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Did Julian Assange just insinuate that Seth Rich was assasinated because he wanted to leak DNC rigging of Shillary Clinton winning Democrat nomination?

/cyb/ as fuck the time we live in


A couple other people who were well known and have been apart of the dnc corrupt group have been killed over the past couple months. He just stands out the most. EX: "Former U.N. Official Died in Weight-Lifting Accident" n stuff. USA is about to be destroyed. Leave.


I don't know why people would trust the media. DNC basically bribes media groups to show how great their party is. Before, we stereotypically assumed it was the "russians". This at least shows the public that there are numerous possibilites. I would say that this is probably true. My reason is this, since, wikileaks leaked most info about Shillary so far they must have had some connection to the person. Otherwise this would just be another local death in the papers. All aboard hype train.


>USA is about to be destroyed. Leave.

the destruction of the USA sounds more like a cause for celebration than a reason to leave. Unless you mean it will devolve into fascism, which sounds like more of a reason to stay and fight.


probably not.


Funny thing is lots of sources speculate Drumpf and hill-bill be fascist.


>>DNC staffer Seth Rich was
>>mysteriously murdered in the streets
>>of Washington, D.C., on July 10.
>>Although it is being investigated as a
>>robbery, his wallet, credit cards and
>>watch were not taken. The 27-year old
>>was shot in the back on July 10 at 4:15
>>a.m. near his affluent neighborhood,
>>while he was reportedly walking home
>>from his girlfriend’s apartment. Police
>>still have no suspects, witnesses or
>>motive. His mother told the local NBC
>>station that there were bruises on his
>>face, knees and hands, apparently
>>from trying to fend off his attackers.

So, he might have been questioned, beaten to submission? Agreed that he did something? and shot as a result?


Rich was a data analyst, so it is very possible he could have had access to the DNC’s emails.


Mr. Assange can't seem to rephrase his wording correctly in video about Seth's role with WikiLeaks. Look at at body langauge and wording.

best ref I could find to sum up :



That doesn't make much sense if it was the DNC. They would've known what he did so why not just shoot him immediately?


Possibly was speculation about involvement from another source? Physical violence shows some type of communication held before.


>>4:15 a.m
so early


Assange has his own axe to grind anways, so I take the insinuation with a lump of salt


For instance?


hinting something is a great way to deviate the attention from somewhere else


>Believing anything Assange says now
He has his own agenda, he was never some pure knight of cyber morals

Clinton won because she won the propaganda war, the DNC email leaks reveal nothing more than bog standard politicking, its dirty sure and more than a little unfair, but it wasn't a truly rigged contest, Sanders failed to overcome his status as an outsider well enough to attract enough of Hillary base away from her, Obama voters that don't like Clinton and left leaning floating voters aren't enough to compete with an experienced political machine like the Clinton campaign, and while his relatively clean fundraising helped bolster his image as an untainted outsider it doesn't change the fact that he didn't raise anywhere near the amount of money that clinton managed

If he does well in the clinton administration and he's still alive when she steps down he could very well be the next democratic president

There's also the simple fact that why would Clinton bother to have Rich assassinated? The campaign could very easily play him off as crazy or bitter, and unless he had extremely strong corroborating evidence it wouldn't have done anymore damage to the campaign than the Email leaks did, which was frankly minimal

Clinton is corrupt as fuck, but she's not stupid enough to do something so blatantly retarded for absolutely no reason


>He has his own agenda, he was never some pure knight of cyber morals
I think that this thought is far more important than your personal assessment of Hillary Clinton's political maneuvers. You and the other poster above you both implied this like it's common knowledge but I'm clearly not the only one lost here.

What is Assange's agenda? What makes him impure in your eyes?

Of course the man holds political beliefs and likes and dislikes certain people, but I've never known him to actively push an agenda with his work. This is too broad a claim to leave hanging. Please elaborate.