest collection of music in history and game companies abusing DRM i came to the conclusion that i must never support any of this with my money.
I pirate all singleplayer games that cant be found DRM-free on GOG and Humble from honest and good devs, multiplayer games if i must i purchase from G2A in hopes that my money goes to the Russian Maffia instead of publishers.
R: 4

Swiss police arrest computer algorithm


Lots of questions raised here. If an AI — for instance — breaks the law, who's the one responsible? Has a crime been committed, even? If an animal kills a person, that's an accident, not a crime. Is it the same, or is the author responsible?

Is this comparable to malware, where the authors are responsible for what they write. A computer program that messes with other people's computers is just a special case of computer programs doing illegal things. Or is it?

R: 7

What does /civ/ think of the Russian ambassador shooting?

Random ISIS guy, a stunt by NATO, or a Russian falseflag?
R: 3

Lain orientation?

What about sexual orientation on Lainchan?
R: 1

Hey haven't posted in a while so thought I should slide this in.

I was driving to errands when I saw a homeless guy. Decided why the fuck not, gave him some money because I finally had some. And he pulls this question on me:

"How long does it take to transcend a categorical imperative?"

So lain, any thoughts on categorical imperatives involving our society today and in the near future?
R: 2

Proletarian Organizing

Sup, /civ/. I'm looking for /adv/ from any M-L or M-L-M tendency anons here.

Which social atmosphere, given material conditions, is objectively better for me to effectively organize the highest number of "down for the struggle" classmates and peers around proletarian class interests?

A) local public community college in my town


B) semi-local (1 hour drive from my town) private, liberal arts college

Right off the bat I would say A.

My town/community is solidly working-class, and heavily diverse to boot (white, black, Chicano, Samoan, Filipino, Cambodian etc.). So the local community college (and public state college after I transfer) would reflect this.

However, I was (somehow, incredibly) accepted into B) and offered financial aid to attend and B happens to be a prestigious "elite"-tier school.

Of course this does not automatically make me choose B, since I'm not a rat-race, portfolio-building, credential-ist "temporarily frustrated millionaire" with any illusions about the disappearing "American Dream" (if it ever really existed) . I'm not trying to earn my degree to become an Ivy-Tower, detached from the masses academic or a frat-bro Chad finance/industry/corporate STEM-bro.

If anything, I'm heavily deliberating simply because I'm wondering what are the balance of pros/cons between my two options.

Considering that B has substantially more resources/smaller class sizes/yada yada the other material advantages that private liberal arts schools obviously have.

This is probably the only chance I will ever have in my entire life to attend such a school or take advantage of such big-money elite-tier resources.

Plus, Option B has a substantially higher proportion of foreign students (mostly India, China, West Europe, Japan, S. Korea, Vietnam, smaller amounts from Latin America, Africa, Middle East and East Europe).

It'd be cool if a lot of them were ML/MLM or receptive to those ideas and I could build an international network of revolutionary contacts.


What is the probability that a large or even significant proportion of these foreign students would at all be receptive? Or would the overwhelming majority of them be bougie kids so completely antagonistic to working-class/poor peoples' concerns that I'd be isolated and neutered in my effectiveness at organizing any solid/reliable comrades for the next 4 to 5 years of my life?

How critical or important are those elite-tier private liberal arts resources to the overall quality of my college experience, given my specific goals?

I'd love perspectives from Red anons who have attended either or both types of schools. Thank.
R: 12

I think we are about to witness a plunge down in computer literacy in the following years. The kids today that grow up with tablets and smarphones have no connection with what goes on under their devices.
Everywhere they are scrambling to create new programmers but i dont think they can succeed if there isnt any interest among the youth. Just something simple as wanting to install a Sims mod or fixing a bug would give many people the experience of seeing how stuff works, the filesystem for example. Most tablets and smartphones dont come with a decent file manager, neither do the devices encourage its users to explore it.
The 80s to the 20s will be a remembered as a period where everyone was forced to learn the inner mechanics of computers to use them. Past that there will be so much crap in the way of looking under the hood that the concept of programming might as well be as clear as earth bending to the average person.

