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Go to google images right now and type the word "smart." If you're seeing what I'm seeing, there should be a bunch of pictures of cars on the front page.

It's clear that the creator of the smart car paid to get his products on the front page of google. The question is, is such a thing immoral? Google controls the most predominant search engine in the world, however, it still is but a corporation. Is unethical to take bribes on how high your product is on a search engine page? Or is it simply a new way of advertising?

I apologize if I posted this on the wrong board.


I did a search for tesla looking for an image of Nikola and got cars. Specifically I wanted that picture where Tesla is pulling a crank down and saying "rot in hell, Thomas" so I searched something like "tesla edison hell comic" and got exclusively cars.

>take bribes

That's actually how they work. Heard that debate where Clinton said something like "just google 'Trump finances' and see what I'm talking about"?.

I think it is unethical because it makes use of people's ignorance. We know that
>the creator of the smart car paid to get his products on the front page of google
>Google controls the most predominant search engine in the world
But too much people think that google itself is the whole www or at least its only gate in.

I also think it's stupid and doesn't work, or do you want to buy an electric car just because these images clogged up your search?

I could also be a negative publicity stunt to make people hate this cars for their obtrusive publicity, but google are still being shits.


I did a smartpage and searx.me search using tor and got the same thing, so it's not geo-location or cookies or anything.
My guess is that "smartcar" is the most common phrase using the word "smart." I don't think this is paid advertising. "smart" is the name of a company creating a growing, fairly popular product. Not weird to see it in the top results of a search.