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Why isnt anyone talking about how Ovama is giving up US control over ICANN?


Because it isn't important. If ICANN tries censorship at the DNS level you can
1. Just use the website's IP address
2. Use OpenNIC, an alternative DNS system
3. Use your hosts file for its intended purpose instead of just to block things


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I'm not really engaging for the purpose of indulging this non-issue, but I really just wanted to say that the argument in that image could have been summed up in 3-4 sentences and has the sophistication and depth of a kindergartener's first book report on Plato.

There's absolutely no merit to the concept of social darwinism applied to ideas, or that anonymous imageboards are somehow special in relation to this wonky rightist drivel. There are also many, many other reasons why ideas win out merely than by speculating they are better ideas or have more pathetic appeal. Additionally, treating humans as rational actors in the general case is a mistake. The OP in that image and others like him are proof positive of that.

Even more important than dullards trying to formulate a justification for their idiotic right-wing fringe bigotry is that people understand what free speech actually is (hint: they don't), when it applies (ditto), what it protects (see a trend here?), and why that is important.

A lot of people seem to have conflated this freedom with the freedom to be an asshole, which it turns out is an entirely different freedom that isn't constitutionally protected.


Wow, the USA is giving up control over ICANN? That's awesome.

As for your pic... I do like freedom of speech. However this picture assumes that two humans of an i.q. of i.e. 100 will have an i.q. of 200 when in a group, which is scientifically proven to be wrong. I.q. does not add up perfectly, the two in the example would probably have an i.q. of around 160. The more people you would add to the group the slower would the i.q. grow. In fact groups usually reach a peak i,q, at around 30 members, after that the intelligence of groups starts to drop. In fact a group of 100 people is usually equally smart when compared to one person. The larger they go groups become stupider.

There is a common saying that says: 'One man is intelligent, but a group or a mass of people are stupid.'

As much as I hate to say that since I am an AnCom.


>im not going to engage
>posts 3 paragraphs filled to brim of ad hominems and no real argument


because it was posted on 4chan which automatically marks it as bullshit


>I'm not going to engage
Actually, I said I'm not going to engage the non-issue in the OP. You know the actual content of the post, instead of the image of someone else's drivel the OP (you) obviously buys.

>posts 3 paragraphs filled to the brim

Hey, look. I can take half statements out of context too!

I don't think you know what an argument or an adhom is. If you did, you would be using it correctly, which you aren't. I bet you thought that was an adhom too! Idiot.


It's probably from 8‌ch‌an, based on the image the /bmw/ board, which is where /po‌‌l/ coordinates their shí‌illin-- I mean, "redpilling" campaigns.


>guilt by association
even if most of things posted there are shit, by sheer numbers of posting there are few gems here and there that puts lainchan to shame

>Actually, I said I'm not going to engage the non-issue in the OP
you're just looking for a fight, aintchu?
you have that pent up anger and you need an outlet

>I bet you thought that was an adhom too! Idiot

get out more, breathe some air, go have a beer with friend (if you have any)


>even if most of things posted there are shit, by sheer numbers of posting there are few gems here and there that puts lainchan to shame
/dev/random has some gems too
doesn't change the fact that 4/8chan is mostly shit

then some personal attacks with no actual point

blah blah pointless


So you're saying that freedom of speech has a limit, that's kind of antithetical don't you think?


blah blah blah you don't know what freedom of speech is blah blah blah you're an asshole blah blah blah showing you the door


Freedom of speech is there just to protect you from the government. Not other peoples critique.


Excuse me you forgot to say thanks mr shark


This thread was moved to /civ/ because of the political nature of the topic.

Try to hold the discourse to a higher level after this point.



It's a privatization, not a 'hand over' or 'giving up'. And the ICANN is still an American nonprofit corporation and therefore bound by US law but also enjoys the same protections other US companies get. It's private so if the government wants to fuck with it, it has to go through the court system.
And people worried about UN and or other governments taking over, guess what, since US government no longer owns the root names and shit, they can no longer hand it over to the UN. ICANN would have to do it willingly by themselves, I don't see that happening.