At least the wages will stay high, even outsourcing will fade as a possibility with many developing countries skipping PCs completely for smartphones.
R: 9

Jury Duty

Has anyone ever served on a jury before? I've received a summons and would like to know what to expect.

I'm familiar with the concept of jury nullification though the need for that is rare in most cases.
R: 193

Discussion on Fascism/Totalitarianistic Authoritarianism

Since the old Fascism-Thread is on Autosage and the new one is closed. Here is another one.
What is Lains opinion on Fascism?
Are there even personal benefits of living in a fascist society?
How to help to create a fascist society?

I like the idea of thinking of fascism as a kind of vertical altruistic collectivism, instead of horizontal egoistic collectivism like communism/socialism
R: 56

Communist Discussion

Capitalism slides closer to crisis by the day. Soon the proletariat will rise up to take back the value that rightfully belongs to it. Social anarchism is okay too, I guess.

What is your view of communism?
How do you think it will come about (if at all)?
Are Orthodox Marxism and Marxist-Leninism cyber, or only anarchism?
R: 45

Immigrants and the Right

Why do the right wing miss the point so hard when they focus on problems in society?

Lets take immigrants for example.

>immigrants are putting strain on our infrastructure, we don't have enough money for them

So, when looking for more money in the country, you want to attack a part of the population that not only gives more back to the economy than it takes in taxes, but all the while doing so while corporations making more money than probably all immigrants put together are paying next to no tax, and the current government is ok with that because most people in the government are doing it too?

>immigrants are taking our jobs and lowering our wages

This is actually a good point, but it fails to see the bigger picture. The only reason immigrants are able to 'steal the jobs' is because of market competition - they come from worse backgrounds and therefore are willing to work less than you. You should not be mad at the immigrant with no power, but rather the system that rewards thoes who pay their employees the lowest amount possible. Having a society based around the profit incentive makes no sense to begin with.

>there are too many immigrants

This is again true, but it never goes further to ask WHY there are so many. The right almost assumes that they just decided one day to leave their homes and communities and cultures for no reason. It's because external intervention has fucked their homes to the point where they're not livable. Not much can be done about this now, Imperialism must reap what it sows.

>immigrants are destroying our culture

It's clear that anyone who says this has no idea how culture works. Obviously some cultures simply are higher quality than others, but WHY are they? Culture is formed by an economic basis, so the stronger the economic and political basis of a society, the richer it's culture. All of the great cultures we think of today originated from societies with a large surplus of resources and stable economic lives, without that there can be no culture.

Therefore, focusing on outside culture changing ours today is pointless and attacks the problem from the wrong end. What must be done is focus on the economic standards of living for all thoes in society, and high quality culture will naturally arise out of that. It's dialectical.

Even if it's 'different', as long as the economic base is there it will inherently be rich, so the only thing in the way would be your fear of change for the sake of it.

And this is just one topic. The right consistently fails to see past very specific areas of society, or attacks the symptoms of a problem without looking at it's root causes.

What do I propose? In short, democratic ownership of factories and general work places by the workers themselves, as well as moving to use-based resource allocation, rather than profit based. This will solve a great deal of our problems, in culture, economics and politics.
R: 13

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the /cyb/est French candidate

http://newstim.com/2017/01/13/melenchon-hologram-for-a-meeting-who-wishes-to-mark-the-spirits/ (only English article I found, sorry it's shit)

Mélenchon will do a double meeting on February 5th. The first one will be in Lyon, the second one in Paris. But he will not be physically in Paris, his hologram will do the job.

He does it to counter Marine Le Pen who will do her meeting in Lyon the same day, and show how uncool she is (because cool kids in school use holograms). In his own words:
>"What I want to say with this hologram, it is that we stand firmly on the side of the knowledge-sharing that prevails in the scientific field, rather than that of Marine Le Pen. I searched a long time what response to make to the proposal of madame Le Pen, an answer to the peaceful, smiling. And I decided to confront the knowledge and the scientific progress of the science, because the sharing of knowledge can only enrich France, and the whole of humanity."

