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I watched this video that I found interesting about the Tower of David. Squatters took over the location and set up their own apartments within an abandoned skyscraper. What do you think of this? Is a home a right or a commodity? How should governments handle these kinds of issues?

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1p9jlQUW0k


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A home is a right. If the opportunities aren't there to rebuild and re-enter into 'normal' society, you do what you have to. I will never shit talk anyone who squats and I think standing in solidarity with those who are in struggles, especially collective struggles, is crucial.


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There are enough homes for every homeless person in society. To view a basic need as a commodity when it can be easily satisfied by the production capabilities we already have is silly and purely ideological. Capitalism is supposed to serve humanity, but so often it's the other way around.


You can do those large occupations in Europe or the third world but here in Canada or the US you get gassed and beaten by the police for even trying, then charged with trespass or even burglary. If the structure is not being used and people need a roof over their heads... wtf?

I know that in some US states (Texas) if you trespass on someone's property and they don't evict you, and you "improve" the land somehow, after a time the property becomes yours. This is some old law from when the gummint was trying to encourage ranchers to help colonize the territory.


>Country devastated by socialism
>has shortages of basic goods in spite of one of greatest oil reserves in the world
>still believing that housing should be "right not a commodity" and that it should be done by government



yeah, silly socialists, don't you know that socialism is where the corrupt-ass state does everything?


By internet standards Obama is a socialist, be patient with the kids here.