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The Icelandic election is coming up, anyone else here who is hyped? The Pirate Party actually has great chances of becoming a big part of the new government, and it doesnt seem as retarded as the other pirate parties.

I hope that they will be able to bring about the importance of policies on information technology in modern politics to the rest of the world.


It's be pretty awesome for iceland to be run by vikings/pirates again yes. Lets hope they take wessex from the labor and end the reign of alfred.


Im pretty hyped. The pirate party over here in the states is a joke, and the fact that they seem to be for open source principles in more than just software is a wonderful plus.

My only real concern is if they fuck up.




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It's a parliament, they don't have to win the whole thing to get seats. I think with more radical parties like this, it even helps if they don't win but just get a few seats. Then they get to be a voice without being forced to compromise or winning enough power to betray their original principles.

The whole thing reminds me of Bruce Sterling's Islands in the Net for some reason, pirate states and all.


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They got 10/63 seats and are the number two party now. Apparently they do coalitions in Iceland so who knows what's next.


Yes please. Danelaw when?


Lets hope this is the start of a larger political shift globally...



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Change is something you create yourself, not something you hope others will do for you.


He did Brexit, which fucked EU good. I'm proud of the Britfags for once.