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Consider the importance placed on science and on academic success. Is academic accomplishment more important than the financial stability one acquires by simply working in IT?

The former would feed my ego, and maybe advance science and humanity. The latter would help me pay my brother's insane college debts.

I'm a middling code monkey living in Europe. The job is pointless - don't ask which sector. The work experience is precious as diamonds, and yet I'm slipping. I don't care about anything I do at the office anymore. I'd love doing something meaningful for a change, something with AI. Unfortunately, I do not have a suitable background for such things. I was always weak at math so I have no idea if I can ever do research in STEM, even in an interdisciplinary field that might be more lenient to me.

It makes more sense to just go for money and maybe help out my brother, though we don't even get along. It certainly feels like a "duty", just as much as trying to push yourself to academic success can seem like a critical mission.