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what do you guys think about the current generation? the newest, I mean, the young adults.

is the future political climate left, or right? are kids stupid?


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I feel like my gen. (22-30) is the least spooked gen in a while at least. It might just be stoner cali but more people feel justified in ignoring tradition and sanctimonious bullsoykaf like marriage, religion, or (as willfully) being a servant of consumer media. White people are by and large still mega soykaf though.


It's really hard to be stupid these days as the internet makes knowledge so much more accessible.

The world is a much beter place when ignorance is a choice.


I think this generation is divided on two ways of living, protest against the current status quo or live in ignorance.
Basically, nothing's changing, just getting better technology as the years go on.


I think it's the generation with more tools towards knowledge, personal awareness and freedom. It's easier to be a critical thinker when you're so flooded with propaganda that you start to question it. Not to mention the many sources you can draw knowledge from, true, honest knowledge.

I feel like people are becoming more practical, remote working is increasing, fewer houses are being bought, less marriage happens, tradition is less important. Efficiency is replacing tradition. While my specific peers are utter not the kind of people i enjoy being with, i believe that we have the perfect grounds for a better society, where people think more often and make decisions based on what's best for them and theirs, instead of what a higher organization thinks it's best.


Just because knowledge is available doesn't mean people are accessing it, or even know how to intelligently navigate the internet. People tend to gravitate to what they already want to hear. I see people attempting to "win" arguments by scrolling through answers on their smartphones until they find the one they like, disregarding whether it's accurate or not. Sure, people can be more informed than they were able to be in the past but you said it:

>ignorance is a choice


I watched a video recently where a guy points out how politically and intellectually (and I would argue culturally too) segregated social media has become as the "wrong opinions" get derezzed and get spun off into separate sites were "wrong opinions" are also derezzed or at the very least are discouraged. 4chan and 8chan are pretty good examples of this.

It's hard to really learn anything sometimes with how segregated the Internet is.


Yeah, I hear about the filter bubble a lot, especially recently. I don't really have any friends and thus don't use social media. Maybe that takes away some incentive to gravitate to adopting extreme positions on issues.


>It's hard to really learn anything sometimes with how segregated the Internet is.

I think it's much easier to learn things, but more difficult to find places for meaningful discussion of those things.


While it's splitting hairs, I would consider a chan site to be social media. It's just not tied to your actual identity unless you want to namefag.

And even if you don't use social media, if you think about it, it applies to any community. It's not like school or work where you have to learn how to deal with someone you don't like or agree with. The Internet lets you silence people who hurt your feelings and stay in your little box where people do not confront you on your views. Chan sites let you filter terms that bug you. Browsers like Firefox have addons like Comment Snub that allow you to completely remove comments so you can't engage people at all. And this is all before we remember that the owners of social media and communities will often limit free speech on top of that.

Now we get people who want people who don't agree with them to unfollow them because of their extreme views. Really, it depends on what kind of friends you have. I don't really have the luxury to be an extremist who ends friendships over politics or ideals and friends and family are more important to me than politics so I live and let live.

When people who hold more extreme views start getting more control over sites and blogs, etc, it's gonna be harder to learn accurately due to the insane bias.


>White people are by and large still mega soykaf though.
I'll bite. Explain.



There's nothing to really bite, just white people tend to buy into the humanitarian (and imperialist) bourgeois ethics harder than most other groups imo.


What do you mean by "the humanitarian (and imperialist) bourgeois ethics"?


Most of people in my generation (15-22 in Indonesia) is really dumb. They always believe idiotic conspiracy theories.

They even believe Flat Earth conpiracy.


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i guess tl;dr would be

Western moral superiority and 'aid' is usually used as a cover (enthusiastically so) to justify brutal interventions and economic slavery.

Or read pic related 4 the anti-kant.


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Current internet affairs in a nutshell


Power corrupts and the elites are always striving for more power. In the west we have lots of spooks like tolerance, peace, freedom, sovereignty, etc which makes a lot of people reluctant to support intervention. Thankfully for the elites most people are pretty stupid which makes if easy to exploit their ignorance and guilt. China couldn't afford to do it before but they are now. It's especially bad in Africa. Chinese imperialism is growing rapidly and they'd be advancing even more if Western nations weren't in the way. Every powerful nation exploits other nations. In monarchies, dictatorships, etc. they can do whatever they want and most people aren't even aware it's happening. In the West we have to delude ourselves into thinking it's "the right thing to do" and that "we have a moral obligation to do so" while actually doing the opposite of what the populace thinks.


18 here. I'm not sure if it's because we all grew up around the 2008 crash, but people seem to have pretty realistic goals. A ton of young guys are going into tech, and there's a decent amount of caution towards aiming for less marketable fields.

Social media is wrecking soykaf, though. Just look at the election. No talk about policy. Just identity politics, echo-chambers, memes, and slogans. It's also apparently doing a number on the preteen demographic's social skills, from the teachers I've talked to.

Politically though it all depends on the Drumpf presidency. Whatever happens in the next few years will define Generation Z. This is just a prelude.


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With some notable exceptions (looking at you, Zuckerberg), millennials are a lot less cynical and more knowledgeable than gen x.

Wondering if their exceptional access to free information will eventually make up for their lack of material resources. Malthus didn't anticipate the Wired.


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>is your typical western millenial that grew up without any real world struggles

>blames the world's problems on parents or grandparents

>collects "experiences" which is actually manufactured bullshit shil.led by some corporate marketing firm



What did you mean by this?


As a fairly younger person, I'm really dissapointed in where everything is going, I feel like I've slipped through the net of consumer products and stupid responisbilities.


95% of them are idiots who will grow up to be sellouts, same as every generation.


Have you seen how fast shit is changing? You can't even compare millenials to earlier generations. They're so vastly different.


He meant that their issues are constructed because of their insecurity in themselves, not because of any real suffering. And without security, you don't collect the experiences you want but only milquetoast derivative experiences that are so mundane they can be marketed for.


Every generation becomes more and more enslaved to technology.

Each successive generation appears worse than its previous.

Technology and "Progress" are the root of all evil.

To escape, you must go innawoods. Surely!

It's not too late. Run. Quickly.


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Do you even Lall?