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There are claims that Drumpf may go after those who signed up for amnesty programs:

Regardless of my views on immigration, this is a perfect example of why people should never trust governments with information or powers that could be used against them should those in power change. Why do people regularly ignore this possibility?


>revoking amnesty
Sounds good with me. If they came to the US through illegal or shady methods, they have to go back.


But they've already been given amnesty, and are now having it taken away, furthermore global boundaries are arbitrary and meaningless in a globalized society. Wouldn't a more elegant solution be to force them to become citizens if they wish to live here so they have to compete in the marketplace, then throw a hefty tax on any money they transfer back to their motherland?


> global boundaries are arbitrary and meaningless in a globalized society
Trümp is incredibly anti-globalization
>Wouldn't a more elegant solution be to force them to become citizens if they wish to live here
yes exactly


But Drumpf, and more historically the republican party who he is now fully in bed with by giving Reince Plumbus a job in his administration, have always been against a true path to citizenship, therefore they seem to want illegals to be able to come to the nation a work cheaply, furthermore they seem more gung ho on deportation than on punishing companies that hire illegal immigrants.


> no one should break the law, the government is your friend


>no one should be held accountable for entering the US, every immigrant is your friend


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Exactly OP. this is why gun owners such as myself don't like the idea of any sort of gun registry. It can very well lead to confiscation.

The argument is always, well if you follow the law then you have nothing to worry about yet look at the people who thought they were doing the right thing in signing up for these amnesty bills.

Now they're first in line on the chopping block once the powers that be changed their stance.


Yup. Same reason I always fight tooth and nail against a registry of who the government considers sane or insane. When that database exists all it takes is a few adjustments to what's considered sane and now a tyrant has the ability to strip the rights from anyone who disagrees with him.


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>trusting the government with your information

But really, they're getting exactly what they deserve, and their blame-shifting is pants-pissing levels of hilarity. Seriously, you knowingly engage in illegal activity, and when you're held accountable for it, that's somebody else's fault? kek


Trump being fascist. Not new. Sucks, but not new.

Hopefully his presidency will be enough of a catalyst for a real revolt.