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so I go to a college in a relatively conservative part of the country and on the day of the election there was an episode of racial violence here, and the backlash to that has kind of expanded to be 'about the election' and townies have been releasing students' names and faces who were protesting. Any advice on cheap ways to keep internet privacy and defend myself?


>Relatively conservative part of the country
Goes without saying that you're in the US
Were you one of the protesters, perchance?

Depends on your threat model really in this instance, although you can make privacy part of your lifestyle by using the Tor Browser and Orbot/Orfox as much as possible. Also, consider opting out of the social media botnet.
Your thread might be more appropriate to >>>/sec/ anyway



The obvious solution that will help in 99.99% of situations is to simply not have a ton of personal information online that people can dox you with. Just drop the social media soykaf. If you want to go even further then try to keep your face or anything else that could be used to immediately identify you from appearing in images/videos of the area through various methods.


use a mask when you protest, and burn one of the townies cars who's snitching.


Wearing a mask makes the cops want to kick your ass twice as hard, and then the media puts your face on the front page of everything to make your group look bad. You also have to get in and out of the area with the mask on the whole time or else some camera is likely to catch you without it anyway.


then wear a scarf and sunglasses. Same effect really.


>buy a black shirt that says "We do not forgive, we do not forget"
>wear a guy fawkes mask
>go around uni powering on campus computers w/ bootable debian/linux distro usbs
>enjoy your well-earned privacy while sipping Red Bull and scoffing at passing freshmen


Needs more trench coat.


You can make a mask out of a t-shirt. Grab a lot of black t-shirts off the internet and hand them out when you protest. Show people how to put them on.

this has worked for ~20 years and it isn't going to stop working in the next few years.


also, the cops always want to kick your ass. police are roided up jackasses who signed up for power trip: the job and spend literally all their time stroking their dicks^Wguns and fantasizing about putting on enough body armor to make them not look like the pigs they are and inflicting enough pain that their parents finally love them. you can do nothing to make the police want to not kick your ass. the best you can do is mask up and bloc up so that you can kick their ass before they kick yours.


What exactly are you defending yourself from? Emboldened Trump supporters? Unless you are participating in ISIS you no more to worry about than the average citizen.


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Oxford Mississippi?

That's the only city I've hears that I know there could be racial violence in, the term townies is thrown around, and the cops are big enough cunts that it would be a serious issue.


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Like this?


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Do you mind sharing what location you are referencing and any news related to townies releasing names and faces? I live in Wisconsin and haven't seen this happening, and am curious what it's like in the south.