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Why no confirmed sold proof? Wky leecs Calls for people to stop asking for proof?? eh?
Rumors of Wky leecs servers being compromised.
23 new mods, old mods removed...
Did I miss somthing - Have we lost a hero?

Can we please post any and all information and links regarding this issue.



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The meat of the youtube link...


Their twitter posts changed tone pretty suddenly after the embassy blackout. Easier and more convincing methods such as PGP authentication have been completely ignored. We don't have substantial evidence that Wikileaks has been compromised, but the uncharacteristic postings and the lack of assurance is extremely suspicious, so we should assume the worst case scenario. In the meantime, it would be great if there were accurate captions for Assange's latest interview (notwithstanding authenticity).


Are you having a fucking stroke or something? Also, check the catalog before making a new thread. There's a search function for a reason. Existing thread: >>3001


Agreed. This thread is a duplicate. Use this thread: >>3001