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i'm not exactly sure if this is the right place to post, so apologies if this needs to be moved
what are your opinions on the armed forces of your country?
i'm most likely going to drop out after this semester and i don't know what to do with my life once that happens. i don't want to stay at home and work some boring job, so i figure maybe something like joining the navy would be good for me to work on commitment and improve myself in general. i haven't really done anything with my life - no traveling, no crazy stuff, no real experience. i don't know, maybe it's a bad idea.


If you want to help further your countries geo-political ambitions for the next 4 years, I guess joining the military is a sound choice. However, it will not make the world a better place, it will not make you a hero, and if you're actually sent to a conflict, there's a better chance of it breaking you, than improving you.


If my state had its own army entirely independent of the federal army, I'd probably join it.

As it stands, I don't trust the federal government enough. I would consider a federal intelligence position over a federal combat position.


i'm not interested in the "glory" side of anything, really. i just feel like i need to do something so i don't end up in an office and hate myself more than i already do.
joining just to "do something" doesn't really feel like a good reason to join, but i don't know what else i would do with my life.


>joining just to "do something" doesn't really feel like a good reason to join
Well, you said it.
Now say it other 100 times, and maybe you'll get a glimpse of what you're talking about here.


I had similar sentiments when I joined the navy 4 years ago. Most of my time has been in 7th Fleet as an IT with a desk job, and due to the varied nature of my work I have a lot more perspective and understanding of the different cultures out here and a deeper understanding of our government. It's got a fair share of bullshit that you wouldn't realize until after you had joined, and if I had known about it prior I wouldn't have joined.

Everything this guy says is more or less true. If you want to make the world a better place then do something that produces a product instead of wasting your time for someone else's ideals.

Also, if you don't fit in as an average american you would be in for a very lonely enlistment.


lonely is fine, i guess. i'm used to it.
i was looking into the ct/linguistics jobs, those seem pretty neat and something i might actually like to do. how is IT stuff?


if i were to join the navy, would... scars... on my limbs cause me any problems? if i said it was a cat or something would they leave it at that?


I'm personally against the idea of joining the military, I have nothing against anyone who decides the forces are for them but I'm someone who doesn't like authority that much and I'm at my happiest when I can do whatever the fuck I want. I however, work at a retail store, where I have to put aside my very selfish nature to work for a common goal of making our store the very best. Because if the store fails than I have failed.

As far as other reasons for not wanting to join the army or the navy, I don't give a shit about fighting some retarded war that I had no part in. I will fight if I have to, but it's for me and the people I care about. It's kinda weird that I think this way, because otherwise I'm pretty happy to live in America and it's (sadly, slowly dying) freedoms.

Are you in high school, OP?


no, i'm in college.
i hate everything here


after a bit of googling it seems that scars pretty much rule me out
i am so fucking dumbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb


If the fear is doing a boring job that you hate then going to the military is a really, really bad choice. Also, it pays to remember that the military is not necessarily trying to make a better person as much as a more useful person for their needs. Not that there aren't positives, but the benefits to you as an individual are basically incidental.

A lot of people who just want to travel and gain life experience usually take up jobs teaching in different parts of the world.


I'm from the USA. We attempt to maintain control over the global economy through imperialism and military domination, as well as providing a place for multinational corporations to do whatever they wish with no repercussions or responsibility.

Part of this has been the numbing of the American mind, with most people thinking focusing largely on pop culture, themselves, media, and trendy technologies, while totally ignoring pressing environmental and human rights issues.

If America put its resources into something other than global war, I think this might be different, but we don't. Because of this prolonged destruction and increasing fascism in America is on the rise.

For these reasons, I would say don't join the armed forces. You're simply contributing to a cycle of destruction and murder, instead of pushing for this country to go another way.

If you say,

>i haven't really done anything with my life - no traveling, no crazy stuff, no real experience.

then perhaps it's time to do some of that, instead. Go find some people on Squat the Planet to float around with for awhile. It will open your eyes to many things.


I'm a vet. Don't join. It's shit. All the shit you see on TV and the rhetoric you hear about brotherhood and service and shit... It's all a lie. First, your recruiter is going to fuck you. I could have had 8000$ signing bonus, been paid to go to college and had a full scholarship. Instead I got 0 signing bonus, did not get my kicker, and my GI bill wouldn't even cover my first year's tuition before it ran out. Basic is just where they beat you into conformity and remove your self drive. After that, it's another 9 to 5, except you're stuck. You can't quit, you can't move. Nothing they teach you is useful in the civilian world because everything they use is proprietary General Dynamics equipment and is literally decades out of date. I went in as a sysadmin. They were still using packet radio. IN THE YEAR 2003. I mean, seriously. that shit was obsolete before VHS. I would have been better off going to best buy and joining the geek squad.