Mélenchon is not the first politician to use holograms: Narendra Modi did 53 simultaneous meetings in India in 2012 for his reelection campaign, and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan appeared as hologram in a remote city in Turkey in 2014.
R: 18

2 more days until PEOTUS becomes POTUS

Alright burgers, there's 2 days left until Trump officially takes office. There has been many attempts to prevent this, most notably:
> recount of votes - which ended up to be MORE in his favor
> pleading with the electoral college to repeal their traditional pass-through vote for the president. marketed as "team purple" - uniting democrats and republicans against Trump
> threatening WW3 or martial law to extend the current presidency (mostly speculation as I've yet to see an official government action on this)

So, what other attempts can actually be made at this point to prevent the inauguration? These are some pretty desperate moves already but I find it really interesting to see all the strategies being employed as the clock winds down.
R: 47


I wrote this huge response and, bam, reply limit. So I thought: why not create a new thread on the topic, and on the correct board this time.

I hope it doesn't anger anyone too much that the opening post presents strong opinions that go contrary to the common orthodoxy.


Consider the following definition of "(mental) disorder": something that negatively effects your livelihood in and on itself, without the effect of society.

According to that definition, being gay is not a disorder. But feeling horrible about your own body, no matter what the cause, is a disorder. It could be anorexia, "bigorexia" (i.e. muscle dysmorphia; a reverse anorexia like obsession with getting bigger and bigger muscles), sex dysphoria (I use this term to distinguish between distress over one's sexual anatomy [sex dysphoria] and distress stemming from internalized/subconscious attachment to traditional sex roles or subjectively held sex stereotypes [gender dysphoria], although it's not official terminology), or any other kind of body dysmorphic disorder.

On a side note: one of the most annoying things when debating transgender related topics is, there is nothing even nearing a consensus among different groups and individuals that could be said to comprise the transgender/activist community, when it comes to the question: what defines transgender. According to some, sex dysphoria as defined above is a prerequisite to be considered "truly" transgender. According to others, this former group are bigots derisively called "truscum" who erase the experiences of those transgender people who don't experience any sex dysphoria...

But leaving that aside, if you defined transgender through sex dysphoria, then it would clearly be a disorder. It could be a neurological or a psychological one, but it's certainly a disorder.

When it comes to people who don't have sex dysphoria and seem to base their transgenderism purely on traditional sex roles (or their own subjectively held sex stereotypes), I'm extremely skeptical to the claim that there's anything inborn and inherent to their condition. EVEN IF there were similarities among their brains (and I'm pretty sure no study has ever targeted non sex dysphoric trans people specifically), that would at most an indication that people with a certain brain structure are more likely to fall for the trap of internalized sex stereotypes, most likely based on having a particularly effeminate or a particularly masculine personality (which may very well be related to certain brain structures) but a male body or a female body respectively. (Effeminate/male or masculine/female I mean.) In the case of those people, if their distress is serious, one may see it as a socially induced psychological disorder. (It's induced by society, but becomes a disorder according to the definition I initially gave because the person would continue to feel obsessed over the idea of being in the wrong body.)

If they don't even feel distress over that though, and just nonchalantly claim to "identify as the other sex/gender", that's not a disorder; that's just a delusion. (And I don't mean that as an insult; I mean it very literally: "a false belief that is resistant to confrontation with actual facts.")
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America has lost its mind

Wtf is wrong with American college kids??

Forget which side of the pole you choose to put yourself on. Youve got rabid post-liberals, feminist dykes, young republicans and larping nazis all at each other throats. Just radicalizing each other in some mental feedback loop. Please get a grip.

Signed...The entire planet
R: 26

Transabled People

So, the new thing people are coming up with now is "tranabled" and its exactly what it sounds like. People are self-identifying as disabled when they are really not and calling it 'transabled'.

What do you guys think? I think its a big load of nonsense myself, if not mental illness.
R: 194

How does it feel?

So fellow amerifats, we're going full authoritarian police state.

