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SOPA/PIPA is sure to pass in the next few years, is it not?



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Almost certainly, since the now have a republican controlled congress and the most anti internet and anti free speech president in the western world. The only hope is the administration is too busy with obamacare, illegals, muslims, and chicks with dicks in their good christian bathrooms to worry about internet regulations.


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>all republicans are evil
>all democrats are good


educate yourself


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Every four years - half the country thinks the end of the world is near.

The only difference this time is that a SC justice is dead and two more are likely to die in this term.

Even so, we are a group of people who know how to weasel around the rules anyway. I have no fear of the internet being at threat...

...unless WWIII starts and the undersea cables are cut.


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>>Piracy Act


I might just be high af but I totally read sopapilla.


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>SOPA likely to pass

Just kill me now


>the Republicans are about to kill Net Neutrality

...is this good or bad, lads?


How can you ask this on Lainchan? We have very very clear opinions on Net Neutrality, SOPA and encryption and similar things.

Letting people use their bandwidth on any website in any way is fair, and that should be obvious.


NN doesn't necessarily protect web freedoms; it just attempts to break up ISP monopolies.


Being able to browse whatever site you'd like without paying extra premium costs, is arguably 'web freedom'.


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let's all pretend like it's the end of our age and
fallback to post nuclear war protocols

hide to urbit / amateur radio /

list goes on and on


This sounds like fun (as long as I can use regular stuff for school).


Read the soykaf Breit is posting about Net Neutrality:

Now remember that Breitbart is now state sponsored media, with founding members having the presidents ear. The internet as we know it is dead without organized resistance.


It's not arguably, it is in fact.
Beyond that imagine the damage the death of net neutrality could do to small streaming services or stuff like Goold Old Games if they can't afford to pay Comcast as much as Steam pays comcast.

Or say AT&T decides that downloading linux repos requires that you buy their special linux package of internet service so you have to pay an extra 20$ a month.


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It all comes tumbling down.


remember when Drumpf supporters thought he was some how going to end corruption in politics. I love seeing dreams crumble.




am somewhat surprised, didn't expect to see so many dems


>muh republican boogeyman

see >>2811


Not to mention Rancid Plumbus getting a seat, Guliani might be the Secretary of State, there's rumor Jamie Dimon (AKA the CEO of JPmorgan Chase) is tapped for Secretary of Treasury, which is basically the very definition of letting wall street run the nation.

It's genuinely starting to look like Drumpfs already shaping to be a Ulysses S. Grant level of corruption and hypocrisy.


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Don't freak out yet mates, Drumpf purged every corporate lobbyist from his transition team yesterday. Things are still looking good.


Who would Lains pick for Donald's cabinet?



Do... do people actually see Drumpf like that? Because the Drumpf I see looks like the guy in that picture, but his skin's replace with one of the brown kroger bags. Also his eyes are a lot more squinty.


Source? I don't see any evidence of this. Bannon is definitely, and Bannon is basically the textbook definition of Corporate lobbyist and wallstreet slime. Dimon seems to still be a pick of Drumpfs, though he himself is resisting. Guliani appears to still be close, he's also textbook definition of "Washington/Wall street insider". reince priebus hasn't stepped down and he's the head of the RNC, so also definitely in the pocket of corporate interest. I really don't see any major differences at this point between Drumpf and George W., besides dumb promises to start a trade war with China.


>What is the point of a portrait of a _great_ leader


>undersea cables are cut.

Goddamn, I can't believe so many people actually believes this.