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If I was you I'd definitively go into the navy rather than work.

I have already been there, it was pretty great, thought the strat was a real tough nut. I was conscripted and too lazy find out any way to prevent it. Couldn't do one pull-up, but that turned into 12 in one go after the years end.

You gain childhood-tier good friends, you stop complaining and end a phaze of being a worthless deadbeat teenager. You get fit and stong.

Sadly I don't believe in our country's armed forces as they're way under budget to be sustained, commando is now being melted into one sad unit, and last and worst, women are now conscripted as well.


Ausfag here. Americans use us as cannon fodder, British use us as cannon fodder.
Nicest thing I can say about our armed forces is, our normal forces have been compared to other countries special forces because we can operate when the chain of command is broken.
At least that was the case in WW1, WW2 and Vietnam, we probably aren't worth a tinker's cuss these days.


Air Force vet here. Did communications work, not really /cyber/ stuff but close-ish.

I joined because I was a depressive shit in high school who almost flunked and knew I would do the same thing if I'd gone to college. I joined up, got through training and lived in Germany for a year. It was just as boring as living at home. I didn't really meet any people I couldn't have elsewhere, and I didn't develop any self-discipline, just was forced to do things and went along because I knew I'd get fucked if I didn't.

I don't really think the military is going to magically give you the things you want out of life. It certainly didn't for me. What it might teach you is that you have to find those things yourself. That's what I learned. So join if you're in a rut, the benefits really can't be beat. 4 years is a long time though.

Sounds like you were in the army.
>my GI bill wouldn't even cover my first year's tuition before it ran out
How in the hell did you manage that? That literally shouldn't be possible unless you went to some ridiculously expensive scam school. You should have gotten 48 months at any public institution.


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Given that civil service is an option shouldn't you find it wrong on principle that women were previously exempt from any service (and still are in Finland and Denmark) or 'not being a deadbeat teenager' while enjoying the same rights and services as men enjoy for their patriotic cooperation with the government through military?
They should at least pay for university or lack some kind of 'privilege' the men earn. But then some guys don't seem to understand this concept. I think there's a word for it, like chivalry or something to do with placing women on a pedestal that prevents them from realizing that women are their equal in the job market only with typically more rights than men. Keep in mind that forcing people to do this service doesn't retain this ideal image of the 50's white nuclear family where the woman does all the house work and looks after the kids some fantasize about having for their country. Woman are just placed in a higher 'caste' apparently in these countries with male only conscription instead.


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My country finally declared itself as a goddamn pussy state and what it did was one of the worst insults to it's people, the military/police/fucking mall guards just lost all respect from everyone with this new "peace treaty" shit in action.

It's goddamn awful i tell you, watching politicians both small and big prancing around handshaking with the heads of local gangs in fucking public television and being all "lol you guyz see that we just making peace xDD you too should join the peace and pay more tax money so we can satisfy our criminal overlor- i mean keep peaceful relations with our fellow countrymen!"

This is just nuts, america pls build that goddamn wall and never let any of our kind get inside.


Are you talking about the FARCs?


Don't do it. Too much permanent mental health damage that is possible, also depressing as hell, being a meat shield for a country that cares so little about you. It just ain't worth it.


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About them, about the small time gangs and about the people finally casting away what little dignity we had.


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Fucking up other sectors of the spaceship doesn't help the spaceship.

Preventing others from fucking up your sector of the spaceship isn't terrible in theory, but if that's all you're capable of as an individual you should give thought to entering a field of study for your own long-term benefit and that of others.


>what are your opinions on the armed forces of your country?
My country hasnt really been at war for a long time. And except nato missions, where the army has to join in because muh nato, they are not really doing anything productive. And even in these nato missions, they are not exactly on the frontline. I guess if you just want to have a stable job and get your money, then the army is the right thing for you. Your life will be pretty boring, as you will guard camps and march around and shit, but hey you are paid for it.


your blunt honesty is comforting.


i wanna join the army in mexico to fight the cartels
even fighting the cartels seems noble, the army has a problem with extrajudicial killings, not dead narcos after firefights, but unarmed people shot in the back, and dumped with weapons so they look hostile. eh on second thought, ill just wait for a spanish civil war style conflict to happen and take forrigners, and join that


join Rojava! They need people!


i thought about, it but by the time i could go there the i dont know if rojava will still be a thing


same tbh. If they still exist by the time I finish grad school, I'll definitely emigrate there and be a teacher or something. They have big brain drain problems.