Enormously expensive vanity projects[0], intimidating federal agents, orwellian language and outright lies from the propaganda mounthpieces[3].


[1] https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2017/01/fear-materialized-border-agents-demand-social-media-data-americans


And it hasn't even been a week. What's the plan? Do the elites think they can take him out before he causes too much damage?
R: 6

If meditation is so good for one's "soul"/mind/whatever and enhances empathy, then why did the civilizations that practiced it were still your run of the mill conglomerate of people? They weren't anything special, aside from cultural and religious aspects.
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Tech News & Politics Thread

Was hoping to make a thread for general tech news / politics discussion. Post links and discuss 'em.
(and for those without a FA account)

The more interesting bit:
>former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, long seen as an intermediary between the U.S. and Chinese business communities, set up the Seattle meeting that included 30 executives, 15 each from top U.S. and Chinese companies, including Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Baidu, Alibaba (a Chinese e-commerce site), and Tencent (a Chinese Internet giant). During the meeting, Xi assured some of the largest players in his country’s economy that China will open up further to outside business. Although none of the executives were willing to discuss the contents of the meeting, an Internet forum later in the day revealed some of the concerns of other U.S. and Chinese tech players.

Glad this is finally starting to make some bigger headlines about the Tech Industries' solidified role as a diplomatic arm of the US. Google has infamously been doing it for awhile, but it's hard to gauge exactly how in bed a lot of these companies are w/ the GOV.

In the wake of Snowden and all, it sure does seem like the tech industry is pretty solidified into bureaucracy.
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/Ⓐ/ General: "Oops, My Anarchy Symbol" Edition

Continuing >>>/cyb/33897 since it got locked.

What is anarchism?

The last thread put an emphasis on the (still recent) events that had occurred in Dallas and Baton Rouge as well as how tech illiterate most anarchists appear to be. Discussions on both anarcho-transhumanism and #BlackLivesMatter-fueled class conflict were scarce so let's try this again.

What are your guys' thoughts on targeted police murders? Are they justified?

Sources on the murders:

Is the backlash a symptom of even more civil rights violations to come? What are anarchists' thoughts on gun control? For our conservative friends in the united states, it's interesting to note that the stereotype of the straight white male gun advocate never quite existed until after the civil rights era--where sweeping gun regulations were implemented on the tail end of racist sensibilities.

Sources on the boomsticks:

Other relevant articles:
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1. Two sentence minimum posting limit for any original post.
2. Anything presented as fact requires sourcing; beware that the nature of one's source will always be in question.
3. All shills and bots will be permaderezzed.
4. Avoid using logical fallacies, failure to construct a cohesive argument will result in a ban. For a list: https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/
5. ALL GLOBAL RULES STILL APPLY; https://lainchan.org/rules

R: 147

Authoritarianism, Fascism, Totalitarianism, or Whichever Label You Prefer

I'm not particularly caring to label myself or my ideas, politically, as labels almost invariably lead to concessions to stay under a certain umbrella term. It can also lead to arguing about a definition, rather than the actual ideas.

This is a thread for discussing the philosophy that the average citizen is not qualified to give their opinion in government or influence the operations of such in any meaningful way, asides from, perhaps, criticisms or other notes that need not be given any weight by those commanding the operation.

It is my opinion that a society led by those able to care and excel at leading societies can perform better than those ruled by the tyranny of the majority. Ideally, this means the well-educated and mentally gifted would rule society in the best way they can.

With that written, these ideas don't exclude democracy, nor do they cause a large and invasive government. I believe Democracy works best with small groups, as opposed to groups composed of millions. Democracy is a very valuable tool among those in charge to help settle disagreements, but I don't believe it should be the rule; someone should still have complete control for when important or quick decisions must be made.

Military strategies may be debated, but they are not democratic, merely advisory. I would consider anything else foolish.

A government as described above need not be oppressive either, although we seem to live in a time where increasingly insignificant acts are labeled as oppression.

With this written, many free societies operate on the idea that any possible action won't be taken.

With all of this said, let's discuss and refine this idea now.